The best ukuleles in the UK 2023

Although it imitates the shape of the guitar, the ukulele is completely different from the guitar, especially in terms of sound. As a layperson, and even if you are a modern jazz player, you should know that this musical instrument comes in different variations. If you go through this guide to buying the best ukuleles, you will surely find the right model for your musical style.

Baton Rouge VX1/BB-CB Baritone 8 string 1

Editor's Choice

Baton Rouge VX1/BB-CB Baritone 8 string

The best ukulele in 2021

This baritone ukulele designed by Baton Rouge differs a bit from the models presented in this buying guide by the number of its strings. Indeed, it has 8 strings, which is a bit unusual. Nevertheless, this instrument is indeed a ukulele.

120 £ on Thomann

The baritone ukulele is the closest thing to a classical guitar, by its shape of course. You will notice that the neck of this model is longer than that of a tenor or soprano ukulele. Because it has many more strings, tuning this ukulele is more difficult. It requires expert hands to do it, but it is within the reach of the beginner. With a tuner, the tuning will be done rather quickly.

This VX1/BB-CB Baritone 8 string is a reference in terms of playability. Baton Rouge has really surpassed itself in creating this ukulele. We greatly appreciate the comfort it provides, it is difficult to make it more ergonomic. It also has a detail that impresses a lot: the back of the neck allows to optimize the speed of the game.

Harley Benton Ukulele UK-11DW Brown 2

The best cheap

Harley Benton Ukulele UK-11DW Brown

The best entry-level ukulele

Despite its ultra competitive price, this Harley Benton ukulele has all the features of a high quality musical instrument. It is the ideal ukulele for children or adults who are just starting out.

12,03 £ on Thomann

This 12-fret soprano ukulele is very popular with musicians for two good reasons. Not only does it have a beautiful sound, but it is also very easy to tune. So, if you already have a musical ear, you will have no trouble tuning it to the specifics of your musical style. Note that the back, sides and top of this ukulele are made of basswood. As for the neck, it is made of beech with a Roseacer fingerboard.

If your goal is to learn the basics of ukulele, this model will certainly meet that need. It comes with a carrying case which is a great help when traveling. If the strings don't work for you, you can replace them with more responsive models.

Kala KA FMTGE C Tenor Ukulele 3

The best high-end

Kala KA FMTGE C Tenor Ukulele

The best high-end ukulele

This beautiful ukulele made with maple and spruce is known to produce a rounder sound with shallow bass. It is especially recommended for country, jazz and strumming players.

349 £ on Thomann

Superbly designed, this electro-acoustic tenor ukulele has a sophisticated tone and a very rich sound. Its integrated microphone system allows it to be used with a sound amplifier. This model is ideal for experienced musicians. But if you want to practice with a quality instrument right from the start, don't miss out. This ukulele will help you to progress very quickly.

For the conception of this instrument, Kala has privileged different categories of solid wood. The top is made of solid Sitka spruce, the back and sides are made of flame maple. It also has a mahogany purfling and a rosewood neck with 18 frets. The instrument has a 4 year warranty and is delivered with a soft case.

Paisen ukulélé concert 4

A concert ukulele at an affordable price

Paisen ukulélé concert

The best concert ukulele

Whether you're a novice or advanced musician, this concert ukulele will help you perform your music with precision. This instrument comes with a complete set of accessories, including a strap, bag, tuner, pick and spare strings.

55,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

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The best ukulele in 2021

The best entry-level ukulele

The best high-end ukulele

The best concert ukulele

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Comparison table of the best ukuleles

Baton Rouge VX1/BB-CB Baritone 8 string 5
Harley Benton Ukulele UK-11DW Brown 6
Kala KA FMTGE C Tenor Ukulele 7
Paisen ukulélé concert 8
Baton Rouge VX1/BB-CB Baritone 8 string
Harley Benton Ukulele UK-11DW Brown
Kala KA FMTGE C Tenor Ukulele
Paisen ukulélé concert
This baritone ukulele designed by Baton Rouge differs a bit from the models presented in this buying guide by the number of its strings. Indeed, it has 8 strings, which is a bit unusual. Nevertheless, this instrument is indeed a ukulele.
Despite its ultra competitive price, this Harley Benton ukulele has all the features of a high quality musical instrument. It is the ideal ukulele for children or adults who are just starting out.
This beautiful ukulele made with maple and spruce is known to produce a rounder sound with shallow bass. It is especially recommended for country, jazz and strumming players.
Whether you're a novice or advanced musician, this concert ukulele will help you perform your music with precision. This instrument comes with a complete set of accessories, including a strap, bag, tuner, pick and spare strings.
Baritone Ukulele
Soprano Ukulele
Tenor Ukulele
Concert Ukulele
About 74 cm
52 cm
About 66 cm
58,42 cm
Body material
Lime tree
Table material
Beech tree
Microphone system

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How to choose your ukulele

Apart from the brand, there are a few other essential criteria that should be taken into account when making a purchase.

#1 - The type of wood

The type of wood used in the design of a ukulele is essential to the quality of the sound produced, especially in the soundboard. A ukulele can be made ofone or more types of wood. Traditionally, Hawaiian ukuleles are made with solid koa. But some of them are made with mahogany, ebony or acacia.

#2 - The mechanics

Quality tuning machines will make it easier to tune and hold the ukulele. There is nothing more disturbing than a musical instrument that goes out of tune after the first few notes. One thing you should know, entry-level ukuleles fail to hold chords and provide an unpleasant melody. So you have to make sure that the pegs are of excellent quality. This way, you won't have to tune your instrument every time you want to use it.

#3 - Ropes

The quality of the sound produced by a ukulele also depends on the strings that equip it. There are many different materials used in the design of these strings. You can choose from metal strings, nylon strings, and sheep gut strings. For intensive practice of the instrument, prefer nylon strings which are more stable, more resistant, but especially melodious. Being a synthetic material, nylon is very little sensitive to humidity and temperature variations.

#4 - The dimensions

The choice of the dimensions of the ukulele depends on the way you play this instrument. People who are used to guitars have a preference for large tenors. As for the more conservative musicians, they prefer small triples that fit well in the hand. For the sizes, all is a matter of gripping.

#5 - The ukulele category

You will have understood it, there is not only one, but several types of ukuleles. They are distinguished mainly by the specificities of their sounds, but also by the length of their handles. The different types of ukuleles produce high, warm, languid or low tones. It is not uncommon for a professional musician to have all the variations of the ukulele in his personal rehearsal studio.

The essential accessories to play well the ukulele

It is often said that the ukulele was created in Hawaii, but in truth, this instrument would be of Portuguese origin. Music historians have shown that the ukulele descends from the small guitar called "cavaquinho". But no matter, this instrument has captured the hearts of musicians and music lovers around the world because of its exotic sound.

If you are considering buying a new ukulele, it would be ideal to accompany this instrument with some accessories that will be very useful during your rehearsals:

The ukulele tuner: this instrument will allow you to adjust the tension of the codes. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the tuner will help you to have a sound whose quality borders on perfection.

Spareset of strings: Nylon strings are more resistant, but they are not immune to breakage, especially if you rehearse often with your band.

The humidifier: in the case where the table of your ukulele is made with solid wood, the humidifier will allow to lengthen its longevity. This accessory will also improve in a progressive way the quality of the sound of the instrument.

The protective case: in principle, the carrying case is provided with the ukulele, but if not, do not forget to include this accessory in your order.

How to tune a ukulele ?

Many experienced musicians tune their ukulele with the classical method. In other words, they rely only on their ears. As for the others, they rather use the tuner which allows to save a precious time. Whatever the technique you use, try not to force the tailpiece too much at the risk of damaging it. You must therefore work on the right mechanism to avoid any alteration of the instrument.

The different types of ukuleles

The ukuleles are distinguished according to their real size in cm and their diapason. Thus, we classify them in 5 categories, namely the sopranino, the soprano, the baritone, the tenor and the concert.

The sopranino

Better known as the piccolo, the sopranino is the smallest instrument of the ukulele family. It is about 42 cm long and is tuned on 4 notes like the high strings of a guitar (D-G-B-E). In other words, it is possible to play the same chords as on a guitar, except for the notes produced by the lower strings.

The soprano

The soprano is a tad larger than the sopranino. It is the most widely used ukulele in the world. Since it is only 53 cm, this instrument is recommended for children and adults whose hands are not too big. The soprano is also tuned on 4 notes. It is ideal for beginners.

The concert

With a length of 58 cm, the concerto is also widely used by many musicians, both novice and experienced. It is the model preferred by adults. This ukulele allows to play high notes. It is different from the soprano by its tone a little deeper and by its compartments which are more numerous.

The tenor

The tenor is a ukulele cut for the musicians with big fingers. This musical instrument is 66 cm long and has a larger body than the models we have just presented. This characteristic allows the musician to produce a richer sound. Generally, the tenor (like the concert) is used to accompany a solo musician or singer.

The baritone

The baritone is the largest of the ukulele family. In all, the instrument is 74 cm. This makes it suitable for all musicians' bodies, but also for all styles of music. The sound that emanates from the baritone is richer than any of the other types of ukuleles we just presented above.

Ukulele or banjo ?

The ukulele

The ukulele produces an exotic sound that can be recognized from the first chords. The most classical way to hold this instrument is to wedge it in the fold of the elbow and between the ribs. To enhance the comfort of playing, it is recommended to use a strap. If novice musicians prefer nylon strings, the more experienced use steel strings which are less sensitive to wear. However, the use of a pick is recommended when playing the ukulele.

The banjo

The banjo is an instrument widely used by country music groups, but it is best known for its central place in Dixieland jazz and bluegrass. Like the ukulele, the banjo has only 4 strings which produce a more lively and crystal clear sound. The banjo is easily recognized by its spherical body and the materials used to make it. Usually, a banjo is made of wood, steel and plastic materials.


The ukulele is a plucked string instrument that produces a sharp, crisp sound. It is used only to play chords. Because it is compact in size and has few strings, it is easier to play. It usually takes a beginner 6 months to master the basics. Whether you are taking your first steps in music or if you want to experiment a new instrument, dare the ukulele.

Why start playing the ukulele?

It is a versatile musical instrument

No matter what style of music you play, you can incorporate ukulele chords into your compositions. This instrument is used by reggae, jazz, folk, folk rock and rock bands. With an equalizer, you'll be able to push your creations much further.

It's a lightweight instrument

In addition to being versatile, the ukulele is very light. Feel like performing in a nearby park? Put the instrument in its protective case and go. All ukulele models fit in a carry-on bag, making it very convenient. Because of this minimal space requirement, the ukulele is favored by many professional musicians.

It is an easy instrument to master

The chords of ukulele are simple and easy to remember. Indeed, some chords require only one finger, as it is the case of the chord Am or the chord C. By putting there a little of yours, you will master this instrument in 6 months. From there, you will be able to create your own musical compositions.

It's a fun instrument

The ukulele is a very entertaining musical instrument, especially since it is easy to master. If you're in an amateur band, add some exotic sounds to your songs with the ukulele. Who knows? Your creations may catch the ear of a music producer, and your professional music career may begin.

It's an instrument that makes you smile

The ukulele is an exotic musical instrument that makes you smile when you see it. It's going to get people interested, you can be sure of that. Since you are not a layman, let them discover your passion for this instrument. Your friends and family will be taken in by it, and they will want to play it themselves.

The best brands of ukuleles

In our opinion, the best brands of ukuleles in 2022 are :

Baton Rouge
Harley Benton

Baton Rouge is a German brand whose manufacturing plants are relocated in China. Its collection of acoustic and electro-acoustic ukuleles is especially known for its excellent quality-price ratio.

Founded in 1997, Harley Benton is a jack-of-all-trades brand that specializes in guitars, bass guitars, banjos, mandolins and all types of accessories. Like these previous instruments, its ukulele line is offered at low prices.

Kala is probably one of the most popular ukulele brands in the world. Whatever your level and musical style, Kala ukuleles will allow you to quickly build your own style.

This Belgian manufacturer is known worldwide for the high quality of its musical instruments and accessories. Beginners and professionals alike will find something to suit their needs with the ukuleles offered by Stagg.

Mahalo is known only to purists. Nevertheless, the brand is gaining recognition especially for its quality ukuleles that produce very harmonious sounds.

What is the price for an ukulele

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Start with the right ukulele

If you're just starting out, it's ideal to learn the basics with a soprano or concert. Both of these models are perfect for budding musicians and children.

Do not force the tuning of your ukulele

Don't know how to tune your ukulele? Get a relative or professional who does and learn from them. If necessary, use a tuner.

Start with nylon strings

Nylon strings are less durable than metal strings, but they are recommended for people just starting out. If you master the chords with nylon strings, you'll master those with steel strings.

Choose a ukulele adapted to your fingers

Have big fingers? Use a baritone instead of a soprano. If the ukulele is too small for your hands, it will take you a long time to master it.

Use a strap

Sure, the ukulele is small, but you'll get tired quickly with practice. The addition of a strap will distribute the weight of the instrument evenly. So you will be able to practice for hours without getting tired.


Is learning the ukulele easy?

The ukulele is a musical instrument that is easily tamed. This is probably due to its small size. Whatever your age, you can master the ukulele in 6 months on average, but it also depends on your degree of involvement.

What is the origin of the ukulele?

Contrary to popular belief, the ukulele has its origins in the Iberian Peninsula, more precisely in the Madeira Islands. So to speak, the ukulele is an adaptation of the cavaquinho. It would have been imported in the Hawaiian Islands around 1879 by Portuguese sailors.

How to tune a ukulele ?

To tune a ukulele, you will have to turn the keys that will change the tension of the strings. The principle is the following: you must tighten a string to raise its note and relax it to lower it. However, do not be too abrupt, because it can damage the instrument.

How many strings does a ukulele have?

Whatever its shape, the ukulele has 4 strings tuned to G-Do-Mi-La. Each string is tensioned or relaxed by means of a key at the top of the neck. For the materials, the musicians have the choice between steel, nylon or sheep gut strings. Some baritone ukuleles have 8 strings.


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Baton Rouge VX1/BB-CB Baritone 8 string 9
Baton Rouge VX1/BB-CB Baritone 8 string
Harley Benton Ukulele UK-11DW Brown 10
Harley Benton Ukulele UK-11DW Brown
Kala KA FMTGE C Tenor Ukulele 11
Kala KA FMTGE C Tenor Ukulele
Paisen ukulélé concert 12
Paisen ukulélé concert


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