The best digital pianos in the UK 2023

The digital piano is characterized by an 88-note keyboard and an often heavy touch. This instrument also uses an electronic system to produce the sounds. And the most important thing? It does not go out of tune, unlike the acoustic piano. Its lightness and performance make it an ideal tool for both beginners and advanced pianists. Portable, upright or stage digital piano? Discover our guide to the best models of the moment.

Yamaha P-45 B

Best value for money

Yamaha P-45 B

The best digital piano in 2021

The Yamaha P-45 B will fit easily into your apartment or studio because of its compact size. The P-45 B's pleasant touch, sound quality, and value for money make it a great digital piano.

341 £ on Thomann

Although the Yamaha P-45 B has a sleek, minimalist design, its functionality is unmatched. It has a keyboard with GHS mechanics and a USB port for pairing with an additional musical instrument or PC. You can play 2 sounds simultaneously via the Dual Voice mode. Moreover, the Duo mode is particularly interesting for budding pianists since it allows you to virtually separate the keyboard and play it in pairs.

The Yamaha P-45 B reproduces acoustic sounds perfectly with its 10 tones, 64 polyphonic voices and 88 weighted keys. This digital piano features a metronome and AWM sound generator. With its 3 control buttons, you will have easy access to the main controls of your digital piano.

Thomann SP-320

Best value for money

Thomann SP-320

The best entry-level digital piano

Are you looking for a digital piano that sounds good, but doesn't break the bank? Choose the Thomann SP-320. Suitable for occasional use, it offers all the necessary features.

183 £ on Thomann

The Thomann SP-320 digital piano has 88 semi-weighted, ultra-sensitive keys, including 12 rubber keys. Its very compact size makes it easy to carry. It can be plugged into a power outlet or used with batteries, making it more convenient. On the back, you'll find several ports including USB Midi and audio, sustain pedal connection and headphone output.

The Thomann SP-320 comes with 2 speakers with a power of 20 W each. We warn you, however, that the sound quality will not meet the expectations of an experienced pianist, but is very good for a beginner. The use of headphones is an excellent solution if you want to get a better sound.

Casio GP-510 BP Celviano Set

Best value for money

Casio GP-510 BP Celviano Set

The best high-end digital piano

Casio never ceases to impress. With the GP-510 BP Celviano Set, you'll have a digital piano of impeccable quality that will follow you in your musical creations for years to come.

3 254 £ on Thomann

Visually, the Casio GP-510 BP Celviano Set digital piano exudes quality. Its black polished finish gives it elegance and shine. Its robust design instills a sense of confidence. Almost all connections are located under the console for aesthetic reasons. Despite this, the most commonly used connections remain within easy reach, such as USB to Host, USB to device, stereo input and output... Of course, you can record your creations directly from the connection dedicated to USB keys.

This model takes advantage of a pre-installed and connected triple pedal, ideal for starting your workouts immediately. The Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard is one of its greatest assets, along with its Air Grand Sound Source. It offers up to 256 polyphonic voices, 3 grand piano sounds and 6 demo songs. In addition to the volume EQ-synchronizer, you will also benefit from several simulators, such as the string resonance or room simulator. A Thomann KB-47BP height-adjustable piano bench and AKG K-72 HiFi headphones are included with the purchase.

Roland FP-30X BK

Sound quality

Roland FP-30X BK

A digital piano with remarkable sound

It is certainly not the best of the digital pianos, but you will still have a good alternative to the acoustic piano or synthesizer with a sound bordering on perfection.

542 £ on Thomann

This digital piano is specifically designed for beginners, but also for professionals looking for a compact model at an affordable price. The sound generator provides a dozen SuperNATURAL piano sounds as well as twenty electronic piano sounds. In addition, its PHA-4 keyboard has a set of 88 Ivory Feel keys. There is a double 120 mm speaker system and a built-in metronome.

Several keyboard modes will help you rehearse. The Roland FP-30X BK also features a system for recording and playing back Midi, WAV, and MP3 files from a USB flash drive. In terms of connections, the comfort of use is well with the appointment. You will have to take advantage of 2 stereo jack outputs, 2 headphone outputs of 3.5 and 6.3 mm, a pedal input and 2 USB ports (A and B).

Buying guide • November 2023

Best digital piano

Any specific needs?

The best digital piano in 2021

The best entry-level digital piano

The best high-end digital piano

A digital piano with remarkable sound

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Comparison table of the best digital pianos

Yamaha P-45 B
Thomann SP-320
Casio GP-510 BP Celviano Set
Roland FP-30X BK
Yamaha P-45 B
Thomann SP-320
Casio GP-510 BP Celviano Set
Roland FP-30X BK
The Yamaha P-45 B will fit easily into your apartment or studio because of its compact size. The P-45 B's pleasant touch, sound quality, and value for money make it a great digital piano.
Are you looking for a digital piano that sounds good, but doesn't break the bank? Choose the Thomann SP-320. Suitable for occasional use, it offers all the necessary features.
Casio never ceases to impress. With the GP-510 BP Celviano Set, you'll have a digital piano of impeccable quality that will follow you in your musical creations for years to come.
It is certainly not the best of the digital pianos, but you will still have a good alternative to the acoustic piano or synthesizer with a sound bordering on perfection.
Digital stage piano
Portable digital piano
Hybrid digital upright piano
Portable digital piano
Number of polyphony notes
64 voices
32 voices
256 voices
256 voices
Intelligent Acoustic Control, built-in reverb and chorus effects, Duo and Dual mode, 10 demo songs and 10 piano songs
Layer mode, reverb, chorus, tempo function, battery operation
6 demo songs, Concert Play function, Layer, Split, Duet, transposer, backlit LCD display
30 accompaniment songs, MIDI and audio recording/playback, transpose function
Accessories included
Sustaining pedal, music stand and power supply PA-150B
Sustaining pedal, music stand and power supply
Partition, music stand and power supply, Thomann KB-47BP bench, AKG K-72 circum-aural headphones
User manual, external power supply (PSB-7U), music stand and DP-2 sustain pedal
11.5 kg
9 kg
78.5 kg
14.8 kg

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How to choose your digital piano

Unlike an acoustic piano, the digital piano has the advantage of never going out of tune. You can move it without difficulty, connect it to a PC or connect headphones to play quietly without disturbing the neighborhood. The current offers being quite numerous, it is difficult to make the right choice. Discover in this paragraph the 6 parameters to consider before buying:
choisir piano numérique

#1 - The number of keys

The digital piano comes in 3 main models depending on the type of keyboard: 61, 76 and 88 keys. The first two are particularly suitable for those who prefer compact, space-saving digital pianos. On the other hand, if you want to play in the same way as on an acoustic piano, we strongly recommend the 88-key models.

#2 - The feel

The touch, usually produced by the hammers on an acoustic piano, can be heavy, semi-weighted or weighted.

  • The heavy touch : is similar to that of an acoustic piano. The resistance level of the keys is very high. It seems less realistic compared to the pressure exerted on a weighted keyboard.
  • The semi-weighted touch : a better compromise between the two. The keys are equipped with a spring mechanism and resist slightly to each pressure.
  • The weighted touch : on this type of keyboard, there is a hammer mechanism integrated in each key. The hammer hits a digital sensor when you play. The disadvantage is mainly in the weight and transport of the digital piano.

In practice, there is no right or wrong touch. The best touch will undoubtedly be the one with which you are most comfortable.

As for the quality of the keys, it differs according to the range of the models. At the entry level, you'll find plastic keys while the mid-range model promises wooden keys. In any case, don't hesitate to try a digital piano. Avoid noisy models, as the keys may get damaged quickly.

#3 - The sampling

Sampling allows a digital piano to simulate the subtle sound of an acoustic piano. Thus, it is important to have a quality sampling if you intend to express the nuances of playing your musical instrument at best. Note that the power of the sound emitted depends on the strength of your strike on the keys. In this field, there are two distinct types of instruments:

  • Single sampling : a sound corresponds to a single note and its strength depends on the pressure applied.
  • Multiple sampling : perfect for creative pianists, a key offers several nuances (7 maximum). In many cases, the digital piano produces the same sounds as a synthesizer, a trumpet and even a harpsichord.

#4 - The amplification

A well-made amplification system is essential insofar as it allows the expression of a better sound quality. The better it is, the more you can increase the volume of your equipment without interfering with or saturating the sound.

For a personal use, it is imperative to have at least 2 speakers of about 6 W even if the realism is not at the top. If you are a perfectionist and you prefer the realism of the bass and the purity of the treble, it is better to choose a model with 4 to 6 speakers for a total average power of 100 to 200 W. Don't forget to pay particular attention to the quality of the speakers.

#5 - The connectors

Regardless of the brand or model, digital pianos are equipped with a 6.35 mm headphone jack, but also with a jack input for pedals. Other connectors could be useful like a USB output that gives you the ability to connect the piano to your computer or mobile device. Depending on the model this time, MIDI in/out, 1/4" jack out, auxiliary inputs and Bluetooth are entirely optional.

#6 - The additional options and accessories

The additional options and included accessories will only increase your comfort level. Some of the most commonly used include:

  • The metronome : easy to adjust, the metronome also saves a lot of space.
  • Sounds : today's digital piano is considered a veritable sound bank. So be sure to find something to suit your needs, taking into account sampling and polyphony.
  • Effects : there are a large number of sound effects, each more important than the last, such as stereo, chorus, delay, reverb...
  • The transposition function : it gives you the opportunity to play the same note while changing its pitch.
  • The sequencer : essential for professional composers, the sequencer guarantees the recording and saving of the played pieces.
  • The pedals : there are 2 types of pedals, the sustain pedal and the 3 pedals.
  • Split or Duo mode : it divides the keyboard into 2 independent parts and allows 2 people to play at the same time.
  • The Dual mode : thanks to this function, mixing the sounds of 2 instruments becomes a child's play.
  • Headphones : practical and efficient compared to simple headphones, you will play on your digital piano in silence.
  • The bench or piano bench : X-shaped or with 4 legs, it is the most appropriate accessory for playing in a seated position.

How to maintain a digital piano?

The digital piano does not require any major maintenance. However, adopting a few good habits will help you increase its lifespan and ensure that it functions properly at all times.


Choose the best place to keep your digital piano. Install it in a place where there is little movement, thus avoiding the risk of it getting caught or falling on the floor. Although the instrument is not affected by humidity or thermal shock, we recommend that you find a good location away from windows/doors, air conditioners and heat sources. Furnished digital pianos are a different story. Since they are equipped with a wiring system, the latter must remain as discreet as possible. Use cable covers if necessary and secure the USB and MIDI connections.

Storage and transport

Once your sessions are over, remember to always put the cover back on. You can purchase a special protective cover if necessary. This will prevent dust accumulation and limit the time needed for cleaning. Invest in a dedicated stand if you want to use your desk or table for other tasks. Store the user manual in a safe place that is always accessible. At times, the bench also serves as storage, which is great for storing music, headphones, cables, etc.

Portable models are transported with a soft or hard case specifically designed for them. Portable models can be transported in a special soft or hard case, while portable digital pianos are heavier and more cumbersome and do not need to be moved frequently. If you are moving and do not want to disassemble your musical instrument, be sure to place a few pieces of Styrofoam on the corners and pack it with moving boxes.


There's no need to clean your digital piano every day if you follow the right habits. Wash your hands before each use. You will not be able to eat, drink or put food on the cabinet. When you feel it's time to dust, use a feather duster or a clean cloth. Gently wipe all parts of the piano. Cotton swabs can be used to reach hard-to-reach areas.

The different types of digital pianos

There are 4 main categories of digital piano on the market: the portable model, the stage piano, the grand piano and the upright piano. The quality of your performance depends on the type of model you choose.

Portable digital piano

Piano numérique portable

Lightweight, inexpensive and less bulky, the portable digital piano is designed for musicians on the go. Despite its lack of stability, it is easy to store and transport wherever you want. It does not have a stand, but nothing prevents you from installing it on a keyboard stand with an X-shaped base. The small amplification systems differ from those of an upright digital piano in their location. Some parts are detachable like the sustain pedal or the music stand.

Digital grand piano

Piano numérique à queue

The digital grand piano has many similarities to an acoustic grand piano, the most important being the realism of the rendering. The instrument features an innovative amplification device and resonance to set it apart from other digital pianos. This type of model promises significant advantages: large choice of tones, easy adjustment of volume and timbre according to the speed of play, presence of a headphone jack (in case you want to play without disturbing the neighbors), transport wheels... To this are added additional options in the style of the metronome and "recording" mode.

Digital upright piano

Piano numérique droit

It is easily recognizable thanks to the case/cabinet that protects it and its 3 pedal board. Its stability is at a premium, as is its playing comfort. With the pedals attached to the cabinet, the digital upright piano is naturally heavy, making it difficult to move. Once it finds its place, it stays there. This type of instrument is suitable for all musicians, regardless of their level of learning and knowledge.

The digital upright piano, designed for home use, can be used as a piece of furniture or as a decorative element in its own right. It comes with a built-in music stand, a lid and sometimes a stand with a back panel in its traditional version. The modern-looking ones have a lid that covers the keyboard 100% and can be transformed into a music stand as soon as it is opened.

Digital stage piano

Piano numérique de scène

As its name suggests, the digital stage piano was specially designed for live music. It usually connects to amplifiers or an external sound system, which is why most of them lack speakers. On the other hand, this musical instrument offers beneficial features that are rarely found on other types of digital pianos. For example, it is possible to mix several sounds live, modify them or create new ones... Better yet, avoid juggling between 2 to 3 consoles and master them from one.

Digital piano or acoustic piano?

Digital piano

A modern version of the classical piano (without all its usual mechanics), the digital piano reproduces the same sounds as an acoustic model, but without the hammers and strings of the latter. It is incomparably light, making it easy to transport. Its ability to withstand temperature variations as well as humidity will certainly seduce pianists of all levels. Add to that its extreme practicality, the fact that it does not go out of tune and the almost total absence of maintenance.

From an aesthetic point of view, the digital piano is a success. Regardless of the type of model desired (upright, grand, compact or stage), the design remains visually pleasing. For those who are just starting to learn, the existence of headphone inputs is a real revolution. They can play on their own or with a music teacher at any time.

Acoustic piano

The acoustic piano is the perfect ally for all jazz, pop, rock or classical music lovers. It is the right type of piano if you want to make your debut in the field since you have to consider both the touch and the different sounds emitted. The variety of musical expressions offered by the instrument is quite wide, which is why it is mostly found under the fingers of virtuoso pianists, conservatory teachers and professional composers.

You can play, without any complexity, all possible nuances from pianissimo to fortissimo. Its fixed pedals are precisely there to optimize the comfort of use of the piano. If properly maintained, the acoustic model will enjoy an optimal life span. In addition to cleaning, it also requires regular tuning and voicing adjustments.


For those on a tight budget and those learning to play, the best choice is a digital piano. However, you should invest in a "real piano" once you see progress. An acoustic piano is a long-term investment. It will fully satisfy the expectations of a pianist in search of a specific touch and who aspires to perfect his or her musical skills. Thethird option and the good compromise that allows you to benefit from both at the same time is to install a digital mechanism on an acoustic piano. This technique is usually done in the factory.

Why buy a digital piano?

pourquoi acheter piano numérique

An inexpensive musical instrument

Do you dream of plunging your fingers into the keys of an acoustic piano, but your limited budget doesn't allow you to? You should know that the price of a digital piano is much lower, 3 times less expensive, compared to this coveted instrument.

Space-saving and easy to transport

Real pianos weigh in at 300 kg, while digital models weigh an average of 10 kg. The heaviest ones reach a little over 100 kg. In terms of size, digital pianos are proportionally compact. They always find room in the home, regardless of their size.

Easy noise reduction

A digital piano is equipped with a volume control knob, which will only be beneficial for your relations with the neighborhood. In addition, it has a special headphone port, giving you the opportunity to play at any time of the day or night.

Computer compatibility

The compatibility of a digital piano with a computer is a real asset. This possibility increases the instrument's functionality tenfold (sound recording, score creation, etc.). For pairing, a MIDI interface or a USB cable is required.


Unlike an acoustic piano, the digital piano stands out for its rich soundtrack. It can therefore faithfully reproduce the sound of many musical instruments such as the classical piano, the organ, the harpsichord, the guitar...

The best brands of digital pianos

In our opinion, the best brands of digital pianos in 2022 are :


The Japanese brand is not only gifted in designing innovative watches, you will find among its various products cameras, calculators and of course digital pianos. Whether you choose a digital piano cabinet or a keyboard alone, they have in common their lightness and their exceptional sound quality.

A well-known brand in the music world, Korg produces synthesizers, workstations as well as digital pianos and arranger pianos. The strength of its products lies mainly in their compactness. And if you need electronic gadgets (metronomes, tuners...) to increase the performance of your piano, don't hesitate to call on this Japanese brand.

Kawai specializes in the production and sale of all kinds of pianos. Since its creation in 1927, it creates every year more than 70 000 models. Most of them are digital pianos. Design, performance, compactness... there is something for every budget and taste.

Roland is one of the forerunners of digital pianos that have modernized in recent years by incorporating its innovative technologies. If you're not yet a fan, wait until you see what their hyper-compact stage pianos that can be turned into a player piano for the home will offer.

Yamaha operates in many fields: motorcycles, musical instruments, electronics and sea scooters. Its first organ did not see the light of day until 1887. However, it quickly became successful. Today, it has 4 lines of digital pianos, including the famous Clavinova.

What is the price for a digital piano

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 800 £
more than 800 £
Price range diagram


Make it easy to use your digital piano

Even if your digital piano allows you to take advantage of its many features, it will do you no good if you don't know how to use them. Before you play, get to know your instrument. Check the location of connections, USB port(s) and control buttons. Make sure the wiring doesn't interfere with your playing in any way.

Learn to play with the right tools

Beginners will want to get a model with a built-in metronome and even embed piano lessons. This is the case with certain models offered by the Casio brand. Indeed, you will have no trouble learning on your own if you are self-taught especially since this type of option is considerably interesting for those who don't have the possibility of using the services of a real teacher.

Repair broken keys

After having located the broken key, remove it by removing the screws from your keyboard and lifting the case. To keep the keys from moving, first remove the stopper and then the board. Apply gentle pressure to the key to be removed before removing it from the frame. Clean the bedding with a cloth to improve the playability of your instrument. Finalize the operation by putting the stop back in its place, as well as the keyboard.

Avoid chemicals when cleaning

The use of cleaning agent or bleach causes damage to the keyboard of your digital piano. Moisture, too, causes the keys to swell. There is a good chance they will stick. The best option would be to rub it with a dry cloth or use a feather duster to dust.

Avoid sudden temperature changes as much as possible

The digital piano has nothing to fear from temperature variations, just the opposite of stringed models. The latter tend not to tolerate condensation due to humidity. But in order to preserve your instrument in the best conditions, choose a room at room temperature that is neither closed nor equipped with a concrete wall.


How to better protect a digital piano?

The digital piano is never safe from the elements. In order to reduce the risks, be sure not to expose it to direct sunlight. If there is really no alternative and you lack space for its installation, use a cover adapted to the keyboard of your piano.

Is it necessary to tune a digital piano?

Adigital piano has no moving parts as opposed to the acoustic piano. So you don't need to tune it. Even better, the instrument will be little sensitive to the different atmospheric changes of the room it is in.

Can we use a digital piano in Conservatory?

The digital piano simulates all the sounds that an acoustic piano could produce. It is more for home use and is suitable for a beginner or someone who simply wants to use it as a backup piano. However, as experienced teachers say, there is no substitute for an acoustic piano if you really want to explore the sound.

What to do if the keys are stuck?

First, check what material the keys of your digital piano were made of. Take a damp cloth and run it over the keys and dry. Add some liquid soap to remove all the dirt embedded between each part. Don't hesitate to rub in case of stubborn stains.


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