The best mixing desks in the UK 2023

The mixer, analog or digital, allows to mix several music sources or audio signals. It is perfect to realize an active sound system of a rather high power. In this sense, you don't choose your mixer by chance. For use at home, in the studio or in concert, here are the most popular mixers of the moment.

Behringer X Air XR18

Best value for your money

Behringer X Air XR18

The best mixer in 2021

The Behringer X Air XR18 digital mixer makes it easy to manage the broadcasting or recording of sounds. The unit can be controlled remotely for even greater ease of use.

343 £ on Thomann

Enjoy the renowned quality of Behringer products with the X Air XR18 mixer. It is a digital mixer with 16 inputs for microphones, combo jacks and XLR lines and 2 additional inputs via 6.3 mm jack. A USB interface is used to connect the mixer to a computer for direct recording. The unit also includes a preamp settings backup if you want to save time between mixing sessions.

The ability to use it with an iOS, Android and Linux mobile app is a major plus for this mixer. With this feature, you can control the unit remotely, which is especially handy when you're on stage.

Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB

Best value for your money

Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB

The best entry-level mixer

Use the Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB on stage or in the home studio and achieve a professional level mix without emptying your wallet. There's better, but much more expensive!

96 £ on Thomann

Are you planning to buy a mixer for your home studio or for your performances? We recommend the Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB. This model is sold at an unbeatable price. It will save you tens of euros to complete your sound technician arsenal. You'll still get an efficient mixer that has nothing to envy the models used by professionals.

It has 12 input channels and XLR outputs, as well as a three-band equalizer. The internal 24-bit effects processor with 16 presets helps you master the sound more easily. This mixer weighs less than 3 kg, making it easy to carry from place to place.

Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome

Best value for your money

Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome

The best high-end mixer

The Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome has everything you need to make a great sounding mix, both live and in the studio. A piece of equipment to have fun like a pro.

1 055 £ on Thomann

The Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome is a professional digital mixer. It offers the possibility to control the sound from 19 inputs. You have all the tools at your disposal on the unique 44 x 55 cm desk. The 800 x 480 touchscreen display helps you to find your way around for a successful mix live or in the studio. By the way, the Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome remains accessible to all lovers of good sound.

Given the price, this mixer will find its place in a studio or in the home of an experienced amateur. You can use it to enhance your home studio or during various public performances. The sound will be well controlled, regardless of the environment.

Soundcraft EFX 8

Excellent selection

Soundcraft EFX 8

A cheap alternative

The Soundcraft EFX 8 is a compact mixer with which you can effortlessly mix in the studio or live, and always sound great. An excellent starter for beginners.

240 £ on Thomann

Need a compact mixer? Choose the Soundcraft EFX 8. With dimensions of 330 x 91 x 362 mm and a weight of 4.6 kg, you can carry it from one place to another without effort. And despite its small size, this mixer is fully featured for successful mixing. Beginners will be particularly pleased with its possibilities and not its price.

Whether you're using it for a multi-speaker setup, a live concert or a studio recording, the mixer includes 8 line and microphone inputs, 2 stereo line inputs, an aux send and an aux FX. For effects control, a Lexicon processor with 32 presets assists you throughout the mix.

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The best mixer in 2021

The best entry-level mixer

The best high-end mixer

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Comparison table of the best mixing desks

Behringer X Air XR18
Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB
Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome
Soundcraft EFX 8
Behringer X Air XR18
Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB
Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome
Soundcraft EFX 8
The Behringer X Air XR18 digital mixer makes it easy to manage the broadcasting or recording of sounds. The unit can be controlled remotely for even greater ease of use.
Use the Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB on stage or in the home studio and achieve a professional level mix without emptying your wallet. There's better, but much more expensive!
The Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome has everything you need to make a great sounding mix, both live and in the studio. A piece of equipment to have fun like a pro.
The Soundcraft EFX 8 is a compact mixer with which you can effortlessly mix in the studio or live, and always sound great. An excellent starter for beginners.

333 x 140 x 150 mm

97 x 270 x 328 mm

440 x 500 x 186 mm

330 x 91 x 362 mm
User interface
Number of inputs
16 mic/line XLR/jack combo inputs2
line inputs via 6.3 mm jack
4 x mic inputs with Phantom power supply2

x stereo line inputs2 x auxiliaries (pre/post)
16 mono inputs via XLR or jack with AnaLOGIQTM preamps3
stereo inputs 6.3 mm jack
8 x mic/line inputs2

x stereo line inputs1 x FX auxiliary1 x auxiliary send (pre/post)
Main outputs
LR and Mono
3.2 kg
2.8 kg
10 kg
4.6 kg

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Buying guide - mixing desk

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How to choose your mixing desk

The mixing desk is the tool that allows you to connect all the devices including instruments, sound card, computer and listening and broadcasting systems. There is a wide range of products on the market, so it is important to know your needs to choose the right product. Here are the parameters to take into account during your research:
choisir table de mixage

#1 - Type of table

You can choose between an analog and a digital table. The digital table allows you to process the data directly on a computer with the possibility of saving the settings. The analog table is mainly used for processing the sounds of musical instruments in order to keep the fidelity of playing. That's why analog tables are preferred by many sound engineers.

#2 - Strength and location of pots

The potentiometer knobs are to be well fixed. You should avoid tables with knobs that come off easily, as this will cause you problems during a live performance. The space between two knobs should not be too tight, otherwise the device will be difficult to handle. Also consider checking the fade. This one should be quiet and not spit or blow.

#3 - Ease of use

After checking that there is enough space between the buttons, also make sure that the color codes and labels are legible. Do the same for the LED displays. These should be visible in all circumstances. Finally, make sure the mixer has a level control for the headphone output.

#4 - Inputs and types

Here again, you'll need to consider your needs. You should choose your mixer based on the number of devices you want to connect. If you plan to use it for a home studio, you'll need multiple channels to connect a mic, an amp, and some instruments. In this case, you would need a 4 channel console minimum to be perfectly comfortable. It goes without saying that the more channels you have, the more expensive the device will be.

#5 - Brand

If you have trouble deciding between several models, rely on the brand. Indeed, some firms have decades of experience in audio technology and the performance of their devices is no longer in question. As far as possible, choose Mackie, Yamaha and Behringer tables, which are used in the vast majority of professional studios worldwide.

How to maintain a mixer?

The mixer is a fabulous piece of equipment. It is the central element of a recording studio and it is useless to consider live performances if it is out of order. Also, it is better to spend time to maintain it, because the dirt can accumulate very quickly.

For cleaning, here are the recommendations of a sound engineer:

  • Soapy water bath for buttons, then scrub with a toothbrush.
  • Clean the faders with a pressure can, then a contact can.
  • Cleaning of the track side with a contact spray and a brush or a toothbrush.
  • Cleaning the chassis with hot water and soap.

You have to be careful with the water, because it's an electrical device. Finally, a brush stroke before and after use is already very good.

The different types of mixing desks

Currently, two main types of mixers are available on the market: analog and digital models. In order to know which one suits you best, here are the points that differentiate these two types of devices:

Analog mixer

table de mixage analogique

Analog decks are the ancestors of mixing consoles. Despite the advent of digital models that are easier to use, many recording studios still prefer them. Indeed, they offer a warmth and a fidelity of the sounds clearly superior to those of the digital ones.

The disadvantage with this kind of table is that it does not record the settings and does not have integrated effects, except for certain models, unlike the digital ones. In short, you need to be well-versed in sound to get the most out of this device. The Yamaha MG10 X U, the BEHRINGER XENYX 1202 and the Trident Audio Series 68 Console 24 belong to this category.

Digital mixer

table de mixage numérique

The digital mixer is also very widespread and the majority of recordings are done today with this type of console. Its main advantage is the computer processing of the data. It integrates all the functionalities present on an analog desk and includes a converter from analog to digital.

Moreover, these devices are much more affordable. Thanks to the integrated effects, they can reproduce a high quality sound, even if it is not always faithful. The Numark M6 USB DJ mixer is one of the best-selling digital mixers available today.

Analog or digital mixer?

Analogue mixer

The analog mixer is a tool designed to link devices for live performance or recording. This type of device reproduces sounds with a more pronounced warmth compared to the digital mixer. So, if you want to obtain this kind of result, it is better to use analog models. On the other hand, this type of table does not allow the recording of settings, unlike digital ones.

Digital mixer

The digital table has the same functionality as the analog models, but it is easier to use. It can be controlled with a computer. It offers additional features such as the ability to save settings and a range of effects that will delight music lovers. Its only drawback is that it is not capable of faithfully reproducing the sound of certain instruments such as the saxophone.


If you want a device for live performances that also allows you to record, a digital table would be best for you. However, if you plan to use it for recording and require warmth and fidelity from the musicians, an analog would be more appropriate.


Label your cables

Cables get tangled up very quickly when you'll need them badly, whether you're doing a Live or recording. So, to find your way around more quickly, label your cables and number them if you have several of the same type.

Buy spare pots

Over time, you may find that one of the potentiometer buttons is out of order. Don't panic, it can be replaced. But don't wait for them to get damaged before buying some, it's better to keep some under the elbow to avoid that the whole table is unusable because of a single knob.

Get to grips with some simple plugins

If you are already skilled in mixing, these plugins have no secrets for you. However, if you're just starting out, once you've got your desk ready to use, start by recording a small sequence and have fun with a few plugins like reverbs and delays. Pay attention to the differences before and after applying the plugins.

Mix early in the day

To save time and quality, it's best to work in the morning when your ears are fresh. Once you get the rhythm, you won't notice the difference between mornings and evenings, so absorbed will you be. However, never forget that you work better when you are fresh.

Rename and color tracks

Think of giving a name to each track you will create and color each of them, you will find yourself more easily.


Which mixer to choose?

The best mixer depends on your budget and your needs. Read our comparison to find out more.

How much does a good mixer cost?

Prices range from 100 to over 1000 euros depending on the product range you choose.

What are the best mixer brands?

Mackie, Yamaha and Behringer are the references in the field of mixing desks.

If I'm starting to mix, what do I need?

A desk, a computer and a pair of good headphones should be enough to get a good start in mixing.

Where can I buy a good mixer?

Find out from musical instrument stores or search on the internet. The latter option gives you more latitude, as you'll have a wider selection. If you're just starting out, it's best to start by studying the various features because this area is quite complex at first.


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Behringer X Air XR18
Behringer X Air XR18
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Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB
Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome
Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome
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Soundcraft EFX 8


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