The best jukebox in the UK 2023

The jukebox is a public and paying device from the 70's that automatically plays music recorded on records. Nowadays, this device has resurfaced and is still appreciated by everyone, but what is its function? And how to choose it? In this buying guide, we will present you the best jukeboxes to help you understand what it is and make the right choice.

Lacoon Golden Age 40/50 1

Editor's Choice

Lacoon Golden Age 40/50

The best jukebox in 2021

The Lacoon Golden Age 40s/50s jukebox combines an American 1946 jukebox design with modern 21st century technology to give you a relaxing musical experience.

454 £ on Amazon

The Lacoon Golden Age 40/50 jukebox offers you many connection possibilities that allow you to enjoy a moment of musical relaxation with a nostalgic tint at home. It is equipped with reading of many formats thanks to its ports USB, SD and CD reader, it thus allows you to listen to music in MP3 and more. But also, it is Bluetooth enabled which means you can connect your tablet or smartphone to this Jukebox and listen to music from your files or directly from the internet.

In addition, its speaker outputs and equalizer can allow you to enjoy a great sound experience. This jukebox has a rubber protector that will protect the floor of your home, bar or business. It also comes with a remote control. With a good quality/price ratio, Lacoon Golden Age takes you up in time.

Beatfoxx Nostalgia 40er/50er 2

The best cheap

Beatfoxx Nostalgia 40er/50er

The best jukebox in 2021

The Beatfoxx Nostalgia jukebox is both a treat for the eyes and the ears. It is a jukebox with a beautiful look for your living room decoration.

114 £ on Amazon

The BeatFoxx nostalgia jukebox will impress you with its beautiful chrome look and illuminated song selection. It has a Bluetooth interface so that you can connect modern devices such as laptops, tablets or other Bluetooth devices. This is done intuitively and easily with a range of about 10 meters. This music box also has built-in USB/SD ports, so you can navigate the data through the control buttons and LCD screen.

In addition, it also has a built-in UKW/MW radio that allows you to always stay on top of world events, the 20 transmitter memories allow you to organize the radio program. It has a 3.5 mm jack input for operating external devices such as your computer. And also a Line Jack output so you can connect other speakers. This jukebox is very convenient to be placed in your bar or at home.

Monstershop 3

The best high end


The best jukebox in 2021

The Wurlitzer-style Monstershop jukebox lets you play your tunes in retro style. It combines a look straight out of the 1950s with the latest technology.

1 039 £ on Amazon
Auna Musicbox 4

The best excellent choice

Auna Musicbox

The best jukebox in 2021

Auna Musicbox is the perfect jukebox for all retro fans. With a stylish design, powerful performance and a variety of convenient features, it's sure to impress.

335 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best jukebox

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The best jukebox in 2021

The best jukebox in 2021

The best jukebox in 2021

The best jukebox in 2021

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Comparison table of the best jukebox

The best Inexpensive Highest quality Excellent selection
Lacoon Golden Age 40/50 5
Beatfoxx Nostalgia 40er/50er 6
Monstershop 7
Auna Musicbox 8
Lacoon Golden Age 40/50
Beatfoxx Nostalgia 40er/50er
Auna Musicbox
The Lacoon Golden Age 40s/50s jukebox combines an American 1946 jukebox design with modern 21st century technology to give you a relaxing musical experience.
The Beatfoxx Nostalgia jukebox is both a treat for the eyes and the ears. It is a jukebox with a beautiful look for your living room decoration.
The Wurlitzer-style Monstershop jukebox lets you play your tunes in retro style. It combines a look straight out of the 1950s with the latest technology.
Auna Musicbox is the perfect jukebox for all retro fans. With a stylish design, powerful performance and a variety of convenient features, it's sure to impress.
many connection possibilities
20 transmitter memories to organize the radio
Featuring vinyl records on a 3-speed adjustable record player 33 ⅓, 45 and 78 rpm
Features 3 playback speeds and an auto-stop function
has rubber protector
Featuring built-in USB/SD
Very easy to move around
offers a choice of USB/SD input and wireless connection
Built-in Bluetooth function
doors and Bluetooth interface
Sleek design
featuring built-in stereo speakers

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Buying guide - jukebox

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How to choose your jukebox

When you have an idea of the ideal Jukebox for you, it is very important to take into account these criteria to be sure to make the right choice. To do this you need to take into account:

#1 - The capacity

The jukebox of your choice must be able to play a lot of songs to be able to enjoy them fully. To do this, you need to check the capacity of the disc and CD models that will be offered to you, as the older versions cannot do this. On the other hand, if you are more inclined towards multimedia models, you should make sure that it is indeed equipped with a wireless communication mode to allow you to optimize its capacity. That way, you won't have to have a stereo system in your living room to listen to music, alone or with friends, at a party.

#2 - Clutter

The jukebox is a rather large device, which means that you need to provide enough specific space to install it. The standard size of a jukebox is between 1.30 and 1.50 m. You can choose the classic size models if you have a large room to install your device. On the other hand, if you don't have more space, you can choose a smaller jukebox that doesn't exceed 150 cm, as the smallest ones can be installed on a table or on a piece of furniture.

#3 - Sound quality

This is also a criterion not to be neglected, because even if the jukebox has built-in speakers, they are all different. There are models that are more powerful than others. For this you can choose a jukebox with low power and excellent sound distribution.

#4 - The type of connection

This is especially important if you have chosen a digital jukebox model. Because you can choose one with all connection ranges and up to date as well. But if you have chosen a model without a Bluetooth adapter, then you need to buy an external Bluetooth adapter in addition.

#5 - The price

On themarket, the price of the jukebox varies depending on the model. A CD jukebox cost between 100 to 1300 euros and for the digital jukebox compatible with Bluetooth, it costs between 250 to 560 euros. You can count more than 3000 euros for the big brands. But the most expensive on the market is the vinyl jukebox, because they are rare to find. If you choose this model, you can count between 8000 to 19 000 euros. You have a wide choice depending on your budget.

Important to know about the jukebox

Nowadays, manufacturers are doing what is necessary to satisfy you and for that they have developed digital jukeboxes that are also able to play CDs and records. So you can have all 3 functions in one model and you can also listen to music from all types of media. This is an advantage for all users because the listening capacity will be unlimited.

The different types of jukebox

Before buying, you should know that there are 3 types of jukeboxes. For this there are:

The jukebox CD

This type of jukebox is very similar to the other type which is the vinyl jukebox. The only difference is that they have compact discs or CDs rather than vinyl records. But they don't sell as well these days, because everyone is switching to the digital model because of the development of technology. But if you have a stack of CDs at home, now is the perfect time to use them with this jukebox.

The vinyl jukebox

Thisguy was very much in vogue in the 1950s. They play real vinyl records and people even compete to collect them. They have an amazing vintage style design that will do the trick when it comes to decorating if you are a fan of retro style and all that. But nowadays we don't see this type of jukebox often which explains their high price on the market.

The digital jukebox

Theyare the most common on the market and the most up-to-date, because instead of using CDs or records, they play music. When they are Bluetooth-enabled, you can simply connect your smartphone, tablet, or whatever to have the opportunity to play music. They are also capable of playing digital forms of music like MP3s. This is the most convenient.

Jukebox or bluetooth speaker


The jukebox as we said is an instrument that plays selected music by inserting coins.

The advantage of having one is first of all that you can use it for commercial purposes: for example, you can place it in your restaurant or bar, and that way you can set your prices. Secondly, with the jukebox, if you are a fan of all things retro, you can perfect your interior decoration with it. And finally, you can also rent it, some people don't mind using yours for a few hours.

The disadvantage with the jukebox is obviously if you don't have a coin, you can't make it work, unless you have the digital model. Secondly, if you have a bit of a tight coin you can't have one, as some models require a larger footprint. And finally, some models are also more expensive on the market and it is hard to find them in addition.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are also devices that play music and let you enjoy it.

The advantage of having one is that they are very convenient, as you no longer need to be in your living room or bedroom to listen to your favorite songs. Moreover, they are portable and you can take them anywhere you want. Also, they can be connected right away to your smartphone or PC to play the music.

The downside with Bluetooth speakers is that they can't offer such powerful sound at this point. They are limited and some models have a fairly short Bluetooth range and a fairly short battery life. Also, you have to think about having a large sum of money to get a really good one.


If you're retro and like everything that comes with it, go for jukeboxes. However, if you don't like that, go for Bluetooth speakers, as they are becoming more and more popular these days and available everywhere on the market.


Record selection problem

Many older jukeboxes used electronic tubes to power the speakers and create the signal as well as power the record selection process. If you find that your jukebox will play one or two records and then stop, it must be turned off or unplugged and restarted before it continues to operate, you may need to replace the tubes or the pulse amplifier tube, depending on how the jukebox was designed. Alternatively, the power supply for the recording selection may overheat and shut down.

Jukebox with coin

Jukeboxes were intended to play music on demand based on a customer's cash intake, but this feature has been canceled in many private-use jukeboxes because no one wants to pay to hear a song every time. However, you can do the old-fashioned thing again when something doesn't work as it should, just reboot it and it will work again.

Battery Jukebox

Whenbattery systems that replace coin-operated systems fail, the jukeboxes revert to coin-operated, which is an annoying inconvenience. In most cases, you'll need to reset some electrical settings or replace the battery if this happens. And you'll find that your jukebox works again.

Restoration of exterior housing

Depending onthe material your jukebox is made of, you'll need to examine the original finish as well as the materials used to determine how to restore it properly. Stain can be sanded off the wood and refinished, and metal can be sanded and repainted with appropriate spray lacquers. For more complex finish elements such as chrome and neon tubes, it may be necessary to have custom replacement parts made by working with local craftsmen.

Calling in a specialist

Certainly, sometimes when you have a problem on your jukebox and you don't know which ones, you try to fix it your way. This is mostly to be avoided, as this action can make the damage worse. The best thing to do is to call a specialist who is already qualified in this field to get your jukebox working again.


What is the best Jukebox?

The best jukebox depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

How does a jukebox work?

A jukebox is a partially automated music playback device, usually a coin-operated machine, that will play a player's selection from stand-alone media. The classic jukebox has buttons, with letters and numbers on them, that are used to select a specific recording. Some may use compact discs instead. But usually you use coins to make it work.

What is the most played song on a jukebox?

It depends on one's preference. But three decades ago, the Music and Amusement Operators Association named Crazy as one of the most played jukebox songs in the United States.

How to skip songs on a jukebox?

To skip a song, you can just press P3. Press and quickly release this button to stop playing the current song and immediately skip to the next song in the queue. The song skip function is on/off on the display.

How many CDs can a jukebox hold?

A fully digital jukebox can hold up to 13,000 CDs on a single machine. That's a lot! Yes, because it's designed to make it easy to find songs.


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Lacoon Golden Age 40/50
Beatfoxx Nostalgia 40er/50er 10
Beatfoxx Nostalgia 40er/50er
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Auna Musicbox


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