The best electronic drums for beginners in the UK 2023

The electronic drum set allows you to play drums without disturbing the neighborhood or other family members. How do you do it? By plugging in headphones. Learning songs, game recorder, metronome, everything is there to allow beginners to progress quickly. If you want one, check out our comparison of the best electronic drums for beginners.

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit 1

Editor's Choice

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

Best beginner electronic drum set in 2021

If you're a beginner looking for an electronic drum kit with a vast collection of authentic drum sound samples, get the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit.

213 £ on Amazon

The Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit is a 10-piece electronic drum kit that includes 4 drums with 8-inch all-mesh heads that almost look like real drums, a hi-hat, and a bass drum pedal. These mesh drum heads have an average life of about 200,000 hits, which is more than reasonable. The three 10-inch cymbals each have a well-distributed sound and are responsive no matter where you hit them.

This model features advanced sampling technology that uses digital signals to record from real instruments, making its samples more realistic. It has over 100 sounds with 30 demo songs, you can also connect your smartphone or MP3 player to play your favorite songs.

Alesis DebutKit 2

Best Cheap

Alesis DebutKit

Best entry-level beginner electronic drum set

The Alesis Debut Kit is a must-have to start playing electronic drums. Enamelled skin pads, cymbals, sticks, stool, headphones to play silently, pre-recorded sounds... nothing is missing.

178 £ on Amazon
XDrum DD-402 3

Best High End

XDrum DD-402

Best high-end beginner electronic drum set

The XDrum DD-402 is designed for beginner drummers who want quality equipment. Anyone who wants a taste of the drum world and doesn't want to spend more than €500 is well served here.

340 £ on Amazon

All individual parts are included in the box delivered to your home to start playing right away, including 4 drums, 3 cymbals, a headset and a stool. Clear instructions are provided in the manual for assembly. The build quality of the drums is not bad. The support structure is made of a lightweight plastic, which makes the whole drum kit look a bit cheap. Nevertheless, the individual components are well coordinated and can be easily adjusted to your own size.

The sound module offers 108 drum sounds, 40 lessons, 10 backing tracks. The module is easy to use. In addition, you can connect your MP3 player or any music source via the auxiliary input, and then you can play the songs of your favorite artists.

Alesis CompactKit 7 4


Alesis CompactKit 7

Excellent compact beginner electronic drum set

Made by Alesis, the CompactKit 7 will give you that incredibly real feeling of hitting the drums, whether you're a professional or especially a beginner.

111 £ on Amazon

The Alesis CompactKit 7 comes with seven pressure-sensitive pads that respond in the same way as real drums. Two pedals provide the hi-hat and bass drum. If you prefer to use your hands to play, you can do that too. It comes with a wide range of different drum sounds as well as presets for drum kits, which you can customize to your liking and create your own preset.

If you are a beginner, the metronome that comes with this compact electronic drum set will help you hone your skills and perfect the timing of your strokes. You can always keep track of your progress by recording what you're playing in the set or simply saving to favorites.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electronic drums for beginners

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Best beginner electronic drum set in 2021

Best entry-level beginner electronic drum set

Best high-end beginner electronic drum set

Excellent compact beginner electronic drum set

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Comparison table of the best electronic drums for beginners

The best LOW PRICE Top of the line Compact electronic battery
Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit 5
Alesis DebutKit 6
XDrum DD-402 7
Alesis CompactKit 7 8
Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit
Alesis DebutKit
XDrum DD-402
Alesis CompactKit 7
If you're a beginner looking for an electronic drum kit with a vast collection of authentic drum sound samples, get the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit.
The Alesis Debut Kit is a must-have to start playing electronic drums. Enamelled skin pads, cymbals, sticks, stool, headphones to play silently, pre-recorded sounds... nothing is missing.
The XDrum DD-402 is designed for beginner drummers who want quality equipment. Anyone who wants a taste of the drum world and doesn't want to spend more than €500 is well served here.
Made by Alesis, the CompactKit 7 will give you that incredibly real feeling of hitting the drums, whether you're a professional or especially a beginner.
Number of pieces
7 (4 drums and 3 cymbals)
7 (4 drums and 3 cymbals)
7 (4 drums and 3 cymbals)
7 pads
Pre-recorded sounds
100 drum sounds, 30 demo songs
120 drum sounds, 60 lessons, 30 backing tracks
108 drum sounds, 40 lessons, 10 backing tracks
265 percussion sounds
Sound reproduction quality
Learning curve
Upload MP3

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Buying guide - electronic drums for beginners

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How to choose your electronic drums for beginners

#1 - The materials used

The materials used have a great influence on the bounce and feel of the ball, as does the shape of the elements. Depending on the model, different materials are used. For some, it is a mesh skin, very frequent on Roland drums and which offers more realism in addition to the possibility of retensioning it thanks to its fabric.

For other models like Yamaha's, silicone is used. This material does not offer the same sensitivity as the mesh skin, but it is a good compromise. Of lesser quality compared to the materials already mentioned, many electronic batteries are made with rubber. This is the main difference between the batteries of the major brands and the others.

The materials also play a very big role on the longevity of the electronic battery. The sturdiness of the material is an essential criterion especially when one invests certain amounts of money to acquire a high-end drum set and therefore, which must be as durable as possible.

#2 - The bass drum and its pedal

It is important to have a real bass drum pedal. This means that it is not simply an electronic spring pedal like what some brands offer. In fact, without being a true acoustic drum pedal, it should provide a feel close to that of a classic drum set. In this respect, Yamaha is the most famous with its entry-level drums.

#3 - The Charleston

The hi-hat cymbal or hi-hat should preferably be a real cymbal, different from the other drum pads. Some manufacturers design the cymbals on their drums so that they can be muted. Thus, by hitting the cymbal, the sound can stop immediately when it is served in the hand which provides a very good effect.

#4 - The sound module

It is thanks to the sound module that the different sounds of the drums are transmitted to the amplifier or the headphones. It must therefore be able to faithfully transmit all the sounds, nuances, as well as the different levels of intensity produced. The power of the sampling modes also plays a big role, especially as you improve. The more you progress, the more you will need to model your kits, i.e. customize them to have different levels of samples according to the strokes given. To offer more flexibility, some models even offer the possibility to set the depth of the drum, the type of skin...

#5 - The sensitivity of the pads

Before moving on to the purchase of an electronic drum kit, it is advisable to test it in order to check different aspects related to the hitting zones. Among other things, it is the noise generated by the strike which ideally should be as discrete as possible. This is one of the strong points of electronic drums: they allow you to play without disturbing your surroundings.

The bounce should also be as natural as possible, and provide an effect close to a real drum head. Also, if you want the generated sounds to be different according to the strike zone, the elements will have to be equipped with one or several sensors allowing to generate the multi-zone. Some electronic drums even allow for rimshot, which is the ability to produce sound by hitting the rim of a snare drum or tom.

#6 - Clutter

Electronic drum design has really evolved with models that can be used even in very small spaces like a small dorm room. If you don't have a lot of room, go for a rack or stand that takes up as little space as possible. This is the skeleton of the drum set on which the various elements are arranged. There are more and more foldable and very compact models. You can even opt for a portable battery, with a simplified design that requires no fitting out.

#7 - The learning functions

Very important if you are new to the battery, the learning modules vary according to the models. Indeed, more or less advanced pedagogical functions are generally proposed, with in some cases notated exercises of the accompanying pieces or the possibility to record yourself to listen again and thus, raise and correct the imperfections. Depending on your level, the presence of a good learning module can be an essential criterion of choice.

#8 - Connections

Electronic drums can be accompanied by a set of ports allowing to connect different peripherals (headphones, speakers, smartphones, etc.). Some, however, have a more complete connectivity than others. With a USB-MIDI interface, for example, you'll be able to capture MIDI drum tracks for songwriting in digital audio recording software.

Electronic drums may come with a set of ports for connecting various peripherals (headphones, speakers, smartphones, etc.). Some, however, have more complete connectivity than others. With a USB-MIDI interface, for example, you can capture MIDI drum tracks for use in digital audio recording software.

How to learn to play electronic drums?

Before becoming a professional drummer, or even a simple drummer, it is always necessary to learn step by step everything you need to know about electronic drums. It is essential to know that it is the electronic drum set that sets the tempo and rhythm of a song. Therefore, it is essential to be familiar with the musical instrument, i.e. the electronic drums.

Like all other musical instruments, there are always some basics to learn. Then, it is necessary to learn the role of each of the skins, it is with time that one becomes able to recognize easily with the ear. At the beginning, it is normal if one takes a slow and right pulse in its rhythm. This is why daily practice, even for just a few minutes, is necessary. Otherwise, a 20-minute session two or three times a week is even better.

Afterwards, it is necessary to master the independence of each limb, because as we all see, the left hand and the right hand occupy two different things at the same time, without forgetting the foot. The method adopted accelerates the learning of the drums, such as the adoption of a good posture, the way of holding the sticks, since there are several ways to hold them.

To advance a little faster, recording is one of the ways to correct mistakes. However, having patience also allows you to master what you have already learned. It is also important to know the rhythmic solfeggio. It is clearer if you learn to read with a score, but not only by ear. Learning is not enough, but having fun at the same time develops reactivity. Indeed, being integrated in a group of musicians is a wonderful idea.

The different types of electronic drums for beginners

The electronic tabletop battery

The tabletop electronic drum set is designed to be placed on a stand. It is not very bulky and easy to carry, but it generally does not have pedals and offers a limited number of strike zones (most of the time 4). Also, only a few models have a MIDI socket allowing to record on a computer. However, to compensate for this lack of options, some manufacturers include in their tabletop drums quite powerful training modules, which help beginners and young children to easily learn the basics of the drums before moving on to more complete models.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Interesting training modules
  • Space-saving
  • Suitable for beginners and children


  • Limited hitting zones
  • No pedals
  • Limited functionality

When to choose a tabletop electronic drum set?

The electronic tabletop drum kit is a rather limited instrument in terms of options and features, which makes it unsuitable for demanding professional use. On the other hand, it is perfectly adapted to beginners and amateurs who need the minimum to get their bearings or progress easily. It is also the ideal equipment for nomadic use because of its portable design.

The drumpad

It is

a type of flat design battery like the previous one, but unlike this one, the drumpad has a larger number of strike zones, usually around 7. It offers greater flexibility of use with features that bring it closer to a full battery. In fact, there are very efficient models on the market with a MIDI plug that allows you to record on a computer, but also with one or two pedals, which significantly increases the realism of the game.


  • Has more hitting zones than a tabletop drum set
  • Offers a more realistic playing experience than a tabletop drum set
  • Smaller footprint
  • Offers the possibility to register


  • Limited options
  • More expensive than a tabletop drum set

When to choose a drumpad?

The drumpad is aimed at beginners as well as more experienced musicians. It offers the simplicity of a tabletop drum set, but with many more possibilities such as computer recording and tone editing via a connected console. Some mid and high-end models have, in fact, MIDI jacks and even pedals, which makes them closer to full drum sets and allows for more realistic playing.

The complete electronic battery


full drum set is the electronic model closest to the acoustic drum set. It guarantees an outstanding realism: instead of a mat of pads to be put on a table or on the knees, you sit on a stool, but instead of hitting on wooden drums, you hit on rubber pads.

The entry-level full drum sets can simulate many of the elements of a real acoustic drum set, including a snare drum, three toms, two cymbals and a hi-hat. Also, the higher the range, the more the elements increase, with on some models the possibility to add pads, to record, to connect a MIDI console or to import kits to complete or replace the pre-installed ones.


  • Offers a very realistic playing experience
  • Allows you to simulate many elements of an acoustic drum set
  • Ideal for practicing in real life conditions
  • Ability to add pads on high-end models
  • Ability to add kits
  • Better comfort of use

Disadvantages :

  • More cumbersome
  • More expensive

When to choose a complete electronic drum set?

The complete drum kit is the best instrument for beginners and amateurs who wish to become accomplished drummers. It offers possibilities not found on table drums or drumpads. You can, for example, learn to play with the pedals and thus desynchronize the use of legs and arms, or strike with crossed arms like professional drummers do. It is also possible to benefit from a recording module, with the possibility of connecting a computer or other MIDI consoles.

Why buy an electronic drum kit for beginners?

To improve your skills

Electronic drums are the best solution for beginners to practice and progress, without the need for a teacher. Almost all models have practice modules and some even offer fun games or feedback to see if you are hitting at the right time.

To register

Some mid-range and high-end drums have a MIDI jack on the back, which allows you to connect a mixing console, another instrument or a computer to record yourself. This function is very complex with acoustic drums but is simplified with electronic models, which is why they are so useful in the studio. Some models are so advanced that you can't even tell the difference between their sound effects and those of acoustic drums.

For the setting possibilities

Electronic drums offer different accompaniment functions that can be used as needed, with assignable pads, but also a wide choice of rhythms, percussion samples or effect samples. There are very flexible models that can be used for basic beginners as well as for more complex applications by advanced drummers.

Not to be disturbed

With an electronic drum kit, there's no need to worry about the neighbors complaining about noise. All models are designed with headphone jacks. In addition, most pads and sticks are covered with a soft plastic that absorbs shocks and makes hitting the drum surface very quiet. It is now possible to proudly install your drum set in your bedroom, not in the basement or garage.

For its portability

Electronic drums address the big problem with acoustic models in general, which is portability. Some electric batteries are very compact, you just have to unplug them and put them in a bag to use them anywhere, even in a car.

To let off steam and improve your creativity

The impact of music on people's moods is well known. So, like all musical instruments, electronic drums are a good way to relax and unwind for many music lovers. Tapping on the pads, creating melodies is a very effective way to have fun, to evacuate the daily stress, and to develop one's creativity. This is one of the reasons why many parents encourage their children to start playing drums at an early age.


Repetition only works if you are actively engaged.

Playing a tune without thinking over and over again will not help you improve. You need to be present, focused, and engaged during practice.

Take it easy.


won't do you any good to learn a song, or a melody, as quickly as possible. Learn the basics at a reasonable pace and you can play all the music you want.

The variety is underestimated.


your speed during practice. If you keep too steady a pace you may lose focus, or even lose motivation. Stimulate yourself during your reps.

Do not neglect the factory sounds.


't neglect the factory sounds. Using them for monitoring will give you, quite simply, the best latency-free experience you can get right now. Drums can be much more tactile than playing some key tracks, and even the slightest delay in the audio path can cause major problems when recording.

Monitor your progress.


the fastest tempo at which you can play a difficult passage. After a week of practice, turn up the metronome a few clicks to measure your progress.


Is it possible to learn to play the electronic drums by yourself?

Indeed, you will just need discipline and willpower. Follow these 7 great tips to help you get started.

Set a time for a workout routine in advance.

  1. Practice with a pad
  2. Learn the basic rhythms of electronic drums.
  3. Get a metronome to keep time.
  4. Listen to stimulating music from time to time
  5. Protect your hearing.
  6. Always learn with pleasure.

At what age can you start playing electronic drums?

The best age to start learning the drums is usually between 6 and 7 years old. This is because this is the age when most children acquire the mental focus needed to learn an instrument. But don't worry, you can learn to play the electronic drums at any age. Besides, studies have shown that musical instruments have benefits at any age.

Are electronic drums really suitable for beginners?

Electronic drums are a fantastic option for beginners, as these kits often come with rubber or silicone pads. These help to reduce the ambient noise level considerably. This way, beginners can learn quickly and steadily at home or on quiet stages.

How can I play electronic drums faster?

This is a very easy step once you start mastering the basic drum lessons. To play fast, you just need to set your ideal speed in advance. On the other hand, you should always carry a metronome to adjust your rhythm.


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