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Apple airpods are among the most popular wireless earbuds on the market. They're compact, easy to pair with your mobile devices. Plus, they offer reliable connectivity, which isn't always the case with other brands of wireless headphones. However, each pair of airpods has its own specificities and price positioning. So, which airpods should you choose?

Apple AirPods Pro 1

Editor's Choice

Apple AirPods Pro

The best airpods in 2021

More immersive sound, ultra-effective noise reduction technology, a transparency mode, increased water resistance... In short, you'll have in your hands a wireless headset that is second to none.

160 £ on Amazon

Dive into another world with the active noise reduction of the Apple AirPods Pro wireless earphones. Thanks to the H1 chip, these little gems connect easily to devices in the Apple universe. So much so that their compatibility with other systems is altered. Regarding their autonomy, you will enjoy a total of 24 hours of listening and over 4 hours of use on a single charge.

Apple has made a notable effort to offer better sound quality than the previous version. As a result, the acoustic experience is exemplary. For optimal wearing comfort, 3 different sized earpieces are available. Finally, the user will be entitled to the IPX4 standard, which ensures that the Airpods are waterproof in the rain or during an intensive sports session.

Apple Airpods 2

Best Cheap

Apple Airpods

The best entry-level airpods in 2021

Technically and acoustically, these Apple AirPods have nothing to be ashamed of when compared to the other wireless headphones in this review. In addition to the sound, they offer unbeatable Bluetooth usability.

108 £ on Amazon

For this2nd generation of Apple Airpods, Apple has given up on any flashy redesign and focused on the essentials, namely offering excellent audio quality. For starters, the in-ear drivers have undergone a small change. They no longer block the entrance to the ear canal and thus let a lot of noise through. Apple's classic neutral tonal balance has also been slightly improved, adding more subtlety and sophistication to the sound output.

Wireless technology is as reliable and impressive as ever, thanks to Apple's W1 chip. Unlike most portable headphones on the market today, the AirPods don't include a remote control. Instead, you'll rely almost entirely on Siri to adjust volume and skip tracks, in addition to performing a number of other voice-activated functions.

Apple AirPods Max

Highest Quality

Apple AirPods Max

The best high-end airpods in 2021

Not yet won over? You will be when you buy the Apple AirPods Max. It has many advantages: perfect sound reproduction, active noise reduction, top digital crown...

439 £ on Amazon

For those who haven't yet adopted TWS headphones, the Apple AirPods Max is the ultimate in Bluetooth headphones. It offers the assurance of a good fit on the head thanks to its adjustable headband (a sliding system). Each headset is equipped with several sensors, including the optical sensor, the position sensor, the case sensor and the accelerometer. The gyroscope is only on the left side.

The Apple AirPods Max headset positions itself naturally, but over time, the pressure it exerts becomes uncomfortable. It gives you the ability to listen to your audio files for 20 hours on a single charge. In addition, you will have to take advantage of the "active noise reduction", "transparency" or "spatial audio" modes. The fast charge of 5 min promises up to 1 h 30 of listening.

Apple AirPods 2

Excellent Choice

Apple AirPods 2

A great value

The Apple AirPods 2 have undergone a significant improvement over the previous version. In addition to increased talk time, they have wireless charging via a QI certified station.

143 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best AirPods

Any specific needs?

The best airpods in 2021

The best entry-level airpods in 2021

The best high-end airpods in 2021

A great value

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Comparison table of the best AirPods

Apple AirPods Pro 3
Apple Airpods 4
Apple AirPods Max
Apple AirPods 2
Apple AirPods Pro
Apple Airpods
Apple AirPods Max
Apple AirPods 2
More immersive sound, ultra-effective noise reduction technology, a transparency mode, increased water resistance... In short, you'll have in your hands a wireless headset that is second to none.
Technically and acoustically, these Apple AirPods have nothing to be ashamed of when compared to the other wireless headphones in this review. In addition to the sound, they offer unbeatable Bluetooth usability.
Not yet won over? You will be when you buy the Apple AirPods Max. It has many advantages: perfect sound reproduction, active noise reduction, top digital crown...
The Apple AirPods 2 have undergone a significant improvement over the previous version. In addition to increased talk time, they have wireless charging via a QI certified station.
4.5 hours on battery and over 18 hours with charging case
5 hours on battery and over 24 hours with charging case

Up to 20 hrs
5 hrs on battery and over 24 hrs with charging case
Earphone (each): 5.4gCharging case
: 45.6g
Earphone (each): 4 g
Charging case: 38 g
Headset: 384.8 gSmart Case
: 134.5 g
Earphones (each): 4 gCharging case
: 40 g
Three sizes of tapered silicone tips
16.5 mm x 18 mm x 40.5 mm for each earphone
168.6 mm x 83.4 mm x 187.3 mm
16.5 mm x 18 mm x 40.5 mm for each earphone
Sweat and water resistant

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Our opinion on the AirPods

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Our opinion on the Apple airpods

The airpods produced by Apple are very appreciated for their minimalist design, their ease of use and their autonomy. Overall, users are satisfied with their purchase.

In terms of autonomy, they have nothing to envy the competition. And for good reason, with just 15 minutes of charging, these little high-tech gems offer a good three hours of autonomy. On a full charge, they provide 2 hours of conversation, up to 5 hours of listening, and 3 to 4 additional hours via the charging case. In all, the airpods can offer up to 24 hours of autonomy, even more for the great happiness of the followers of the brand.

Intelligent, these true wireless are equipped with optical sensors and voice accelerometers of movement capable of opening the microphones during the calls and of managing instinctively the audio. Thanks to their Bluetooth technology, it is even possible for the user to play music while his iPhone is on the table for example.

The connection is smooth and efficient. This is thanks to the H1 or W1 chip with which the airpods are equipped. Users particularly appreciate the fact that the airpods can be easily adjusted from one Apple device to another.

The most stunned were happy to discover that if they ever misplaced their wireless headphones, they can simply search for them via a dedicated application called Find Me. The search can be done on any Apple device: iPhone, iPad and even MacBook. In case the airpods are disconnected, out of range or discharged, at worst, their last location can be determined via this application.

However, some people criticize the airpods for their high price and their white color that is very sensitive to dirt. Apart from that, others have reported that when used with the volume at minimum, their earphones emit a kind of unpleasant static noise. Some users even preferred to turn to imitations worth only about thirty euros, claiming that the wireless headphones of the Apple brand were overpriced.

However, the brand's fans are not of this opinion! In fact, in the face of the complaints raised by the "anti-apple grumblers", the buyers who are most in favor of Apple airpods have retorted that the brand's true wireless earphones are quite simply innovative, well-made and practical on all levels (pairing with several devices, easy installation, great autonomy, lightness, compactness, etc.).

Indeed, compared to the airpods 2 for example, the brand has made a great effort to review the sound quality and design of its airpods. The airpods Pro for example, offer a better sound rendering compared to the airpods 2. They resist very well to a light shower and perspiration. Something that athletes particularly appreciate in these models. Finally, compared to previous versions of airpods, airpods Pro are far more comfortable on a prolonged listening in a noisy environment.

In short, our opinion on the airpods from Apple is rather positive. Let's face it, they don't provide sound performance comparable to the Bose HeadPhones 700 or the Sony WH-1000XM4, but they are still a good high-tech product. Their well finished design, their iOS and Android compatibility and their practicality make them a product that deserves respect and is worth a look.

Apple Airpods or Samsung wireless headphones?

Apple Airpods

In 2016, Apple is moving away from wired headphones to make way for the wireless airpods headphones, offered in a storage case. Easy to use and pair with the brand's other devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook), they stand out from their competitors with their long battery life, more than 24 hours, as well as their easy access to Siri.

The audio quality offered by the airpods wireless earphones is exceptional thanks to their elite Advanced Audio Coding ACC sound. Quality you won't find anywhere else. Apart from that, both earphones fit easily in the ears and do not require silicone tips.

However, airpods do have their limitations. They do not prevent external noise from seeping in, and the sound quality of the microphone for recording is far from satisfactory compared to wired headphones of the same brand.

Samsung Wireless Headphones

The Samsung wireless headphones have a high-end shape and design. Unlike other true wireless headphones on the market, they do not "copy" the design of Apple's airpods. They have their own design and are worn with ear tips and extra wings that ensure a comfortable and exemplary fit in the ear.

On the technology side, Samsung's wireless devices are also compatible with Siri, but also with Bixby. Their pairing follows the same process as with the airpods. Samsung's come with customizable features through the Galaxy Wearable app, and are easy to use because of their ultra-sensitive touch. Phone calls and music are easy to control and set up.

However, users criticize Samsung for their poor microphone quality. Once the headphones are used for phone calls in a noisy environment, the speaker's voice is barely perceptible.


In conclusion, if you are looking for true wireless that are affordable, easy and comfortable to use for several hours without failing, bet on the airpods. You'll be happy with them, especially if you already own another product from the same brand.

On the other hand, if you need different sized ear buds because the single size of the airpods doesn't suit you, and you have an Android smartphone, turn to the Samsung ear buds instead, which have a much better sound quality.

How to choose your AirPods

Here are the criteria to consider to find airpods that meet your expectations and fit your budget:

Criterion 1 : Usage

If you plan to wear your airpods wireless earbuds while exercising, look for earbuds that fit snugly and are sweat resistant. This will ensure that your workouts are enjoyable and comfortable. Choose models that come with 2 or 3 different sizes of ear tips.

Criterion 2 : Size

You should know that only the Airpods Pro come in 3 sizes. This leaves you the possibility of choosing the earmold adapted to the size of your auditory canals. However, the less demanding can turn to airpods of unique size. You should also know that a new feature in iOS 13 allows you to test the sound emitted by the airpods in order to tell you if the size of the earmold is right for you.

Criterion 3 : Sound quality

Your musical tastes will have an undeniable influence on the choice of your airpods, especially on the quality of the sound you are looking for. You like hip-hop or electro? Headphones with powerful bass will make you happy. Are you a classical music fan? If you're into classical music, you'll want a more balanced sound with less bass.

Criterion 4 : Battery life

Be happy: all the wireless airpods Apple produces have long battery life. That should mean you'll never run out of battery and have to recharge in a hurry. They can last up to 24 hours. In addition, the recharge is very fast and 15 min of charge is enough to have 3 h of autonomy.

Criterion 5 : Noise cancelling technology

This criterion concerns a technology that allows to attenuate and neutralize the unpleasant environmental noises thanks to an anti-noise. If you insist on taking advantage of this technology, direct your choice to the airpods Max headphones or the airpods Pro.

The Find Me application or "locate" iPhones

To set up the app

  • go to the home screen,
  • go to "Settings", "Your name" and then "Locate".
  • Select "Locate my iPhone".
  • Click on "Locate my iPhone",
  • Select "Send Last Location".

This application will not be able to determine the exact location of your airpods if they :

  • are not in their case,
  • are discharged,
  • are disconnected,
  • or if the charging case is closed.

Know the last location of your airpods via the serial number

  • Log in with your Apple ID, on via your iPhone or iPad.
  • Choose "All devices".
  • Select your airpods

Why buy airpods?

For ease of pairing

Anyone who owns Bluetooth headphones knows that pairing them with different devices is a pain. However, with Apple headphones, you won't run into this kind of problem. For good reason, Apple has developed its own W1 chip, which uses Bluetooth standards, and thus provides better connectivity compared to other wireless headphones on the market.

For their ease of use

The great thing about airpods is that they are very easy to use. All you have to do is connect your airpods via Bluetooth, with your other devices in no time. A light tap on the earphones, and you can navigate through the playlist.

For their "smart" side

When you put your airpods to your ears, they play the sound directly. And when you take them off, they pause automatically. And these smart wireless earbuds know whether you're listening to music or talking thanks to the high technology they use.

Avoid frustrating plugs and unplugs

Once you pair your airpods with one of your Apple devices, you'll have access to them on all the rest of your Apple devices using iCloud. If you're using an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and MacBook Pro, you won't have to worry about lugging around the headphone cable and then plugging and unplugging it from one of your Apple devices each time. You'll be able to make adjustments to your airpods from any of your Apple devices.

For their long battery life

On a single charge, airpods provide up to five hours of battery life. Plus, the airpods come with a charging case that, when fully charged, can last up to 24 hours. Another great feature of the airpods is that when you put them in their case for just 15 minutes, they can give you 3 hours of listening time.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the AirPods:

Beats Electronics

It is a South Korean company specializing in consumer and industrial electronics, including home appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips and embedded systems. Arguably, Samsung is currently one of the most recognizable names in technology.

Founded in 1964, Bose Corporation is an American company known for its wide range of products. According to the brand's followers, the products devised by Bose are great, Bluetooth pairing is easy, and the wireless headphones offer crisp sound despite their small size.

Jabra is a brand that specializes in wired and wireless headsets and earbuds for home users, professionals, and call centers. The main advantage of the brand's wireless headphones is their exceptional sound, their elegant appearance and the best quality/price ratio.

Created in 1946, JBL is known for the premium quality and clarity of the sound it offers. When it comes to the wireless headphones it offers, they provide exemplary wearing comfort and stay hooked to the ears even during intense activities.

Founded in 2006, Beats is a brand known for its high-end headphones, earphones and speakers. Popular with athletes, Beats headphones have the advantage of fitting very well in the ear canal. The sound quality is also great thanks to the noise isolation.


Protect your airpods

Keep your airpods away from sources of moisture (washing machines, heavy rain, showers, saunas, etc.) and protect them from drops and bumps as much as possible.

Use your airpods as an acoustic device

Apple's Live Listen feature turns your airpods into an on-demand acoustic device. Once you're done setting it up, you can put your smartphone somewhere near the person you're talking to, and it'll send the audio to your airpods.

Prefer airpods with memory foam tips

If you're having trouble finding the right silicone tips for you, you should know that there are memory foam tips that expand to fit your ear canal perfectly.

Enjoy audio sharing

Sharing songs, podcasts, etc. between two pairs of Apple earbuds is entirely possible with the audio sharing system. To do this, you simply bring them closer (with or without a case) to the source device and then distribute the audio stream.

Clean your airpods regularly

Always keep your airpods clean so that the speaker and air duct are not obstructed. To clean them properly, use a slightly damp cloth to remove any visible dirt. You can also access hard-to-clean areas with a cotton swab.


How to connect airpods?

To connect 2 pairs ofairpods, you can do it via your iPhone. To do this, go to the home screen, put your airpods in the charging case and open the cover. Then place the case next to your iPhone. Wait until your phone displays a setup animation before pressing "Connect". You can also connect your airpods without your phone. The process is the same, except that you'll need to hold down the setup button on the back of the charging case to configure the device. Once the status light flashes white, click "connect."

How to find your airpods?

In case you lose one or both of your airpods, you can find them with the Find Me app or "locate" iPhones. From your iPhone or iPad, open the Finf Me application. A list of your devices will appear. Click on your airpods. You will see a specific color code next to each of your devices: green, blue and gray. If your airpods are green, it means they are connected and you can locate them or make them ring. Blue indicates the device used to search for lost airpods. Finally, gray allows you to determine the last place your airpods were before they were out of range or disconnected.

How to see the airpods battery?

You have two options: see the battery status of your AirPods via your iPhone or via your Apple Watch. In the first case, take your iPhone next to the case of your airpods with the cover open. Wait a few seconds until the battery status of your wireless headphones is displayed. In the second case, open the control center of your Apple Watch by sliding your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen. Then touch the button indicating the status of its battery. A new display will then open with this time, information on the battery status of each of your airpods.

How to clean your airpods?

Cleaning the AirPods is very simple. Take a slightly damp cloth with which you will gently wipe your wireless earphones. To make cleaning the microphone and speaker grilles easier, use a dry cotton swab.nOnce it's done, let your airpods air dry in the shade. Then put them back in the case.


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