The best ukuleles for beginners in the UK 2023

The ukulele comes from the Hawaiian Islands. It is a stringed instrument similar to the acoustic guitar, with plucked strings. Being uncommon, the risk of ending up with a counterfeit or badly adjusted model is not negligible, especially if you are a beginner. To avoid these inconveniences, read our comparative guide of the best ukuleles for beginners.

AoKoZo 23 inch Concert 1

Best value for money

AoKoZo 23 inch Concert

The best beginner ukulele in 2021

Offering a very good sound, this ukulele for beginners is great. It just needs a shoulder strap.

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The AoKoZo 23" concert ukulele comes complete with a tuner and case, and is visually stunning. For beginners, it is a very suitable instrument. Unlike the very colorful ukuleles, often of poor quality, this model is robust. Moreover, it comes with just the right amount of accessories.

Overall, the sound quality is worth it. It's very easy to adjust with the included tuner. Moreover, it performs as well, if not better, than ukuleles sold 3 to 4 times more expensive in the market. In short, this ukulele is an excellent value for money and is not only a toy or a decoration object.

Strong Wild 21 inches 2

Best value for money

Strong Wild 21 inches

The best entry-level beginner ukulele

Excellent size for beginners, this all black ukulele has a beautiful design. Provide a tuner to adjust it.

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Here is a ukulele that will not go unnoticed. The Strong Wild's size is just right. Made of quality materials, this 21" all-black learning instrument sounds great. Get a tuner, though, and take the time to tune it properly before playing it.

For the price, we appreciate the presence of a protective cover. Young and old alike can have a great time with this instrument that was born in Hawaii. The sturdiness is palpable, especially with the laminated basswood body, the maple neck and the rosewood fingerboard and bridge. An instrument that helps to develop creativity and the musical ear.

Give DUC-1 3

A great choice

Give DUC-1

A great value for money

Sold with many accessories, the Donner DUC-1 suffers from a rather weak sound.

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The ukulele is a practical instrument not only in terms of simplicity but also financially. In short, the investment is less risky than a guitar. And the Donner 23" Concert is almost unbeatable in terms of price/quality. The mahogany instrument comes with a wide range of accessories, including a case and tuner, and is sure to please.

Super comfortable to play, the concert size is not too small, even if you have big hands. The bag allows you to take this ultra light ukulele for a walk, on vacations, at friends' house... The only reproaches are probably the weak sound and the lack of brightness. But considering the price, we will not complain!

Ukulele RAS Soprano 21 inches Mahogany 4

Very good

Ukulele RAS Soprano 21 inches Mahogany

A very light ukulele

Easy to master, this mahogany ukulele will be particularly suitable for women and children. But it quickly shows its limits with an experienced guitarist.

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This 21 inches brown mahogany ukulele has nothing to envy to the previously mentioned model. In addition to deliver a very good sound, it enjoys a very nice general aspect. Note in particular its visible logs, which give it a certain cachet. Moreover, it was specially designed for women because of its lightness and ease of use.

Even if you are a beginner and have no musical background, the RAS will do the trick. In addition, essential accessories such as the tuner and strap are included, not to mention the bag, strings, picks and capo. And for a beginner level, no need to go for very high quality. An excellent gift idea.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best ukulele for beginners

Any specific needs?

The best beginner ukulele in 2021

The best entry-level beginner ukulele

A great value for money

A very light ukulele

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Comparison table of the best ukuleles for beginners

AoKoZo 23 inch Concert 5
Strong Wild 21 inches 6
Give DUC-1 7
Ukulele RAS Soprano 21 inches Mahogany 8
AoKoZo 23 inch Concert
Strong Wild 21 inches
Give DUC-1
Ukulele RAS Soprano 21 inches Mahogany
Offering a very good sound, this ukulele for beginners is great. It just needs a shoulder strap.
Excellent size for beginners, this all black ukulele has a beautiful design. Provide a tuner to adjust it.
Sold with many accessories, the Donner DUC-1 suffers from a rather weak sound.
Easy to master, this mahogany ukulele will be particularly suitable for women and children. But it quickly shows its limits with an experienced guitarist.
Sound quality
Irresistible all-black look
Perfect as a gift idea
Very nice look with the mahogany body
A shoulder strap would have been great. Especially for those who intend it for children
Accorder not included
Despite its quality, the sound is a bit weak
Too right if you already have a lot of experience with string instruments

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Buying guide - ukulele for beginners

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How to choose your ukulele for beginners

To start with this Hawaiian musical instrument, you will have to buy a model that will accompany your evolution and that will be ergonomic enough to make you want to go further in its learning.

#1 - The size

By nature, the ukulele is a fairly small musical instrument, so you can already rule out the problem of the neck being too big, like with classical guitars. In other words, you can choose the model you want. However, for children under 12 years old, we recommend the Sopranos ukuleles which have 12 cm necks for more comfort. Note that in general, ukuleles come in neck lengths of 12 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, and 45 cm.

#2 - The type of ukuleles

Each type of ukulele is associated with a specific tone as well as a particular neck length.

  • For a very high-pitched sound, turn to a Soprano ukulele. Overall, it's about 35 cm long and suitable for both children and adults.
  • For a warmer, more languorous sound, the Concert ukulele is recommended. The entire instrument is less than 41 cm and is perfect for beginners.
  • For a deep and consistent sound, opt for a Tenor ukulele, which is usually about 18 inches long.

#3 - The nature of wood

Certainly, a beginner's ukulele should only offer a clear, crisp sound, but there's nothing to stop you from choosing a particular type of wood to get a good sound quality. When it's made of mahogany, the beginner ukulele gains a rich, full sound; perfect for seeking out in tune. Otherwise, you can always turn to ukuleles made of exotic woods that offer a clear sound, in addition to an authentic design.

#4 - The mechanics

When looking for a beginner ukulele, in-tune remains the main criteria to consider. To do this, you need to rely on the quality of the strings, but also on their tuning methods; this is where the mechanics come in. Thanks to a system of gearing and winding of the string, the tuning and the adjustment of the ukulele are done in all ease and in all precision.

To take your first steps with this musical instrument, we recommend the oil bath mechanics. A sealed oil case houses the gear system; so the components always stay oiled.

#5 - The design

There's no reason to forgo a nice design just because you're looking for a beginner ukulele. On the contrary, having a beautiful instrument will motivate you more to discover and master it. In this sense, even if all ukuleles are carved in wood, the nuances can vary. In addition to the type of wood, you can choose a particular finish: raw wood, varnished or lacquered wood, and even colored wood.

How to learn to play the Ukulele?

An easy to learn instrument, the ukulele allows you to make music and play different songs. This is because it has fewer strings with lower tension, which makes it easier for beginners to learn. If you are a beginner and want to become an excellent ukulele player, you will need to be persistent and have a strong will to learn.

At first, like all new experiences, you must start by learning the basics, that is, the chords and the rhythm. You must therefore be familiar with the basic chords, which are the major and minor chords, and then proceed with other chords. Once you master all the basics, you will be able to play most of the songs without even thinking about how to play them.

As a beginner, you should not start by playing complex tablature, but rather the basic chords, as mentioned above. However, if you want to play other songs, you can look up their tablature to find out the finger placement as well as the different chords.

Another way to learn is to take lessons from an experienced teacher. This way, you have complete lessons and your progress could be well followed.
But of course you can also be self-taught and learn for free. It's up to you to manage your schedule, you are free. You can, for example, watch videos on Youtube and other websites to give you ideas.

You can also read books about this instrument. Finally, please note that beginners should not play the ukulele with picks as this can damage the strings. Spend a few minutes practicing each day and you will see after a few days that you are making good progress.

Ukulele or acoustic guitar ?


A small musical instrument of Hawaiian origin, the ukulele usually has 4 strings. This instrument can often be suitable for beginners, because it is easier to learn than the guitar and you can get beautiful music with it. Moreover, the ukulele requires less time to learn and practice to master it well. In addition, playing the ukulele helps to reduce stress levels. However, the sound of a ukulele remains inferior to other instruments. Moreover, it is difficult to master it if you have big hands.

Acoustic guitar

It is a 6-string instrument. The acoustic guitar has a resonance box and naturally has an amplified sound. Learning to play this instrument improves memory and concentration. In addition, once you master the acoustic guitar, you can easily learn the electric or folk guitar. But you should keep in mind that for a beginner, it will take more time to learn it compared to a ukulele. On the other hand, you have to learn how to hold it properly or you will be in pain.


The ukulele and the acoustic guitar have similarities, but they are aimed at 2 different audiences. If you have young children, the ukulele is easier to learn and handle. For adults who want to learn the guitar, the acoustic offers many possibilities.

Why buy a ukulele ?


The music you can play on the ukulele is endless; from jazz to reggae, rock to folk, and just about everything in between! If you get a ukulele with an equalizer (an electroacoustic ukulele), the possibilities are endless. There are many online resources for learning to play, such as YouTube and others.

Take it anywhere

In addition to its musical versatility, the ukulele is an extremely portable instrument. Slip it into your backpack before heading to the park, throw it in the backseat on your way to the beach. For those of you who still fly, a concert or soprano sized ukulele usually fits in a carry-on bag.

Easy to learn

Also, ukuleles are generally much easier to learn. The chords are simple and relatively easy to remember. Some chords only require one finger to play, like the C chord or the Am chord. With only 4 strings total, beginners can pick up 4 chords in no time and have a nice chord progression to build on. Plus, nylon strings are easier on the fingers than steel strings on a guitar.

Unique and different

The ukulele, while increasingly popular, is still somewhat obscure. Pop culture has begun to embrace the tiny instrument, but most people will still call them guitars (be sure to correct them!) The uniqueness of the ukulele is sure to turn heads and make people smile. Hang it on the wall at home as a conversation piece and impress your guests with your new skills.

They're fun

Simply put, ukuleles are fun! Music is in our DNA as humans, it is natural and intrinsic. Even our hearts set a rhythm. The ukulele allows you to feed that need just about anywhere you go at any time. Start a small garage band with your friends (while practicing social distancing) and start making memories.


Let your child discover the world of music with a ukulele

Ignite your baby's love of music now. Even in the womb, music can stimulate and awaken a baby. Have your little one listen to musical instruments. By the time he's born, he'll be able to distinguish and recognize melodies he's listened to for 9 months. The sound of the alto ukulele, among other things, soothes the mother in the face of doubts and stresses of pregnancy.

Ask for your lover's hand in a different way

We often see serenades in the movies. We also see all types of guitars. Learn to play the ukulele and serenade the person yourself. Invite the person to a restaurant or special place. This will only increase your chances of getting a "yes."

Take care of your ukulele

Don't let dust damage your little stringed instrument. Swipe the neck and strings with a rag once a day. You can even remove the strings and clean the keys of the musical instrument. To do this, take a microfiber cloth and put a few drops of lemon oil on it.

Be smart and careful

Play the ukulele by putting on holding straps specially designed for this musical instrument. This will prevent you from dropping it due to lack of concentration. By using this accessory, you can avoid getting tired after playing for long hours.

Take care of the mechanics

The metal mechanism wears out over time and can get rusty. Oil your ukulele effectively with a few drops of lubricants or sewing machine oil. Consider visiting a luthier if necessary. A good mechanics favors a better tuning of the instrument.


How does the ukulele for beginners differ from a banjolele?

The banjolele takes its name from the fact that it is a mixture between the ukulele for beginners and the banjo. Indeed, its principle of operation as well as the type of sound produced and its size remain almost the same as those of the ukulele with the only difference that its shape resembles more the banjo. The instrument is much heavier, more resonant and robust.

What are the essential accessories?

When youbuy your ukulele for beginner, you must absolutely get these 3 important accessories if they are not already included, namely the cover or the protective case to avoid any risk of scratches and essential during your displacements, the spare strings, the tuner for the adjustment of the tension of the strings and the humidifier in case the table of your instrument is out of solid wood.

Can we find ukuleles for beginners?

Given its size, the ukulele for beginners already fits all children wishing to learn the guitar. There are models specifically designed for toddlers that come in a variety of colors. Some of them are even made with carbon fiber to be able to resist to shocks and blows. In any case, the ukulele for beginners is light, charming and easy to learn.

Are there specific applications to learn to play the ukulele?

Yes! A dedicated app or ukulele simulator makes it easy to access professional lessons online. It allows you to review all the basic chords and learn new ones with an interactive beginner ukulele. Available on iOS or Android, these apps are usually free. Some of them include "The Ukulele App", "Ukulele Tabs", "Learning Ukulele" or "Playing Ukulele".


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AoKoZo 23 inch Concert 9
AoKoZo 23 inch Concert
Strong Wild 21 inches 10
Strong Wild 21 inches
Give DUC-1 11
Give DUC-1
Ukulele RAS Soprano 21 inches Mahogany 12
Ukulele RAS Soprano 21 inches Mahogany


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