The best Marshall speakers in the UK 2023

A wireless speaker can go with you wherever you go, on vacation or on a walk. If you like to listen to music all day, this is definitely the device to have with you. In this buying guide, we'll show you the best Marshall speakers to help you choose.

Marshall Stanmore II 1

Editor's Choice

Marshall Stanmore II

The best Marshall speaker in 2021

Stanmore II is the most versatile speaker in the Marshall lineup. It fits in any room, large or small. Very practical for listening to music all day long.

220 £ on Amazon
Marshall Emberton 2

The best cheap

Marshall Emberton

The best Marshall speaker in 2021

The Emberton marks Marshall's return to the vertically portable speaker market. You can then easily put it in your pocket or bag.

107 £ on Amazon

Emberton is the first from Marshall to withstand temporary immersion in water. So if sometimes you suddenly dip it in water there will be no effect on it. But the single USB-C connector is not protected by a cover, so you have to wait for this area to dry completely before connecting the speaker. For the battery, it promises a solid autonomy of over 20 h. As for the sound, it offers a rich and homogeneous sound with a particularly wide frequency response. This allows you to have a clearly perceptible spectrum even at low volume.

In addition, it has a button on the top to force pairing at any time. This is very convenient since it is compatible with the multipoint connection. You can then very easily connect a second source device to the speaker, without having to interrupt ongoing playback on the first device.

Marshall Woburn II 3

The best high end

Marshall Woburn II

The best Marshall speaker in 2021

The Marshall Woburn II is the largest speaker in its Bluetooth range. It combines aesthetics and sound quality at the same time.

400 £ on Amazon

The Marshall Woburn II is a legendary design. Inheriting the unique aesthetic of the brand's guitar amps, it is built in a sturdy wooden cabinet covered with imitation leather vinyl. It is endowed with a rich and intense sound. It integrates 2 tweeters of 25 mm and 2 subwoofers of 133 mm fed individually by 2 amplifiers of class D capable of delivering between them 110 watts of power RMS. This allows you to listen to music even at 10 meters with its Bluetooth. It is ideal for wirelessly streaming all your favorite music from your smartphone.

But also, it can be connected to the RCA output of your TV, media player or Blu-Ray player to listen to your music programs with greater acoustic quality.

Marshall Stockwell II 4

The best excellent choice

Marshall Stockwell II

The best Marshall speaker in 2021

Weighing only 1.4 kg, the Stockwell II speaker imposes its power despite its small size. It features True Stereophonic sound for a multi-directional experience.

159 £ on Amazon

Stockwell II of Marshall offers you more than 20 hours of autonomy without recharging the battery. It is thus of an incredible autonomy and its small morphology with its shoulder strap makes it possible to transport it very easily. It is also equipped with the True Stereophonic technology which is a form of multidirectional audio diffusion specific to the Marshall brand. This allows you to connect it to multiple devices. Stockwell II is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that allows you to play music wirelessly. So you can play music on any Bluetooth device within 30 feet of the speaker.

It also has a design that holds up, as its exterior is made of silicone, its grill is made of steel and its moisture resistance is IPX4 rated which makes it sturdy and durable. So if there is an accident that causes it to be immersed in water, it will have no effect on it, as it is able to withstand accidental splashes.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Marshall speaker

Any specific needs?

The best Marshall speaker in 2021

The best Marshall speaker in 2021

The best Marshall speaker in 2021

The best Marshall speaker in 2021

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Comparison table of the best Marshall speakers

The best Inexpensive High-end Excellent choice
Marshall Stanmore II 5
Marshall Emberton 6
Marshall Woburn II 7
Marshall Stockwell II 8
Marshall Stanmore II
Marshall Emberton
Marshall Woburn II
Marshall Stockwell II
Stanmore II is the most versatile speaker in the Marshall lineup. It fits in any room, large or small. Very practical for listening to music all day long.
The Emberton marks Marshall's return to the vertically portable speaker market. You can then easily put it in your pocket or bag.
The Marshall Woburn II is the largest speaker in its Bluetooth range. It combines aesthetics and sound quality at the same time.
Weighing only 1.4 kg, the Stockwell II speaker imposes its power despite its small size. It features True Stereophonic sound for a multi-directional experience.
More than 20 hours
More than 20 hours of use
10pm and beyond
20 h
Frequency of 50-20,000Hz
Emits rich, even sound
Emits rich, intense sound
Bluetooth can be connected within 9 meters
Equipped with 2 superb amplifiers
Very durable when immersed in water
Beautiful design
Equipped with Tru Stereophonic technology

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Buying guide - Marshall speaker

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How to choose your Marshall speaker

A Marshall speaker is chosen based on your use and preferences. With a variety of features, a Marshall speaker can allow you to listen to your music outdoors or indoors. Here are the criteria you should consider to find the perfect Marshall speaker.

#1 - The autonomy

If you plan to use your speaker on walks, picnics or at the beach and even just around the house, a speaker with enough battery life is a must. But battery life can vary, so you need to make the right choice when buying your speaker. There are speakers with very low battery life of only 4 h, which is not practical at all. For the choice, always opt for the speakers with more than 7 hours of autonomy. For Marshall speakers there are which are 20 hrs battery life which is perfect.

#2 - The power

Thepower of a Bluetooth speaker is represented by the maximum achievable sound volume. It is displayed in Watts. A 12 watt speaker is enough to sound a room like a bedroom or an office. However, it is important to bear in mind that the larger the room to be soundproofed, the greater the number of watts required. This means that the sound power also depends on the use and the room where the Marshall speaker is.

#3 - The sound diffusion

Aspeaker can play directional sound which means, straight ahead or 360°. Marshall speakers can deliver a consistent 360° sound, audible to everyone and no matter where the speaker is placed in the room. This is what differentiates them with other brands, because they have this specificity.

#4 - The design

Forthe choice, the design also is very important, because it also plays a crucial role with the diffusion of sound and be audible in different places of a room. With Marshall speakers that are at an aesthetic and even vintage style design, they are able to bounce the sound off the walls to create a spatial effect.

#5 - The connectivity

Aspeaker can offer more or less connectivity. It is possible to find a device equipped with a jack, a slot for Micro SD card or a USB key to play stored music. And the USB socket can also be used to charge small devices.

Marshall speaker functionality

To use, simply plug the power cord into the speaker's power input and then into the wall outlet. This order of connection is essential. Also, make sure that the cord, power plug and Marshall Bluetooth speaker are compatible with your home's power supply and wall outlets. Then, all that's left to do is get the Marshall speaker working.

Marshall speakers or bose speakers

Marshall speakers

There are no less than 14 different models on the market, each with its own specificities. In terms of sound, Marshall speakers are real beasts of sound. The sound quality produced by a Marshall speaker is simply incomparable. It produces a clear, balanced sound, even at full volume. Therefore, they all approach the vintage style of the brand's amplifiers. In terms of design, these speakers have nothing to envy to others.

Bose speakers

They are small devices each with one or more speakers and sometimes a built-in amplifier. For the design side, there are various choices with different shapes of only 600 g which is very practical, because they are easy to put in the pocket. They have an independent character, as they do not need a wire, USB cable or internet connection to operate. For the sound quality, it offers a quality that leaves much to be desired.


The choice here is still quite tough, as both speakers have their own specificities. However, it all depends on your preferences in terms of design and sound quality. The rest is just a matter of budget.


Charging your speaker on AC power before use

The speaker can be powered by connecting it to an AC outlet via a USB power adapter (included) or by its built-in (rechargeable) battery. Before using the speaker for the first time, be sure to charge the battery by connecting the speaker to a power outlet via the supplied USB power adapter. You can power the speaker using the battery instead of the USB power adapter by charging the speaker before using it.

Powering up

Thefirst time you turn on the speaker after purchase, the EXTRA BASS function is activated and the EXTRA BASS button indicator glows white. If the CHARGE light flashes orange three times and goes out when you turn on the speaker, it means the battery is dead and needs to be charged. When the CHARGE indicator flashes slowly in orange, it means that the battery is running low and needs to be charged. In this condition, the volume of the speaker may decrease. Before charging the speaker, remember to turn off the power.

Using the Bluetooth standby feature

Whenthe Bluetooth standby function is enabled, the speaker will automatically turn on when you turn on a Bluetooth device and it will start the Bluetooth connection.Before using the speaker, consider the following notes: The Bluetooth standby function can only be activated when the speaker is connected to a power outlet via the USB power adapter. When the speaker is powered by the built-in battery, the Bluetooth function is not available. If the pairing information is not stored in the speaker, which is the case when the speaker is first used, it will not enter Bluetooth standby mode.

Powering down

Ifyou turn off the speaker when the Bluetooth standby function is on, the (power) indicator glows orange and the speaker goes into Bluetooth standby mode.This means that no operation is performed on the speaker. This means that no operations are performed on the speaker, so it is taken offline.

Cleaning the Marshall speaker

Ingeneral, people clean their speakers after a trip to the beach, because with the sand and dirt, the speaker doesn't really look good. So for waterproof speakers, you can clean them right away with fresh water to remove the dirt, but before that you should make sure that the removable parts are tightly closed to prevent water from getting in. Then you can just wipe the outer part with a dry towel. And finally, you need to put it in a cold place on a dry cloth to avoid rust and frost formation.

For non-permeable Marshall speakers, it is strongly recommended that you disassemble the speaker with the special cleaning kit. You can also refer to the instructions to make the job easier. Always use a dry towel when cleaning and after everything is done, you can put the speaker screws in place. Easier said than done, but you have to try.


What is the best Marshall speaker?

The best Marshall speaker depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

How to make the Marshall speaker work?

Tooperate your Marshall speaker, simply turn it on by pressing the "On" button. Then, connect an audio source to it to play the music of your choice.

How to connect the Marshall speaker to wi-fi via chromecast?

First of all, Chromecast is a stage for playing music from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. To access it on your Marshall speaker, press the "source" button and then connect your device to the speaker's wifi network.Then play music in your everyday music app.

How to connect the Marshall speaker to AUX input?

Thiskind of connection is made with a 3.5mm long stereo jack. So to make this connection, connect one of the stereo jack inputs to the AUX input. It is located on the top of the speaker.

How to connect the Marshall speaker via RCA input?

Touse this connection mode, jack plugs with RCA inputs and outputs are a must. Once you have this plug, connect the RCA input of the plug to the RCA input of the Marshall speaker that is on the back. Then connect the second end of the RCA plug to your audio output. And choose RCA as your audio source input by pressing the source button until the light in front of RCA lights up.


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Marshall Stanmore II
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Marshall Emberton
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Marshall Woburn II
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Marshall Stockwell II


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