The best grand pianos for children in the UK 2023

To discover this noble instrument, to improve your playing or to play whenever you want, treat yourself to a grand piano. Indeed, its sound is much better than that of upright pianos and other electronic keyboards. But the choice may seem complicated given the vast choice offered. To save time and buy at a good price, read our guide to the best grand pianos.

Delson/Ringway 8897 1

Best value for money

Delson/Ringway 8897

The best grand piano in 2021

For beginners, the Delson/Ringway 8897 digital grand piano is a great choice. The sound won't match the pro models, but this instrument will help you learn faster.

1 224 £ on Darty

The Delson/Ringway 8897 is an adagio toadstool piano. Its black lacquered color gives it a crazy class. With 88 keys, this digital grand piano has a heavy touch, quite similar to instruments used by professionals.

This model offers a 64-note polyphony, 8 tones and 8 demonstration pieces. These help you master the piano more easily, especially with the metronome for repetition and the sequencer. Made of wood, the Delson/Ringway 8897 weighs 90 kg and measures 135 x 108 x 120 cm. A bench seat is included.

Grand piano Hape E0319 2

Best value for money

Grand piano Hape E0319

The best entry-level grand piano

The beautiful pink piano Hape E0319 will entertain little girls from 3 years old. The sound of its 30 keys will titillate her musical fiber. The black lacquered version will please little boys.

71,92 £ on Darty

The Hape E0319 is more like a toy than a musical instrument. It will not turn your child into a new Mozart. On the other hand, this wooden grand piano will help your child to learn music. It will also allow him to work on rhythm and motor skills.

Suitable for children from 3 years old, this pink piano has 30 keys. Its dimensions of 50 x 52 x 60 cm are perfectly in agreement with the young children. They will be happy to play the keys. An excellent gift idea to offer to a little girl.

Gear4Music GDP-100 3

A great choice

Gear4Music GDP-100

A great value for the money

The Gear4Music GDP-100 is a great choice for learning and improving. Its metronome and 55 learning songs will help you to improve your level quickly.

See price

Gear4music also offers a digital grand piano. Called GDP-100, this instrument is perfectly adapted to a domestic use. For the stage, it could also be suitable, although we recommend a more accomplished model.

Equipped with 88 weighted keys offering a homogeneous response, the Gear4Music GDP-100 is very expressive. It's got 55 songs and plenty of effects to go with what you're playing. And you can record your tracks directly to USB or MIDI. The glossy finish gives this piano a timeless look.

Digital grand piano Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 4

Very good

Digital grand piano Classic Cantabile GP-A 810

Our top choice

The Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 is expensive. But the sound and learning features of this beautiful grand piano make up for it.

See price

The Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 exudes quality. First of all, its shiny black design and its sublime lines. This grand piano also features a well-designed automatic accompaniment. It has 230 different styles for any kind of music you play, making the piano a complete orchestra.

The 88 weighted keys are heavy, with hammer action and 3-way sensor. The ivory touch surface makes them rough as well. The metronome with 14 kinds of measures makes it easy to learn if you are a beginner. The Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 is fully equipped with a 6.3 mm jack input/output, MIDI input/output, AUX output and USB input/output.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best grand piano for children

Any specific needs?

The best grand piano in 2021

The best entry-level grand piano

A great value for the money

Our top choice

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Comparison table of the best grand pianos for children

Delson/Ringway 8897 5
Grand piano Hape E0319 6
Gear4Music GDP-100 7
Digital grand piano Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 8
Delson/Ringway 8897
Grand piano Hape E0319
Gear4Music GDP-100
Digital grand piano Classic Cantabile GP-A 810
For beginners, the Delson/Ringway 8897 digital grand piano is a great choice. The sound won't match the pro models, but this instrument will help you learn faster.
The beautiful pink piano Hape E0319 will entertain little girls from 3 years old. The sound of its 30 keys will titillate her musical fiber. The black lacquered version will please little boys.
The Gear4Music GDP-100 is a great choice for learning and improving. Its metronome and 55 learning songs will help you to improve your level quickly.
The Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 is expensive. But the sound and learning features of this beautiful grand piano make up for it.
Digital grand piano for beginners
Promotes musical awareness and improves motor skills
Beautiful digital grand piano
Design and quality of manufacture
Not for advanced pianists (sound and keys)
More for fun than for learning the piano
Low-roughness keys

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Buying guide - grand piano for children

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How to choose your grand piano for children

Thinking of buying a grand piano for your little budding pianist? Here are the parameters to consider.

#1 - The size

As some children start playing the piano at the age of 2, they need a model that can adapt to their morphology and size: neither too high nor too low. This is important to ensure that they have a good posture to practice comfortably.

In order not to be mistaken, trust the indications given by each manufacturer. Generally, it displays the recommended age for each model.

#2 - The keys

The keys of children's grand pianos have been specially designed to fit the small hands of their user.

To enjoy playing on a wider latitude, nothing beats a piano with multiple keys. However, keep in mind that the more keys the piano has, the more imposing it is. To this end, choose the number of keys according to the size and age of the child:

  • The small grand pianos between 2 and 3 octaves are suitable for 2 to 4 year olds and offer between 25 and 37 keys, making two-handed playing possible but with little latitude.
  • For ages 6 and up, there are models with 54 to 61 keys that allow two-handed playing with more comfort.

#3 - Sound quality

Know that the longer the piano, the fuller and richer the sound, with more balanced harmonics. Children's grand pianos with 54 to 61 keys offer a better sound.

But in any case, before you buy a children's grand piano, make sure the sound is audible and perfectly balanced. While making clear and loud sounds, make sure the grand piano has the right resonance to produce much quieter sounds as well.

While the grand piano can fit perfectly into the acoustics of a large room, it needs to be able to overwhelm and master a smaller room at the same time.

#4 - Ergonomics

To encourage your child to apply themselves more in their learning and enjoy every moment they spend on their instrument, opt for an ergonomic grand piano. To encourage your child to learn more and enjoy every moment spent on the instrument, choose a grand piano that is ergonomically designed, so that the keys are neither too soft nor too hard for your child.

This ensures that playing is pleasant and not too tiring for the child.

#5 - Constraints related to the instrument

It is important for you to know that a grand piano, even if it is intended for a child, is still bulky. Also, if it's a real stringed piano, you're going to have to tune it regularly.

So, if you think this is too much of a hassle for you, you might consider renting a piano for your child. However, nothing beats buying your child their own instrument.

There are affordable models on the market that offer more than satisfactory performance and features.

How does a grand piano work?

The musical instrument "piano" has existed for years, and even our generation today still plays it. Since its existence, several types of piano had already existed such as the loud piano, upright piano, grand piano, etc. Each piano has its own specificity, but what we will talk about today is the grand piano.

In general, a grand piano is made up of many elements such as the fingerboard, the small door, a roller, an exhaust stick, etc. The operation of this instrument is done by means of a mechanism. The grand piano, whose tailpiece is horizontal but not vertical like the others, is important to know. There is what is called a hammer, the head of which strikes on the strings.

Then, the hammer is connected to the action by a neck whose base remains in direct or indirect relation with the moving parts. Between the fingerboard and the hammer, there are several relay parts. The role of these keys is first to manage the pressing of the keys, then to control their progressive descent so as to facilitate the repetition of the notes, then to facilitate the percussion of the hammers.

The sound coming from a grand piano is more natural and sophisticated compared to other pianos thanks to its arrangement of more strings, between 220 and 230 depending on the model. Each time a key is struck, the hammer makes an action which in turn strikes against a taut string. This strike causes the string to vibrate and produce a sound wave.

Grand piano or upright piano for children?

Grand piano for children

A children's grand piano offers a greater multitude of musical expressions accompanied by unparalleled vibrations. Its first strength is its ability to produce a breathtaking sound that other piano models cannot match. The sound is therefore more powerful. Its highly complex mechanics also contribute to this power. It is ahead of its counterparts in terms of responsiveness, as its keys are more sensitive. Finally, its exceptional and well-cared-for design gives it a classy and attractive appearance.

On the other hand, its material is often less resistant (wood or plastic). Many people want to buy this kind of piano, but give up after realizing that it can wear out in a short time. You should also consider the acoustics of the room where this grand instrument will be used, its generally difficult removal, its expensive price as well as its fairly regular maintenance.

Upright piano for children

The upright piano for children works in the same way as the classical piano, but its strings are arranged vertically. It does not have a bulky soundboard like its predecessor. This means that you can put it in your bedroom, for example, even though the space is limited. This struck string musical instrument is also more compact and is the only one of its size that deserves to be compared to the grand piano.

Its musical quality is close to that of the latter. It is available in several models and at more affordable prices. On the other hand, the upright piano for children gives less possibilities to nuance the interpretation of notes and less pleasant. Since these hammers return to their resting position with the help of the springs, but not by their own weight, they reduce the piano's ability to perform fast repetitions. These springs can also become damaged and weaken the sound quality.


The choice between these two pianos depends on your living space. The grand model has an outstanding performance but takes up space. On the other hand, an upright piano is a very good alternative, if you cannot meet the requirements of the grand and your apartment is tighter.


Start with the basics for your children's learning

It is obvious that a child who is a beginner at the piano could not immediately play like a virtuoso. Also, to start by using both hands simultaneously is strongly discouraged. Therefore, if your child is right-handed, he or she will be more comfortable starting with that hand. Moreover, this limb is specifically adapted to play melodies. As for the left hand, it will be used to compose harmony.

Introduce your child to music theory

It is not enough to know a few notes and have a musical ear to play the piano correctly. Certainly, some pianists manage to play in these conditions. But, if you want your child to be able to develop in this discipline, learning music theory is required. It's not always fun to be in front of several staves, but it's definitely worth it.

Use a metronome to find the rhythm

In music, it's not enough to produce sounds by tapping the piano keys. In fact, all musical pieces have their own rhythm. So, to succeed in mastering this inseparable parameter of the sound, the metronome will be your best ally.

Adopt the right posture at the piano

On this precise point, the use of a wide and adjustable seat in height is required. Indeed, it is necessary that your forearms are positioned parallel to your keyboard to avoid unnecessary pain. The same goes for your back, which should be perpendicular to the piano. Otherwise, you will tend to bend slightly, even if it means looking like a hunchback.

Tune your piano from time to time

As long as you play your piano daily, it will eventually go out of tune. Therefore, contact a professional piano tuner to remedy the problem. Indeed, a sharp ear will immediately feel the variations of the strings which could influence your way of playing.


How to tune your grand piano?

There are a few rules for using a grand piano and tuning it properly. Of course, this is a job for a professional, but you can make a basic adjustment by depressing the pedal a few times and using a pair of pliers to choke the strings on each side. Start with the middle A, then the choruses of the three strings by turning them vigorously. These are the first steps you should take.

How many keys are there on a child's grand piano?

Usually a professional piano has 88 keys. But on a child's model the number of keys has been revised downwards so that your toddler can feel comfortable playing. For example, the number of keys on a child's grand piano is 30, and this can increase depending on the child's level. You can find very good instruments as long as you choose well according to the criteria.

Where to install the grand piano for children?

You will probably say, why not in the living room? But as your children will use the instrument to learn and to entertain themselves, it is better to install it either in their room or in a room dedicated to this purpose. This little tip for a child piano allows you to better appreciate the sound and stay focused during the learning sessions.

At what age can my child learn the piano?

Being a universal instrument, you can perfectly introduce your child to the piano from a very young age, more precisely from 3 years old. This will help stimulate their motor skills and awaken their senses. However, make sure that your child is motivated and that it is not only to please you, nor for fear of being scolded that he wants to learn.


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Delson/Ringway 8897 9
Delson/Ringway 8897
Grand piano Hape E0319 10
Grand piano Hape E0319
Gear4Music GDP-100 11
Gear4Music GDP-100
Digital grand piano Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 12
Digital grand piano Classic Cantabile GP-A 810


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