The best GPS collars for cats in the UK 2023

in the UK, a cat gets lost every 12 minutes. To prevent this from happening to your cat, equip him with a tracking device, in particular a GPS collar for cats. This way, you can see his movements and locate him in real time. Whether you choose a full collar or a clip-on tracker, with a short or long range, with or without a subscription, there are many offers on the market. Read our guide to make your choice.

Weenect Cats 2 1

Best value for money

Weenect Cats 2

The best GPS cat collar in 2021

The Weenect Cats 2 GPS cat collar provides real-time location of your favorite feline without distance limitations. It is equipped with a buzzer and a vibrator to help educate your cat.

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The Weenect Cats 2 is a very discreet GPS cat collar. Your cat won't even notice there's anything attached to its neck! It may look bulky to the human eye, but compared to other GPS cat collars, the Weenect Cats 2 is compact. This model offers real-time tracking of your cat's movements with great accuracy. To do this, you will have access to a free application that you can install on your Android or iOS smartphone.

In addition, the Weenect Cats 2 has a training option consisting of a ringtone and a vibrator to indicate the time of his meal. We should also mention that this model has a 72-hour battery life and is IP67 waterproof. The Weenect Cats 2 is equipped with a SIM card and connected to the 2G network (GPRS). You will therefore need a subscription to cover the service costs (from €3.75/month).

Tractive IKATI 2

Best value for money

Tractive IKATI

The best entry-level GPS cat collar

The Tractive IKATI is a reliable GPS tracker to follow your cat. This collar is quite bulky and requires regular charging. But the peace of mind it brings is really worth it.

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The Tractive IKATI GPS cat collar works by tracking your cat from a GPS tracker mounted on a Hunter leather collar with a safety buckle. The GPS tracker offers an accuracy of up to 7 m in good conditions. But if your cat is walking under trees and bushes, it can affect accuracy. It has a cat-safe power button. Its layout has been designed to prevent the cat from easily turning it off during their day.

This GPS cat collar is also waterproof, shock resistant, but not exactly lightweight. That's why we recommend it for cats weighing 4 kg and more. The collar offers up to 5 days of autonomy with its rechargeable battery. To activate the GPS, you'll need to sign up for a subscription plan. You can choose between the basic plan, which starts at 4.17 €/month.

Localiz Lookat 3

Best high end

Localiz Lookat

The best high-end cat collar

The Localiz Lookat is a light, discrete and robust cat tracker. It has an autonomy of 1 to 2 days. You can use a 2G chip, but this device is not suitable for small cats because of its weight.

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The Lookat GPS collar by Localiz will allow you to track your cat no matter where it is. This device works with a standard SIM card. So you can use the carrier of your choice. The tracker is easily attached to any type of collar, including your cat's current one. Note the autonomy which varies from 1 to 2 days.

Your cat's location and movements will be visible from an iOS and Android smartphone through the MyLocaliz mobile app. You will also have access to your cat's position history, so you can easily identify its habits and the places it has explored. This application even allows you to set up a restricted movement zone. If your cat goes beyond the virtual fence, the application will let you know.

Invoxia Pet Tracker 4


Invoxia Pet Tracker

The lightest GPS cat collar

With its low power transmitter/sensor, this Invoxia GPS tracker locates and monitors the dog efficiently. It is robust, with a rather discreet design. Moreover, no need to subscribe to GPS. Very practical!

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Attach the Invoxia Pet Tracker to your pet's collar and follow his movements, wherever you are. You'll receive notifications on your phone if your pet wanders too far. You can even set up virtual fences around specific areas with the dedicated iOS or Android app. You'll receive a notification every time your pet enters or leaves the relevant areas. And you can set up as many zones as you want.

This GPS cat tracker does not require a SIM card or mobile subscription. It uses low power networks to be more autonomous and more efficient than other trackers. In addition, a 1-year subscription to low power networks is already included in the purchase price. Another point to highlight is that it is probably the lightest and most compact GPS cat tracker on the market, weighing only 15g. Its optimized design allows it to remain active for 1 to 3 months, depending on the case.

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Best GPS cat collar

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The best GPS cat collar in 2021

The best entry-level GPS cat collar

The best high-end cat collar

The lightest GPS cat collar

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Comparison table of the best GPS collars for cats

Weenect Cats 2 5
Tractive IKATI 6
Localiz Lookat 7
Invoxia Pet Tracker 8
Weenect Cats 2
Tractive IKATI
Localiz Lookat
Invoxia Pet Tracker
The Weenect Cats 2 GPS cat collar provides real-time location of your favorite feline without distance limitations. It is equipped with a buzzer and a vibrator to help educate your cat.
The Tractive IKATI is a reliable GPS tracker to follow your cat. This collar is quite bulky and requires regular charging. But the peace of mind it brings is really worth it.
The Localiz Lookat is a light, discrete and robust cat tracker. It has an autonomy of 1 to 2 days. You can use a 2G chip, but this device is not suitable for small cats because of its weight.
With its low power transmitter/sensor, this Invoxia GPS tracker locates and monitors the dog efficiently. It is robust, with a rather discreet design. Moreover, no need to subscribe to GPS. Very practical!
Excellent value for money
Up to 5 days battery life
Multi-operator connectivity
GPS tracking, no distance limit
Long battery life
IP67 waterproofing
100% waterproof
Lightweight and waterproof
GPS location without distance limit
Free GPS application
No subscription, no commitment
No subscription required

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Buying guide - GPS cat collar

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How to choose your GPS cat collar

A GPS collar for cats should have a few important features. Here are the things to consider when selecting a GPS collar for your cat:

#1 - The range of the device

Determine the range of the collar based on your needs. Sometimes the farther the better. However, if you think you'll only use the collar to keep an eye on your cat indoors, a short-range device may be sufficient. Long-distance GPS units require more technology and battery life, and you often have to subscribe to a service. There may or may not be a monthly fee.

#2 - The features

Cat GPS collars can have many features. With options such as Bluetooth, standard radio frequency, Global Positioning System, Assisted Global Positioning System, solo cellular networks and other location-based services, there are different GPS trackers to fit different scenarios. Each technology option has its advantages and disadvantages. So it depends on what you need to determine which type of service is best for you and your cat. Bluetooth and other radio frequency trackers do not detect your target at the same distances as GPS or cellular networks. Some trackers require a phone, while others are sold as a complete unit.

#3 - How will your cat wear the device?

GPS trackers are usually available as tags that attach to your cat's current collar. Others attach to the collar by threading the collar through the slots in the tracking device. And other GPS trackers are designed as a separate collar. The type of device you can have depends largely on your preferences.

Think about your cat's body type

Buy a GPS collar based on your cat's body size so he won't lose it at the drop of a hat. If your cat is small, larger collars designed for dogs may not work. Some collars are suitable for both types of pets, but it's important to read the descriptions carefully to make sure they're suitable for a cat.

#4 - Battery life


often should it be recharged or replaced? What you want in terms of battery will depend on what you want in terms of GPS. If you want to put a tracker on your cat to follow him on his escapades away from home, you'll need a battery with a long runtime. If you're looking to keep an eye on the cat while it's inside, then a device with a short battery life will suffice. Trackers that use a SIM card or require a network connection will drain a battery faster than those that do not.

You will need a subscription

There are two types of GPS cat collars: those that use an open network (no subscription) and those that use a closed network (with a subscription). The difference between the two is that GPS collars with a subscription allow you to see your cat's movement in real time while you're looking for it.

The collars without subscription can not meet this need, since they use open networks that can saturate very quickly, there will often be delays in processing messages and the positions of your cat may be transmitted to you 2 or 3 minutes minimum after his passage, and even up to 15 minutes if the network is very saturated. This means that the cat will have time to go around several districts before its first position is transmitted to you.

If you are looking for efficiency, you will need a subscription.

The different types of GPS collars for cats

Here are the two categories of GPS collars for kittens.

Collar with a GPS tracker

A collar equipped with a GPS tracker is more advanced. The location is done in real time and it provides owners with a history of the animal's activities. Thanks to the application to which the collar is connected, you can be alerted when the cat goes out of the limit zone you have defined. It is therefore linked to your computer, smartphone or tablet. The best models are even able to determine the emotional state of the animal. This way, you will know when it is stressed. The accuracy of this device is impressive. To know that the cat collar with a GPS tracker is available under subscription.

Collar with radio beacon

The radio beacon technology is older than the GPS tracker. Its range is limited, but can be satisfactory on high-end models. It is around 100 meters. With this tool, there is no need to use a GSM network provider. It uses radio signals to track the movement of the cat. The available features are less. In fact, the radio beacon is only used to detect the presence of the animal. The visual and sound alert is weaker and weaker as it moves away. The advantage is that it is adapted to all sizes of cats, because it is very discreet.

Why buy a GPS collar for cats?

To find your cat quickly

You can locate your cat at any time using the map, radar or compass provided by the GPS collar. The map determines the perimeter where your cat is located. The radar then speeds up the location and transmits your pet's movements. The compass is the best solution to find your pet in a large area.

To contact him

Some GPS collars include voice, sound and vibration functions. It is therefore possible for you to talk to your cat when you can't find him or when he is far from your property. You can also teach your cat that the sounds and vibrations emitted by the collar mean that he must come home.

To adjust his diet

The fitness feature on some GPS collars records the distance your cat travels and his speed. It also provides you with the energy he has expended in a day. This way, you can adapt his diet according to his energy expenditure to keep him in shape. Note that the GPS for cats is not dangerous for the health of your little fur ball.

To know its activities

The GPS collar can provide you with your cat's location history. This feature summarizes your cat's activity during the hours he was not with you. This allows you to know what your cat does during the day.

To mark out its safety zone

You can set up a virtual safety zone for your cat. The collar sends a notification every time your pet crosses the geographical limits set. Therefore, you will not have any difficulty in finding him. The GPS for cats also has a system for saving location histories. This allows you to determine where your cat usually goes and its daily activities.

The best brands of GPS collars for cats

In our opinion, the best brands of GPS collars for cats in 2022 are :

Kippy evo

Weenect is a French company created in 2012 with nearly 8 years of experience in the development of GPS tracker. It has become an expert in this field. Its latest invention was the cat collars. On this point, Weenect is among the most sought-after brands. Its products work great and are safe for our four-legged friends.

Tractive is an Austrian company that develops real-time location trackers for pets and other animals using GPS and GSM technology. The brand produces high quality, high performance products and is beginning to be well received by consumers abroad.

This purely French brand from the Airbus group has been developing a range of solutions for geolocation since 2015 for professionals, but also for individuals. Recently its new discovery caused a sensation among cat owners. The notoriety of Air Bus has helped launch the brand.

Invoxia Pet Tracker is the best GPS tracker for locating pets. The products of this brand are easy to use. This attests to their performance and quality.

This brand is specialized in the "tracking" of 4-legged animals, including dogs and cats. It is also known for the quality of its products that take care of the animals' coats. It is a reliable brand that you can trust.

What is the price for a GPS cat collar

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Charge the GPS tracker regularly

The battery life of devices that use GPS or cell tracking typically ranges from ten days to a week between charges. If you don't charge it, it won't help you reunite with your beloved pet when you need it most.

Opt for a tracker with a temperature alert


temperature alert feature could save your pet's life. A pet can die from heat stroke if left in a hot car for as little as 15 minutes.

Implant a microchip in your child


purchasing a GPS tracker can help you feel comfortable, we highly recommend having your pet microchipped by your veterinarian. This procedure will allow anyone who finds your pet to take it to a veterinarian or animal shelter and access your contact information.

Check the range limits of your GPS tracker


purchase, be sure to check that the range stated by the manufacturer matches the actual range of the GPS tracker before putting on the cat collar. And if you're thinking of going on a trip with your cat, consider checking that the GPS network is available in your destination.


Which cat GPS collar to choose?

In our opinion, the best GPS cat collar for most people is the WEENECT Cats 2. To learn more, read our buying guide.

What is a GPS cat collar and how does it work?

This is a small device that usually attaches to your cat's collar to track its movements. When you synchronize the receiver with the GPS system, you can access your cat's location. The tracking system scans the area it is designed for and if it detects the receiver, it triggers an alarm signal. This signal is sent to your device, often your smartphone, letting you know that your target has been located.The more advanced GPS collars offer various additional features, such as real-time tracking, variable range lengths with a safety zone, monitoring your cat's health and activity, data history, etc.

Do GPS collars for cats have monthly fees?

For some yes, it will depend on the features of the collar in question. Read the product descriptions carefully to see if the one you are considering has a fee.

Do GPS collars need a SIM card?

It is not essential, but it can be useful. Most GPS collars need a SIM card to provide real-time information. However, there are GPS collars that do not require a SIM card.

Will I be able to locate my cat with his microchip?

A microchip does not act as a tracking device. It stores information so that when the chip is scanned, that information is relayed over radio frequencies. Your cat has to be physically in someone's hands to have his chip scanned. So, if it is lost, it must first be found before the microchip has any value.


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Weenect Cats 2
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Tractive IKATI
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Localiz Lookat
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