The best cat food in the UK 2023

A cat's diet is not to be taken lightly due to its fragile health. Taking care of your cat's well-being begins in its first months of life. This will ensure that your pet lives in the best possible conditions when it is old. However, we must admit that the number of cat foods on the market is phenomenal. Between kibble, canned food and treats, it's hard to decide. Read this guide to find your way more easily.

Royal Canin - Neutered Satiety Balance 1

Best value

Royal Canin - Neutered Satiety Balance

Best cat food in 2021

A food that meets the needs of adult cats in terms of nutritional intake and weight gain control. Its composition is suitable for a sterilized cat and treats various health problems.

28,95 £ on Amazon

These kibbles have a composition intended to appease the intensified appetite of a sterilized cat. In order to avoid overweight, the manufacturer has thought to combine soluble and insoluble fibers that help to reduce the frequency of feeding in a day without suffering from extreme hunger.

At the same time, they have a lower calorie content thanks to a small amount of fat. They contain only 10% fat which is filled with 35% protein, 9.2% crude fiber and 9.3% minerals.

Purina Gourmet - Gold TerrinePurina Gourmet - Gold Terrine 2

Best cheap

Purina Gourmet - Gold TerrinePurina Gourmet - Gold Terrine

Best entry-level cat food

Your kitty will love the sweet and delicious flavor of this salmon terrine packaged in 24 cans. Easy to digest, it pairs well with the dry food of your choice.

15,74 £ on Amazon

Help your cat stay in shape with this salmon-based pate. It also contains crumbs to tempt your pet's taste buds while providing complete nutrition. while providing a complete supply of nutrients. There are two textures in one food. It's a great way to vary the taste and diet of your pet.

The owners are not surprised by the excellent quality/price ratio of this product. For less than 20 euros, you will have 24 cans of salmon pâté that will ensure your friend's nutrition for a few meals.

Virbac - HPM Vet Neutered Cat or Tendancy To Weight Gain 3

Best high end

Virbac - HPM Vet Neutered Cat or Tendancy To Weight Gain

Best premium cat food

A large bag of kibble for adult cats. Apart from weight control, it improves the urinary functions of the animal. Note that it is a food recommended after sterilization.

69,42 £ on Amazon

Take care of your indoor cat and give her the best. It's a complete food with all the nutrients your cat needs for nutrition and fitness. The light, enriching ingredients in this product are a great health benefit.

Made mostly of pork and poultry, these kibbles promise a unique flavor. They also have the much sought-after characteristics of beets. It is a cat food that is recommended by veterinarians for sterilized animals or those with digestive problems.

Sheba - Les Bouchées and Les Effilés creations 4


Sheba - Les Bouchées and Les Effilés creations

Best cat snack in sauce

Introduce your cat to the taste of Sheba's Butcher's Selection. They'll love the great beef taste in these bite-sized treats with succulent sauce.

28,77 £ on Amazon

The manufacturer uses convenient freshness bags to store the bites and slivers. There are at least 12 uses in this packageThere are at least 12 uses in this package, with different flavors. The Butcher's Selection includes four flavours: chicken, turkey, lamb and beef.

The sauce makes them even more exquisite to the delight of all cats. It is indeed a standard food suitable for a normal diet for healthy cats. However, it is advisable to add another dry food to its daily ration

Catisfactions - Cat treats with chicken taste 5


Catisfactions - Cat treats with chicken taste

Best cat treat

Love teaching your pet new things? Use these treats to reward him after his efforts. They're also great for simply pleasing your pet.

10,22 £ on Amazon

These delicious, chicken-flavoured treats have a shelf life of approximately 8 weeks after opening. They have an exceptional texture with a crispy outside and soft inside.. Not only are these treats pleasant to eat, but they also contribute to his dental hygiene.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, they contain no artificial additives for taste or color. Good little healthy and appetizing snacks for your pet. They are also lower in calories and do not lead to overeating.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cat food

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Best cat food in 2021

Best entry-level cat food

Best premium cat food

Best cat snack in sauce

Best cat treat

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Comparison table of the best cat food

Royal Canin - Neutered Satiety Balance 6
Purina Gourmet - Gold TerrinePurina Gourmet - Gold Terrine 7
Virbac - HPM Vet Neutered Cat or Tendancy To Weight Gain 8
Sheba - Les Bouchées and Les Effilés creations 9
Catisfactions - Cat treats with chicken taste 10
Royal Canin - Neutered Satiety Balance
Purina Gourmet - Gold TerrinePurina Gourmet - Gold Terrine
Virbac - HPM Vet Neutered Cat or Tendancy To Weight Gain
Sheba - Les Bouchées and Les Effilés creations
Catisfactions - Cat treats with chicken taste
A food that meets the needs of adult cats in terms of nutritional intake and weight gain control. Its composition is suitable for a sterilized cat and treats various health problems.
Your kitty will love the sweet and delicious flavor of this salmon terrine packaged in 24 cans. Easy to digest, it pairs well with the dry food of your choice.
A large bag of kibble for adult cats. Apart from weight control, it improves the urinary functions of the animal. Note that it is a food recommended after sterilization.
Introduce your cat to the taste of Sheba's Butcher's Selection. They'll love the great beef taste in these bite-sized treats with succulent sauce.
Love teaching your pet new things? Use these treats to reward him after his efforts. They're also great for simply pleasing your pet.
Butcher's Choice
Butcher's Pieces in Sauce
Tasty treats
Specific uses
Os and cartilage, anti-stress, skin and coat
Weight, kidney
Rewards for kittens and adult cats
3.5 kg
24 x 85 g
12 kg
48 x 85 g
4 x 180 g
Fresh pouch

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Buying guide - cat food

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How to choose your cat food

The texture, flavor, composition and quality of the product are important parameters for choosing a cat food that meets the needs and preferences of the cat.

#1 - The ingredients

Animal source ingredients are appreciated by your feline friend whether it is for proteins or fats, because they are rich in amino acids and omega-6. In this sense, some ingredients are more preferred than others: meat, meat meal, chicken fat, egg products or fresh fish and fish oil. They should be checked on the product packaging. For vegetable fats, flaxseed is at the top of the list of the most popular components.

Note that the needs of indoor and outdoor cats are not the same. While the former require 28% protein in their diet, the latter group needs a little more, around 30%. In addition to protein and fat, cats require fiber, which plays an important role in digestion. However, it only represents 3 to 6% of the animal's needs. The ideal moisture content is 8 to 10% regardless of the texture of the food.

#2 - The taste

Cats value the flavor of their food, just as we do. There are ingredients that make the food taste more appetizing besides the components that are, by nature, delicious for these hairballs. These are mainly meats and fish, but also some vegetables. The flavor should be indicated on the package. Its behavior at the time of tasting them indicates their apprehension. Don't hesitate to try new products to experience new flavors.

#3 - The nutritional quality

Cat food products are classified into three levels of nutritional quality: good, average and poor. A food with good quality includes all the expected nutritional components including the ingredients listed above. However, it has only a small amount of carbohydrates and grains and virtually no artificial additives.

If the product is labelled medium quality, it is because it contains ingredients from animal sources on the one hand and by-products on the other. The nutrient content is reduced compared to that of high quality products. In low quality foods, chemicals and by-products such as feathers, cartilage or beaks are abundant. Flavor enhancers hold a large place among the ingredients.

#4 - The labels

Labels should provide information regarding the nutrient content of the food. This includes calcium, potassium, vitamins, phosphorus, sodium, fatty acids, ash, protein, fiber, magnesium, moisture, fat, and taurine. This is a sign of good faith in the best brands and a guarantee of quality for buyers.

#5 - The quantity

The products are available in different quantities. It is best to buy in larger quantities to avoid stocking up per week, but also to save money. Nevertheless, always consider the shelf life of the food in question.

⚠️ Beware of "grain-free" markings.

Be aware that grain-free is in no way beneficial to your companion's health. Wheat, corn, barley and cereals essentially contribute to the improvement of his health. Nevertheless, these foods are interesting if your pet is allergic to them.

Taking stock of cats' preference for industrial foods

Like humans, cats have certain preferences for the texture and flavor of their food. It goes without saying that they are fond of meat, whether it's presented in its raw form or through kibble and wet food. Fish is the second favorite food for cats, especially tuna and salmon.

Compared to other types of food, wet food is more appealing to their taste buds. They also like some of the softer kibbles. They are halfway between dry and moist. That's not to say your pet doesn't prefer the crunchiness of these dry foods. On the contrary, it helps him scratch the inside of his mouth. It's a great way to combine business with pleasure. And if they smell good, even better.

Regardless of theshape and flavor, they like it when it's not so cold, but not hot. Therefore, avoid frozen cans and remember to take them out of the fridge early. As for water, the amount you should give him every day depends on how often he eats. In fact, the more hard foods he eats, the more water he will require. Wet foods, on the other hand, satisfy this need. In any case, leave some in a suitable container next to his bowl and change it at least twice a day.

The different types of cat food

From dry to wet to special rations, there are many products made by well-known brands. These types of cat foods each have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's decipher!

Dry food

Dry cat food, kibble, is a welcome addition to a varied and complete diet. In addition to being more affordable, it is available in large quantities and can therefore be stored and consumed over a longer period of time. Because of its dry form, it is accompanied by a wet food and/or water for a balanced diet.

Moreover, this texture allows the owner to leave the food around the house so that the cat can eat at will even if it is alone. Most often, this type of food consists mainly of meat or cereals.

Wet food

Moist food, sold in cans, provides enough moisture while maintaining a good level of protein, cereals and grains. To be more precise, its moisture content hovers around 70 to 80%. Apart from meat, wet cat food contains animal by-products. More expensive than kibble, wet and dry food take turns.

Unlike dry food, wet food can be used independently to cover all of the animal's water needs. Moreover, it is easy to digest. Its biggest weakness is the shelf life, it rots quickly.

Food with specific formulas

These foods are only recommended in case of a specific health problem. They are often prescribed by veterinarians following a consultation to treat hairballs, dental, digestive or urinary problems.

Not only are they not essential for a cat in excellent health, but they are also very expensive because of their special formula. This specialness does not necessarily mean quality. That's why the list of ingredients and their nutritional values matter as much as in other cases.

Cat treats

Cookies, sticks and other snacks are among the favorite foods of these kitties. Delicious, they can be eaten in small quantities throughout the day or in special situations such as during his training for example. Nevertheless, they are not the healthiest of cat foods because of their composition rich in artificial additives and compromise a balanced diet.

On the other hand, they are not devoid of vitamins and micronutrients. In fact, they play an important role in treating a stressed cat or in fighting dental tartar. Note that treats are an appetite suppressant that can be practical for some animals, but not recommended for others.

Industrial food or homemade food

Industrial food

They are croquettes, canned food, bites in sauce, pâtés, snacks of all kinds. As you know, industrial foods are more varied on the market. There is something for every taste and budget. In addition, they are irreproachable in terms of nutritional value. A mixed diet of all types of cat food will ensure your cat's good health. However, the quality of the food differs from one product to another depending on the components. In any case, industrial food does not require any preparation.

Homemade food

Homemade food is a good option if you have the time to prepare it properly. It's less expensive and can be just as beneficial to your cat's health. Especially since the raw materials used are undeniably better. It is mainly based on meat, vegetables, pasta, oils and not on table scraps. The recipe should be validated by a specialist so that the food is suitable for the needs and activities of this animal. Apart from the choice of ingredients, the quantity of ingredients makes a difference.


The difference between industrial and homemade food is in the nutritional quality. A finished product sold by a manufacturer can be poor in terms of intake, just as a homemade recipe can be better by far than a poor quality product. In both cases, the choice of ingredients counts more than anything else. Only, a high quality industrial food is better than several hours of homemade preparation after confirmation from your vet on dosage and composition.

Abrupt change in his diet.

You can alternate between industrial food and homemade food, but you can't change the whole diet at once either way. It messes with the way his body works.

Why buy a (good) cat food?

Good cat food keeps longer

Cat foods can be stored, especially those with a dry texture that are sealed in an airtight bag. This protects the food from air and moisture. For wet foods, the shelf life is shorter.

To give him something to nibble on all day

Treats and kibbles help cats overcome their frequent feelings of hunger. They are given in small quantities several times a day. All of this without putting too much of a strain on your wallet, because you're buying these food packages in bulk. In addition, it does not take up much of your time.

Some foods help with dental hygiene

Chew sticks and kibble improve your pet's dental health. They have a beneficial effect on their oral hygiene by limiting tartar, among other things. Goodbye bad breath. Be careful, the food produces the opposite effect. This means that you must adapt the maintenance of your pet to its diet.

A good diet is necessary for his digestion

Cat food with carefully selected ingredients helps to improve the digestion of cats: reduction of constipation, more efficient intestinal transit. All the credit for this advantage goes to the fibers present in its composition. Moreover, it is one of the essential components, a criterion in its own right when choosing a food.

Choosing a good food means taking care of your health

A good diet is good health in the long term. It would save you the expense of various care, at least before he gets old. Outdoor cats deserve the same attention as their indoor counterparts. There may be slight differences in their nutrient requirements, but a complete diet is required in all cases.

The best brands of cat food

In our opinion, the best brands of cat food in 2022 are :

Royal Canin

A leader in the canine and feline industry, Royal Canin offers foods inspired by tasty recipes and presented in all forms. Dry or wet, they meet the nutritional needs of pets considering their age, weight, breed and possible health problems.

Hill's provides food for cats and dogs that are sold in various stores and by veterinarians. As such, the company is developing two brands for these products - Science Plan and Vet Essentials. For the first brand, the objective is to provide all the nutritional requirements, with no more or less. As for the products of the second brand, they meet specific needs in case of diseases or deficiencies.

Iams is dedicated to the research of food adapted to the carnivorous nature of canines and felines. Known for its beet-enriched kibbles, this brand aims for quality nutrition through premium and natural lines. In addition to kibbles and pates, you can find food with specialized formulas from Iams.

Iams is a brand of kibble that has proven itself under the Champion Petfood company. Primarily based on natural products, the dry foods developed by the brand are specially enriched with protein and low in carbohydrates. Wise choices for healthy pets.

Orijen is a premium brand of dry cat and dog food. Perfectly balanced, its recipes reduce the risk of disease and prevent obesity. It uses regional and fresh products to produce this dry food.

What is the price cat food

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

3 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 45 £
more than 45 £
Price range diagram


Adapt your cat's diet to its needs

Cats and kittens have different needs. Small, fragile kittens require nutrients that help their development, whether it's for bones, joints or teeth. Sick cats require a special diet. This means that specific formulas are not necessary on a daily basis. Ask your veterinarian for advice if you are unsure.

Table scraps are not healthy for cats

Prefer a proper diet. Cats get no benefit from eating table scraps. They provide nothing in the way of nutrients. Not to mention that some human foods are toxic to these animals.

Respect the quantity and frequency of feeding for each product

On the packaging of cat food is information about the dosage at each meal. These should be followed carefully, taking into account the pet's size, weight, and physical activity. The manufacturer's instructions may not be sufficient or may be too much for your pet.

Cow's milk is indigestible for cats

Cow's milk is heavy. This means that it can be poorly digested, even by adult cats, and the consequences could be serious. To avoid digestive problems, milk should not be a permanent part of a cat's diet. Treats are there to replace it.

Keep its food in a suitable container

Use a bowl to feed him. A bowl is sometimes inappropriate because cats don't like to get their whiskers too wet. Plus, they might spill the container out of clumsiness at the risk of wasting the food.


How to feed a spayed or neutered cat?

A sterilized cat or kitten requires a lot of energy which it draws from kibbles rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. Prefer chicken as a basic meat, it has a low fat content. Junior kibbles are recommended for the very young. Stick to the normal amount he should eat so as not to disturb his metabolism.

What is the ideal amount of food for a kitten?

The kitten needs more nutrients than an adult cat to support his very rapid growth. After the mother's milk, i.e. at 3 months of age, the kitten consumes about 14 g at each meal at a rate of 4 meals per day. This ration increases to 15 g at 4 months of age and between 15 and 17.5 g at 5 months of age. From his 6th month, he eats 25 g on average for a meal with, this time, 3 daily meals.

What types of food should I choose for a nursing cat?

A lactating cat needs more energy than ever. Protein, carbohydrates and fat are the nutrients she requires the most during this period. High quality kibble is recommended that can be alternated with kibble for the kittens to cover the needs of the kittens at the same time.

Are there specific foods for constipated cats?

A constipated cat lacks hydration. If this happens to yours, take a break from dry food and switch to canned food. You can also prepare good homemade dishes with moisturizing materials. On the other hand, there are foods with a special formula designed to treat this problem. Your veterinarian can advise you.


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Royal Canin - Neutered Satiety Balance 11
Royal Canin - Neutered Satiety Balance
Purina Gourmet - Gold TerrinePurina Gourmet - Gold Terrine 12
Purina Gourmet - Gold TerrinePurina Gourmet - Gold Terrine
Virbac - HPM Vet Neutered Cat or Tendancy To Weight Gain 13
Virbac - HPM Vet Neutered Cat or Tendancy To Weight Gain
Sheba - Les Bouchées and Les Effilés creations 14
Sheba - Les Bouchées and Les Effilés creations
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Catisfactions - Cat treats with chicken taste


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