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The best cat litter mats

How does a cat litter mat work?

While your cat is relieving itself in the litter box, particles of litter stick to their paws. He then comes out of the box with traces of urine or feces. It will soil your floor and even leave a stench. To avoid this, the litter mat with its slightly rough surface will brush your cat’s paws. Simply slide it under the tray or place it right in front of it. Place it in an accessible area so that the cat will walk on it when it leaves the litter box. The cat won’t scatter litter on it anymore.

The inner surface of this mat is designed so that your furry friend won’t slip on the floor after doing his business. The outer surface gently cleans his paws. The goal is to keep any debris that sticks to it, no matter how big or small, so that it doesn’t get scattered. To dislodge them, simply shake the carpet or vacuum it daily to deodorize and clean it completely. You can also wash the litter mat every week to maintain perfect hygiene, at least if it’s washable.

A litter mat to prevent certain zoonotic diseases

To reduce the risk of transmission of echinococcosis and toxoplasmosis to susceptible individuals, use a cat litter mat. This accessory protects against these diseases.