The best cereal-free cat food in the UK 2023

The cat is a carnivorous animal. It is therefore normal that its diet is based on proteins rather than cereals. Therefore, the cat food without cereals, or No Grain, respects more the anatomy of the cat and allows to have felines with a better digestion and a more brilliant coat. However, with so many products on the market, it's hard to choose. Find the best grain-free cat food in our buying guide.

Wellness Core 1

Best value for money

Wellness Core

Best grain-free cat food of the year

To delight your cat's taste buds, choose Wellness Core grain-free cat food in chicken flavor. It's an excellent source of protein, and also supports digestive and heart health.

15,19 £ on Amazon

Wellness Core Cereal Free Cat Food with Chicken Flavor contains fresh chicken meat as the main ingredient to satisfy your cat's carnivorous diet. As a result, they provide your pet with the necessary protein that his body needs. The grain-free formula in particular prevents digestive problems.

The composition also has the right amount of fiber to control the ingestion of hairballs. These cereal-free cat food products have just the right amount of fiber to keep the cat's metabolism in good condition, thus giving him dynamism and flexibility. The manufacturer has thought of the principle: more meat, less carbohydrates and moderate fat to spoil your feline's appetite.

Josera Nature Cat 2

Best value for money

Josera Nature Cat

Best entry-level grain-free cat food

A little less expensive, you will find as much quality in the kibbles for cat without cereals Josera Nature Cat. Particularly rich in vitamins, they provide your feline with iron health.

11,99 £ on Amazon

Josera Nature Cat cereal-free cat food is suitable for even the most sensitive cats and has a delicious taste of poultry and salmon to satisfy the cat's sweet tooth. The totally healthy formula is made with reliable ingredients, without wheat, soy, sugar, dairy products, coloring agents, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Herbs and fruits bring freshness to this food and also enrich it with fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. As a result, your cat will have a healthy body and a shiny coat. The dietary fibers in the formula reduce hairball formation and limit their path to the digestive system.

Ultima Nature 3

Best premium value for money

Ultima Nature

Best premium grain-free cat food

For your supplies, there is also Ultima Nature's grain-free cat food. You can combine them with other wet foods for a perfectly balanced diet.

45,12 £ on Amazon

When you buy these Ultima Nature grain-free cat food, you are guaranteed the highest quality. Made with quality beef, they ensure an optimal protein intake for your feline. Your cat will quickly gain vitality for its daily activities.

Ultima Nature's grain-free cat food is also a delicious combination of meat and vegetables, providing your cat with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to strengthen its natural defenses. They also contain a combination of flaxseed and fish oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, excellent nutrients for a healthy skin and coat.

Edgard & Cooper 4

Excellent selection

Edgard & Cooper

Best grain-free cat food for any breed and age

You won't regret choosing Edgard & Cooper Grain-Free White Fish Cat Food either, a high quality, balanced diet for your feline.

18,39 £ on Amazon

White fish is a very rich food, both in terms of taste and nutrition. That's why by choosing Edgard & Cooper's grain-free cat food, you are choosing a complete and balanced recipe for your feline. The combination with vegetables (fennel, peas, sweet potato) ensures an incredible vitamin intake.

Edgard & Cooper's grain-free cat food also contains taurine, which is excellent for the eyesight and heart, as well as powerful nutrients for bone strengthening. It provides the energy your cat needs for daily physical activity. They also contain fiber to aid in digestion.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cereal-free cat food

Any specific needs?

Best grain-free cat food of the year

Best entry-level grain-free cat food

Best premium grain-free cat food

Best grain-free cat food for any breed and age

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Comparison table of the best cereal-free cat food

Top of the line Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent selection
Wellness Core 5
Josera Nature Cat 6
Ultima Nature 7
Edgard & Cooper 8
Wellness Core
Josera Nature Cat
Ultima Nature
Edgard & Cooper
To delight your cat's taste buds, choose Wellness Core grain-free cat food in chicken flavor. It's an excellent source of protein, and also supports digestive and heart health.
A little less expensive, you will find as much quality in the kibbles for cat without cereals Josera Nature Cat. Particularly rich in vitamins, they provide your feline with iron health.
For your supplies, there is also Ultima Nature's grain-free cat food. You can combine them with other wet foods for a perfectly balanced diet.
You won't regret choosing Edgard & Cooper Grain-Free White Fish Cat Food either, a high quality, balanced diet for your feline.
1.75 kg
2 kg
1.1 kg x 8 packs
1.75 kg
Chicken 54%, turkey 4%, vegetables 20% (potatoes, peas, chicory, beets)
Poultry 30%, Salmon 10%, Herbs & Fruit
Beef 23%, vegetables (potatoes, carrot, broccoli and peas), fruit (apple and berries)
Fresh white fish 60%, sweet potatoes, fennel and peas, herbs
White fish
Supports heart health and digestive health
Anti Hairballs
Excellent source of omega 3 and 6 for a silky, shiny coat
Vegetable, herb and plant rich recipe
Carbohydrate content

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Buying guide - cereal-free cat food

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How to choose your cereal-free cat food

To provide your cat with a suitable food, find out quickly the criteria that will help you choose your grain-free cat food.

#1 - The cat's age

In order to provide your feline with the right food, it is important to consider its age. During the first few weeks, it is obvious that the little animal feeds mostly on milk, either maternal or maternalized. From one month of age, the kitten can start eating a more varied diet: you can already play on the texture while favoring a good food for its growth.

As soon as your cat is one year old, you don't have to be afraid to give him an adult cat food. On the other hand, she's also on her own when it comes to acquiring a tasty prey item. At this stage, grain-free cat food is highly recommended. They will be less so when the cat reaches seniority.

#2 - The cat's weight

Caloric needs are almost the same in cats, but in different quantities. The daily ration of the tomcat depends on two main factors: age and weight. In general, from adulthood (i.e., one year old), the cat must ingest between 40 and 50 g of food per kilo.

This rule will serve as a guideline to balance the dose depending on whether your cat is still young or older. You will then adjust your distribution of grain-free cat food according to this base.

#3 - The cat's health status

There are many situations that can qualify your cat's general health: in one context or another, grain-free cat food could have certain repercussions. For this reason, before giving it to your cat, it is important to be sure of its condition.

It is recognized that the grain-free formula, i.e. without carbohydrates, guarantees a better shape for your feline. In addition, it strengthens the immune system, protecting it from the development of diseases, and this type of food for cats provides significant benefits. For example, it promotes heart health, digestive health or allow to have a silky and shiny coat.

#4 - The composition

Despite its softer character, the cat is part of the big family of felines. It is therefore a carnivore at the base. Its diet should therefore contain a lot of proteins such as fish or poultry meat (over 35% of the composition). In addition, carbohydrates should always be less than proteins and you should find enough minerals and vitamins.

Cereal-free cat food meets this need and provides a generous proportion of protein in spite of the carbohydrates. You can identify their quality by looking closely at the composition label: it should mention quality meat and the protein should only come from a maximum of two sources.

Finally, you must be careful about too high an intake of potatoes, squash, etc.

#5 - The size

Before your cat, you must consider your needs. On the market, you can find kibbles packed in different formats: 1 or 2 kg for example. This meets your weekly or monthly needs. Buying large quantities or in packs will save you money if you have more than one cat at home. It will also allow you to better plan your felines' needs.

Bad impacts of cereal on cats


Many cat foods today contain grains. Keep in mind, however, that these are not highly recommended for a cat's health.

Technically, the grains in cat food do not contribute any significant nutrition. They would just serve as a preservative that allows for long-lasting storage of this food. Starch also provides a crunchy texture. In fact, cereals contain mycotoxins that can cause health complications in cats.

Some of them (corn gluten or wheat) would even cause allergies in fragile felines. On the other hand, various pathologies affecting the kidneys, digestive system or lungs develop unfortunate in the cat's organism because of the cereals.

You must remember that the cat's main source of energy remains animal protein, hence the composition of grain-free cat food that is particularly rich in fresh meat. This diet will suit its very nature.

Cereal-free or cereal-based cat food?

Cereal-free cat food

More and more cat food manufacturers are interested in the "grain free" formula. In fact, grain-free cat food spoils the carnivorous side of this gentle feline. They contain a large amount of fresh meat in their composition, which is an excellent guarantee of protein intake, just like when the adult cat feeds on live prey.

Cereal-free cat food is easily digestible and perfectly suited to the anatomical structure of the cat's digestive system. They are not likely to cause intolerances that would make the cat uncomfortable.

Cat food with cereals

On the other hand, there is always the cat food with cereals. Indeed, these gain especially in terms of conservation. But this food is somewhat heavy to digest for our little feline because of the presence of starch or sugar. Moreover, in some sensitive cats, it could be the cause of various disorders.

However, consumed in small quantities, grain-free cat food is a delight. For those whose cats have a delicate health, always read carefully the composition label to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Between cat food with or without cereals, the choice would seem to be obvious: cat food without cereals better guarantees the good health of the feline. However, if he's a strong, middle-aged cat, he might not want to miss out on a few tastings of cat food with cereals.

Why buy grain-free cat food?

For a better diet

By nature, the cat needs a carnivorous diet, rich in animal proteins. It also needs vitamins, but less carbohydrates. Cereal-free cat food has the right composition to meet his needs. However, they should be combined with wet food to ensure that your cat is well hydrated.

For good health

Cereal-free cat food gives your cat a better appearance, resulting in a silky, shiny coat, well-formed stools (not liquid like diarrhea), and a more energetic daily life. In addition, his immune system will be favorably protected from various pathologies. Carbohydrates are the cause of diabetes. Starch in particular is particularly difficult to assimilate.

For a good digestion

Since a cat's body naturally digests a carnivorous diet better, grain-free cat food is an extremely suitable food. Since a cat's digestive tract is also shorter, too much grain would make food intake more cumbersome.

For complete nutrition

Cereal-free cat food has a very rich composition, which meets the needs of the feline. It contains a high proportion of animal proteins (meat, poultry, offal or fish), fruit and vegetable fragments, as well as fat and a few minerals.

For a convenient intake

Because of their hard, crunchy consistency, grain-free cat food makes it easier for your cat to take in the food as it is consumed gradually. All you have to do is pour the food into the bowl and your pet will be at ease for the day. He will know himself how often he will finish his portion. You can also put a few pieces in the places where your cat is most likely to eat.

The best brands of cereal-free cat food

In our opinion, the best brands of cereal-free cat food in 2022 are :

Wellness Core
Ultima Nature

Ownat brand cat food is a quality choice to provide essential nutrients for feline growth. The products are manufactured with respect to the carnivorous needs of your cat. The kibbles are available in various ranges adapted to each case of health.

A high-end and natural food for cats. Such is the production adage of this brand, which is over a century old. It particularly values food of natural origin in its composition.

This brand launched by Amazon produces new ranges of premium quality kibbles for cats and dogs. It favors natural components both at the active and antioxidant level. Lifelong grain-free cat food is an excellent source of protein.

Created by a nutritionist expert, this German brand has been specializing in pet food since 1989. Each of its productions adequately meets every feline need, while remaining a balanced diet.

This brand is known for its high quality as well as its complete and balanced recipes for the good health of your cat. It also tries to value the feline according to its age, its breed and its needs, adapting its formulas to each context.

What is the price cereal-free cat food

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


The right habit.

Feeding a cat can be tricky, so the task will depend on how you get him used to it from the start. Don't rush him, give him time, and then gradually introduce new foods as his moods change to arouse his curiosity and appetite. Choose a quiet place so that he can be quiet during his meals.

The container.

Some owners make a mistake by giving the cat food in a bowl. Remember that the feline hates to smear its whiskers! So prefer flat bowls with rising rims so that the food doesn't spill out easily: in these conditions your cat will be able to eat properly.


In general, cats are not very fond of intermediate consistencies: for them, cat food without cereals must have this crunchy texture. So avoid trying to moisten his kibble to avoid making him reluctant. Stick to the usual diet: sometimes dry food, sometimes wet food.

Don't forget the water.

Giving grain-free cat food means providing him with a crunchy, flavor-rich and almost complete carnivorous diet. But at the same time, don't forget to give him water regularly because it's a dry food. To achieve this balance, you can also give him wet food from time to time.

What if the cat refuses?

All of a sudden your cat balks and doesn't want to take his grain-free kibble as usual. Remember that a cat has a very perceptive nose and taste buds. So if you accidentally change the brand of grain-free kibble, your cat will know at first sight. You should also be aware of his health condition, as these concerns affect his appetite.


Do grain-free cat food contain carbohydrates?

This theory is difficult to affirm: the formula without cereals does not systematically imply the absence of carbohydrates. Tapioca, potatoes, peas, potatoes, lentils: if the package of kibbles for cats without cereals mentions these components, it is that the food contains a small amount of carbohydrates. In fact, carbohydrates are mainly used as a binding agent in the kibble. Be sure to read the ingredient list to determine if this food will be tolerated by your pet.

Why are grains not recommended for cats?

The carbohydrates in grains such as wheat, oats, rye, barley, millet, corn, and rice are relatively heavy for cats to digest. To prevent possible disorders or intolerances on the part of the animal, it is recommended not to include these ingredients in his diet. Many so-called "grain free" formulas are unanimously accepted on the market.

Is grain-free cat food suitable for all types of cats?

Brands compete with each other in developing versatile formulas to best meet the nutritional needs of the cat. Moreover, whether your feline is an adult or senior, sterilized or pregnant, there are grain-free cat food products specific to each condition. But there are also those that are "all-purpose". In all cases, the details of the product are marked on the package, so read carefully before choosing.

How to accompany grain-free cat food?

Since it's a dry food, don't forget to combine it with a wet food and to give him water regularly. Indeed, kibbles for cats without cereals stimulate chewing and thus reinforce the oral mechanism of the feline. A well-balanced diet will ensure your feline's good health.


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Wellness Core
Josera Nature Cat 10
Josera Nature Cat
Ultima Nature 11
Ultima Nature
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Edgard & Cooper


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