The best cat food in the UK 2023

If you are one of the 28% of English people who own at least one cat, you surely know that the right kibble makes a difference. However, with so many brands and ingredients available, it is difficult to choose the right cat food. Meat or cereals? Senior! To avoid making mistakes and buy at the best price, follow our guide.

This kibble is the best kibble for cats with a very good quality/price ratio. It increases the quantity of urine to prevent the proliferation of the bladder mucosa. It also helps to eliminate carbonate ions. This cat food reduces stones and crystals by dissolving them.

The kibble compensates for the loss of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Thus, it has very interesting effects on thebalance of the calorie content of the cat. There is no risk of overweight which causes most diseases.

PRO PLAN Adult 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level cat food

PRO LAN Adult is a kibble that is only suitable for large cats. This bag of kibble has a weight of 1.5 kg. It is quality kibble at an affordable price.

13,11 £ on Amazon

This is the best cat food to buy if you have an adult cat and are not in the habit of buying mass quantities. Indeed, with the 1.5 kg, you will have plenty of quality to give your cat before the next purchase.

Moreover, it is a complete food that can completely satisfy an adult cat to keep it in good health. It contains amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These are the ultimate components to give your cat a soft and silky coat. There are vitamins A, E, C, as well as essential minerals to protect its skin.

Purina One Bifensis Junior 3

Best premium value for money

Purina One Bifensis Junior

Thebest premium cat food

Here is a bag of cat food of very high quality. It is rich in cereals and chicken, which will totally satisfy your cat. This kibble is also recommended if you have young cats.

50,95 £ on Amazon

For proper and healthy growth, your cat's diet must be carefully monitored. This is one of the reasons why this cat food is the best and safest thing you can give your cat. There is a large amount of protein. It ensures both a very good bone and muscle development.

PRO PLAN Junior kibble is great because it contains the nutrients your young cat needs for healthy gums and teeth. It also contains DHA, a functional nutrient that has the same effect as breast milk in supporting brain development. Colostrum also strengthens antibodies.

True Instinct Original 4

Alternative quality

True Instinct Original

Alternative quality

Perfect Fit Croquettes is a good food for adult and sterilized cats. It contains chicken for a total of 7 kg of croquettes in the package.

22,79 £ on Amazon

This special kibble for cats allows them to have an optimal physical condition. It is a balanced mixture of calories and protein of very high quality. It stimulates agility and maintenance of the cat's virility as well as good oral hygiene. Perfect Fit kibble for sterilized adult cats promotes the cat's muscular strengthening .

Moreover, it is very easy to digest and even improves digestion thanks to the presence of whole grains. It contains brown rice, oats and barley as well as fiber. Its more, it increases the immune system and improves the coat and the skin.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cat food

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The best cat food

The best entry-level cat food

Thebest premium cat food

Alternative quality

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Comparison table of the best cat food

ADVANCE Veterinary Diets Urinary 5
PRO PLAN Adult 6
Purina One Bifensis Junior 7
True Instinct Original 8
ADVANCE Veterinary Diets Urinary
Purina One Bifensis Junior
True Instinct Original
This is an 8 kg package of cat food to avoid stock-outs. This kibble is easy to digest and is very good for the health of cats.
PRO LAN Adult is a kibble that is only suitable for large cats. This bag of kibble has a weight of 1.5 kg. It is quality kibble at an affordable price.
Here is a bag of cat food of very high quality. It is rich in cereals and chicken, which will totally satisfy your cat. This kibble is also recommended if you have young cats.
Perfect Fit Croquettes is a good food for adult and sterilized cats. It contains chicken for a total of 7 kg of croquettes in the package.
8 kg
1.5 kg
10 kg
7 kg
Good Dry
Special advantage(s)
Balances Calories
High protein
Stimulates healthy development, strengthens immune system
Stimulates growth, improves digestion

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Buying guide - cat food

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How to choose your cat food

To ensure your cat's long-term health, it is essential to choose the right kibble. To this end, here are a few parameters to consider when choosing cat food.

#1 - The ingredients

There is a very large choice of cat food on the market. Choosing between a multitude of products is not an easy task. You have to choose the right one. A cat's body needs mostly animal proteins. Therefore, when buying cat food, you should refer to the ingredients. At the top of the list should be meat and/or fish. This indication means that it is the ingredient present in the greatest quantity in the product.

#2 - Analytical composition


the analytical composition of cat food comes down, first, to checking the protein level. It must be higher than 35%. Kibbles offering this level are a source of energy and essential amino acids. Secondly, we also refer to the rate of ash. It should not exceed 12%. A higher rate increases the risk of urinary stones.

#3 - The grain rate


give a crunchy character to kibbles, manufacturers use cereals. This ingredient is too rich in carbohydrates and is not recommended for cats. The level of sugar in their bodies may actually exceed the recommended threshold, which exposes them to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, but also to allergic reactions. Therefore, prefer kibble that is "grain-free".

#4 - The quality of raw materials

It is

highly inadvisable to buy cat food labeled "animal fat" or "dehydrated animal protein". These are direct references to poor quality raw materials. Real cat food is actually made from animal meat (beef, poultry, pork). Unfortunately, it is not easy to find them, since current legislation does not require manufacturers to list them in the ingredients.

#5 - Without fish

Cat food made with meat or fish oil should also be avoided. A recommendation that seems incongruous, especially since cats love everything that is related to fish. In fact, since cats don't fish because they can't swim, fish is not their natural food. In this sense, we will opt for cat food made of poultry.

Recommended percentages for your cat

Here are the recommended percentages of good to very good quality kibbles for your cat:

  • At least 40% protein
  • Maximum 20% carbohydrates
  • Between 15 and 25% fat
  • Between 5 and 12% crude ash (with good quality meat, this rate can be high in ultra premium kibbles)
  • Between 1 and 3% calcium
  • 1% phosphorus
  • 1% magnesium
  • A minimum of wheat and corn gluten (this is the case with grain-free kibbles)


When your little friend enters a new stage in his life, he will have to change his kibble. Whether it's the transition from a young cat to an adult or for any other reason. To do this, set up a 15-day dietary transition period. For the first three days, give your cat a bowl made up of 75% of his usual kibble and 25% of his new kibble.

If your pet's body is assimilating the new food well, add more new kibble to 50% of his bowl for the next three days. Then, so on until his bowl contains 100% of new kibble. As for the new kibble to give your cat, choose premium quality ingredients with as little grain as possible.

The different types of cat food

On the market of cat food, you will find kibbles called "standard" and others called "premium".

Standard kibbles

These are kibbles that are often found in supermarkets. Less expensive, this type of kibble certainly respects the necessary contributions of the cat, but is composed of ingredients of lesser quality (fattier and less digestible food).

For those with limited budgets, this type of cat food is an option to consider. However, it is not recommended to feed your cat this type of kibble on a daily basis.

Premium kibbles

These are kibbles that can only be found in specialized stores, at a veterinarian's office or on the Internet. Considerably more expensive, these kibbles are made of much higher quality ingredients because they are carefully studied to offer cats a balanced diet adapted to their development according to their breed, size, weight and lifestyle.

In terms of fat, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements, premium kibbles provide a complete diet for every cat.

Each type of premium kibble meets the needs and health status of each breed of cat and takes into account the cat's age.

Why buy cat food?

Kibbles: the easy way out

Nowadays, more and more households are opting for dry food for their cats. The first reason is the ease of administration and preparation. All you have to do is open the bag or box, take the daily dose and give it to your cat. Some products contain practical measuring cups for this purpose.

They are practical

Feeding cats kibble is by far the most practical solution. Indeed, this dry food can be kept very easily, even if the packaging is already open. There is no risk of it spoiling in contact with the air. You can put the kibble in a bowl or in a dispenser, in order to make it available to the animal, permanently.

Their nutritional quality

Cats are naturally fond of anything crunchy. Kibbles are designed to contain everything your cat needs to grow well. It's a complete food, delicious, a real treat. Nevertheless, for kittens at the beginning of weaning, you can allow yourself to moisten the kibble a little.

They are adapted to all needs and all budgets

Kibbles come in different categories, depending on the cat's age, health and weight. There is also something for every budget. Thus, we do not buy the same product for a kitten, an adult cat, a sterilized cat, a pregnant or lactating cat, or an obese cat. For example, kibbles for kittens are smaller than those for adult cats. They also have a higher protein content. Similarly, kibbles for sterilised cats are lower in calories, so that the animal keeps its figure.

They take care of your cats' oral hygiene

Kibbles are beneficial for the oral hygiene of cats. This food actually stimulates chewing, which limits tartar formation. In this respect, it is far superior to pâtés, terrines and other wet foods. In addition, the manufacturing process of cat food, regardless of the brand, goes through the "laboratory" phase. This ensures that oral hygiene is a key consideration in all stages of development.

The best brands of cat food

In our opinion, the best brands of cat food in 2022 are :

Royal Canin

Amikinos is a great brand that markets premium quality eco-friendly foods that are completely free of chemical agents to ensure the well-being of your puppies, adult dogs and cats. It offers an excellent quality/price ratio and helps you easily meet the specific needs of your cats.

Royal Canin has been caring for cats and dogs since 1968 through a wide range of kibbles. Highly recommended by veterinarians, Royal Canin kibbles are highly appreciated by cats and have a good quality/price ratio.

Acana is a brand specialized in animal nutrition for more than 25 years. The kibbles it markets are highly prized by cat lovers because they are highly digestible and make cats' hair shiny and silky.

It is a family-owned company founded in 1993 that specializes in grain-free cat food rich in wild-caught meat (salmon, turkey, duck, pheasant, lamb, reindeer and wild boar), and containing fruits and forest herbs that provide protein, fat, vitamins and natural antioxidants to felines while strengthening their immune system.

Founded in 1969, the Eukanuba brand has been caring for our pets for over 50 years now and is best known for its premium cat food. Eukanuba's premium cat food is popular with cats because of its flavor and nutrition.

What is the price cat food

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

9 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 35 £
more than 35 £
Price range diagram


Do not moisten your cat's kibble

In general, cats prefer either a very wet or a very dry diet. They have difficulty with intermediate foods. So be sure never to moisten his kibble. In the same way, take care not to dry out its food by cooking it too long.

Avoid bowls

Maniatic of cleanliness, the cat does not appreciate so much to get its whiskers dirty on the sides of a bowl when it eats. So it's best to use a flat bowl when you feed him, or failing that, a rather hollow plate to prevent the food from splashing when your cat pushes with his tongue.

Be smart when feeding your cat

As predators, cats detect the taste of food better when it is served at a temperature of about 35°C (this temperature corresponds to that of freshly killed prey). So, if your cat is sulking about his vegetables, even though they're essential to his health, consider serving them at a low temperature to trick his taste buds.

Consider the number of food services

Since your cat has a small stomach, it's best not to offer him a single large meal a day. Instead, feed her in small, regular amounts throughout the day. You can also spoil him with a few treats, such as cat cookies or chew sticks.

Make homemade cat food

To do this, boil 200 g of vegetables and blend them into a puree. Then add 1 can of chicken mash, 2 eggs, 300 g of flour, 2 tablespoons of oil and mix well. Spread the dough on a baking sheet and bake for 50 minutes. Then cut it into cubes and put it back in the oven for 30 minutes. Once cooled, just serve them!


What are the best cat foods?

The best cat food depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

How can I prevent my cat from being overweight?

To prevent your cat from becoming overweight, it is best to monitor and measure the amount of kibble you give your cat according to its age, breed and weight. The ideal quantity is already indicated on the bag of kibble.

How long can I keep cat food after opening the bag?

If you close the bag of kibble well after use, the kibble will keep very well until its expiry date. However, it is important to keep the bag in a dry place and away from the sun.

My cat accidentally swallowed some dog food. Is this serious?

Cats and dogs have very different dietary requirements. If your cat has accidentally swallowed dog food, consult a vet immediately as serious digestive problems can occur depending on the amount of dog food ingested.


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ADVANCE Veterinary Diets Urinary 9
ADVANCE Veterinary Diets Urinary
PRO PLAN Adult 10
Purina One Bifensis Junior 11
Purina One Bifensis Junior
True Instinct Original 12
True Instinct Original


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