The best credit repurchase services in the UK 2023

You didn't succeed in renegotiating your credit? Don't panic! You have the possibility of having your credit repurchased by another establishment or organization. After 25 hours of comparison and analysis, we came to the conclusion that Cofidis buys back credit better than other banks. Indeed, it offers a fixed rate with the possibility of long term repayment and remote management.

Cofidis 1

Best value for money


The best credit buyback service in 2021

Cofidis offers attractive repayment rates and monthly payments. It acquires all your debts from your lenders. It is also specialized in the marketing of credit at a distance.

From 3 000 to 80 000 €.

We recommend Cofidis to those who want to buy a credit at a reasonable rate. This credit consolidation specialist offers borrowers solutions such as revolving credit repurchase, car credit repurchase, real estate credit repurchase, etc. The proposed credit consolidation is valid for everyone, owner or tenant, civil servant or retired.

You could regroup your credits in a single amortizable loan which can reach 80 000 € with a fixed TAEG. The repayment is also negotiable according to your financial situation. All the operations are done online and the constitution of the file is free. There is even an online simulator to test your future credit repurchase!

Cetelem 2

Best value for money


The best credit buyback service for small budgets

Cetelem offers various credit repurchase solutions such as mortgage or fixed-rate consumer credit repurchase. It is also possible to integrate a bank overdraft.

Up to 100000€.

As a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group, Cetelem allows anyone with repayment difficulties to combine their loans into a single loan and thus benefit from more flexible repayment conditions. If you are a homeowner, you could benefit from a home loan consolidation that also includes other types of credit for your work.

In addition, Cetelem offers individuals a consumer credit repurchase with a fee that is lower than the cost of the credit. The credit repurchase offer that the organization proposes can reach 100 000 €, repayable over 3 to 25 years. Practicing a fixed rate, the APR is from 9%, all this without file fees. And you will have a real time visibility of your account status thanks to your online customer area.

Credit repurchase service - Boursorama 3

Best premium for money

Credit repurchase service - Boursorama

The best high-end credit buyback service

Boursorama bank offers the most advantageous offer for the repurchase of real estate credit. It offers a fixed or variable rate with a long repayment period of up to 15 years.

From 100 000 to 350 000 €.

If you have real estate and have taken out several loans with your bank, Boursorama can buy them from you if the outstanding balance is between 100,000 and 350,000 €. This bank will look for the most advantageous way for you to benefit from the best rates.

Boursorama provides its customers with a free and confidential online simulation tool with an almost instantaneous result. With its assistance, you can obtain a fairly substantial credit repurchase, mentioned above, and whose repayment period is between 12 and 108 months. Note the APR limited to 2.1%.

Cofinoga 4

Consumer credit buyback


The best buyback service for consumer loans

If you have trouble paying your consumer loans, Cofinoga can help you. With its support and financial expertise, your unpaid debts will be nothing but a bad memory.

From 6000€ to 200000€.

Cofinoga, a limited company specialized in consumer credit, offers to buy back your loans and group them into a single one. 2 solutions are proposed to you: the credit buyback with the presence of real estate credit and the credit grouping without real estate credit. The personal loan system allows you to benefit from an amount of between €6,000 and €200,000.

Cofinoga charges a fixed APR of between 1% and 5.88% and you also have the possibility of integrating a new loan to carry out your projects. Cofinoga's aim is to settle your outstanding debts by offering you an amount identical to what you owe your bank, for a repayment period ranging from 12 to 300 months!

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Best credit repurchase service

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The best credit buyback service in 2021

The best credit buyback service for small budgets

The best high-end credit buyback service

The best buyback service for consumer loans

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Comparison table of the best credit repurchase services

Cofidis 5
Cetelem 6
Credit repurchase service - Boursorama 7
Cofinoga 8
Credit repurchase service - Boursorama
Cofidis offers attractive repayment rates and monthly payments. It acquires all your debts from your lenders. It is also specialized in the marketing of credit at a distance.
Cetelem offers various credit repurchase solutions such as mortgage or fixed-rate consumer credit repurchase. It is also possible to integrate a bank overdraft.
Boursorama bank offers the most advantageous offer for the repurchase of real estate credit. It offers a fixed or variable rate with a long repayment period of up to 15 years.
If you have trouble paying your consumer loans, Cofinoga can help you. With its support and financial expertise, your unpaid debts will be nothing but a bad memory.
From €3,000 to €80,000
Up to €100,000
From €100,000 to €350,000
From €6,000 to €200,000
From 5.17 to 20.81%
From 9.21%
From 2.10%
From 1.79% to 7.39%
Loan term
From 12 to 144 months (12 years)
From 3 to 25 years
From 12 to 108 months (9 years)
From 12 to 300 months (25 years)
File fees
0 € to €1,500

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Buying guide - credit repurchase service

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How to choose your credit repurchase service

As mentioned above, a credit repurchase allows you to reduce the repayment of your loans from a bank. Of course, the duration will be longer, but it helps you in every way. These few criteria will help you to better choose the service of repurchase of credit which corresponds to your needs.

#1 - The rate of reimbursement

This is the main criterion to take into account, because the lower the repayment rate, the lower your monthly payment will be. It will be analyzed on a fixed rate. If an organization wants to increase its customer base, it will offer a low repayment rate. In the opposite case, the rate will be relatively high. Therefore, think about making a comparison before you decide.

#2 - The reputation of the credit repurchase service

The surest way to know if such or such an organization is reliable is to ask around or call on the expertise of a financial advisor. If you choose a specialized institution, the best thing to do is to turn to an entity with ISO 9001 certification. But you can also choose an actor listed in the ORIAS register which gathers all reputable financial institutions.

#3 - Flexibility

As mentioned before, a credit repurchase allows you to lighten the repayment of your loans from a bank. Certainly, the duration will be longer, but it will help you in every way. These few criteria will help you to better choose the credit repurchase service that corresponds to your needs. Since your financial situation will change over time, you should consider the environment of the organization you choose. Always consider one that offers you many repayment options depending on your circumstances. For example, consider the institution that offers deferred repayment in case you are unable to repay on time.

#4 - Monthly payment, term and insurance


three criteria are just as important as the others. These three criteria are just as important as the others, because they help define your possibilities, your requirements and your needs. Choose the establishment that offers you a monthly payment in accordance with your request with an insurance over a period corresponding to your possibility of repayment. With a comparator, you have the chance to impose a fixed budget and have the result related to it. Which means you don't have to exceed that at the expense of your own well-being.

#5 - Support

Credit repurchase can be risky if you don't have good guidance from the financial institution. The most advisable being a broker, since he will be closer to you and will effectively follow up on your file so that you get a contract that will benefit you. But the specialized organizations and banks are not left out, since they have a well established support service that will provide you with advice and guide you throughout the process.

What is a credit repurchase and how does it work?

A credit repurchase is the action of regrouping all the loans in progress in only one credit for. Only a banking institution or a recognized financial entity can carry out this operation. The objective is simple: to regroup the credits in order to reduce the monthly payment or in other words to refinance several credits through a single credit.

This can be a consumer credit, a personal loan, a real estate credit or a revolving credit. The advantage is that this practice allows you to combine loans taken out with several banks and transform them into a single loan. It is even possible to integrate tax debts.

Once the borrower has obtained the agreement for a credit repurchase, he will be able to benefit from a lower monthly payment and a longer repayment period. This gives the borrower the opportunity to save money, as they will have a larger budget for other activities or initiatives.

In most cases, it is essential to change banks in order to facilitate the credit repurchase. This way, your new bank will have more room to satisfy you and offer you more flexible conditions.

When should I consider buying back my credit?

A credit repurchase can be considered if the household is at risk of overindebtedness due to several loans not being repaid or whose repayment exceeds one third of the household income.

It can also be used to simplify the management of a household's budget, especially for borrowers who are facing a complex situation and are unable to get out of it. Thanks to a regrouping of credit, it will be able to profit from a reduction of the monthly payment.

But the repurchase of credit is also a good alternative to make savings, especially if the whole of your credits in progress includes a real loan. It helps to lower the total cost of credit with a lower borrowing rate than the previously contracted credit.

The different types of credit repurchase services

Who should you talk to if you want to buy back your credit? There are several options available to you, depending on your needs and the conditions you have defined beforehand.

The banks

The first institutions that can help you to obtain a credit repurchase are the banks, more precisely your usual bank or another one. If usually, it takes care of managing your account and current operations, it can also help you to carry out a repurchase of credit. You can thus benefit from complete and tailor-made assistance provided that you have a contact person who knows the field well.

Specialized organizations


specialized organizations are a perfectly accessible option since they know the sector well. They are specialized in consumer credit, real estate and credit consolidation. Unlike banking institutions, they do not engage in any other activity except the one offered to you. Therefore, you will have a better follow-up and an advice given by experts. The study of your file and your financial situation is thus done with meticulousness in order to restructure your current loans or readjust it according to your financial condition and your solvency.


Credit repurchase brokers are specialists who offer their know-how so that you can enjoy a complete and personalized study. They look for the best option corresponding to your expectations. They will go out of their way for you to find several offers from their colleagues or from an organization they are used to working with. He will then submit your file to several institutions, banks or specialized organizations. The advantage of using the services of a broker is that he is dedicated to you and that he will always be available in case of problem.

Credit repurchase or credit renegotiation?

Credit repurchase

The repurchase of credit is the least risky solution to lower the monthly payments and extend the repayment. The repurchase of loan carried out, on its side, alleviates the indebtedness. But the consolidation of credit is also a way to build up savings and allows to realize a project, because you can conclude other loans by contracting it.

But few banks where you are a customer will grant you a credit repurchase. You would have to close your account in this bank and open one in another to hope to benefit from a credit repurchase. And this will not be without consequence, because it can generate additional costs such as the IRA or early repayment indemnity. The duration of the repayment will also be extended.

Credit renegotiation

The renegotiation of credit is done within your usual bank. Generally, you can undertake this process if you find that the rate at the time of signing the contract is higher than the current rate. You can then either reduce the monthly payment or shorten the total repayment period. But you will also have the chance to benefit from a more flexible contract at the time of renegotiating your loan; for example a small discount on the insurance.

But even if you have been a customer of the bank for a long time, the problem lies in the fact that you would have to provide many supporting documents. And sometimes you can be turned down by your bank if your file is not solid, or you can risk overindebtedness if it is accepted.


So, renegotiation or repurchase of credit? The versatility of the repurchase of credit makes it more advantageous. Indeed, you can repurchase one or more credits according to your situation with your bank. But it can not be operated with your usual bank. On the other hand, if you just want to reduce the nominal rate of the current loan or obtain a more advantageous contract, you can perfectly opt for a renegotiation of credit.


Carefully study the credit repurchase offers and options

Don't rush into anything! Take the time to analyze all the options available to you. The conditions differ from one institution to another, as do the interest rates. Determine your objective and be careful because a credit repurchase commits you in the same way as a classic loan.

Don't rush into revolving credit


is certainly not the best option given that they qualify as consumer loans that can lead you into over-indebtedness and also that they disguise the offer as being a promotion, but have an exorbitant interest rate


Credit repurchase, a good alternative, but....

Taking out

a credit buyback can be a good option if you have your goals clearly defined. But some malicious organizations can plunge you into over-indebtedness, especially if you are paying back a third or more of your income.

Calculate your borrowing capacity


you take out a credit repurchase, remember to do a simulation and calculate your borrowing capacity and make sure it doesn't exceed one-third of your income, i.e. less than 33%. This is the maximum drawdown rate that a financial institution must apply for a loan.

Choose the right insurance


good insurance is a guarantee that you could make an early repayment and that you will benefit from a less expensive application fee. The insurance you are offered should be flexible to your financial situation.


What is the best credit repurchase service?

The best credit repurchase service depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are best for you.

What is the purpose of a credit repurchase?

The repurchase of credit with for principal objective to regroup several loans in only one and to be able to profit from a single rate with a longer duration of refunding. It must thus adapt to the possibilities of the borrower, which will facilitate the management of its budget.

Credit repurchase: for which category of person?

You only need to have a fixed income or salary, because the credit repurchase offer is accessible to everyone. Whether you are a civil servant or a person exercising a liberal profession, or whether you are retired, there is always a way for you to benefit from a credit consolidation. However, whether or not you get this type of loan depends on your financing file.

Can I borrow again after taking out a credit repurchase?

You have every right to take out a new loan after a credit repurchase. However, be sure to check your ability to repay in order to avoid getting into over-indebtedness.

What is the maximum repayment period for a credit repurchase?

This depends on the institution from which you have requested a credit repurchase and the type of repurchase. Generally, a consumer credit repurchase is repayable for up to 12 years. In the case of a guaranteed loan with a mortgage guarantee, repayment can vary between 25 and 35 years.


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Credit repurchase service - Boursorama
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