The best cat brushes in the UK 2023

We love cats, that's for sure! But to ensure that they don't leave any hair behind, investing in a cat brush is essential. A must-have among its grooming accessories like the Furminator T691669, this tool allows you to effectively maintain its coat and reduce the formation of knots as well as the risks of regurgitation. Read this guide to learn more.

Furminator T691669 1

Best value for money

Furminator T691669

The best cat brush in 2021

Efficient and strong, the Furminator T691669 is suitable for cats as well as dogs, regardless of hair length. This comb has a tight row of teeth for gentle detangling of the coat.

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The Furminator T691669's blade is easy to adjust to your pet's hair length and type. Simply slide the FURextender slider and lock the blade in the position that suits your needs. The tool also features a curved, metal blade that ensures quick and efficient removal of tangles.

The stainless steel edge of this cat brush feels especially sturdy, making it ultra scratch resistant. For use on dry hair, this detangling brush easily handles heavy use. Its ergonomic handle is covered with non-slip material so that you can enjoy a comfortable grip and handling.

Pecute Gloves 2

Best value for money

Pecute Gloves

The best entry-level cat brush

This pair of Pecute silicone gloves is used for showering and brushing the cat's hair at the same time. Interestingly, it is also suitable for canines. A credible alternative if your cat is afraid of conventional brushes.

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Pecute grooming gloves stand out because of their high density tips. Indeed, each glove has 3,000 tips and reassures the cat better than brushes with handles. So, you can prepare a bubble bath for your cat while brushing its hair more deeply. In addition, these silicone gloves can be used to massage the cat.

Moreover, the Pecute non-slip gloves have a very good elasticity. The pair adapts to the size of your hands and can withstand temperatures of up to 230°C. Moreover, you only need to immerse these gloves in boiling water to sterilize them. Let us specify that these multifunctional gloves are suitable for all types of coats: dog, rabbit, cat or horse.

Furminator T691660 3

Best high end brush

Furminator T691660

The best high-end cat brush

Designed for small and long-haired cats, the Furminator T691660 cat brush removes up to 90% of excess hair. Easy to clean, the tool is recommended by pet store professionals.

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No more cat hair on your clothes, furniture and carpets with the Furminator T691660. This cat brush removes up to 90% of your feline's dead hair, while preventing it from accumulating throughout the house. A single click on the FURejector button of this stainless steel brush is enough to eject the collected dead hair.

It should be noted that this model also allows your cat to avoid ingesting its hair when it grooms itself. The Furminator T691660 can be used on skin that is free of wounds to promote sebum secretion and a healthier coat. With its revolutionary design, go straight to the heart of the undercoat, gently but surely.

Furminator T691663 4

Detangling brush

Furminator T691663

The right brush to detangle your cat's hair

What better way to detangle and smooth cat hair than with the Furminator T691663? This ultra efficient brush has a comb side and a brush side. BPA free, it is recommended by groomers.

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This double-sided brush impresses. The comb side ensures easy detangling while avoiding hair clumps and knots, making daily brushing less complicated and removing larger impurities. The brush side shines and smoothes your pet's coat. It also takes care of small impurities and dead hairs.

Brushing your cat (or dog) with the Furminator T691663 will give both of you pleasure and help strengthen your bond. Stimulating the secretion of sebum, the accessory is even more effective on healthy skin, without wounds. It is also recommended by groomers because it does not contain Bisphenol A or any other toxic product.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cat brush

Any specific needs?

The best cat brush in 2021

The best entry-level cat brush

The best high-end cat brush

The right brush to detangle your cat's hair

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Comparison table of the best cat brushes

Furminator T691669 5
Pecute Gloves 6
Furminator T691660 7
Furminator T691663 8
Furminator T691669
Pecute Gloves
Furminator T691660
Furminator T691663
Efficient and strong, the Furminator T691669 is suitable for cats as well as dogs, regardless of hair length. This comb has a tight row of teeth for gentle detangling of the coat.
This pair of Pecute silicone gloves is used for showering and brushing the cat's hair at the same time. Interestingly, it is also suitable for canines. A credible alternative if your cat is afraid of conventional brushes.
Designed for small and long-haired cats, the Furminator T691660 cat brush removes up to 90% of excess hair. Easy to clean, the tool is recommended by pet store professionals.
What better way to detangle and smooth cat hair than with the Furminator T691663? This ultra efficient brush has a comb side and a brush side. BPA free, it is recommended by groomers.
Heavy-duty, adjustable blade
Suitable for all types of coats
Easy to clean in 1 click
2-in-1 brush with hard and soft bristles
Ergonomic, non-slip handle
Multipurpose glove (for animals or in the kitchen)
Efficient and easy to use
Use in wet and dry environments
Very handy for removing hair clumps
Sterilizable and easy to maintain
Long life due to its quality materials
Ideal for everyday use

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Buying guide - cat brush

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How to choose your cat brush

Brushing your cat is essential to keeping it healthy. In addition to bonding with the owner, this practice removes dead hair and prevents knots from forming. To minimize your search, here are the criteria to consider.

#1 - The length of the hair

A brush for every hair length! Before you buy a cat brush, remember to check your pet's coat. A double-sided brush is perfect for short and medium-length coats. You'll be able to detangle hair and remove dirt with the bristle side. And the soft bristle side helps remove dead hair more effectively. If your cat has long hair, choose a detangling comb. The fine comb will be used to get a better result.

#2 - Brushing frequency

Some cats require daily brushing while others will only need it less frequently. For regular use (in the case of a long-haired Persian cat), a rubber or silicone cat brush is best. If the short-haired cat requires weekly maintenance of its coat, the brushing of the semi-long-haired cat, like the Sacred Birman, will only be done every 2 days.

#3 - The comfort of use

In order to ensure optimal comfort, prefer a cat brush that would not cause any discomfort during its use. It should have an ergonomic handle, making it easy to handle and grip. Also, the grooming tool will ensure easy cleaning. In this sense, some models are equipped with a button that ejects the dead hair accumulated between the spikes with a simple pressure.

#4 - The solidity


less expensive, the purchase of a cat brush is a long term investment. Therefore, choose models made of very resistant materials

(stainless steel, silicone, rubber...) and which are more robust. Among other things, the teeth and spikes must retain their initial shape as much as possible despite intensive use.

#5 - The materials

The materials used to manufacture cat brushes vary from one model to another. However, a good model is often designed with stainless steel, boar bristles, silicone and/or rubber. You'll find an ultra-soft coating on the handle to ensure a better grip. It must be free of toxic products and Bisphenol A while meeting French health standards.

"A house without a cat is an aquarium without fish. - By Jean-Louis Hue

How to use the cat brush?

Did you know that without regular maintenance, a cat can ingest a large amount of hair? Indeed, during its grooming, the animal uses its raspy tongue to get rid of its dead hairs. Hairballs will form in his stomach, but also in his intestines. If the regurgitating action is insufficient, these hairballs may clog the digestive system.

At first, it is interesting to specify that theuse of the cat brush must be done from his youngest age. This way, you'll get your cat used to the accessory, which gives you the opportunity to take good care of its coat. In order to take advantage of all its benefits, it is recommended that you slide the cat brush in the direction of the hair and with delicacy. Then proceed by small areas, avoiding sensitive parts if you don't use the right brush.

When you notice a knot, hold it at the base to avoid hurting your feline. Pass the brush over and over again in the same spot until the knot is untangled. Once you've untangled all the knots, use the comb brush, which is ideal for getting into the undercoat, and remove any dirt that has become embedded. Finish with the smoothing brush, which will allow you to shine the cat's coat, making it soft and silky.

The different types of cat brushes

The choice of the right type of cat brush depends on the coat of your four-legged friend, the frequency of use and your needs. In order not to lose you, we have classified them in 4 main categories.

Cat brush with spikes

This type of cat brush is perfect for the first brushing. It is ideal if you want to detangle the hair and remove the knots of a short-haired cat

, regardless of the type of coat. It can be used on a daily basis and is equipped with spikes, often metal or plastic, with rounded ends. Also, it cannot be used on sensitive areas such as the paws or the tail. Usually offered as a 2-in-1, it comes with a slicker cat brush on the other side so you can shine the pet's coat.

Slicker cat brush

Smofter, the smoothing cat brush is the most appropriate if you want to perfect your pet's brushing. It is used in most cases, after the comb brush, to make the coat of the silkiest

thanks to the distribution of natural oils. With its soft bristles, it is practical for brushing the sensitive parts of your pet and removing dirt and dead hair. You can use it to brush back and forth.

Cat comb brush


cat comb brush is specially indicated for long and medium-haired cats. To be used no more than once a week, this type of brush not only helps to detangle the hair and remove dead hair, but also to reach the undercoat

. You will be able to gently brush your cat in the direction of the hair without hurting him in the process.

The brush glove

Most popular with cats, the brush glove turns out to be a multi-functional accessory. It not only detangles the hair, but also offers the possibility of stroking the cat at the same time. It's not the most effective, but it will save you a lot of scratching. With its spikes, it is better suited to weekly brushing. Its biggest advantage is that it removes dead hair and dust while avoiding aggression to your dog's skin. If your cat is afraid of a regular cat brush, you can easily get him used to it with a brushing glove.

Cat brush or self-cleaner for cats?

Cat brush

Those who have a cat know it (especially the long-haired one like the Persian or Angora cat), it is impossible not to maintain its coat. Knots will quickly form that will be difficult to untangle. Even if you have a short-haired cat, regular brushing offers many advantages. The cat brush makes it easier to remove dead hairs, which will prevent the animal from ingesting them and disturbing its digestive transit.

When brushing your cat, you can also check the condition of its skin and coat. You will immediately notice if he has skin problems or if he has fleas and ticks. The use of this grooming tool is also important as it will greatly improve your cat's hygiene. Your cat will also benefit from a massaging effect that it will love.

Cat self-cleaner

The self-cleaner for cats, as its name indicates, is designed to make the animal more independent. He will be able to groom himself without needing your help. While eliminating dead hair, the accessory in the form of an arc provides a massage effect. Easy to install, the self-groomer is simply placed at the corner of a piece of furniture or a wall thanks to double-sided adhesive strips or screws, at the height of the cat.

You can attract your cat with catnip that you have placed in a compartment of the self-cleaner. The brush is easy to clean and can be easily unclipped so that you can remove the hair and maintain the accessory.


The cat brush is highly recommended to create a feeling of complicity between you and your cat. You will have total control over the care of its coat. What's more, while petting your cat, you'll be able to stroke it, untangle its knots and shine its hair. On the other hand, the self-cleaner for cats is preferable if you want to let your cat be massaged by itself. It's ideal if you're away during the day or if your cat's caregiver doesn't know how to handle your cat. It is also suitable for short-haired cats.


Remove cat hair from your sofas with a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum your sofas routinely when you have a cat or dog. Use a special nozzle with a brush, such as the Rowenta RO7681EA bagless vacuum cleaner, if you also want to clean your upholstery. Better yet, a special pet hair robot vacuum cleaner such as theAmibot Animal XL H2O Connect

will be able to be of great help for cleaning carpets.

Use a washcloth


damp, the washcloth can act as a cat brush. It has the ability to gather the hairs that have landed on your clothes, upholstery, sofas... Use a circular motion to gather them and then simply remove them by hand.

Do not allow him access to certain rooms


presence of the tomcat is not always desired in all the rooms of your house like your baby's room for example or your


From a very young age, teach your pet that he is not allowed in the room. This way, you will avoid having hair on your pillows, your blankets or your work surface.

Effectively remove hair clumps


your cat's hair has become too tangled and has formed hair clumps, it will be difficult to get rid of it. The only solution is to use clippers. If possible, avoid cutting the clumps with scissors, as this could cut your pet's skin as well. If the cat is afraid of the sound of the clippers, take him to the vet so he can be given a general anesthetic.

Choose the right time to brush your cat


best time to brush your cat will be after his meal, when he is completely relaxed. When he is sleeping or playing, do not disturb him. Also, you must not force him if he doesn't want you to brush him.


What is the best cat brush?

The best cat brush depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What brushing technique should I use?

To brush your cat in the best conditions, place it directly on a table. Then brush him in the direction of the hair while paying attention to his sensitive parts such as the tail, the nipples or the ears.

When should the cat brush be cleaned?

Cleaning the cat brush should be done after each use. Simply remove the bristles and wash the tool with water before drying it.

Are knots in the cat's coat dangerous?

In addition to being unsightly, the presence of knots prevents the skin from breathing, which leads to the appearance of dandruff, infections, etc.

Can I pull out the hairballs by hand?

Yes, only if they are less tangled. Pinch them at the base and pull gently to remove them.


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