The best cat food in the UK 2023

Do you want to offer your cat a healthy and balanced diet? As a single diet or combined with other foods, cat food guarantees a rich nutritional intake for your feline and will contribute to its proper development. In addition, it is a moist food that will help hydrate your cat. Don't wait any longer, find the best cat food by reading our buying guide.

Yarrah Bio

Editor's Choice

Yarrah Bio

Best cat food in 2021

Whether your cat likes chicken or fish, it will be well served with this natural and organic food. It is guaranteed grain-free, but contains peas, spirulina and algae.

10,79 £ on Zooplus

Are you looking for a natural and digestible food for your cat? Turn to Yarrah Organic Pâtée. It's a complete food made with 100% organic ingredients. You can choose between two versions: fish-based or meat-based. It also contains essential ingredients such as seaweed and spirulina from controlled organic farms. In addition to pleasing your cat's taste buds, you'll be helping to strengthen its natural defenses, provide an excellent source of protein and increase its vitality. It should be noted that the consistency of stools will be improved.

Yarrah Organic Cat Food is high in nutrients and vitamins. All ingredients have been carefully selected, so your pet will have no trouble digesting and assimilating it. This product is therefore suitable for felines with allergies or digestive problems. Moreover, the recipe is free of sugar, flavors, GMOs, pesticides, dyes and preservatives.

MJamJam Mix Pack II 1

Best for low price

MJamJam Mix Pack II

Best entry-level cat food

For a weekly supply for your cat, you can choose the MJamJam 1102M1. This 6-pack of cat food cans contains exclusively delicious recipes.

7,19 £ on Amazon

The formulas elaborated by the MJamJam cat food range are particularly concerned with the feline well-being. Fresh ingredients, high quality meat and healthy plants, the composition embodies respect for the species and nature. The MJamJam Mix Pack II is a complete diet that guarantees a special taste experience for your cat.

Its soft yet crunchy texture hides all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs. The manufacturers source their ingredients from local farm suppliers to ensure a rich and healthy diet.

Franklin Chicken 2

Best for high end

Franklin Chicken

Best premium cat food

This cat food from Franklin is a unique quality promise. Still little known on the cat food market, it is worth trying this product with a remarkable price/container ratio.

31,60 £ on Amazon

The ingredients in Franklin Chicken Cat Food have been specially selected to provide your cat with maximum protein and low fat and carbohydrate levels. Among other things, everything needed to maintain the proper functioning of its urinary mechanism.

The nutritional composition of this cat food is adapted to the carnivorous needs of your feline because it contains more than 60% of meat and fish. It is ideal as a supplement to kibble to provide the nutritional balance your cat needs. With its refined formula, your feline will have no digestive problems or risk of becoming overweight.

Applaws 1036NE-A 3

Best for kittens

Applaws 1036NE-A

Best cat food for kittens

And here is a tasty cat food for all ages: Applaws 1036NE-A is composed of 45% tuna and vegetable gelling agent. The product is specifically recommended for kittens because of its rich fish fillet composition.

18,92 £ on Amazon

The recipe for this cat food has been designed to be particularly suitable for baby cats, who need a very soft yet nutritious consistency. The tuna fillet that is the main ingredient strictly meets these criteria. Moreover, as it is intended for small and sensitive beings, it does not contain any artificial substance that could destabilize their digestive balance. The additive ingredients are guaranteed natural and of superior quality.

The proportion of meat in Applaws cat food varies between 70 and 80%, a generous quota that is perfectly adapted to the protein needs of kittens that are about to enter their full growth phase. Applaws 1036NE-A cat food meets the reliability standards recognized by expert veterinarians who are very familiar with feline feeding habits.

Animonda Carny 83812 4

For all breeds

Animonda Carny 83812

Best cat food for all breeds

Treat your cat to the best cat food: Animonda Carny 83812, with a generous proportion of fresh meat. The range gives you a free choice of more than 20 delicious variations.

19,04 £ on Amazon
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Best cat food

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Best cat food in 2021

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Best cat food for kittens

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Comparison table of the best cat food

Yarrah Bio
MJamJam Mix Pack II 5
Franklin Chicken 6
Applaws 1036NE-A 7
Animonda Carny 83812 8
Yarrah Bio
MJamJam Mix Pack II
Franklin Chicken
Applaws 1036NE-A
Animonda Carny 83812
Whether your cat likes chicken or fish, it will be well served with this natural and organic food. It is guaranteed grain-free, but contains peas, spirulina and algae.
For a weekly supply for your cat, you can choose the MJamJam 1102M1. This 6-pack of cat food cans contains exclusively delicious recipes.
This cat food from Franklin is a unique quality promise. Still little known on the cat food market, it is worth trying this product with a remarkable price/container ratio.
And here is a tasty cat food for all ages: Applaws 1036NE-A is composed of 45% tuna and vegetable gelling agent. The product is specifically recommended for kittens because of its rich fish fillet composition.
Treat your cat to the best cat food: Animonda Carny 83812, with a generous proportion of fresh meat. The range gives you a free choice of more than 20 delicious variations.
6 x 400g cans
6 x 200g cans
32 x 100g cans
24 trays of 70 g
12 x 200g cans
Organic chicken or fish, vegetables, minerals and seaweed
Crispy beef, chicken and vegetables
Chicken, salmon and cranberry
Multi-meat cocktail (beef, poultry, rabbit)
Moisture content
Superior to 70%
Not mentioned
Adult cat
Recommended for Maine Coon species
Adult cat
All breeds and ages
Sugar-free, dairy-free and grain-free
Wheat free, grain free, environmentally friendly
Limited to 5 ingredients
Jelly for easy assimilation
Available in many varieties

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Buying guide - cat food

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How to choose your cat food

In order to give your cat the best possible treat, consider the following criteria.

#1 - Protein content

For a carnivorous animal such as a cat, the daily intake of animal proteins must be sufficient and proportional to its needs. This is important because it affects the very survival of the cat. So, when choosing the best food for your cat, you should check that the product contains at least 60% meat or fish, then you will be sure to get a good quality food.

This must be at the top of the list to be valid. At the same time, check the list carefully because it should not contain any animal or vegetable by-products.

#2 - Carbohydrate content

A cat's diet should not contain a significant proportion of carbohydrates. Although the cat is able to assimilate carbohydrates, they are not of primary use in its metabolism. In this case, the recommended amount in a good cat food should not exceed 3%.

By carbohydrates we mean: cereals and their variants (wheat, soy, corn, rice), legumes (lentils, beans) and potatoes. This is important because the carbohydrate content is the lowest number on the ingredient list.

#3 - Artificial substances

As with us humans, the presence of artificial substances is not too approved if you want to offer your cat a healthy food. This includes anything that is a chemical additive such as coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

This is because these elements can cause adverse reactions in cats such as indigestion, gastrointestinal disorders or skin allergies. Therefore, to preserve your cat's good health, you should choose pates free of these artificial substances whenever possible.

#4 - Adapted composition

Each individual is unique. Two cats of the same breed each have their own health and nutritional needs. Two cats of the same age will not necessarily have the same tastes. To be sure you are feeding your cat the right food, you must first determine what your cat likes and what catches his attention.

You should also consider the health of your cat, in case it is intolerant to something. All of these factors should be considered in determining the right food for your cat.

#5 - Water content

Cat food is part of what is called wet food. As such, it provides a certain amount of water to the cat's body. It is even said that cat food is a very water-rich food. So, if your cat doesn't hydrate very regularly, feeding cat food is a great option.

As a guideline, we recommend that you choose a cat food with a minimum water content of 80%. By consistently feeding your cat a well-hydrated food, you'll be helping to meet his body's water needs.

Finding the best quality cat food

Since you cherish your pet so much, you feel it deserves the best living conditions. You're not wrong, cat food is definitely a complete food and very much appreciated by these felines. All you have to do is make a careful choice to find a quality cat food.

To do this, you need to know how to read the label on the cat food can. Here are a few references to help you avoid a cheap cat food.

  • List of ingredients. The ingredients in cat food are listed in descending order of quantity. Among other things, the first ingredient listed is the one with the highest proportion in the cat food. In this case, beware if the ingredient at the top of the list is a cereal of any kind, this is not the right choice for your cat.
  • The largest proportion. Your cat needs a complete diet every day. You'll recognize a quality cat food by the fact that the first ingredient listed is a meat product (meat or fish fillet). However, be aware of inaccurate details because they will mislead you and you will get a cat food of poor nutritional quality.
  • Other ingredients. You should check that the proportion of certain components is not significantly high, namely fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vegetable fiber. You should also make sure that the cat food you buy contains a significant amount of water.

By paying attention to these few points, you will be guaranteed a high quality cat food. You will be offering your cat a healthy and complete diet and will keep him in good health by avoiding kidney or urinary diseases.

The different types of cat food

We classify cat food into two distinct types.

Complementary food

Supplementary food, as the name implies, does not contain all of the nutrients your cat should be getting in his daily diet. It is often made with meat or fish, but does not include vitamins, minerals or other essential nutrients.

It is therefore a supplemental food, which completes the intake from kibbles for example. In this case, it represents only 15 to 25% of the cat's daily food. If the cat is eating the complementary food, be sure to give him something else to avoid deficiencies.

Complete food

The complete food has the right composition to meet the cat's nutritional needs: water, meat, vitamins, minerals, lipids, amino acids and omegas. By giving your cat wholemeal, you will be completely at ease regarding the necessary intake that he must assimilate every day.

Wholemeal can be used as his only food without any problem. However, you can still vary his diet by alternating with kibbles, the results being the same.

Cat food or kibble?

Cat food

Cat food is one of the so-called wet foods that you can give your cat. Their water content is relatively high and allows a sustained hydration of your pet's body. Cat food is therefore an almost complete food and reduces the risk of kidney or bladder diseases. It is also very popular with nursing cats.

Experts agree that vitamins and nutrients are best retained in cat food. Even if your cat eats it often, it's still a good idea to serve water separately from the food bowl to make sure she drinks constantly. Chews can be a solution for hard-to-feed cats, as the texture is more appetizing and the scent more captivating.

In terms of nutritional value, mash has less carbohydrates and more vitamins than kibble. Lastly, pâté cannot be kept for more than 24 hours, so your cat should finish its ration once the container has been opened.

Cat food

Cat food, on the other hand, as you can already guess, is a dry food, easy to store but favoring rapid dehydration if adopted as a single diet. If you give your cat kibble regularly, the water bowl is imperative.

One of the benefits of kibble on your cat's health is the preservation of its oral hygiene: the repetitive chewing reduces the formation of tartar and dental plaque.

Kibbles are also easier to digest because of their less fatty consistency: if your cat has any digestive problems, kibbles are light but complete.


You don't necessarily have to choose between kibble and cat food, as both foods have vital benefits for your cat's health and growth. Ideally, your cat should be fed a varied diet so that she can enjoy every taste and texture.

Once he's made his own choices, you can guide his diet in one direction or another. However, keep in mind that, like any living being, your cat must consume a healthy and balanced diet as well as a sufficient quantity of water.

5 good reasons to buy cat food

It provides quality nutrition

A good cat food is essentially made up of quality meat, water and other vitamins and minerals. This mixture is an ideal diet to keep your furry friend healthy, as it provides all the elements necessary for proper growth.

Helps improve digestion

Because cat food is soft in texture, it's easier to digest. In addition, the water contained in the formula helps the digestive system to absorb the food.

It does not require any handling

Cat food is a so-called ready-to-eat food: as the ingredients have been cooked and ground, there is no need to prepare or mix them. All you have to do is open the can and serve it to your cat.

It ensures proper hydration

Water has a huge proportion in the composition of cat food. This is a huge advantage for regular hydration of your feline.

It reduces the risk of disease

By regularly consuming cat food, your cat stays well hydrated and its body is protected against various pathologies in the urinary tract, kidneys or liver.

The best brands of cat food

In our opinion, the best brands of cat food in 2022 are :


The British brand Applaws is particularly concerned with the quality of its food for cats and dogs. It is as respectful of the animal as it is of nature. With this in mind, it offers a variety of products with the value of natural nutrition.

MjAMjAM cat food is suitable for all breeds and is a complete and fresh diet for your feline. They contain carefully selected ingredients for a healthy formula without artificial additives.

The German brand is brand new and offers a wide range of quality cat food. Their principle is to create products from the latest scientific innovations for a natural diet.

Not yet very well known on the cat food market, the French brand nevertheless produces pâtées or croquettes for cats and dogs of a very sought-after quality. Its founders place the utmost importance on the choice of ingredients in order to defend cats against various intolerances and pathologies.

It is a brand specialized in animal food launched by Amazon. The products in their range are designed by qualified animal nutritionists and each finished product goes through a veterinary check.

What is the price cat food

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram



Of course, you'll want to keep your cat food in the refrigerator. To serve it, you must take it out well in advance because the room temperature of the food allows to release the flavours that will arouse your cat's appetite. Remember also that cat food can't be eaten after 4 hours at room temperature in the bowl, unlike kibble, which can be left in the bowl all day.

The ideal age

Pet nutrition experts recommend that cat food be given to your cat from the age of 2 months. Your feline can use it as a daily food during all stages of his life, but it's most effective for spayed or neutered cats and older cats.

The quantity

By living with your cat every day, you'll probably recognize how much food your cat eats in one sitting. Since cat food cannot be kept for long after opening the can, you must manage the ration needed so as not to throw away the rest.

The benefits

The consistency of cat food is not conducive to anti-tartar action: in order to combine its benefits with good action on dental plaque, you can still opt for treats from time to time. However, it is important to respect the right dose in order not to develop negative effects on your cat's health.

The balance

In order for your cat to benefit from a good diet, you should alternate between food and kibble. In fact, each of these foods has specific contributions that preserve the health and metabolism of your feline.


How much cat food a day is right for a cat? How do you methodically feed a cat? What other benefits does cat food bring to your cat?

To properly feed a cat you should remember the following general rule: he needs 50g of food per kilo of body weight. However, this rule may vary according to his age and health status: growing, sterilized, nursing or pregnant, your cat must consume an adapted ration.

As you surely know, the cat feeds on little but regularly: in general, over 24 hours, he takes 10 to 16 small meals. You must therefore maintain the rhythm and encourage your cat to eat independently. Absolutely avoid sudden changes: a cat must take the time to get used to the food transitions to avoid any digestive disturbance. Finally, focus on hydration.

You may not realize it, but the environment where the cat feeds has a great influence on its balance and ease. First of all, you should place her little bowl as far away from the litter box as possible. Then make sure your cat feeds in a quiet, clean area.

In addition to helping your cat stay hydrated, food is a practical feeding option for older cats who have difficulty chewing or for hiding medication so as not to attract attention.


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Yarrah Bio
Yarrah Bio
MJamJam Mix Pack II 9
MJamJam Mix Pack II
Franklin Chicken 10
Franklin Chicken
Applaws 1036NE-A 11
Applaws 1036NE-A
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Animonda Carny 83812


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