The best cat toys in the UK 2023

Your cat seems to be bored and is always getting into trouble? And for good reason, he scratches and bites everywhere and your nice leather sofa pays a high price. It might be time to buy him a toy that will allow him to satisfy his hunting instinct and entertain him at the same time. Laser, plush toys with catnip, stuffed mouse, etc. What to choose? Read this guide to find out.

TOPSEAS Toys for cats 1

Editor's Choice

TOPSEAS Toys for cats

The best cat toy in 2021

By offering this set of different kinds of toys to your cat (32 toys in all), you guarantee him many hours of entertainment. A godsend for apartment cats who don't get to go outside often!

15,19 £ on Amazon

Mouse, bird, fish, feather toys, etc. These are the toys offered by Topseas to de-stress your feline. The animals in the pack will allow your pet to have fun "tracking" and neutralizing its prey. What to stimulate his predatory instinct. Other than that, the other toys encourage group play to help you bond with your cat. These toys have a lot to offer your cat: they help sharpen the agility of the animal's limbs as well as its concentration.

This well-stocked set is simply a great choice for your cat. Offer your cat a toy each time so that you can keep his interest in each item in the pack as long as possible. Practical, this set from Topseas will last you a long time and your little one won't get bored anytime soon, even as he grows up.

ONELY Cat Toy 2



The best entry-level cat toy in 2021

Have fun watching your cat "go for it" on this imitation real fish. As soon as your cat touches the toy, the fish automatically moves. Not only will this toy arouse your cat's curiosity, it will also awaken his predatory instincts and help him move more.

6,39 £ on Amazon

This toy imitates a real fish and has a built-in touch sensor that reacts to the slightest touch. Once your cat touches the fish, it will automatically wiggle to provide your feline with long, exciting and stimulating chases.

As for safety, everything has been well thought out. Indeed, the fish is powered by a battery well hidden in the body of the toy. Even when your feline will have fun chewing its prey, it will be safe for him because the toy is a cotton plush. Its material is ultra soft and therefore not likely to hurt your cat's paws or fangs. In short, it is a toy totally free of chemicals both inside and outside and harmless for your cat. We validate!

Cat it senses play circuit 3

Top of the line

Cat it senses play circuit

The best high-end cat toy in 2021

Is your house cat terribly bored? Let him loose tirelessly on this hyper-modular circuit for long hours of discovery and relaxation. Well thought out, the balls of the game are not likely to scatter everywhere when the cat plays with them.

17,63 £ on Amazon
Pecute 2 in 1 cat toys 4

A great choice

Pecute 2 in 1 cat toys

Stable, exciting, and safe for cats, this intelligence game encourages both group and individual play. This 2-in-1 game will not only allow you to bond with your cat, but will also satisfy your cat's desire for discovery.

14,39 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best cat toy

Any specific needs?

The best cat toy in 2021

The best entry-level cat toy in 2021

The best high-end cat toy in 2021

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Comparison table of the best cat toys

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
TOPSEAS Toys for cats 5
ONELY Cat Toy 6
Cat it senses play circuit 7
Pecute 2 in 1 cat toys 8
TOPSEAS Toys for cats
Cat it senses play circuit
Pecute 2 in 1 cat toys
By offering this set of different kinds of toys to your cat (32 toys in all), you guarantee him many hours of entertainment. A godsend for apartment cats who don't get to go outside often!
Have fun watching your cat "go for it" on this imitation real fish. As soon as your cat touches the toy, the fish automatically moves. Not only will this toy arouse your cat's curiosity, it will also awaken his predatory instincts and help him move more.
Is your house cat terribly bored? Let him loose tirelessly on this hyper-modular circuit for long hours of discovery and relaxation. Well thought out, the balls of the game are not likely to scatter everywhere when the cat plays with them.
Stable, exciting, and safe for cats, this intelligence game encourages both group and individual play. This 2-in-1 game will not only allow you to bond with your cat, but will also satisfy your cat's desire for discovery.
Balls, tunnel, etc.
Electronic Fish
Ball circuit
Maze, Balls, Catnip, Bells and Feathers
Natural wood, catnip, sisal, elastic materials and feathers
Non-toxic polypropylene
Improved eye agility and focus
excites, relieves cat's mood and stress
Awakens cat's 5 senses
Disrupts the cat and improves the relationship between owner and pet.
360 g
100 g
453,59 g
450 g
Requires batteries

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Buying guide - cat toy

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How to choose your cat toy

In order to guarantee your cat long hours of play and entertainment, here are the parameters to consider when choosing his toy.

#1 - The size of the toy

In addition to being predators, cats are also prey because of their size. When shopping for toys for your little friend, keep this in mind so you don't end up with a toy that's really too big for your pet. If the toy is too big, your cat may see it as a potential adversary and be afraid of it. Mouse-type toys are excellent choices.

#2 - The sound animations

If you're considering a motorized toy for your tomcat, make sure the toy doesn't make a noise that will end up bothering your pet. Since a cat's hearing is extremely sensitive, make sure the toy perfectly mimics the "natural" noise a mouse makes, for example, if the toy is a perfect imitation of a mouse.

#3 - The texture of the toy

Texture is a critical parameter in a cat's life. If you've lived with a cat for any length of time, you know that texture matters for the litter box, where she likes to nap, or the flavor of different brands of her kibble. The same is true for playtime. Your cat may prefer a plush toy that's easy to bite or a softer, easier-to-handle toy. Toys come in all textures, styles and shapes. You can choose a feathered toy, a leather toy, a fluffy toy, a crinkled toy, a cloth-covered toy, hard, soft, etc. for your cat. It's up to you based on your feline's preferences.

#4 - The age of the cat

Toys that your cat liked when she was younger may not be as appealing to her once she grows up or has mobility issues. If some toys no longer appeal to him, it's either time to rethink your play technique to meet your cat's needs, or you need to offer him other types of toys. For example, she may no longer find it comfortable to bite on hard toys and may now seek a softer sensation. This may be due to a more fragile dentition or for some other reason. Again, it's all about knowing your cat and adjusting his play environment to his needs and desires.

#5 - Safety and durability

For solo toys, do a good inspection to make sure there are no glued pieces that could accidentally come off and be swallowed by your cat. Also be careful of strings and sharp edges that could hurt your pet. When bringing home fake cat mice, for example, remove the glued-on eyes or nose pieces and make sure the mouse's tail is securely attached to its body. For interactive toys, make sure they are sturdy enough to withstand many play sessions. Also look at how the toy at the end of the string is attached to make sure there are no sharp pieces that could hurt your cat.

Risks and safety with cats in your home

Risks to your baby's airway

  • Never let cats into a room where a baby or child is sleeping.
  • A cat may settle down to sleep near a baby's face. This could interfere with your baby's breathing and suffocate him or her.
  • Don't let your cat use your child's equipment or bed to play, relax or sleep. It could leave hair on the bed that could cause allergies.

Risks of infection from cats

  • Cats can carry infectious diseases that are harmful to children. They usually transmit these diseases by scratching or through their feces.
  • You or your child could become infected if you :
    • touching cat feces or anything contaminated with cat feces
    • do not wash your hands after coming in contact with your cat's feces and handling your food or feeding equipment (spoons, bowls, plates, etc.)
  • The best way to protect your family from diseases that can be caused by cats is :
    • to be up to date on all their vaccines
    • wash your hands regularly, especially after playing with or bathing your cat or handling the litter box.
  • The most common diseases your child and pregnant women could get are:
    • toxoplasmosis
    • Cat scratch fever - causes swollen lymph nodes
    • Toxocariasis - a rare infection caused by roundworm parasites
  • Keep all of your child's feeding utensils out of the cat's reach. Keep your cat away from your child's toys, crib and other equipment.
  • Keep your cat's food, toys and other equipment out of your baby or child's reach.

Some tips on how to "cat train" your cat

  • Petting your cat when she's behaving well
  • Ask yourself why your cat is misbehaving before you reprimand her
  • Avoid raising your voice or hitting your cat when it does something wrong
  • Reprimand him by making him feel uncomfortable or scared and do it right after he's done something wrong. You can do this by clapping your hands.
  • Prevent mischief before your cat does it: close your drawers tightly, don't leave food lying around, use cat repellent to keep your cat from pooping anywhere in your home, etc.

The different types of cat toys

All kinds of cat toys are available on the market. Here are the most common ones.

Fishing Rods / Teasers

Popular with adult cats and kittens alike, fishing poles and rods are usually accompanied by feathers, ribbons or other attractive objects to pique your pet's curiosity and entice it to catch the object "on the end of the line. Keeping the line moving is a great way to entertain your pet and challenge his gymnastic skills. By allowing your cat to jump in the air and do graceful tricks, this type of play is ideal for honing your kitten's natural skills, such as stalking, chasing, or pouncing, without making you prey.

Mice and Balls

Cats love small furry toys that look like prey and stimulate their predatory instincts. When playing with these types of toys, always supervise your pet to make sure he doesn't try to eat his toys. Swallowing these types of toys may be safe for your pet in the short term, but within a few hours, your pet may show signs of gastrointestinal distress.

Plastic balls with bells inside, balls filled with treats or catnip, or even glow-in-the-dark balls provide long hours of exciting and thrilling play for cats. Balls also provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy a cardiovascular workout for less active indoor cats.

Cat Bark

Catnip is a member of the mint family and contains an essential oil called nepetalactone that can neurologically stimulate cats. Reactions to catnip can vary from prompting your cat to eat it, sniff it, roll in it, have a sudden burst of energy, or just relax and take a nap.

When purchasing catnip toys, keep in mind that a kitten may not develop a sensitivity to catnip until four to six months of age, and only 50% of cats respond to it.

Kibble Dispenser

Cats should not always have food available to them, as this can cause obesity and other problems related to being overweight. Therefore, food dispenser type toys are intended to make your cat work for treats. Many of these toys can be adjusted to control the amount of kibble or treats dispensed. It is always a good idea to increase the difficulty as your cat gets used to them.

Cat toy or cat tree?

Cat toy

Toys are a great way to stimulate your cat's mind, express his instinctive ability to bounce and run, encourage him to get more exercise and prevent problems such as boredom and anxiety.

Some toy models, such as kibble dispensers, can be used to "tame" greedy dogs so they don't become obese. Chew toys with catnip are also excellent choices for satisfying your pet's chewing and scratching needs. Other toys also require your participation. This helps develop your bond with your cat. Toys with a movement or sound element are particularly appealing to cats and effectively develop their skills.

However, the main dangers inherent in any cat toy are choking, swallowing, gouging, strangulation, falling or other types of injury. So it's important to be aware of these things and use a little common sense when choosing a toy for your pet. Being present while your pet is playing is also essential to ensure its safety.

Cat tree

Scratching is a normal and instinctive cat behavior. Scratching helps cats remove the outer layers of their claws. This behavior acts like a manicure and helps your little friend mark its territory, which is the cat tree.

The fact that cat trees have scratching posts not only gives your cat a place to relax and indulge his natural instincts. But they can also save your carpet and furniture.

Some cat trees incorporate balls, feathers or toys to attract your cat's attention, while others provide a comfortable resting place for an afternoon nap.


In conclusion, cat toys and cat trees are both useful for your cat. The first one allows you to play with your cat and thus to bond with him, while the second one encourages a little more independence from your cat and better answers his hunting desires and natural instinct. The best option would be to invest in both a cat toy to encourage group play (with you) and a cat tree to stimulate your cat's skills and give him his own "territory" to rest and entertain himself when he feels the need.

Why buy a cat toy?

It keeps your cat healthy

It may seem obvious, but if your cat is inactive, she will gain weight and can quickly become obese. Play encourages your cat to move, and also stimulates her senses and improves her mood. A healthy cat is a happy animal. Also, when your pet is used to being active, it will be easier for him to maintain his weight even if he is quite greedy.

To bond with your pet

A cat that is used to playing with its owner will eventually develop a strong bond with him. If you don't interact with your feline on a regular basis, she'll quickly lose interest in you or simply view you as a food provider. This may not only cause your cat to be reluctant to sit on your lap or allow you to pet him, but in extreme cases. It could even lead to your cat leaving the house if it doesn't feel safe in its environment.

It socializes cats

Cat toys not only give cats physical exercise, they can also help them behave better. A bored cat will climb on curtains, scratch your furniture and drop things on shelves. If you don't play with your cat, it will have its own fun. Therefore, if you care about your furniture and belongings, it is essential to socialize a cat through play. Although cats cannot be trained, toys such as laser pointers and teasers can satisfy their desire for "destruction.

Cat toys are fun

Play is fun for both you and your pet. Watching your cat take a backward tumble when surprised by a teaser is quite fun and can be beneficial to your mental health as well as the cat's. Spend some time with your pet and have fun recording its extravagant feats. You might want to share your cat's videos with your friends and family. There's a good reason why cat videos are among the most watched clips on the Internet.

Cats need it

Exercise is essential for house cats that rarely leave their homes. Plus, there's no other way for them to stay active. No matter how much space you have, there is always a type of toy that is suitable for apartment cats. The activities offered by cat toys allow your pet to do what it would normally do if it were outside in the wild. Boredom and stress can be common for indoor cats, as they live in the same space their entire lives, so play is essential for them.

The best brands of cat toys

In our opinion, the best brands of cat toys in 2022 are :

Cat it

For Topseas, the well-being of pets is a priority. Ingeniously designed, the brand's pet toys are both complete and varied to attract the pet's attention in the best possible way. Toys that guarantee exciting and rewarding moments of entertainment for felines.

This is a brand of cat toys that offers toys that imitate real prey. Stimulating and attractive, the brand's entertainment products are lovingly crafted to contribute to the animal's well-being, especially if it's a house cat, and allow it to effectively relieve its stress.

The toys imagined by this brand are designed to sharpen all the senses, dexterity and responsiveness of your feline. The brand produces toys of a certain quality validated by numerous positive feedbacks coming from cat lovers.

It is a brand that is part of the references in cat toys. Highly appreciated by cat lovers, it offers smart and flexible games that do not fail to attract the attention of cats of all ages. Their toys also cater to the needs of felines.

For over 40 years, the premium cat toy brand Trixie has been developing toys that contribute to the well-being of animals. Their special passion for animals drives them to design increasingly innovative toys for the enjoyment of cat owners. The products are of high quality and safe for cats, the customer service is impeccable and the delivery fast.

What is the price for a cat toy

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

3 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Introduce your cat to play

Show the toy to the cat to arouse its curiosity. Once it notices, move the toy away as if it were natural prey that would like to get away from its predator. Continue this chase for a short time, then let your cat win and "kill" the prey. This helps the cat feel like it has accomplished something and keeps the interest in the toy alive.

Try to understand what your cat wants

Propose different kinds of toys to your pet to find out what your cat likes best. It's also important to know what time of day is best for your cat to play, whether it's in the morning, late at night or before eating. If your cat is both a big glutton and a big sloth, knowing what time of day your cat is most alert and energetic will allow you to give her her "workout". This is to prevent him from becoming obese.

Go easy on your cat

When you play with your cat, don't be too rough and don't stimulate him too much. This may make him aggressive and you may also get seriously bitten or scratched.

Range your cat's toys well

It is important to put away and hide the cat's toys once you have finished playing with your little friend. This is to maintain the pet's interest in its toys and to prevent accidents when your cat is not in your line of sight.

Vary the toys

Vary your cat's toys often. Using the same toy over and over again will eventually bore your cat, so be sure to alternate toys from time to time.


How to make a homemade cat toy?

You can make a simple intelligence game for your cat. For this, you will need an empty toilet paper roll and some cat food. Put the empty toilet paperroll on the floor and put some cat food in it. Wait for your cat to approach it to retrieve the kibble. Complicate the game by sealing one or both ends of the roll with a ball of aluminum foil.

My adult cat gets tired of certain types of toys very quickly. Why? How to "train" an outdoor cat? How to take care of my cat's toys?

This is perfectly normal because you've probably chosen a toy that is not adapted to his needs and physical condition. It is therefore important to review the criteria for choosing your cat's toy. Since your cat is no longer a young kitten, he is no longer in top shape. As a result, he'll need a toy that's less physically demanding, but that still maintains the playfulness that cats love. It can be a kibble dispenser or a maze for example.

An outdoor cat already has everything he needs to sharpen his intelligence, in the nature, outside the house. So educational toys will help you discipline him better. Take time to play with your pet to build a strong bond. Encourage good behavior and reprimand your pet when it gets into trouble. This will help you discipline him better.

To ensure the well-being and health of your little four-legged friend, remember to clean his toys regularly. If the toy is plastic, daily cleaning is in order. For other types of toys, weekly or bi-weekly cleanings will suffice. Wash the toys with soapy water, rinse, and finish by letting them air dry. Wait until they are completely dry before letting your cat play with them. Also, remember to check the condition of each toy when washing to ensure your pet's safety.


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TOPSEAS Toys for cats
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Cat it senses play circuit
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