The best electric bikes value for money in the UK 2023

Electric bicycles will account for 19% of the bicycle market in 2020. The French are flocking to this means of transportation to adopt a healthy and ecological practice. Given the many features of the EAB, some models can cost you an arm and a leg. That's why you need to find the best value electric bike. By reading this guide, you will be sure to get your money's worth.

Rockrider - E-ST 900 electric mountain bike 1

Best value for money

Rockrider - E-ST 900 electric mountain bike

The best value electric bike in 2021

This is the electric mountain bike that represents the best quality/price ratio. A motor, a battery with a range of 50 km, wide tires... frankly, it has everything you need for mountain trails.

1 679 £ on Decathlon

The electrical components of this ATV do not go unnoticed. They blend in well with the frame design. This gives the bike an elegant look. The geometry is very comfortable to ride and suitable for all sizes of riders. In any case, it requires a leaning position to reach the handlebars, although the handlebars can be adjusted.

Riding is quite comfortable thanks to the rather large wheels of this mountain bike. They cushion shocks on rough terrain and the front tire fork is even more robust. The thickness of the seat padding contributes to the rider's comfort. Although the display is easy to read, it's still a bit limited in terms of practicality. It's hard to access all the information at once. In any case, the 90 Nm engine torque of this bike provides considerable power.

B'Twin - Folding bike Tilt 500 E 2

Best value for money

B'Twin - Folding bike Tilt 500 E

The best entry-level value electric bike

Are you hesitating to buy an electric bike because of lack of space? The Tilt 500 E makes it easy to store, whether at home or on public transportation. And as a bonus, it's lighter than other models in the same category.

679 £ on Decathlon

The first thing to notice is its somewhat limited range. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of the engine's power on a trip of about 32 km. This will do the trick for city driving. For the level of assistance, three options are available: eco, normal and sport. The autonomy is better with the first two modes. Namely, they are activated as soon as you pedal.

You have 6 speeds that are controlled by the lever and a Shimano rear derailleur. Experienced cyclists find it a bit difficult to climb steep hills because of the size of the front chainring, which is relatively too large for the size of the bike. On the other hand, they appreciate the robustness of the wheels and the efficiency of the braking system.

Trek Powerfly Sport 7 Equipped 3

Best premium value for money

Trek Powerfly Sport 7 Equipped

The best high-end value electric bike

At first glance, we are seduced by the excellent quality components of this semi-rigid ATV. Most of them are from Bosch: motor, battery and display. From these elements, we obviously expect a good performance.

3 999 £ on Alltricks

Robust and elegant, the Powerfly 7 Sport Equipped's aluminum frame is one of its main assets. It houses the battery of this electrically assisted mountain bike, which can be easily detached. Note that it offers a range of about 160 km. To recharge it, you do not need to detach it from the bike.

A 12-speed chainring and 4-piston brakes reassure users about the quality of the steering and gear changes offered by this model. It has an intelligent mode that allows you to adjust the level of assistance according to your riding style and the type of terrain. You can be sure to have the right power all the time. This is without a doubt the best high-end electric mountain bike for men.

Bicyklet Claude 4

A well-equipped electric bike

Bicyklet Claude

The best value electric bike

The Bicyklet Claude has nothing to envy to the other models of this comparison. It can reach 25 km/h and has a 250 W motor. Its 125 km autonomy fits perfectly with its price, perfect for an urban use.

879 £ on Alltricks

Whether you want to run errands, go to work, or just go for a ride, the Bicyklet Claude electric bike is a great way to get around. The open frame makes it easy to straddle while still allowing for a comfortable riding position. Suitable for both men and women, this e-bike features luggage racks, mudguards, a side stand, and integrated lighting.

The Bafang motor of 36 V, 250 W which develops 35 Nm of torque is located in the rear hub of the bike. Furthermore, the Bicyklet Claude is equipped with a Bafang DP E08 display. Its powerful 500 Wh battery promises a range of up to 125 km, for a speed of 25 km/h.

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Best electric bike quality/price ratio

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The best value electric bike in 2021

The best entry-level value electric bike

The best high-end value electric bike

The best value electric bike

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Comparison table of the best electric bikes value for money

Rockrider - E-ST 900 electric mountain bike 5
B'Twin - Folding bike Tilt 500 E 6
Trek Powerfly Sport 7 Equipped 7
Bicyklet Claude 8
Rockrider - E-ST 900 electric mountain bike
B'Twin - Folding bike Tilt 500 E
Trek Powerfly Sport 7 Equipped
Bicyklet Claude
This is the electric mountain bike that represents the best quality/price ratio. A motor, a battery with a range of 50 km, wide tires... frankly, it has everything you need for mountain trails.
Are you hesitating to buy an electric bike because of lack of space? The Tilt 500 E makes it easy to store, whether at home or on public transportation. And as a bonus, it's lighter than other models in the same category.
At first glance, we are seduced by the excellent quality components of this semi-rigid ATV. Most of them are from Bosch: motor, battery and display. From these elements, we obviously expect a good performance.
The Bicyklet Claude has nothing to envy to the other models of this comparison. It can reach 25 km/h and has a 250 W motor. Its 125 km autonomy fits perfectly with its price, perfect for an urban use.
Folding bike
City bike
Battery life
500 Wh
187 Wh
625 Wh
500 Wh
Motor replacement
Rear wheel
On pedals
Rear hub
Bell, lights, reflectors, pedals
Lights, fenders, kickstand
Rear rack, kickstand, light
Front and rear luggage rack, fenders, kickstand, lighting

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Buying guide - electric bike quality/price ratio

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How to choose your electric bike quality/price ratio

Buying an electric bike is a considerable investment. That's why it's important to find a model with good value for money. And for that, some criteria are more important than others. Beyond the quality of the components, the technical parameters count more. Thus, autonomy, ergonomics and power are to be checked in particular. The price you get then depends on the characteristics and capacity of the bike.

#1 - The type of battery

The quality of the battery is the first criterion, because it is the essence of an electric bicycle. The technology of the battery, its autonomy, its replacement differentiate one model from another. An electric bicycle offering the best quality/price ratio must have a lithium-ion battery. Reliable and modern, it is able to satisfy the most people.

Its lightness will make riding easier. Avoid lead and cadmium batteries as much as possible. They are not the best on the market. Next, check the electrical voltage of your bike's battery. It is 36 V on average. For a battery that won't let you down when it matters most, expect a current of 8 Ah to 10 Ah. It conditions the autonomy of the battery. For a bike with a good quality/price ratio, it is between 25 km and 70 km.

#2 - Engine power

The speed and performance of the bike rely on its motor. For a good value choice, the motor power should be 250 W. Beyond that, your bike cannot be used on public roads. Next, choose the location of the motor: in the front wheel, in the rear wheel, in the crankset. The latter is best, as it promotes smooth acceleration.

#3 - The speed control system

On an electric-assist bike, gears change with two techniques depending on the model. The first system involves the derailleur. This is more convenient, regardless of the range, because the gear change in this case is done while pedaling. Whether the bike is intended for urban or sport use, the efficiency of this mode does not change. With the second technique, the gear change is done through the rear hub. No need to pedal to do this.

#4 - The cyclist's posture

The comfort of the cyclist is a significant criterion of choice. It depends on the position on the bike. For a city use, prefer an upright position with high handlebars. That way, your arms, back and head are comfortable. If you choose an electric mountain bike, be prepared for a bent-over position, as you'll have to lean forward to reach the handlebars and align yourself with the frame. Make sure the bike and frame are sized for your height and weight for better stability.

#5 - Accessories and spare parts

Value-for-money suppliers make compatible, quality parts available to consumers. This shows that they are specialists in their field. It will be easier to repair and maintain your electric bike in the long run. For a price between 1000 euros and 2500 euros, you can expect functional accessories: mudguards, LCD screen control, luggage rack, passenger seat...

Turn your classic bike into an electric bike

Today, you have the possibility to have an electric bike without buying a new model. It is a question of equipping your classic bike with electric elements, sold in kit. This economical solution is also an act for the environment. And it is very interesting when you already have a quality bike. It won't be wasted on a new electric bike. However, there is one condition: you must have some knowledge of DIY. The installation of the components is done in a few hours only.

The price of a conversion kit varies from 500 euros to 1000 euros. It includes the battery, the display, the electric assistance controller, the motor, the cables and the pedaling sensor. It is subject to the same criteria of choice as an electric bike: location of the motor, type of battery, type of bike ... The old bike will experience a whole new performance. But you don't replace all its components, including the brake, among other things. It must be particularly efficient and in line with the power of the motor to be installed. The same goes for the frame, which must be solid enough to support the weight of the elements to be installed and the new speed of the bike, once electrified.

The different types of electric bikes value for money

Several types of bicycles exist in electric variant. You will therefore find a wide variety of electrically assisted bicycles for various uses.

Electric city bike

The electric city bike is attracting the attention of workers, students and environmentalists who want to get around while reducing pollution. However, that's not the only reason for this passion for electric bicycles. The least amount of effort for maximum performance couldn't be more appealing. The city models also offer remarkable comfort with an upright posture

Thanks to the structure of the frame, this type of electric bicycle offers a good view of the road. The classic accessories of an efficient bicycle are available: anti-theft device, luggage rack, mudguard, lighting, and skirt guard. The electric city bike is designed with thick wheels and its driving is subject to the law. With this in mind, the electric assistance must be cut off automatically from 25 km/h.

Electrically assisted VTC

The electric-assisted VTC is a sporty model that stands out for its ergonomic side. Its size and its technical characteristics are adapted to an outdoor use. The constitution of this electric bike favors a forward leaning position. However, it is still usable in the city. The only unsuitable terrain is the rough trail. The motor of an electric VTC is located on the pedals. This explains its performance.

It is equipped with a powerful battery offering a satisfactory autonomy. The electrically-assisted VTC is suitable for both men and women thanks to the ease with which you can change gears. The only condition to respect is to dress appropriately. Dresses and skirts do not allow for a good ride.

Electric cargo bike

With an electric cargo bike, it's very easy to carry fairly large loads, whether it's children or equipment. It's a great choice if you're looking for a good electric bike with the best value for money. There are a few types of cargo bikes that are front or rear mounted: box, platform and extension.

Its loading capacity is equivalent to 140 kg on average. You can safely put your children on it. The characteristics of this type of bike are suitable for daily use. However, you need a high quality motor to support the intensive use of this bike. You will find both two- and three-wheel models on the market. The former are practical in the city, while the latter are more suitable for shorter trips.

Electrically assisted mountain bike

As its name suggests, the electric-assist mountain bike is suitable for all types of terrain. This variant allows you to face all difficulties whether it is steep slopes, long distance trips or broken terrain. It is particularly popular for the high speed it offers. This mountain bike has a motor on the wheels and pedals. Choose according to the intended use.

Various technologies are integrated into the bike to take advantage of a more advanced assistance to the piloting. The geometry is designed for better control, no matter what the weather and trail conditions.

Foldable electric bicycle

This one is appreciated for its practicality. It is easy to carry and can be stored anywhere, as it is not bulky. It is a perfect electric bike for cyclists who are in the city. On the other hand, you have to take into consideration its weight which is far from being light. Folding electric bikes are a bit complicated. A wrong choice of model and you will regret having paid several hundred euros for its purchase.

The fact is that some models are more fragile than others. Having a good value electric bike is more important in this case. Expect a budget of about 1250 euros to find a durable folding bike with solid components.

New electric bike with good quality/price ratio or bike with electric kit?

New electric bike at a good price/quality ratio

Models with an excellent price/performance ratio are satisfactory in every respect. Its performance and power are worth the price. In addition, spare parts are readily available in case of problems. Electric bikes come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for all types of use, both in the city and on complex terrain.

Bicycle with electric kit

You can have a good performance with an electric conversion kit. Converting a conventional bike into an electric model costs 500 euros to over 1500 euros less than the price of an electrically assisted bike. The quality of the result depends on the range of the kit. However, the maintenance of the converted bike is just as easy, if not easier, than that of a new electric bike.


There is a temptation to save a few hundred euros by building an electrically assisted bike with a kit. In both cases, the durability of the cycle depends on the components of the bike. Nevertheless, the bike with a kit is less complicated in case of repair. You will need the reliability of a new electric bike if you know exactly what you want. On the other hand, the kit has the advantage of being adjustable to everyone's changing needs.

Why buy an electric bike for the right price?

For an effortless ride

Cycling is tiring, although it is good for your health. As a result, it's a bit of a hassle to cycle to work and risk sweating once you get there. This is no longer a problem with an electric bike that offers good value for money. The electric pedal assistance optimizes the speed without you having to be out of breath. This promises a fast and controlled ride.

To be able to practice on all the grounds

Between road bike, mountain bike and all-terrain bike, all trails are served by the electric model. It can be bought to go to work, to do sports, to walk in the nature.

To take care of your physical health

The practice of cycling boosts physical activity even in the presence of the motor and pedaling assistance. Moreover, the electric assistance is cut off beyond 25 km/h to respect the law.

To invest in environmental protection without breaking the bank

The electric bicycle's footprint on the environment is smaller, or even non-existent, compared to cars. Move in an ecological way and at a low cost whether it is for the purchase or the consumption.

For the savings allowed

As mentioned above, the expenses are largely reduced when using an electric bike at the best quality/price ratio. The purchase price is in fact the only investment to be made apart from the maintenance required during use. Nevertheless, it remains economical in more than one way.

The best brands of electric bikes value for money

In our opinion, the best brands of electric bikes value for money in 2022 are :


Trek is making a name for itself in the classic bike market and among electric bike suppliers of all kinds, but it is more of an icon in the manufacture of electric and full-suspension mountain bikes. Users find the accessibility of the accessories on the bikes sold by the brand convenient.

A subsidiary of Decathlon, Rockrider is known for producing electric mountain bikes for beginners and experienced riders. It also offers a range of accessories and cycling equipment. The quality of the brand's bikes is perfectly matched to the price it charges.

The success of this brand is due to its safe riding, comfortable frames and durable materials. It continues to innovate in this regard to attract more cyclists in Europe. The quality of German manufacturing is recognized in the lines and performance of its electric bikes. It is a brand that undoubtedly presents models that have a good quality/price ratio.

Giant, a leading player in the bicycle market, is continually bringing sensational technologies to the market. For the electric variant, it presents advanced models of city bikes, mountain bikes and mountain bikes. With all its best bikes in the performance range, the company is able to attract cyclists of all levels.

Formerly known as Decathlon, the B'Twin brand is becoming popular in the non-electric and electrically assisted bicycle sector. Its best products are electric folding bikes, mountain bikes of all sizes and electrically assisted mountain bikes. They are all distinguished by their quality materials and performance-oriented components.

What is the price for an electric bike quality/price ratio

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

800 £ to 2000 £
2000 £ to 3000 £
more than 3000 £
Price range diagram


Wear a helmet at all times

For your safety, include a helmet among your cycling gear. There are no specific criteria for choosing one, but wearing this accessory is necessary in the city and for intercity travel.

Lock your electric bike to prevent theft

Vulnerability to theft is one of the biggest drawbacks of an electric bike. So you need to take a few steps to make sure this doesn't happen to you. Use an effective anti-theft device when you park your bike somewhere.

Plan for the possibility of having a passenger

You need a bike with a passenger seat if you have a child. In this case, the open frame is much more convenient for both the passenger and the rider, especially for getting on the bike. Electric cargo bike models are perfect for this purpose.

Don't forget to check the characteristics of the display

The display plays a vital role. It is used to check the status of the bike: its battery level, speed and type of assistance. This information must be clearly readable in all conditions. It is better if it is made with solid materials that are resistant to shocks.

Determine the cost of maintaining a cost-effective bike beforehand

The quality/price ratio takes into account the maintenance of the bike. Depending on the problem encountered, it costs between 20 euros and 400 euros, including labor and the price of accessories. On average, an electric bike needs two general repairs per year. But small interventions in between are not negligible, especially in case of an accident or other.


How much does an electric bike cost?

To get a good value electric bike, you need a budget of at least 1000 euros. From 1750 euros, you will find reliable products from major brands. But the best ones cost between 2000 euros and 3500 euros. There are even electric bikes that cost almost 6,000 euros and offer all the features you'd expect.

What about financial aid for the purchase of an electric bike?

Like electric cars, electric bicycles benefit from financial aid for purchase. Thanks to these schemes offered by the local authorities and the state, you have the chance to get the best models and save money. The amount depends on each locality. The same goes for the conditions to get one.

How to activate the light of an electric bike at the best price/quality ratio?

The light of an electric bike works with batteries, a dynamo or magnets. It is not necessarily supplied by the bike manufacturer, but you have to install it. The way the lighting of this vehicle works depends on this energy source. It can be via a button or from the force of pedaling.

What should I look for in a good value electric bike?

To ensure your safety and that of other road users, check the quality of your brakes. The system must be able to withstand the loads that will be carried and the speed at which you intend to travel. It would also be better if the bike already has lighting, although most do not.


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Rockrider - E-ST 900 electric mountain bike 9
Rockrider - E-ST 900 electric mountain bike
B'Twin - Folding bike Tilt 500 E 10
B'Twin - Folding bike Tilt 500 E
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Trek Powerfly Sport 7 Equipped
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