The best electric bikes for women in the UK 2023

Electric assistance is the future of cycling. Indeed, the help provided by the motor and the battery make the trips less arduous. And although women represent nearly 4 out of 10 cyclists in the UK, finding an electric bike for women remains complicated. Whether you are looking for a city bike, a folding bike, a VTTAE or other, discover our guide of the best electric bikes for women.

Gitane E Central disk 1

Best value for money

Gitane E Central disk

The best electric bike for women in 2021

This electric bike seduces by its sobriety and its elegance. Both powerful and robust, it has all the necessary accessories for short rides in nature and errands in town.

1 359 £ on Go Sport

This E-bike from Gitane is the ideal solution to live a new urban experience. Its E-Going Rear Rack battery of 400 Wh offers a perfect autonomy of 80 km in 11 Ah, you can survey all the alleys and fast lanes without problem. Its central E-Going motor of 55 Nm, you won't need to make much effort during the ride.

With its sleek design and clean lines, this electric bike is a great ally to avoid traffic jams in the city. The aluminum frame design makes it a light and fast bike. It is equipped with a luggage rack and a console that displays all the data on the distance covered. The braking is ensured by an innovative system that is the V-brake for a precise and smooth stop.

BIKFUN Folding Electric Bike 2

Best value for money

BIKFUN Folding Electric Bike

The best entry-level electric bike for women

Offered at a very attractive price, this electric bike for women Bikfun has all the assets for an easy ride. With a correct power and a modern design, it will take you everywhere you want.

719 £ on Amazon

This electric bike stands out by its vintage and modern appearance. Equipped with a rear motor of 350 W powered by a removable battery of 36 V - 15 Ah, it adapts to all types of road and a speed that can reach 32 km/h. You can perfectly drive it as well in town as on a rough road thanks to its shock absorber and its big size wheels. It has a good autonomy of 40 to 70 km, depending on the driving style.

The Bikfun electric bike is a fast and safe way to move around thanks to its aluminum alloy frame and powerful braking system. You can save energy on flat trails thanks to the Shimano 7-speed soft derailleur. It is a complete electric bike with its various accessories, mudguard and LED light for night riding.

Breezer Powerwolf evo 1.1+ SM 2021 3

Best premium value for money

Breezer Powerwolf evo 1.1+ SM 2021

The best high-end electric bike for women

High performance electric bike, this new version is a pure technological marvel. Powerful, designed and light, it has all the equipment to ensure your comfort during the ride.

3 269 £ on Go Sport

The Breezer Evo is getting a makeover! This electric bike equipped with a 625 Wh Bosh Power Tube battery feeding a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, 4th generation 85 Nm is very powerful. With a range of 60 to 185 km, depending on the driving, it is one of the most efficient electric bikes for women. Its treated aluminum frame is very light and allows you a comfortable ride on all types of terrain.

Breezer has equipped its high-end bike with puncture-resistant tires with reflective tape so you can ride safely at night. Its Shimano MT420 hydraulic disc brake system ensures precise braking in all weather conditions. You also get a high-tech Bosh Intuvia display that instantly shows the information you need.

T-Bird Golden Gate 4

Mid-range alternative

T-Bird Golden Gate

The best mid-range alternative

T-Bird is a versatile electric bike for women that allows you to ride in the city as well as in suburban areas. It offers an easy ride thanks to its lightness and its 5 levels of assistance.

1 759 £ on Go Sport

This electric bike from the French brand T-Bird amazes with its performance and equipment. This low-frame bike is equipped with a Vinka motor with a torque of 80 Nm. Its 500 Wh Samsung battery offers a great autonomy of up to 120 km, with a speed of 25 km/h. It is a very practical bike for city travel, but also offers a pleasant ride during countryside trips.

It is equipped with modern accessories such as the Led Bafang display, Shimano Altus transmission and powerful front and rear lights. Smart, this electric bike can be connected with your Smartphone thanks to the Vinka Life application. The M-shaped frame made of aluminum makes it an ultra-resistant bike. For braking, you have a hydraulic disc brake system that allows you to stop at any time.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric bike for women

Any specific needs?

The best electric bike for women in 2021

The best entry-level electric bike for women

The best high-end electric bike for women

The best mid-range alternative

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Comparison table of the best electric bikes for women

Gitane E Central disk 5
BIKFUN Folding Electric Bike 6
Breezer Powerwolf evo 1.1+ SM 2021 7
T-Bird Golden Gate 8
Gitane E Central disk
BIKFUN Folding Electric Bike
Breezer Powerwolf evo 1.1+ SM 2021
T-Bird Golden Gate
This electric bike seduces by its sobriety and its elegance. Both powerful and robust, it has all the necessary accessories for short rides in nature and errands in town.
Offered at a very attractive price, this electric bike for women Bikfun has all the assets for an easy ride. With a correct power and a modern design, it will take you everywhere you want.
High performance electric bike, this new version is a pure technological marvel. Powerful, designed and light, it has all the equipment to ensure your comfort during the ride.
T-Bird is a versatile electric bike for women that allows you to ride in the city as well as in suburban areas. It offers an easy ride thanks to its lightness and its 5 levels of assistance.
E-Going, central motor, 55 Nm of 250 W
350 W rear motor
Bosch Performance Line CX 85 Nm
Vinka 250 W, 80 Nm
Lithium Ion of 400 Wh
36 V
Bosch Power Tube 625 Wh
Samsung lithium ion, 500 Wh
80 km
40 to 70 km
60 to 185 km
60 to 120 km
25 km/h
32 km/h
25 km/h
25 km/h
Charge time
5 hours
8 to 9 hours
3 to 7.5 hours
4 to 5 hours

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Buying guide - electric bike for women

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How to choose your electric bike for women

The offers of the salesmen gather mainly VAE for men. Finding an electric bike for women is far from being a simple formality, regardless of the intended use. Here are our selection criteria to ensure you find the right model for your needs.

#1 - The type of electric bike

Electric assist makes riding easier, but you still need to pay attention to the shift mode to reduce the rider's effort and deal with all types of roads easily.

#2 - The framework

#3 - The battery

#4 - The engine

#5 - Electric assistance

#6 -

#7 -

Maintenance of an electric bicycle for women

The best electric bikes for women 9

Electric bikes require the same maintenance routines as mechanical bikes. Choosing a quality EAB will keep this to a minimum, provided you follow a few rules. Note that the motor is one of the most reliable parts of an electric bike. It does not require any specific maintenance.

The battery

On a new electric bike, the battery must charge and discharge 2 to 3 times before it reaches its maximum capacity. Therefore, do not push your EAB to its limits before at least 3 months. Avoid deep discharging, especially when not used for a long time, e.g. during the winter. This can damage the battery.

Even if you do not use your electric bicycle regularly, do not forget to fully recharge the battery every 2 months. When recharging, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources. Also avoid charging near a cold source or outside during the winter. Prefer a dry and ventilated place, between 15 and 30 °C.

When cleaning the bike, remove the battery first. Wait for the electric bicycle to dry out completely before putting it back in. If your battery is removable and you have to leave your EAB outside, remove it to avoid having it stolen. Indeed, this part is the most stolen part, far ahead of the electric bike itself.

The cycle part

Before each ride, take a look at the different components of your electric bike. Make sure that the cables and connectors are in place. Also check the condition of the wheels and brakes. Don't hesitate to tighten any parts that feel loose, including the handlebars, brakes, hub and seatpost. You can save time and go to the nearest bike shop.

On an EAB, repairs and maintenance are similar to what you would do on a conventional (mechanical)bike. It is mainly a question of changing cables and tyres, re-tensioning and changing brakes, lubricating and cleaning the chain. Obviously, periodic checks on an electric bike will have to be done more often because of the weight.

Tires with the right pressure optimize the battery's autonomy. In general, manufacturers indicate this pressure in bars on the side of your tires. Use a pump equipped with a pressure gauge to avoid mistakes. In the event of a puncture, there are solutions to repair without dismantling the wheel: linear inner tube, obstructing gel... Otherwise, buy anti-puncture tyres or go to a bicycle repair shop.

Finally, have your electric bike serviced every 6 months by a professional if you use it regularly, for example to go to work every day. For occasional use, have a complete overhaul every 2,000 km or so. And replace any defective parts immediately so that the damage does not spread to the whole bike.


Over the course of use, the EAB ends up accumulating dust and dirt. The most effective way to get rid of this is to clean it. Before starting, remove the battery and other water-repellent elements such as the console or the GPS. Re-install them only after the bike is completely dry.

For cleaning, use a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a cloth. High-pressure cleaners such as Kärcher are strictly forbidden. Indeed, the pressure of the jets may chip the paint or damage the seals and bearings. Do not hesitate to turn the bike over to reach the smallest nooks and crannies and dry it in the sun.

The different types of electric bikes for women

Like men, women are entitled to several types of electric bikes, each with its own uses, advantages and disadvantages.

Electric city bike for women

The urban variant of the electric bike for women is very popular. It is a full-fledged means of transportation to get to the office or simply to get around town. In some regions, the acquisition of this type of electric bicycle is encouraged by the communities via subsidies to finance the purchase.

Electrically assisted city bikes for women are very comfortable. They aim to reduce the effort during the ride. Theframe of women's models is smaller than that of men's. On some bikes, it has a gooseneck shape. Then, the saddle fits the morphology of women users.


Faced with the ecological concerns that we all face, reducing the production of pollutants becomes a priority. The electric city bike is the best environmentally friendly alternative for women with frequent urban travel. The electric assistance makes it a fast and far from tiring means of locomotion.

With the accessories supplied by the manufacturer, such as the luggage rack, the passenger seat or the bicycle basket, all activities are permitted with this optimized means of transportation, always with a high level of comfort and a solidity to any test.

Disadvantages :

This type of bicycle has a great number of advantages, but also has at least one weak point, which is its weight, which has long been pointed out. Nevertheless, manufacturers are constantly working on this slight drawback to make the use of this means of transportation even more beneficial.

And also ,the motor, battery, torque are designed for a short distance. Its characteristics are more suitable for relatively flat terrain. Another weak point of the electric city bike is that its maintenance can be expensive when the damage is significant.

Repairs often require the intervention of a professional, especially if the user lacks technical experience in this type of task.

Who is it for?

The electric city bike for women is designed for urban trips. Its safety features, reinforced by an efficient braking system, reassure female cyclists. It is intended for women who :

  • want to drive faster in the city and avoid traffic jams
  • want to leave less of a carbon footprint
  • like to ride with their children and the whole family on weekends.

Women's electric bike

Women can venture out of town with the electric VTC. This type of EAB is equipped with robust wheels to accommodate sportier riding. The electric assistance also allows to reduce the efforts on rather long distances. Women have a small and easy to manage handlebar.


The electric VTC for women combines power and comfort. The speeds are optimized and are distinguished by intuitive adjustments. There are real differences compared to a classic VTC since we are dealing with a bike that favors sport with moderate efforts offering an excellent balance for health and fitness.

Disadvantages :

It must be said that, although comfortable, the electric VTC for women is not as comfortable as the electric city bike for women. The saddle alone is much more robust because of the conditions of use it faces.

Before riding this type of bike ,you should first expect a forward posture. This is due to the design of the frame, handlebars and saddle. And to top it all off, the women's electric VTC is not affordable at all, at least if you're looking for quality.

Who is it for?

The women's VTC is more versatile than its counterpart designed for city travel. It will appeal to those who tackle both long distances and shorter trips. Whether you're a serious cyclist or not, anyone can experience this sportier ride, as long as they're equipped for the occasion.

Electric mountain bike for women

The electric mountain bike is often unisex. The frame size remains the same for men and women. This does not prevent some adaptations by the big brands. In this case, you can have a somewhat lowered tube at the level of the frame to facilitate straddling.

As far as tires are concerned, we keep the main characteristics of a mountain bike, i.e. wide tires and studs. The frame geometry is adapted to off-road use and the suspension can be rigid or suspended.

The electric assistance makes the ATV easier to ride and allows women with different levels of experience to ride the most complex trails. For men or women, the criteria of autonomy, the power of the motor, the robustness of the battery and the lightness of the bike count.


The electric mountain bike is made to face all obstacles. Even on the steepest slopes, it helps to control effort and keep a good heart rate. Not to mention the stability of pedaling up and downhill.

Mountain bikers enjoy the same accessories available on other types of electric bikes.

Disadvantages :

Like the women's electric mountain bike, the women's ATV is expensive. Moreover, the weight rarely goes under 20 kg. This type of bike is stronger than all the others. This explains its even heavier weight. This is not a problem on the road, but it does give you something to think about when you need to store or transport it.

Depending on the trails you ride, the autonomy of your ATV will be put to the test. To avoid unpleasant surprises, plan to have a spare battery in addition to the usual contents of your backpack! In addition, there are the costs of use, especially the price of the battery.

Who is it for?

Women's electric mountain bikes are for women who want to ride on rougher terrain than urban roads. Regardless of the age of the female biker and her physical strength, the electric assistance will make riding easier.

The folding electric bike for women

The folding version of the EAB for women shines by its practicality and its compactness. Its folding nature facilitates storage (at the office and at home) without forgetting mobility. Indeed, a folding electric bike allows you to go from public transport to bicycle paths, a must in big cities. And some models can fit in a backpack!

Electric bike for women or classic bike for women?

Electric bike for women

A women's electric bicycle consists of a gooseneck frame or a women's frame, a controller and a battery. Like other types of electrically assisted bicycles, it is equipped with an electric motor that partially or totally propels the bicycle. The power of its motor, which can range from 150 to 1,000 W, makes it possible to cover longer distances. While its speed of up to 50 km/h guarantees fast journeys.

An electric bike for women is much more compact and easy to maintain. It is very convenient to use it to move quickly in traffic jams. And its biggest advantage is that you can use it as a mechanical bike if the battery fails. But its weight and battery life remain its main problems. An electric bike for women weighs a lot, which makes it difficult to pedal if you run out of battery. In addition, the battery life is limited to 50-80 km on average.

Classic bike

A classic bike consists of the frame, seat, crankset, two wheels, transmission and wiring. Using it as a means of travel for short trips is very useful. Recognized for its health benefits, the classic bicycle is good for the cardiovascular system, and doctors often recommend it to get back into shape. It is also an efficient means of transportation for short distances.

A classic bike has several advantages, it reduces the risk of being overweight, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. But it can also have some disadvantages, it can indeed cause muscle pain on the lower limbs. Burning feet can also occur if you wear shoes that are too tight or too big on a long run.


These types of bikes are very practical and the choice between the two depends on one's preference. However, the classic bike may be more beneficial if you like to venture out while doing sports. On the other hand, an electric bike for women is suitable for long walks or runs thanks to their electric assistants which can serve as a real boost.

Why buy an electric bike for women?

The size of the frame and the ease of riding distinguish the electric bike for women from the electric bike for men. But beyond comfort, there are many reasons to opt for a bike specially designed for women.

An environmentally friendly way to travel

The bicycle has experienced a spectacular jump in the post-confinement era. Add to that the awareness of global warming and you can see how the E-bike is a blessing. Very ecological, the electric bike allows you to ride fast while polluting 12 or 13 times less than the car. In addition, 60% of English people's journeys are less than 5 km long.

To avoid traffic jams and arrive on time

The EAB is the ideal candidate to replace the car, motorcycle or scooter on trips of less than 50 km. The presence of cycle paths in many French cities will allow you to ride in complete safety. And unlike the car, a bike will never get stuck in traffic.

Less stressful than a car

According to a recent survey, 70% of EV buyers have given up their car for their home-to-work commute of less than 8 km. The reasons for this? No more delays, no more waiting in traffic jams, no more smoke inhalation from the car in front, no more licence points, no more stress, no more arguments, no more trouble finding a parking space...

More profitable financially

If the ecological fibre speaks to you little, the possibility of spending less will not leave you indifferent. Indeed, the electric bike is much more economical than the car or the motorcycle. No fuel, no garage fees, no parking fees. An E-bike costs 20 euros/month for maintenance and battery recharging, compared to what a car costs.

To stay in shape

According to the WHO, cycling for 30 minutes a day increases life expectancy by 8 years. In addition, riding a bike allows you to get some fresh air while getting some physical exercise. For a woman, the electric assistance of the VAE reduces the level of difficulty, so that the exercise session does not become a torture session! You will arrive at work fit and without sweating.

No administrative constraints

Unlike a car or motorcycle, you don 't need a license to ride your bike, even if it's electrically assisted. You don't need to register your bike or have it inspected. Of course, wearing a helmet is recommended, but not mandatory. Finally, fines and fines are rarer on cycle paths.

The best brands of electric bikes for women

In our opinion, the best brands of electric bikes for women in 2022 are :

Moma Bikes
Moustache Bikes

The Spanish manufacturer is a reference in the world of the bicycle. Known worldwide for its mountain bikes and ATVs, BH or Beistegui Hermanos has the particularity to offer most of its models to men as well as to women. For a quality EVB at a reasonable price, this brand is a must.

Originating from California, Electra is a very young bike manufacturer. But despite this youth, it has quickly managed to make a name for itself, especially with its electric bikes for women, including the famous Townie. Bought by Trek, this brand will appeal to city women.

The American giant has always had the ambition to offer bikes adapted to everyone, all morphologies and all practices. On Trek women's bikes, the saddle and handlebars contribute directly to fit and comfort. This is also true of its EABs.

Moma Bikes is one of the must-haves when it comes to folding bikes. Its folding VAEs have a more than interesting quality/price ratio. The size of the frame, the size of the wheels and the compactness of the electric bike once folded make this brand the ally of women who lack space at home.

Based in the Vosges, Moustache Bikes mainly manufactures electric bikes. In less than 10 years, the French manufacturer has managed to make a place for itself in a very competitive market thanks to its quality bikes at low prices. If you find a Moustache Bikes EAB available, don't hesitate!

ThisGerman brand is known for the sturdiness of its bikes, not to mention the brand's own refined design. Among the technologies developed by the manufacturer, the Impulse motor remains unavoidable.Inshort, Kalkhoff embodiesdeutsche qualität in the world of bicycles.

Whenwe talk about customized bicycles, VDV immediately comes to mind. The brand gives its customers total freedom to choose the components and accessories for their bike: racks, lights, locks... Even the motorization is imagined to offer the best possible experience.

TheDutch brand is known for its legendary bikes with a design that has since been adopted on all city bikes. A comfortable riding position, a safe and versatile ride, essential accessories, resistant materials, Gazelles electric bikes for women have references.

What is the price for an electric bike for women

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

1000 £ to 3500 £
3500 £ to 6000 £
more than 6000 £
Price range diagram


Only buy an EV from a major brand.

This way, you minimize disappointments! Indeed, most of the top brand models are very well made. Also, trust the reputable sellers in the bike fashion, Alltricks for example. The bigger the brand, the more likely you are to find a quality electric bike.

Do not wait until the battery is completely discharged to recharge it.

Even if you don't use your EAB because of the weather, especially in winter, you will still need to recharge the battery. Proceed to a complete recharge every 2 months and never let the battery undergo a deep discharge, otherwise its life span will be affected.

Remove the battery if you leave your electric bike outside.

The battery is the element most exposed to theft on an electric bike. To avoid unpleasant surprises, remove the battery from your EAB in case you have to leave it outside for the night. Keep it in a dry place, between 15 and 30°C. And cover the bike with a tarp to protect its components from the elements.

Check the bike before and after each ride.

Before going out or on your way home, take 30 s to visually check the condition of the women's electric bike. This check will include the tires, brakes, steering, chains and cables. Don't hesitate to call in a professional if you notice anything wrong. That way, you won't make things worse.

Carry a second battery for long bike rides.

If you want to do road cycling or bike tours, one battery may not be enough. To avoid unpleasant surprises, carry a second battery. You can use it after the first one runs out.

Women's electric bikes are rarely fully assembled when delivered. You'll have to roll up your sleeves! Once the package is unpacked, mount the handlebars first. Next, put the front and rear wheels on, then the seat. You can adjust the height of the seat as you wish. And finally, attach the pedals and your bike is finally ready.

Cleaning is essential to maintain the bike and to keep it looking good. The racing bike should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. For city bikes, washing should be done weekly. And if you only use it a few days a week, a monthly wash will suffice.

To make the bike last, perform a thorough lubrication from time to time. Start by degreasing each drivetrain component with coating, specifically the chainrings, rear derailleur, and chain. Lubrication is done after degreasing and with a suitable oil such as silicone oil. Apply as much as possible to the chain, cables and casings, brakes, derailleur and quick releases. And if you think you can't handle it, take your bike to a professional!


Which electric bike for women to choose?

In our opinion, the best electric bike for women for most people is the Electra Townie Path Go! 5i. The BH Atom City Wave is for those looking for the best value for money. We recommend the Moma Bikes E-16Teen if you are looking for a folding electric bike. Finally, the Trek District+ 2 Stagger will suit both city and country riding.

How to choose an electric bike for women?

To choose a VAE of woman, it is necessary above all to take into account the type of bicycle of research. VTTAE, electric VTC, city VAE, folding VAE? The size, geometry and material of the frame are also important. Don't forget the motor, the battery and the electric assistance offered. Finally, take into account the weight if you have to carry the EAB up stairs.

How to maintain a woman's electric bike?

First of all, never leave a battery completely discharged. And proceed to a complete recharge every 2 months, whatever your frequency of use. For the mechanical part, check the tires, the brakes, the handlebars, the transmission and the cables before and after each ride. Don't forget to lubricate the chain, the derailleur and even the brakes if they are disc brakes. Finally, clean your electric bike regularly and have it serviced by a professional every 6 months.

How much does an electric bike for women cost?

Prices for a quality EAB generally range from 800 to 6,000 euros. You can certainly find more expensive models, especially the VTTAE and electric road bikes. But €1,500 to €4,000 is enough in most cases.

What are the best electric bike brands for women?

Moustache Bikes, BH, Trek, Electra and Moma Bikes are some of the best known manufacturers. Alternatively, you can opt for the famous Canondale, BMC, Cube or Giant.


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