The best electric bike batteries in the UK 2023

Just like a smartphone, an electric bike needs a battery to operate. You can enjoy a certain autonomy depending on the performance of the equipment and adjust the speed according to your needs. Lithium, lead or nickel..., let's have a look at the best electric bike batteries of the moment in four steps.

Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance

Editor's Choice

Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance

The best electric bike battery in 2021

This electric bike battery stands out from the competition because of its light weight, compact size and high power. It can be fully recharged in 4 hours and 30 minutes without having to unclip it.

496 £ on Alltricks

The Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance has a relative power of 500 W. It can maintain its capacity even after a long period of inactivity. In addition, the device can handle splashes without difficulty. However, you should take some precautions when washing your electric bike. Since the battery is not resistant to high-pressure water jets, we strongly advise you to disconnect and remove it beforehand.

This Bosch model is perfectly compatible with the Powerpack 300 and 400 electric bikes. In terms of autonomy, it keeps its promises very well, between 45 and 215 km (depending on the mode used) if you combine it with a 25 km/h cruise motor. On the other hand, it promises you a journey of 23 to 150 km in case you couple it with a speed motor of a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Electron FBFM-1

Best cheapest

Electron FBFM-1

The best entry-level electric bike battery

The Electron FBFM-1 is one of the cheapest electric bicycle batteries available today. Lead-acid and with a capacity of 12 Ah, it can also be used as a buffer battery.

14,56 £ on Amazon

As a buffer or cyclic battery, the Electron FBFM-1 will satisfy your needs. It offers a capacity of 12 Ah/12 V and measures 151 x 99 x 100 mm. Quite compact and light, weighing only 3.5 kg, the device guarantees you a cyclic use of up to 1300 cycles. The connection system will not cause you any problems. Moreover, the battery is completely waterproof.

Apart from EABs or electrically assisted bicycles, the Electron FBFM-1 is also suitable for electric scooters, electric cars, solar panels, children's quads and any other electric device that requires a lead-acid battery. It can be recharged via a standard battery charger.

Yamaha X94-8212A-20

Best high end

Yamaha X94-8212A-20

The best high-end electric bike battery

All electric bikes with a Yamaha motor can carry this high quality battery. It has a handle and can be easily integrated into the cross tube.

544 £ on Alltricks

Do you own an electric bike equipped with a Yamaha 36V mid-motor like the PW and PW-X models? The Yamaha X94-8212A-20 will certainly please you. This lithium-ion battery can be easily installed on your 2-wheeled vehicle, whether it is from Haibike, Winora or Batavus, more precisely at the level of the cross tube, thanks to its ergonomic handle. Its charging time does not exceed 3 h 30.

The Yamaha X94-8212A-20 frame battery has far superior features compared to other models in the same range. Weighing less than 3 kg, it offers a voltage of 36 V and an exceptional capacity of 11 Ah. Its reliability, performance and modern style make it a first choice.

Seilylanka 10S3P Ebike

Excellent choice

Seilylanka 10S3P Ebike

The cheap alternative

This is the ideal battery to mount on your electrically assisted vehicle: bicycle, scooter, skateboard, wheelchair, etc. Make sure the motor delivers between 200 and 800 W.

145 £ on Amazon

Why do we recommend this model of electric bicycle battery? Among other things, for its nominal voltage of 36 V, its multipurpose character, its combined mode of 10 series 3 parallel and especially for its very good quality/price ratio. That's right! The Seilylanka 10S3P Ebike has nothing to envy from the top of the range models especially since it is one of the lightest with a weight of only 1,5 kg. The single cell measures only 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm high.

The Seilylanka 10S3P Ebike battery is very versatile (golf car, electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, wheelchair, touring coach...) and promises a capacity of 9 Ah. It has 4 important internal protection circuits: against overcharge, against excessive discharge, against overcurrent and against short-circuit. Even better, its life cycle goes beyond 1000 times.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric bike battery

Any specific needs?

The best electric bike battery in 2021

The best entry-level electric bike battery

The best high-end electric bike battery

The cheap alternative

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Comparison table of the best electric bike batteries

Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance
Electron FBFM-1
Yamaha X94-8212A-20
Seilylanka 10S3P Ebike
Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance
Electron FBFM-1
Yamaha X94-8212A-20
Seilylanka 10S3P Ebike
This electric bike battery stands out from the competition because of its light weight, compact size and high power. It can be fully recharged in 4 hours and 30 minutes without having to unclip it.
The Electron FBFM-1 is one of the cheapest electric bicycle batteries available today. Lead-acid and with a capacity of 12 Ah, it can also be used as a buffer battery.
All electric bikes with a Yamaha motor can carry this high quality battery. It has a handle and can be easily integrated into the cross tube.
This is the ideal battery to mount on your electrically assisted vehicle: bicycle, scooter, skateboard, wheelchair, etc. Make sure the motor delivers between 200 and 800 W.
Charge time
4 h 30
4 h
3 h
500 W
500 W
36 V
12 V
36 V
36 V
2,6 kg
2.9 kg
1.5 kg

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How to choose your electric bike battery

A good quality electric bicycle battery is a guarantee of better autonomy. To help you choose yours, here are the selection criteria to consider:
choisir batterie de vélo électrique

#1 - Autonomy

Knowing the autonomy of your electric bike battery will give you a precise idea of the number of kilometers you can ride. Various factors can influence this, including the capacity of the cells, the way you pedal, the general condition of your two-wheeled vehicle, the reliability of the motor, the wind force, the quality of the surface, the weight of the bike to which you add the weight of the user or the ambient temperature. Moreover, it is essential to check the power of the device. For example, a 500 Wh model will be much more efficient compared to a 400 Wh model.

#2 - Technology

It is advisable to take note of the most popular battery technologies. The lead-acid electric bicycle battery costs only a few euros. It is heavier, but still offers a decent longevity, an average of 300 to 400 recharge cycles. The NiMH model, less heavy than the previous one, can support up to 500 recharge cycles while the lithium battery guarantees a life of 600 to 1200 recharge cycles.

#3 - Energy storage capacity

It is evaluated in Wh or watt hour. To make a simple calculation, multiply the voltage of the electric bike battery (often 36 V) by its capacity (in Ah). The power, as for it, marks the autonomy of the vehicle. Generally, it should not exceed 250 W except if you move on your VAE unbridled. In this case, you have the opportunity to aim for medium or high end electric bike batteries between 400 and 500 Wh. In short, keep in mind that the more Wh and Ah the battery has, the more range it will enjoy.

#4 - Location

The location of your bike battery will not impact your cruising speed. Instead, you should base your decision on how comfortable you want it to feel and how well it handles.

  • The sloping frame tube : ideal for maintaining the bike's maneuverability and stability. The integrated batteries are quite compact and fit perfectly into the frame.
  • Luggage rack : designed for low step-through frames.
  • The seat tube : even if the battery lengthens the bike, it promises a huge gain in stability.

Thus, it is better not to install the battery on the luggage rack in case you want to keep a sporty use of your bike. The same is true if you want to keep a certain balance because the motor is on the rear wheel. If you want to keep a good maneuverability, it is not recommended to put it at the back of the seat tube. The best electric bike battery will be the one capable of stiffening the frame without damaging it and keeping the bike balanced while maintaining its agility.

#5 - Weight

It differs from one motor to another and is a function of the quality of the cells, but also of the capacity. In most cases, it is mainly the cells making up the battery of the EAB that rubs off on its weight. At present, a model of satisfactory quality weighs in at 2.5 kg. It is difficult to limit the weight of the battery since the designers focus on improving the autonomy.

Get the most out of your electric bike battery

Having a bike is great, but having one with a battery is even better. The performance of the vehicle makes it particularly popular, especially with hikers and cyclists. Want to know more about how it works? Here's everything you'll need to know about the electric bike battery.

The Components

As mentioned above, an electric bicycle battery is made up of :

  • Cells: these are assembled together through well thought out wiring. In fact, they are accumulators (lithium-ion or li-ion, lithium polymer or Li-Po, nickel cadmium or Nicad and nickel metal hydride or NiMh) with the ability to store energy.
  • A case: very practical, it is a resinous container, often waterproof, which provides reliable protection and cushioning of the battery against potential shocks.
  • A cabling
  • A motherboard: it manages and regulates the assistance intelligently while preserving the autonomy of the bicycle.

The location

It is easy to handle an electric bicycle battery. To begin, determine the location of the accessory. There are several choices: in the rack, on the frame of the down tube, or integrated into the down tube. If you have chosen the rack, make sure to unlock it with its key and check that there are no foreign objects in the sleeve. Then simply place the battery and turn on its switch. For installation on the tube, you can use the ergonomic handle to put it correctly in place. A small click will be heard when it is well installed.

Precautions to take

It is crucial to take precautions when handling (using and charging) the electric bicycle battery. In this sense, it is recommended never to expose the battery to too much heat or too low a temperature. If the battery is completely discharged, do not leave it/store it in this condition. Avoid recharging it if it is still full. Set aside damaged batteries. They are a great danger in case of an accident.

Increase battery life

If you don't have a top-performing electric bike battery, there are easy ways to extend the life of your battery without relying on its capacity. To do this, you can :

  • Better manage your speed and only use the assistance in difficult situations.
  • Adopt a smoother ride, i.e., favor smooth pedaling and avoid jerking.
  • Inflate your tires sufficiently
  • Reconsider your route, even if it means taking a slight detour to avoid steep climbs or strong gusts of wind.
  • Take a second battery with you.

The different types of electric bike batteries

We perceive until now 3 main families of electric bicycle batteries, namely the lithium, lead and nickel battery. Each one has its own specificities in terms of lifespan and performance. Learn more in the following article.

Lithium electric bike battery

Lithium batteries are the most present on the market. Their unmatched efficiency and their exceptional weight/performance ratio are the main reasons. As a proof, they are also used in other daily use devices such as smartphones and laptops. Withstanding approximately 700 to 1200 charging cycles, this type of model weighs only 2 to 3 kg on the scale. The efficiency of such a battery is up to 90 %.

With a service life of over 3000 cycles, a high level of safety and low toxicity, the LifePO4 lithium battery is gradually setting itself apart from the competition. The only drawback is that its energy density does not rival that of a lithium-ion battery.

Lead electric bike battery

It is the most affordable type of battery today, with a price 4 to 5 times less expensive than a lithium battery. It provides up to 400 charge/discharge cycles in addition to being less prone to the memory effect. In spite of its good performance, the lead-acid electric bicycle battery fears the cold. It is larger and therefore heavier. This is why we initially used 2 batteries of 12 V each, with a total weight of 10 kg, to obtain a nominal capacity of 240 Wh associated with a range of 30 to 80 km.

Among its biggest disadvantages, we can mention the weakness of its life and its autonomy, its difficulty to be recycled and its hypersensitivity to a low temperature. It should be noted that you will enjoy 24 Wh with 1 kg of lead battery.

Nickel electric bike battery

The nickel battery, mainly the nickel metal hydride or Ni-MH, is becoming increasingly rare, gradually giving way to the lithium battery. It is subject to the memory effect affecting its autonomy and to self-discharge, contrary to what most of us think. Of course, you have to wait for the complete discharge of the battery to be able to recharge it at the risk of reducing its capacity.

The accessory seems relatively light compared to a lead-acid battery. This type of model accumulates more energy even though its life span is very limited. It is capable of withstanding approximately 500 charge cycles.

Electric bike battery or super-capacitor?

Electric bike battery

Like any other battery, the battery of an electric bicycle is essentially used to store energy. It plays an important role in the proper functioning of the vehicle. Indeed, the motor will be able to drive the 2 wheels thanks to the energy provided by the battery. The instrument includes a case, a wiring, cells as well as a motherboard. It is this last one which integrates all the programming of the bicycle while managing in an intelligent way the electric assistance.

The case, for its part, protects the battery from shocks. The wiring allows you to connect different elements of your battery. Connected together via a cable, the cells store all the accumulated energy. The battery can be lithium (the most common), lead or nickel. Some are specific for installation on the frame while others are intended for the luggage rack.


The super-capacitor was initiated by the French group Veloci Industries in 2020. Instead of using a battery, the new generation of electric bikes makes use of a super-capacitor. Like a dynamo, this energy storage system is unique in that it no longer needs to be recharged to provide the necessary power to the motor. Its operating principle is simple: it accumulates energy when you pedal and then releases it when you brake to optimize consumption. The bike, on the other hand, has no chain or mechanical traction system.

You can set your cruising speed (average speed of 15 km/h) and pedal at your own pace. The bike itself weighs nearly 16 kg, the lightest of the EABs to date, with a price ranging from 1500 to 2000 €. The bike is meant to be ecological. It does not contain any rare metals since the super-capacitor is entirely made from a combination of aluminum and carbon. The lifespan of this innovative technology is between 10 and 15 years and it is 100% recyclable.


The electric bicycle battery is perfectly suitable for you if you have a limited budget. You can already get the lead-acid model for a few tens of euros, while the lithium-acid model does not exceed 800-900 euros. It can be mounted on the frame, on the luggage rack or on the seat tube. Moreover, it is removable.

On the contrary, the super-capacitor cannot be bought separately. It will always be accompanied by the U-Feel electric bike (available in 3 designs), all for a price of around 1500 to 2000 €. Although this is a first in the world of urban mobility, for the time being, the device is unfortunately not yet on the market. Which is a real shame.

Why buy an electric bicycle battery?

pourquoi acheter batterie de vélo électrique

Ultra-modern equipment

The battery is the heart of your electric bike. It will guarantee you an all-electric assistance during your journeys. This modern and efficient power source has a decent range and can be used as a reliable means of transportation to work or for a pleasant ride in the countryside. Recharging is quick and easy.

Easy to dispose of

As a rule, the battery of an EAB comes with a warranty of 6 months to 2 years. But after this period or when it reaches the end of its life, what to do? The answer is simple! You just have to send it to the waste disposal center, put it in a bin specifically designed for this purpose, bring it to an electric bicycle dealer or to a company specialized in the reconditioning of this type of accessory.

A removable element

Most current electric bicycle batteries are removable. They can be removed without difficulty so that you can recharge them. With some brands, the same key is used to detach the battery and lock the anti-theft device. For others, the battery and the motor will be placed in the same block, which will simplify the use of the bike as a traditional model.

Ultra light

The bike battery weighs between 2 and 4 kg. If you notice differences in weight, it is mainly due to the capacity and the nature of the protective case. This one can be +/- heavy and robust according to the models. Adding the total weight of the battery to that of the EAB is of little interest. The current designers tend to miniaturize the new models to make them lighter without losing their capacity.

Usable in rainy weather

With a few exceptions, the electric bicycle battery can be used in any weather. To do so, it meets the IP54 standard, which ensures that it is splash-proof (water and dust). Thanks to the quality of the casing, it is also resistant to shocks.

The best brands of electric bike batteries

In our opinion, the best brands of electric bike batteries in 2022 are :


The German brand Bosch was founded in 1886. Leader in many fields namely motorization, industrial equipment, household appliances and electric bike battery design, it is known for the quality, robustness and durability of its products. It offers 3 lines of electric bike batteries: the Powerpack, the PowerTube and the DualBattery.

Brose is known mainly for its motorizations. Indeed, its devices are very present on the Decathlon or Specialized electric bike models. To complement them, you also have the appropriate batteries, including the 630 Wh battery designed for bikes released in 2020.

This French brand does not only manufacture and market innovative and high-performance electric bikes (e-leisure, e-VTT, e-VTC, e-urban...). It also offers good quality batteries to make the use of your bike more comfortable. If you're looking for a new or reconditioned battery, you'll find what you're looking for at Gitane at a competitive price.

Shimano is no longer to be introduced to cycling fans. The Japanese company is known for its high quality parts and components, especially its bicycle equipment, including batteries that are a real added value to its Shimano Steps motor range.

Yamaha is a famous international firm working in the electric bike sector. This Japanese manufacturer covers just about every segment with its various offerings including rack batteries, downtube batteries, multi-location batteries coming in several capacities (400 to 600 Wh) and external crossover batteries.

What is the price for an electric bike battery

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

17 £ to 350 £
350 £ to 625 £
more than 625 £
Price range diagram


Remove the battery before cleaning the electric bike

Whether you want to wash or repair your electric bicycle, be sure to remove the battery beforehand and isolate it in a place that meets all storage conditions. If possible, avoid disassembling the battery, as electrolyte may leak out, which could be very dangerous to your health. Place it in an area not accessible to children.

Prolong the life of your electric bike battery

Adopt the right gestures and you will save a lot of energy while increasing the life of your battery. Store it at a temperature between 10 and 25°C. When you're not using your bike, always remove it. For long term storage, make sure the battery is charged to 40-60% and then recharge at least every 2 months. On the other hand, the easiest way would be to use it regularly.

Don't confuse battery power with motor power

The capacity of the electric bike battery is expressed in Wh or watt per hour while that of the motor (250 W maximum to get a certification) is evaluated in watt or W. You have an urban EAB and you often ride on flat terrain? Choose a 400 Wh battery. Also, with an electric mountain bike, look to large batteries that can deliver 625 Wh.

Replace or recondition an old battery

If your electric bike's battery is too old, proceed with a change or reconditioning. Normally, there are specialized companies that can take back your model and replace the defective parts. Buying asecond battery is also an interesting option. In this case, you should invest in a bag for transport or choose a so-called Range-Extender model. The latter is not very bulky and can be installed without constraint in the place of the water can.

Avoid cooling the electric bike battery

The cold impacts the working condition of your electric bicycle battery. The low temperature, even negative, tends to stress the components. In order to remedy this and increase its autonomy, take care to recharge it in a room where the ambient temperature oscillates between 10 and 25 °C. Do not put it in place until the last moment. You want to keep the battery warm? Simply use a neoprene blanket.


How to charge the electric bike battery?

There is no specific time to recharge the electric bicycle battery. Once you notice a decrease in its capacity, proceed immediately to recharge. The principle is the same as for any device with a battery, such as a smartphone. Plug the power cable into an outlet and then connect the other end of the cord to the battery.

How to do if I don't use the battery for a long time?

If you won't be using your electric bike for a long time, it's a good idea to remove the battery. Check the charge level and make sure it doesn't drop below 30%. Indeed, the accessory is at risk of self-discharge during this long storage time. Irreversible damage due to a chemical reaction can be felt and cannot be excluded.

How to remove the electric bike battery from its place?

Refer to the instructions available in the user manual of your electric bicycle battery. However, you can perform this step with ease. So start by unlocking the equipment via a special key. Pull it backwards or upwards using the handle. Note that when recharging, you do not have to remove the battery.

How to repair a defective electric bike battery?

The procedure is quite simple. To get your electric bike battery back in good condition, whether it's lithium, NiMH or lead-acid, you can replace the worn components with new ones. To do this, perform a standard restoration of the defective components with a kit that has the potential to provide considerable longevity. Don't hesitate to test the battery intelligently if you want to determine its true capacity.


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