The best electric bikes in the UK 2023

The electric bicycle or electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) is redefining the bicycle market with record sales of over 500,000 models sold. Moreover, it is a means of transportation that is less polluting than a car. Want to join the green transportation movement? Here is a buying guide and a comparison of the best electric bikes of the moment.

ETT Trayser electric VTC 1

Best value for money

ETT Trayser electric VTC

Best electric bike

This electric VTC will meet your daily needs. In addition to accompanying you in the city, it will drive you on the unlikely tracks thanks to its puncture-proof tires.

2 944 £ on Alltricks

The ETT brand's special signature can be found on this electric mountain bike, which is a real means of daily transportation, but also an outdoor sports equipment. The well-distributed weight, an optimized battery size, a lowered center of gravity: these are only a few examples of the advantages offered by this electric mountain bike.

Equipped with puncture-proof tires, it will take you anywhere you want to go. Its power comes from its powerful 500 W motor, powered by a 1000 Wh battery, which will allow you to ride 160 km without having to recharge your EAB. Designed to be fast, but without exceeding the standards in force, this electric VTC with an aluminum frame and carbon fork has a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Long battery life
  • 80% charge in 2 hours
  • No accessories
BICYKLET Claude electric city bike 2

Best cheapest

BICYKLET Claude electric city bike

Best entry-level electric bike

A true means of ecological urban transportation, this electric city bike will seduce you with its urban lines, its powerful motor, its speed and its autonomy.

879 £ on Alltricks

Riding around town has never been easier or more enjoyable than with this electrically assisted bike. Equipped with two front and rear racks, a light and a mudguard, it is designed for your everyday travels, but also for moments of meditation in a natural setting.

As for its power, this inexpensive electric bike has no reason to be ashamed of the others. A 14.5 Ah, 504 Wh battery powers its powerful 36 V, 250 W motor. With this combination, you can ride up to 125 km with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. And even when you want to pedal without electric assistance, it will be facilitated by the Shimano transmission that accompanies this city bike.

  • With two luggage racks and a lighting system
  • V-Brake brakes
  • Shimano transmission
  • Low start-up assistance

Best high-end


Best high-end BMC electric bike

Speed, endurance, comfort and performance: all of these attributes accompany this high-end electric road bike designed with an all-carbon frame and fork.

2 399 £ on Alltricks

A well-known player in the cycling world, BMC offers this electric road bike with a carbon frame and fork. Lightweight and aerodynamic, it picks up speed quickly, even if you choose to turn off the assistance to pedal. Suitable for both daily commuting and sport riding, this electric road bike features micro-deflection technology for better grip and maximum comfort.

Distinguishing itself by its performance, this high-end E-Bike integrates a Shimano STEPS E-6100 motor with a power of 250 W and a torque of 60 Nm. This motor is powered by a battery of the same brand, with an energy capacity of 504 Wh. If you want to go without assistance, you can still enjoy the speed of the Shimano transmission that equips this BMC electric bike.

  • Lightweight and aerodynamic thanks to the carbon frame and fork
  • SHIMANO STEPS motor and battery
  • D-shaped seatpost
  • No lighting
TREK Electric city bike for women 4

Best women's EVP

TREK Electric city bike for women

Best Trek electric bike for women

With this electric bike for women, there are beautiful walks in the air! A lowered frame for easy straddling, a powerful motor for speed, a luggage rack for convenience: it's all there!

1 919 £ on Alltricks

The highly regarded Trek brand offers this women's electric city bike with a hybrid design: you can enjoy electric assist as you can choose to pedal. With the combination of its aluminum frame and SR Suntour NEX coil spring fork, this women's EAB gains an aerodynamic, precise and maneuverable look for a more comfortable ride.

This electric bike integrates a BOSCH motor of 250 W and 65 Nm, offering a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This one is fed by a battery with an energy capacity of 300 Wh, for a quite acceptable autonomy. If you choose to go without assistance, you will enjoy the smoothness of a Shimano Altus 9-speed transmission. Either way, in electric or mechanical mode, this bike benefits from the precision and smoothness of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Powerful BOSCH motor
  • Lighting, fender and luggage rack included
  • Suspended seatpost
  • A bit heavy (23.56 kg)
VIDAXL vélo électrique pliable 5

Best under 750 euros

VIDAXL vélo électrique pliable

Best folding electric bike under 750 euros

Take the bike out of the subway or train station, it's possible thanks to this folding electric bike with ultra compact dimensions when stored.

589 £ on Alltricks
  • Compact size when folded
  • Can fit on public transportation
  • Light, luggage rack, fender and kickstand included
  • Low assistance in maximum speed
Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric bike

Any specific needs?

Best electric bike

Best entry-level electric bike

Best high-end BMC electric bike

Best Trek electric bike for women

Best folding electric bike under 750 euros

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Comparison table of the best electric bikes

ETT Trayser electric VTC 6
BICYKLET Claude electric city bike 7
TREK Electric city bike for women 9
VIDAXL vélo électrique pliable 10
ETT Trayser electric VTC
BICYKLET Claude electric city bike
TREK Electric city bike for women
VIDAXL vélo électrique pliable
This electric VTC will meet your daily needs. In addition to accompanying you in the city, it will drive you on the unlikely tracks thanks to its puncture-proof tires.
A true means of ecological urban transportation, this electric city bike will seduce you with its urban lines, its powerful motor, its speed and its autonomy.
Speed, endurance, comfort and performance: all of these attributes accompany this high-end electric road bike designed with an all-carbon frame and fork.
With this electric bike for women, there are beautiful walks in the air! A lowered frame for easy straddling, a powerful motor for speed, a luggage rack for convenience: it's all there!
Take the bike out of the subway or train station, it's possible thanks to this folding electric bike with ultra compact dimensions when stored.
Electric VTC
Electric city bike
Electric road bike
Women's electric city bike
Folding electric bike
500 W
250 W - 36 V - 35 Nm
Shimano STEPS E-6100 - 250 W - 60 Nm
Bosch 65 Nm - 250 W
250 W
1000 Wh
14.5 Ah - 504 Wh
Shimano STEPS BT-E8010 - 504 Wh
300 Wh
High-quality lithium-ion
Range of use
160 km
125 km
Long range (varies with use)
Long range (varies with use)
Long range (varies with use)
Frame and fork
Aluminum and carbon
Aluminum and Zoom CH141
All carbon
Aluminum and SR Suntour NEX coil springs
All aluminum

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Buying guide - electric bike

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How to choose your electric bike

Fashion, leisure and sport, ecological fibre, practicality or economic logic, many reasons explain the craze for electric bikes. But to be fully satisfied, here are some criteria for choosing a good EAB.

#1 - The type of electric bikes

Choosing an electric bike adapted to your practice and to your frequency of use is not easy. Hence the need to decide on a type of EAB before anything else.

#2 - Engine location

#3 - Electric assistance

#4 - Battery performance

#5 - Torque and maximum speed

#6 - The number of speeds

#7 - The console

#8 - The weight

Please note

On an electrically-assisted bicycle, the brakes used can be rim brakes, drum brakes, hydraulic rim brakes or hydraulic disc brakes. The latter are mostly found on the VTTAE and the high-end VAE.

How to adapt the electric bike to your use?

electric bikes

On an electric bike, every feature is related, including frame size, wheel diameter, motor, console, braking system, range, number of gears. You will still need to make some adjustments or modifications to adapt the bike to your needs and make it more comfortable. We'll explain how.

The electric bike tires

To increase the ride comfort, you can replace the delivered tires with others with a wider section. Of course, the electric bike's fenders would have to allow for this. Be aware that serrated tires offer better grip. As for tires with kevlar protection, they limit the risk of punctures.

Also, opting for more durable wheels avoids frequent wheel changes, especially if you ride your bike every day. For this, you can change the wheel of your electric bike yourself after ordering it or ask for help from technical support. Especially since the manufacturer knows which wheels are best suited for their EAB.

The electric bike seat and seatpost

On long rides and rough roads, favor electric bikes with leather or gel saddles. Always remember to choose based on your ischials, the bones that support your body weight while sitting. In this way, you will preserve the soft parts and the perineum, which are constantly supported by the saddle. Other adaptations will be made according to the needs of each cyclist.

If necessary, replace the supplied seat post with a hanging seat post or even a parallelogram to dampen jolts. This tip should take a considerable amount of pressure off your back. For the elderly and those coming out of recovery, a telescoping seatpost could make straddling the electric bike easier.

The handlebars and pedals of the electric bike

The size of the rider and the type of bike he or she rides determine his or her ideal handlebar position. Do you feel more comfortable with handlebars angled toward you? Replace the handlebars on your electric bike if they don't have them. For those looking for a more aerodynamic position, we recommend flat handlebars. And mount ergonomic grips if you need to.

City EV users, who ride on a daily basis, should use pedals with grips to avoid wearing out their shoes. Those who need a large footprint, especially fans of road bikes, should opt for wider pedals with spikes.

The different types of electric bikes

Many French communities and cities offer subsidies for the purchase of an electric bicycle, subject to certain conditions. The craze for electric bikes is so strong that even road bikes have ended up being used! Here are the models that you will come across the most.

City VAE

Designed for urban trips, the city bike represents one third of electric bikes in the UK. It is also the most widely used electric bicycle in Europe, especially in large cities. Its motor and battery provide the necessary assistance to ride up and down hills without too much effort.

The electric city bike offers unparalleled comfort to cyclists in urban areas. But as you may have guessed, it is not really suitable for trips to the countryside. Even less so if you are riding on hiking trails!

The electrically-assisted bicycle for urban use is the ideal means of transportation for city travel. However, despite its powerful electric assistance, it is not comfortable enough for trips on rough roads. Nevertheless, note that it is among the cheap electric bikes.

Electric VTC

It is the most versatile electric bike. It offers complete freedom, especially for hiking, trekking, commuting or riding. With an electric VTC, you can ride on forest trails, asphalt, hiking trails, towpaths, greenways paved roads and many others.

Manageable and comfortable, these types of electric bikes usually have a suspended front fork and also a suspended seat. Other features include mudguards and a luggage rack. However, do not mistake the electric VTC for a mountain bike! Off-road, cyclo-cross and downhill are forbidden.

The main advantage of the electric VTC is its versatility. No matter what surface you ride on, in the city or in the country, this type of electric bike will combine comfort and performance.

Folding VAE

The electrically assisted folding bike is available in different models: mountain bike, city bike, mountain bike, cargo bike, etc. Its main advantage lies in its compactness once folded, a must to save space at home, to make up for the absence of a garage or parking lot, or not having to park the bike outside and risk having it stolen.

The folding electric bike remains the ideal means of transportation for anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits offered by intermodality, but also for those who want to reduce the ecological impact of their long daily trips. However, the battery adds considerable weight to the folding bike. Good to know if you have to climb stairs with it!

The folding electric bike is attractive because of its compactness and practicality. It is the essential EAB to save space or to use different means of transportation (subway, train, etc.), during daily trips.

Electric mountain bike

This electric bike has revolutionized the practice of mountain biking and has made it accessible to the greatest number. Now, any aspiring cyclist can easily climb hills on a mountain bike, ride long distances and go 40 km/h. The geometry of their frame varies according to the practices: hiking, cyclo-cross, freeride, downhill, mountain...

Mid-range and high-end VTTAEs generally use Shimano XT, SLX or SRAM transmissions. The brakes are mostly hydraulic discs. And often, the motor delivers more power than an urban electric bike. Thus, the electric mountain bike can easily climb large hills and reach high speeds.

Do you like to get off the beaten path? Treat yourself to an electric mountain bike to go fast and far. Powerful, comfortable and fast, this type of EAB will help you ride the most uneven trails, with many changes in altitude.

VAE cargo

Also known as an electric cargo bike, the electric cargo bike is equipped with a powerful motor that can efficiently assist its user, especially on long trips with many changes in altitude. Note that there are different models of electrically assisted cargo bikes: three-wheelers, two-wheelers and longtails.

The electric cargo bike is an ideal way to avoid traffic jams while traveling long distances. Nevertheless, it is difficult to attract people because of its limited loading capacity compared to a vehicle. Equipped with a wooden, plastic or metal box, the cargo bike can transport goods as well as children.

The cargo bike is more cumbersome than the classic electric city bikes. However, it is an essential means of transportation on long journeys with more or less heavy loads. Some models of cargo bikes can replace small utility vehicles.

Electric road bike

The road bike was the last to go electric. However, it didn't take long for it to catch up, offering successful models both aesthetically and in terms of performance. The speed, endurance and ride comfort of electric road bikes are surprising, even for purists.

In addition to allowing better management of efforts, electric road bikes ensure longer and more distant rides. The assistance remains proportional to the efforts so as not to transform the bike into a motorcycle! This type of electric bike will appeal to beginners, to those who are returning to cycling or to cyclists in average physical condition.

With a relatively modest weight for an electric bike and a very worked aerodynamic, the electric road bike will allow the greatest number of people to ride at very high speed and climb mythical passes. It's also a perfect tool for decongesting or specific work.

Back to the comparison table

Electric or mechanical bike

Do you want to take advantage of electric assistance or pedal by muscle power alone?

Electric bike

The electric bicycle is equipped with a motorized device designed to reduce the efforts during the rides. This means that you can ride for longer or climb difficult hills without having to use up too much energy. It is much heavier than the standard model, which, on the other hand, is a little less affordable than its non-motorized counterpart.

Mechanical bike

The standard bicycle or mechanical bike is much lighter than the electric model. The difference can be as much as 10 kg depending on the product. There are classic models that are as fast and comfortable as electric bikes. On the other hand, they require a high level of physical fitness to ride certain routes, such as uphill.


The choice will depend on your means and your desire to pedal or not. For those who can afford it, we recommend electric bikes; and there are cheap ones! In fact, there are subsidies for the purchase of this type of bike. Purists and those on a tight budget will probably buy a mechanical bike.

Why buy a good electric bike?

At a time when car manufacturers are struggling to make the leap to electric, bicycles have already succeeded in their revolution. There are several reasons for this.

Electric bikes: a time-saving means of transportation

Like a conventional bicycle, an electric bike makes it easy to navigate traffic jams. Moreover, you will find a parking space more easily with this type of transportation than with a car, especially in big cities.

Its only disadvantage is the risk of theft, which has become more and more frequent in the last 2 years. Indeed, some EABs cost up to 10,000 euros or more. If your electric bike is not securely attached or equipped with an anti-theft device, it may disappear.

Electric bike: a means of transport to keep in shape

Unlike motorcycles, which are self-propelled, the electric assistance of an EAB is essentially when you pedal. In other words, no pedaling, no assistance. In this way, not only your legs are still being used, but also your heart and lungs, without depleting your energy reserves.

According to studies, the heart rate of a cyclist on an electric bike is similar to that of a person who walks. This type of transportation is the ideal solution to prevent serious diseases such as colon, breast and prostate cancer.

Electric bicycle: a cost-effective means of transportation

The price of an electric bike is relatively high, especially if you want to buy a quality model. Count on average 2,000 euros for the middle/top of the range. It is expensive, but much less than a used car. In addition, some cities subsidize the purchase of electric bikes.

For your information, it costs an average of 85 euros to travel 1,000 km by car, taking into account the price of gasoline. For the same distance, but with an electric bike, your expenses will not exceed 1 euro. Expenses that will mainly go to the energy costs of the battery recharge. But even for maintenance, the EAB is less expensive than the motorcycle and the car. The only limit, the autonomy! Think about investing in a bike meter to have an idea of the kilometers traveled to plan a battery charging time.

Electric bicycle: a less polluting alternative to the car

A bicycle without a motor is much less polluting than an electric bicycle. And the latter pollutes less than the other motorized means of transportation available on the market. If you want to significantly reduce the environmental impact of your travels, treat yourself to an EAB.

Note that the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a 20 km trip on an electric bike are similar to those of an electric heater, operating for only 4 minutes.

Electric bikes: a safe way to travel

Yes, contrary to popular belief, riding a bike is safer than riding a car or scooter. Road accident statistics have shown that the death rate is 20 times higher on a scooter than on a bicycle, including electric bikes.

In terms of health, riding an electric bike reduces the inhalation of exhaust fumes because of the extremely short exposure time. In a car, you will inhale more exhaust fumes, especially in traffic jams!

The best brands of electric bikes

In our opinion, the best brands of electric bikes in 2022 are :


It is a brand whose reputation is no longer to be proven! This Swiss brand, well known for the design of all types of bicycles, is particularly skilful when it comes to EABs. It is easy to understand why cyclists are so keen on this brand's electric bikes!

ETT Industries is a young French brand that intends to make a name for itself in the world of electric bikes. Innovation, technology and performance define its electric bikes that deserve your full attention.

With its Powerfly, Rail, Domane, or Townie series, Trek is one of the must-have electric bikes. The American manufacturer also owns the Electra brand, which it bought in 2014. Do you demand quality for your trips around town or your rides? Trek will not disappoint you.

This is a brand that is very recent, but which has already established a good reputation. Indeed, its range of electric bikes seduces by its design and its performance.

The American brand, founded in 1977, is a key player in the cycling world. Its assiduous participation in the Tour de France is proof of its ability to compete with the best. But Cannondale does not limit itself to road and mountain bikes, as shown by its urban bikes, its VTC and its electric bikes.

What is the price for an electric bike

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

750 £ to 1000 £
1000 £ to 3000 £
more than 3000 £
Price range diagram


Should your electric bike be unbridled or not?

The law severely punishes the unbridling of an electric bicycle, because its maximum speed must be limited to 25 km/h. This is more than enough speed for traffic in a residential area, and technically you risk shortening the life of your EAB by pushing it beyond its limits. If you want to exercise on your bike and enjoy a higher speed, turn off the assist and pedal as hard as you would on a regular road bike.

Make sure that the battery of your electric bicycle is fully charged.

It's easy to forget to recharge your electric bike battery after a hard day's work. Create a routine that will allow you to immediately plug in your battery when you get home.

Pedal harder (at the right time) on your electric bike

An electric bike uses a lot of energy when you accelerate after a stop. If you pedal hard when you resume, it will help conserve your battery energy. Also, hills require a lot of energy, so pedaling a little harder on hills will help improve your range.

Buy a second electric bike battery.

If you have a long commute or an errand to run, it may be worthwhile to buy a second battery to add to your bike. Some electric bike manufacturers offer the option of adding a second battery to double the range.

Keep the tire pressure of your electric bicycle at an optimal level.

This will make a big difference in the amount of energy (electrical and human) needed to get you around. Too little tire pressure can affect the performance of your electric bike. However, you should not over-inflate the tires either, as this can lead to a very rough ride.

This will improve pedaling efficiency and if you have a motor that powers the cranks of your bike (Panasonic or Bosch for example), it will also improve the efficiency of your motor. After oiling your chain, let it sit for a few minutes before wiping off the excess oil with a cloth and using your electric bike again.


How to choose an electric bike?

Choosing an electric bicycle is not a random decision: you must consider a few criteria that will define the performance of the chosen model. Among these criteria, let's mention the power of the motor, the performance of the battery, the quality of the electric assistance on the climbs, the starting, the maximum speed, etc. Of course, you should also look at the comfort elements, such as the saddle and the ergonomics of pedaling.

How does an electric bike work?

Whatever type of electric bicycle you choose, its operation remains the same. It has a motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery whose autonomy varies according to the use of the bike, the path taken and the speed of the cyclist. When the battery is flat or you just want to pedal, you can turn off the assistance.

Where to buy an electric bike?

We have to admit, with the plethora of electric bikes on offer, it's easy to get lost between the marketing speeches of the sellers. That's why we've carefully put together this comparison of electric bikes to help you find a model that suits your needs, your travels and above all your budget. You'll even find a good electric bike for less than 750 euros!

How to unhook an electric bike?

The debriding of an electric bicycle consists in making sure that the assistance does not stop automatically when the maximum speed of 25 km/h is reached. Be aware that this is a practice that is severely punished by law and that we strongly advise against. If you want to ride your bike in a sporty environment, turn off the assistance so that you can pedal and reach the speed you want.

Which electric bike for 1500 euros?

For less than 1500 euros, you can get an electric city bike or an electric folding bike. In our comparison, we even offer an electric bike for less than 750 euros! With the democratization of this ecological means of transport, you don't necessarily need to spend a fortune to get a VAE worthy of the name.


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