The best cheap electric bikes in the UK 2023

You want to buy an electric bike, but the prices proposed dissuade you? This comparison is made for you! Indeed, good deals exist, without neglecting quality, including among the major brands (BH, Trek...). Our research concerns models below 1 750 euros, the average price of a VAE. Discover the best cheap bikes of the moment.

Biwbik vélo électrique 1

Best value for money

Biwbik vélo électrique

The best cheap electric bike in 2021

This electric city bike will be your best ally in your daily life, whether it is to go to work, to do your shopping or simply to ride. Solid (robust aluminum frame) and light (25 kg), it is both elegant and safe.

719 £ on Amazon
Vivi folding electric bike 2

Best value for money

Vivi folding electric bike

The best entry-level cheap electric bike

This electric bike for adults is the best you can find on the market for a more than affordable price. In addition to being foldable, it also has a pretty good performance with a range of up to 40 km.

143 £ on Amazon

This super electric bike is made of lightweight aluminum. It has a powerful 350W motor and a 36V/8Ah battery for a range of up to 40km. Capable of propelling up to 150 kg of load, this bike is also comfortable to ride. This is thanks to its 21-speed transmission that allows it to handle the toughest climbs and to easily adapt to the type of terrain on which it rides. The safety is there thanks to its double shock absorption system at the front (high resistance carbon steel fork) and at the rear (high quality shock absorber) of the bike.

The shock absorbers and brakes are of superior quality and allow the biker to stop easily and safely in case of emergency. This model also has a very convenient energy storage technology so that the bike does not need to be recharged as often as other models on the market. In short, this is a very nice, functional and safe bike. However, it is important to point out that its assembly is quite tedious as the instructions are in English and the bike is delivered in parts.

Cheap electric bike - Bicyklet Camille 3

Best value for money

Cheap electric bike - Bicyklet Camille

The best high-end cheap electric bike

The Bicyklet Camille stands out from its competitors thanks to its excellent Bafang motor. You can also enjoy its 500 Wh, 36 V, 14 Ah battery, as well as a very fun riding experience.

1 119 £ on Alltricks

With the hydraulic disc brakes Brake (160/160) Rotors of the Bicyklet Camille, you will enjoy a very efficient braking. The motor is relatively quiet and powerful. The Bafang system develops a torque of 35 Nm, which allows you not to get too tired in assisted mode.

The Bicyklet Camille has an intuitive screen that displays all the essential functions for your ride in a clear and precise way. This inexpensive electric bike promises a very comfortable ride as the suspended fork and seatpost effectively absorb all road irregularities. Also, you will have to enjoy an excellent autonomy thanks to the 500 Wh battery.

ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W 4

A great choice

ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W

The best folding cheap electric bike

This model has all the qualities that an electric city bike should have. Its dual brakes and shock-absorbing front fork ensure a double guarantee of safety and a pleasant experience.

1 099,99

Give yourself the opportunity to ride differently with this urban VTC thanks to its 250W brushless gear hub motor. It is equipped with a 36 V 10 AH lithium-ion battery to guarantee performance that meets your expectations. Its main asset is that in addition to the pedaling assistance mode, it can reach a range of 80 km/h.

Weighing only 26 kg, the Eskute 28" is a powerful and robust companion for everyday use. In addition, its LCD display provides you with the basic information you need. The front and rear disc brake system promises a precise stop. And to make your riding experience more enjoyable, you can easily adjust the height of its seat. In short, with this city electric VTC you can easily reach your destination through difficult terrains.

Bikfun electric mountain bike 5

A great alternative

Bikfun electric mountain bike

Light, practical and safe

The Bikfun is an electrically assisted bicycle that provides a comfortable, stable and safe ride. It is also very practical with its assisted mode, its adjustable seat and stem that allow you to adjust it to your liking.

519 £ on Amazon

The Bikfun has a great autonomy of up to 50 km thanks to its 36 V Lithium battery. It can propel up to 120 kg of load and its high speed brushless motor has a power of 250 W. With a high quality finish, this bike features a high strength carbon steel front fork, high quality shock absorber, front and rear disc brakes, non-slip tires and a front LED light to ensure better safety for the rider.

This electric assist bike is also equipped with an ergonomic handle, 26" tires and premium aluminum rims for comfort, a soft seat and a kickstand. Finally, the bike's lithium battery is removable for easy and convenient charging. In short, you'll love riding this bike.

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Best cheap electric bike

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The best cheap electric bike in 2021

The best entry-level cheap electric bike

The best high-end cheap electric bike

The best folding cheap electric bike

Light, practical and safe

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Comparison table of the best cheap electric bikes

Biwbik vélo électrique 6
Vivi folding electric bike 7
Cheap electric bike - Bicyklet Camille 8
ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W 9
Bikfun electric mountain bike 10
Biwbik vélo électrique
Vivi folding electric bike
Cheap electric bike - Bicyklet Camille
ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W
Bikfun electric mountain bike
This electric city bike will be your best ally in your daily life, whether it is to go to work, to do your shopping or simply to ride. Solid (robust aluminum frame) and light (25 kg), it is both elegant and safe.
This electric bike for adults is the best you can find on the market for a more than affordable price. In addition to being foldable, it also has a pretty good performance with a range of up to 40 km.
The Bicyklet Camille stands out from its competitors thanks to its excellent Bafang motor. You can also enjoy its 500 Wh, 36 V, 14 Ah battery, as well as a very fun riding experience.
This model has all the qualities that an electric city bike should have. Its dual brakes and shock-absorbing front fork ensure a double guarantee of safety and a pleasant experience.
The Bikfun is an electrically assisted bicycle that provides a comfortable, stable and safe ride. It is also very practical with its assisted mode, its adjustable seat and stem that allow you to adjust it to your liking.
Wheel size
26 inches
26 inches
28 inches
28 inches
26 inches
40 - 80 km
40 km in electric mode and 55 km in pedal assist mode
60 - 80 km
25 to 50 km
25 kg
29 kg
22.4 kg
25 kg
23 kg
Charge time
4 - 6 h
6 - 8 h
4 - 6 h
Lithium-ion 36 V / 12 Ah
Lithium-ion 36 V / 8 Ah
Bafang, 250 W, 35 Nm, 36 V
Lithium 36 V / 10 Ah
Lithium-ion 36 V/8 Ah

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Buying guide - cheap electric bike

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How to choose your cheap electric bike

With a cheap bike, some imperfections are to be expected. That's why you need to be picky about the criteria you use to find the best value for your money.

#1 - Your needs

Electric bikes are designed for different people for different purposes. It's up to you to decide which features are most important. If comfort is key, then a go-anywhere frame may be your best choice. If climbing is crucial, opt for a mid-motor system or a high-torque motor. If riding long distances is your preference, then a 400 watt-hour battery or higher is most appropriate. Understanding your personal needs will help you choose which features should matter most for your electric bike.

#2 - The power

Having a large battery will help you a lot. Capacities are listed in watt-hours (Wh), the number of hours a battery can sustain 1 watt of power before dying. Thus, motor power is also important: a 500-watt motor with a 500-Wh battery drains energy faster than a 250-watt motor with a 500-Wh battery. Also look into electric bikes that allow riders to use two batteries at once. This can extend the length of your ride and if one battery dies, you'll have a backup. You can also buy an extra battery to have a fully charged one on hand in case the other one runs out of power or is damaged.

#3 - The guarantee

Buying an electric bike is a significant investment. With a warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is worth it. A minimum one and a half year warranty on parts, motor, and battery (with no exclusions for normal use) is reasonable from cheap electric bike manufacturers.

#4 - Environmentally friendly

Being environmentally friendly is not just about running on electricity: it's about how the bike was built, the quality of its construction, and the after-sales service to keep it in good condition. You should expect your bike to last a minimum of five to ten years with regular maintenance, and your battery to survive between 600 to 800 full charge cycles. And when the battery needs to be replaced, your dealer should be prepared to collect or recycle it instead of throwing it in the trash.

#5 - The quality

Electric bikes are not toys, they are transportation. The quality of the bike itself, regardless of the drive system, is extremely important, and doubly important if you plan to ride it day after day. Make sure the motor and battery are good brands. But remember, the quality of the components won't make much difference if your electric bike isn't set up and tuned correctly. Your bike dealer is your ally in maintaining the quality components you've invested in.

Maintenance of a cheap electric bike

The best cheap electric bikes 11

The price often indicates the quality and durability of an electric bike. For cheap electric bikes, regular and meticulous maintenance is essential. Far from being expensive, this operation protects against breakdowns and possible inconveniences.

The motor

The motor is probably the most robust and reliable part of an electric bicycle. Subject to safety standards, it does not require any alterations, disassembly or special maintenance. Just check the motor for tightness, whether it is in the rear wheel or in the crankset.

If you have a problem with any part of the motor, take your electric bike to a professional. He will connect a diagnostic tool to it. This way, you will know what modifications to make and can take the opportunity to update the console software. This will be cheaper than tinkering with the motor yourself and risking irreversible damage.

Some manufacturers accept the return of defective electrical components for diagnosis. But only the top of the range motor manufacturers, Bosch, Yamaha or Impulse, have the logistics adapted to this practice. Also, buy a brand name electric bike to ensure the availability of spare parts.

The battery

Remove the battery from your electric bike if you don't use it regularly or if you're going to be away for several weeks or even months. Store it in a dark place, at a temperature around 20°C. And if you must leave your EAB outside, cover it with a tarp or a cover and remove the battery to avoid theft.

Under extreme weather conditions, the battery may go into a safe position. It will then lose a large part of its autonomy due to temperature regulation. Do not use the battery of your electric bicycle under -10°C or over 50°C to avoid damaging the cells.

Finally, be careful with shocks. Indeed, in case of an accident or a fall, the battery of the electric bicycle can not be relit. This will require a diagnostic from the seller, the manufacturer or a professional.


As you ride, dust and dirt will accumulate in the transmission, wheels and brakes of your electric bicycle. This is true whether you are riding in the city, on country roads or on hiking trails. For example, grease deposits on rims and brake discs accelerate wear.

Therefore, you should clean your bike regularly. If you use it every day, wash it every week. If you ride your bike two or three times a week, clean it every month. Manufacturers recommend removing the battery before washing the bike with soapy water. Kärcher-type pressure washers are not allowed.

The visual check

The parts mounted on EABs are identical to those mounted on conventional bicycles. There is no wear and tear specific to electric bikes, including the cheapest ones. However, there is a tendency to overuse the electric assist, to rely mainly on this system and to ride at high speed. This can lead to premature motor wear.

As such, you should perform a visual check of the various external parts of the bike before each ride. This includes the brake pads, brake discs, chain, sprockets and cassette. Replace a part immediately if it is worn out to prevent it from damaging everything else.

Also, briefly check the tightness, rims and tire condition before you ride the bike. Finally, don't forget to lubricate the chain, cables and brakes after each cleaning.

Periodic maintenance

Every 3 to 6 months, take your electric bike to a professional for periodic maintenance. He or she will check the chain for oil, the brakes for proper operation, the tires for proper condition, and the wheels, handlebars and stem for tightness. This way, you can extend the life of your bike.

Did you know?

The earliest record of a patent for an EAB dates back to 1895. The technology was still in its infancy, which put off potential customers. The great depression following the crisis of 1929 revived the electric bikes for a while. But it wasn't until the 2000s and the boom in the Chinese market (21 million units sold in 2008) that electric bicycles made their way to Europe and North America.

Electric bike or classic bike?

Electric bike

Equipped with an electric motor, a battery and a pedal, the electric bicycle gives more acceleration than conventional bicycles. It can have a range of 60 to 80 km depending on the power of the battery and the terrain. An EAB is less exhausting than an ordinary bicycle. Indeed, it allows to decrease the efforts, since you ride less.

It is also very practical for riding in headwinds or on slopes. The disadvantage of this type of bike is that it takes a long time to charge and weighs more than 20 kg. This is less important if you have to travel a long way every day. Its wheels wear out more easily because of the weight of the bike. Finally, it is less environmentally friendly.

Classic bike

This type of bike has become very fashionable again lately. Existing in 2 models: road bikes and mountain bikes, they all have an appeal that makes many cycling enthusiasts return to these models. The classic bike has several advantages. The most obvious is that it remains the most practical vehicle for losing weight. Indeed, the action of pedaling is very beneficial for your health. It also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

On top of that, it is also more economical and has no impact on the environment. The major drawback is that it can tire your legs and arms after a few minutes of pedaling. Its driving also depends on the weather. Indeed, if there is too much rain, wind or too much heat, you will surely encounter a problem during the trip.


Both the classic bike and the EAB are practical for urban and rural travel. However, the classic bike is more beneficial for working on physical fitness. As for the electric bike, it will be more useful for people with physical limitations.

Why buy a cheap electric bike?

Logically, you buy a cheap electric bike for the price. The benefits it brings to everyday life are also considerable. Moreover, France will have 1 million electric bicycles in circulation by 2024-2025.

Suitable for all cyclists

Ever more modern and versatile, the electric bike is breaking down prejudices. Long seen as a bike for the elderly, it is now attracting an increasingly young clientele. According to statistics, only 12% of EAB owners are 70 years old or older.

A practical and ecological means of transport

At the risk of provoking the ire of motorcycle fans, the bicycle is the second most used means of transport by the French. The current craze for the electric bike is justified by its performance but also by its ecological side. The CO2 emission rate for an EV is 22 g/km, 21 g/km for a conventional bicycle and 271 g/km for a car.

For a long time perceived as an exclusively urban means of transport, the EAB now offers more versatility. Road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, there are as many inexpensive electric bikes as there are uses for them.

Less physical than a mechanical bike

The electric bike allows you to ride longer, faster and use less energy than a mechanical bike. Even athletes sometimes need a little help to climb a hill, a feat made possible by the electric assistance. With an electric bike, you'll arrive at work and your appointments on time, without breaking a sweat!

Allows you to ride an electric bike at a lower cost

The electric bike saves you the cost of gas, garage, parking and insurance. Maintenance is within everyone's reach and costs almost nothing. Count 20 euros/month for the maintenance of an electric bike, to be compared with what a car costs you. And a cheap electric bike will cost you even less!

Help with the purchase

As with electric cars, electric bicycles can be subsidised when you buy one. The conditions for obtaining this government aid are numerous. In addition, it comes in addition to a subsidy granted by the community where you live and does not exceed 200 euros. This is quite negligible compared to the price of a high-end electric bike, but a welcome windfall for a cheap electric bike!

The best brands of cheap electric bikes

In our opinion, the best brands of cheap electric bikes in 2022 are :

Moma Bikes
Moustache Bikes

The Spanish manufacturer, a true reference in the electrically assisted bicycle market, needs no introduction. Unlike its elitist rivals Haibike, Trek, BMC or Cannondale, BH has a wide range of products, suitable for all budgets. The ideal choice for quality without breaking the bank.

Founded about fifteen years ago, this brand has quickly made a name for itself in the very competitive bicycle market. Its entry-level and mid-range models have found someone to talk to, especially its famous folding bikes. Moma Bikes has also successfully switched to electric bikes.

It is the most recent manufacturer in this list. Since its creation, the French brand has turned to electrically assisted bikes. It counts city bikes, mountain bikes and mountain bikes among its achievements. Wemoove has a bright future ahead of it, especially if it keeps up the momentum!

This French brand's ambition is to encourage you to leave your car behind and take up cycling. And the least we can say is that it has given itself the means to achieve its goals. Quality of manufacture, reasonable price and modern and elegant design quickly made of Moustache Bikes a manufacturer of VAE impossible to circumvent.

This brand clearly plays the retro card for its electric bikes. Among its products are the e-City, e-Active and e-Elegant ranges. It rarely offers electric models at more than 2,000 euros. On the other hand, the design varies very little. Only the engine and battery change.

What is the price for a cheap electric bike

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

500 £ to 1250 £
1250 £ to 2000 £
more than 2000 £
Price range diagram


Take care of the battery to make it last.

It is recommended to recharge the battery of a cheap electric bike at least once a month, because of its limited autonomy. Do not hesitate to recharge frequently in winter. Don't drop it or drain it completely. Also, remove the battery and store it in a dark place, at 20°C and never below 5°C. And if you must leave the electric bike outside, remove the battery to prevent theft.

Check with the manufacturer for availability of parts.


a cheap bike is not just about paying as little as possible. This strategy will always be expensive in the medium and long term! Choose serious brands, which guarantee the availability of parts in case of problems. Moreover, these brands are the only ones to offer durable batteries.

Replace defective parts immediately.

Not doing it in time will end up damaging the other parts of the bike and cost you even more in repairs. Keep in mind that cheap electric bikes do not mean minimalist maintenance. Do a visual check before or after each ride. That way, you'll see what's wrong before things get worse.

Check the battery charge before each ride.

Those who have been

there will tell you. An electric bike with a dead battery will put your legs, arms and mind to the test. To avoid this inconvenience, check the charge of your battery when you get home or before you go out. Once you know the actual range, establish a routine for recharging.

Don't drive too fast!


faster you ride, the more the battery will be depleted in a short


Riding regularly at 20+ mph also accelerates wear and tear on parts, especially the transmission and brakes. Not to mention the fact that speed increases the risk of an accident. Wear a helmet and use bike paths.


Which cheap electric bike to choose?

In our opinion, the best cheap electric bike for most people is the BH Atom City Wave. The BH Evo Cross is also an excellent choice. For those who are looking for a cheap folding electric bike, the Moma Bikes E-16teen is the obvious choice. Finally, the Wemoove 600 Pro Series will appeal to mountain bike fans.

How to choose a cheap electric bike?

The price is the first criterion to be considered: never below 800 euros nor above 2,000 euros. The battery, autonomy, motor location, electric assistance, frame geometry, braking, weight and transmission are also important.

How to maintain a cheap electric bike?

Expensive or not, the electric bike is maintained like a classic mechanical bike. There is the verification of the tightenings, the visual control before or after each outing and the cleaning. The motor does not require any particular maintenance. As for the battery, recharging it regularly, storing it in good conditions and avoiding shocks will make it last.

How much does a cheap electric bike cost?

Beyond 2,000 euros, an electric bike will no longer be considered "cheap". But that doesn't mean buying just anything! Basically, avoid anything that costs less than 800 euros. Ideally, you should go for an EAB that costs between 1,500 and 2,000 euros. For folding electric bikes, don't go over 1,000 euros.

What are the best brands of cheap electric bikes?

The brands BH, Moma Bikes, Moustache Bikes, Wemoove and Vellia can offer very good deals for 800 to 2,000 euros.


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Biwbik vélo électrique 12
Biwbik vélo électrique
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