The best Electric VTC in the UK 2023

The electric bicycle has a bright future ahead of it. in the UK alone, 7% of the population has already chosen this means of transportation. Less expensive than the electric mountain bike and more versatile than the city bike, the electric VTC is doing well. If you're a fan of the little queen, our guide to the best electric VTCs is made for you.

ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W 1

Best value for money

ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W

The best electric VTC in 2021

This model has all the qualities that an electric city bike should have. Its dual brakes and shock-absorbing front fork ensure a double guarantee of safety and a pleasant experience.

1 099,99

Give yourself the opportunity to ride differently with this urban VTC thanks to its 250W brushless gear hub motor. It is equipped with a 36 V 10 AH lithium-ion battery to guarantee performance that meets your expectations. Its main asset is that in addition to the pedaling assistance mode, it can reach a range of 80 km/h.

Weighing only 26 kg, the Eskute 28" is a powerful and robust companion for everyday use. In addition, its LCD display provides you with the basic information you need. The front and rear disc brake system promises a precise stop. And to make your riding experience more enjoyable, you can easily adjust the height of its seat. In short, with this city electric VTC you can easily reach your destination through difficult terrains.

Electric bike SCRAPPER E URBAN 2.0 2

Best value for money

Electric bike SCRAPPER E URBAN 2.0

The best entry-level electric VTC

This urban VTC meets all your mobility and performance needs. It will surely become your best companion in town or in the country with its robustness and practicality.

800 £ on Go sport

The SCRAPPER E URBAN 2.0 takes the tried and true model of a retro-style city bike. It expands its horizons with a powerful 35 nm rear wheel motor. A 13 Ah battery offers a range of up to 80 km, encouraging you to go beyond the city limits. Its 6 levels of assistance ensure easy straddling. Climbing on high hills will not be a problem anymore.

On the other hand, the SCRAPPER E URBAN 2.0 offers maximum clarity and convenience with the screen placed on the handlebars for easy reading. The V-brake offers reliable and powerful braking. Moreover, its main color blue perfectly matches its elegance. A small drawback is that this electric bike weighs a little heavy (23.9KG), but this is nothing compared to the qualities it offers.


Best value for money


The best high-end electric VTC

This VAE with an aluminum frame is very pleasant to handle. Its powerful motor coupled with its lithium-ion battery of great autonomy allows it to run up to 80 - 90 km.

1 120 £ on GOSport

The SCRAPPER E-MIXT is made of light and high quality materials that allow you to drive with little resistance. The vehicle has a very powerful engine and a maximum torque of 80 Nm. These characteristics make it already pleasant to ride. In addition, this EAB has a battery with a capacity of 470 Wh for a range of about 80 km. This makes it suitable for daily commuting as well as sporty rides.

The advantage of the E-MIXT is that you can take it on bike tours. Moreover, it has a 7-speed transmission from Shimano, so the gear change is easy and smooth. The front fork of the bike has a suspension and it is equipped with some accessories such as a luggage rack, a bell, mudguards and front and rear lights.

Malmo VTC électrique de ville 4

A great choice

Malmo VTC électrique de ville

A practical and versatile electric VTC

Characterized by quality components, Malmo Biwbike offers a great riding comfort and can easily reach 45 to 96 kilometers.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best Electric VTC

Any specific needs?

The best electric VTC in 2021

The best entry-level electric VTC

The best high-end electric VTC

A practical and versatile electric VTC

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Comparison table of the best Electric VTC

ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W 5
Electric bike SCRAPPER E URBAN 2.0 6
Malmo VTC électrique de ville 8
ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W
Electric bike SCRAPPER E URBAN 2.0
Malmo VTC électrique de ville
This model has all the qualities that an electric city bike should have. Its dual brakes and shock-absorbing front fork ensure a double guarantee of safety and a pleasant experience.
This urban VTC meets all your mobility and performance needs. It will surely become your best companion in town or in the country with its robustness and practicality.
This VAE with an aluminum frame is very pleasant to handle. Its powerful motor coupled with its lithium-ion battery of great autonomy allows it to run up to 80 - 90 km.
Characterized by quality components, Malmo Biwbike offers a great riding comfort and can easily reach 45 to 96 kilometers.
Frame material
Number of gears
Fork suspension
Fork suspension
Front fork
Fork suspension
250W brushless gear motor
Rear wheel motor Xiong feng 35 nm
250W motor built into the center crankset
Brushless motor, 250 W
60 - 80 km
70 to 80 km/h
80-90kms (depending on multiple factors).
40 - 80 km

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Buying guide - Electric VTC

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How to choose your Electric VTC

With so many different electric bikes on the market, it's hard to decide on a specific bike without comparing and considering some basic criteria.

#1 - Autonomy

The main thing to consider is the autonomy. This is what makes the difference between VTCs. Expressed in Ah (or mAh), it translates into the intensity of the battery that powers the bike's motor. The higher it is, the more efficient your bike is and the more kilometers it can cover without problems. If you're riding a short distance, an 8 Ah battery will do the trick. On the other hand, you will need a battery of more than 11 Ah for long trips.

#2 - The type of assistance

Two assistance modes are available on an electric bike. The first is continuous assistance, which allows you to accelerate without using the pedals. It is easily activated by turning the throttle. The second is pedal assist. It engages as you pedal. You can stop pedaling at any time to let the motor push you.

#3 - The features

A good quality electric VTC must have some features such as an excellent braking system, seat adjustment, a console to display essential information during the ride. The lighting system is also very important so that you can ride at night or in the rain. Finally, other equipment such as the luggage rack or the mudguard help to increase the comfort of the bike.

#4 - The engine


power of the engine determines the handling of the bike. Usually, the power is around 250W. But the performance is in the position of the motor. For an electric VTC, choose a motor embedded in the crankset.

#5 - The weight

As a mountain bike, it must be practical to adapt to any kind of environment and also to satisfy the user. A light electric VTC whose weight is around 20 kg is easy to ride. Opt for a removable battery to lighten the bike when it is discharged.

What is an electric VTC?

The best electric VTCs 9

The VTC or Vélo Tout Chemin à assistance électrique is part of the big family of VAE. It is a bike able to adapt to any type of environment and road. It has the particularity of covering several kilometers in town, but it is also a practical means of locomotion for travel in the countryside and hiking. The greatest asset of an electric VTC is its fork which is reinforced with a shock absorber at the front wheel.

Unlike a mountain bike, the electric VTC is not considered a sport bike. It differs from the so-called Dutch bikes. We can say that the VTC bridges the gap between the two types of bikes.

It has a compact motor that can withstand all kinds of elements, but is just as light to ensure smooth pedaling when it is inactive. The average torque of a VTC ranges from 50 to 60 Nm. Of course, a motor must be powered by a battery. This one has an average capacity of 400 Wh at a moderate distance of 70 km maximum.

Finally, the accessories are very important on a VTC. It borrows on city bikes and mountain bikes. To mention only the lights, the luggage rack, the mudguard, the small panniers or even a child seat.

The different types of Electric VTC

Discover the different types of electrically assisted VTC available on the market.

Electric VTC with motorization on the wheel

With this first type of electric VTC, the motor is located in the rear wheel. This design makes the bike easier to ride, especially when shifting gears. Even after braking, getting back into the rhythm is not complicated. The electric assistance is also more direct. This makes the ride a little more dynamic.

With this type of motorization, the bike does not show any difficulty when facing small slopes and urban roads. It does have its drawbacks, however. Since the motor is located in the wheel, maintenance of the wheel is more complicated. Then, the autonomy of the battery leaves something to be desired because of the movements made on the pedals, which act directly on the motor.

Electric VTC with central motorization

The motor of the electric VTC with central motorization is located at the level of the pedals. Riding requires quite a bit of experience since the bike is quite heavy. This is because the crankset and chain somewhat compromise the work of the motor. On the other hand, it is very stable, and it is rather pleasant.

This type of VTC offers a sporty ride, as its power depends on the pedaling power. Moreover, it does very well with long-distance trips and rough slopes. Being more elaborate than the wheel-mounted electric VTC, it is also more expensive.

Folding electric VTC

The folding electric VTC is very convenient when you lack space for storage. It is also intended to be transported, as it easily fits in the trunk of a car and even in public transport. You should know that this folding VTC weighs around 20 kg, heavy enough for some. With wheels as small as those of this bike, it is not easy to have a stable ride.

Electric mountain bike or electric ATV?

Electric VTC

Power, versatility and performance are the key words of the VTTAE, better known as electric mountain bike. Like its mechanical counterpart, it can be ridden anywhere, regardless of road conditions, even where there is none! It is faster than a conventional bike and less tiring thanks to the presence of a motor that can be activated when you stop pedaling.

However, the high weight, the rigid saddle and the position once on the handlebars can generate a feeling of discomfort. And the price of some models of this brand, more expensive than a scooter or a small car, will cool some people.

Electric mountain bike

The electric mountain bike is more powerful and is intended to be used in rough terrain and roads. Of course, this does not prevent you from using it for your little errands in town. The particularity of the electric ATV is that it allows you to access almost inaccessible areas with less effort.

It should be noted, however, that an electric mountain bike is heavy and handling it can be difficult in situations where you would have to carry the bike by hand. In addition, it is sorely lacking in equipment. And of course, the price is relatively high compared to a conventional mountain bike.


If you're looking for the feel of a city bike, but with off-road features, go for an electric mountain bike. And if you're more into mountain biking and are looking for raw performance, the electric mountain bike is a good alternative.

Why buy an electric VTC?

Suitable for city trips and outings

An electric VTC is versatile. It performs well in the city as well as on trails. It is therefore suitable for people who want to cycle to work on a daily basis and go for rides on the weekend. Some of the more powerful models can even compete with mountain bikes. It's a great way to enjoy family time and the beauty of nature.

Good for your health

An electric VTC is equipped with a motor that is powered by a battery. This one is activated when you pedal and stops when you stop. It is therefore beneficial for your health, like all sports activities. It also allows you to channel your efforts so that you stay in good shape.

Fast way to get around

It allows you to save time. The efforts are reduced, while its speed can reach 25km/h. This way, you get to your destination faster without breaking a sweat. You can do your shopping, go to an appointment or to work with this means of transportation.

To avoid traffic jams

On a daily basis, it is more convenient to travel with a VTC in town. It avoids you to spend hours in the traffic. Moreover, you will have no problem finding a place to park as there are many free parking lots in town. You don't need to book in advance or use apps to get a parking space, because a bike doesn't take up any space and can be parked anywhere, as long as you respect the rules.

Protect the environment

Choosing an electric VTC instead of a car is an ecological gesture by reducing air pollution. It emits a very low level of C02 into the air. Recharging also requires very little electricity. It also allows you to save money.

The best brands of Electric VTC

In our opinion, the best brands of Electric VTC in 2022 are :

Moustache Bikes

Decathlon is a French retailer of sporting goods. In collaboration with Riverside, the brand's VTCs are known for their comfort and ease of riding. They are also durable.

This brand was created 10 years ago and offers electric bikes that are powerful and very solid. The electric bikes of this brand are recognizable by their perfect structure, which is the result of the fusion of power and a very well thought-out design.

Scrapper Bike is a French brand created in the 2000s. With 20 years of experience, it is a discreet but no less excellent manufacturer, certainly one of the best in the mid-range.

The French electric VTC brand develops bikes with a simple design, but high quality. It has, among others, produced the Samedi electric VTC collection. This brand is owned by the company Cycle Me, based in the Vosges since 2011.

Haibike is a German brand that was created in 1995. It is known for the robustness of its electric VTC. It is one of the pioneers in this field. Its range of Sduro bikes with a Bosh motor is particularly appreciated.

What is the price Electric VTC

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

500 £ to 850 £
850 £ to 1500 £
more than 1500 £
Price range diagram


Preserving the battery of an electric VTC

The battery should be disconnected and stored in a dark place at a temperature around 20°C if you are not going to use your bike for a long time. You should not use the battery at too high a temperature (50°C or below). Batteries also hate cold temperatures below 10°C.

Maintain the parts


parts are easy to maintain and you can do it yourself, at home. Basic maintenance for an electric VTC comes down to checking tire pressure, oiling the chain, checking that the tires grip the ground well once the brakes are applied, tightening the wheels and of course cleaning the bike regularly.

Use an anti-theft device


you ever park in a public or unfamiliar area? In that case, invest in an anti-theft device to prevent your bike from being stolen. It's best to buy a quality device with a coded lock.

Increasing the range of an electric VTC

Electric VTCs can be power-hungry if you don't have the right riding practices. So, to save energy, start with a strong pedal without activating the electric assist mode. Ride slowly on paved roads. Carry a spare battery if you use your bike frequently and for long periods of time. Most importantly, never leave your battery on a charge for more than 24 hours.

Don't forget the safety equipment

Bicycle travel is always risky, especially if you are in the city. So it's important to have basic safety equipment. Some are more than recommended, such as helmet, various lights, reflective vest to be able to ride at night.


What is the best electric VTC?

The best electric VTC depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the difference between electric VTC and urban VAE?

As its name suggests, an electric VTC can travel any road. Logic dictates that it is equipped to handle any type of road. It has mixed tires whereas those of an urban EAB are smooth and thin; a suspended front fork, and the capacity of the battery is higher than 504 Wh, against 400 Wh for the urban EAB.

Which electric VTC is suitable for women?

There are mixed models, but there are also electric VTCs specially designed for women. The AE VTC like Cube with open frame or Liv electric VTC.

What is the ideal charging time for the battery?

It depends on the supplier and brand of the battery, but on average the charging time is between 3 and 7 hours. The latest batteries only need 3 hours of charging to be functional again.

How much weight can an electric VTC carry?

Electric bikes are made from a very strong material such as aluminium. The maximum load capacity of this type of bike is 90 kg, but this is only a reference, as some models can carry more.


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ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W 10
ESKUTE 28" Electric Assisted Bike 250W
Electric bike SCRAPPER E URBAN 2.0 11
Electric bike SCRAPPER E URBAN 2.0
Malmo VTC électrique de ville 13
Malmo VTC électrique de ville


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