The best folding electric bikes in the UK 2023

in the UK, 60% of trips are less than 5 km long, the equivalent of 20 minutes by bicycle. A credible alternative to the car, compact, economical and adapted to the city, the folding electric bicycle solves the lack of space. Thanks to the electric assistance provided by the battery and the motor, you will go fast and without sweating. To find the right model, check out our guide to the best folding electric bikes. 1600 folding electric bike 1

Best value for money 1600 folding electric bike

The best folding electric bike in 2021

Ultra light bike with electric assistance, the YEEP.ME 1600 has a frame made of aluminum alloy and magnesium without welding. It is very practical, as it can be easily stored in the trunk of a car, when folded in half.

1 039 £ on Alltricks

The YEEP .ME 1600 bike has a range of 50 km and a motor with a power of 250 W 36 V. Its size is unique with 155-175 cm for only 18.8 kg. With a high quality finish, this bike has disc brakes, reflective strips on the tires and front and rear lights to ensure better safety for the cyclist.

This electric assist bike is topped with an ergonomic handle, 16" tires for comfort, a soft seat and a kickstand. Even placed on the frame, you can directly recharge its removable battery. Moreover, it is quite possible to remove this last one to carry out the aforementioned recharge.

Folding electric bike MOMA BIKES 2

Best value for money

Folding electric bike MOMA BIKES

The best entry-level folding electric bike

The folding bike has a fairly powerful 250W motor, a removable battery and a good range of 120km when fully charged. It has Xtream double-wall aluminum rims.

959 £ on Alltricks

This bike can adapt to any type of terrain. Its motor can develop a maximum power of 250 W. Technically, the bike has a 7005 folding aluminum frame (in 2) and hydraulic disc brakes.

It is powered by a removable 48 V 13 Ah (624 Wh) battery that fits into the frame. Its LCD display system shows battery capacity, mileage and speed. It also features a Shimano Tourney TY300 rear derailleur. Also, it is equipped with a USB port integrated on the display control lever.

Folding electric bike 20PM4 Blancmarine 3

Best value for money

Folding electric bike 20PM4 Blancmarine

The best high-end folding electric bike

The Blancmarine 20 PM4 folding electric bicycle stands out from other models on the market because of its unusual properties. Indeed, it folds and unfolds easily thanks to its ergonomic Y-frame.

1 532 £ on Alltricks

With 7 gears in all, this bike is equipped with a protective hoop at its derailleur. With its 36 V 9 A of power, its battery offers a range of 55 to 70 km. The presence of swing arm at the back allows the cyclist to adopt the good position during the pedaling.

With its suspended frame and 6061 aluminum handlebars, telescopic fork, rubber grip, and double-walled aluminum rims, the blancmarine electric bike is ultra-light, rigid, and comfortable. In addition, its electric motor develops a power of 250 W, which gives it a place of choice unlike its counterparts.

Eufab MiniPed 4

Very good

Eufab MiniPed

The most compact folding electric bike

The Eufab MiniPed is designed for people of average height. Its folding in one movement, its extreme compactness, its 12 inches wheels and its correct motorization make it a folding VAE adapted to the city.

879 £ on Alltricks

The Eufab MiniPed has the particularity to use 12 inches wheels. When folded, this electric bike measures only 113 x 68 x 38 cm. The X-shaped frame made of aluminum allows a unique and quick folding. And despite its 12-inch wheels, this bike is robust, as evidenced by its maximum load of up to 120 kg.

On the technical side, Eufab has equipped its MiniPed with a 36V gearless brushless motor installed in the rear hub. Its positioning makes riding the bike a lot of fun, although tall people will find it difficult to pedal, especially when climbing. The Panasonic 36 V 8.7 Ah Li-ion battery offers 40 km of autonomy and recharges in 4 hours.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best folding electric bicycle

Any specific needs?

The best folding electric bike in 2021

The best entry-level folding electric bike

The best high-end folding electric bike

The most compact folding electric bike

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Comparison table of the best folding electric bikes

TOP OF THE TOP CHEAP TOP OF THE LINE VERY GOOD 1600 folding electric bike 5
Folding electric bike MOMA BIKES 6
Folding electric bike 20PM4 Blancmarine 7
Eufab MiniPed 8
OUR SELECTION 1600 folding electric bike
Folding electric bike MOMA BIKES
Folding electric bike 20PM4 Blancmarine
Eufab MiniPed
Ultra light bike with electric assistance, the YEEP.ME 1600 has a frame made of aluminum alloy and magnesium without welding. It is very practical, as it can be easily stored in the trunk of a car, when folded in half.
The folding bike has a fairly powerful 250W motor, a removable battery and a good range of 120km when fully charged. It has Xtream double-wall aluminum rims.
The Blancmarine 20 PM4 folding electric bicycle stands out from other models on the market because of its unusual properties. Indeed, it folds and unfolds easily thanks to its ergonomic Y-frame.
The Eufab MiniPed is designed for people of average height. Its folding in one movement, its extreme compactness, its 12 inches wheels and its correct motorization make it a folding VAE adapted to the city.
50 km
120 km
55 to 70 km
Up to 40 km
18.8 kg
18 kg
18.2 kg
22 kg
Wheel size
Maximum speed
25 km/h
25 km/h
25 km/h
Up to 25 km/h when pedaling
250 W 36 V
48V 13Ah (624Wh)
36 V 9 A
36 V 250 W

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Buying guide - folding electric bicycle

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How to choose your folding electric bicycle

Beyond the price, the brand, the intended use and the size of the wheels, which we will see later, you have to take into account 6 criteria to choose an electric folding bike.

#1 - The engine

The regulations stipulate a nominal power of 250 W for an electric bicycle motor. Beyond this threshold, the bike will be considered a moped, with the constraints that this implies. Depending on the design of the bike, the motor is placed in the crankset, in the hub of the front wheel or in the hub of the rear wheel. When choosing your folding EAB, choose a brushless or brushless motor. On average, this electromagnetic motor operates for 10,000 hours. Unlike a conventional drill motor, there is no carbon, so no wear and tear. Most folding bikes with brushless motors are worth more than 1,000 euros. Last but not least, the folding electric bike has an automatic speed limit of 25 km/h, like other electric bikes. If you exceed this limit, the electric assistance will be automatically cut off. After that, it is possible to disengage the motor. But this practice is strongly discouraged for obvious safety reasons.

#2 - The battery

Take into account the capacity, expressed in Wh, Ah or mAh. The higher the capacity, the more autonomous the battery will be. The level of assistance, the steepness of the slopes, the weight of the cyclist and the condition of the tires also influence the autonomy. In addition, a high-capacity battery will be heavy and bulky, regardless of where it is located. It's not just the range or power of the battery that matters. Also look for a battery that recharges quickly. Before you buy, check the time it takes to fully charge your folding electric bike battery. Typically, a battery that takes 6 hours to charge will provide enough range for daily needs. On most folding electric bikes, the battery is external because it is easier for manufacturers to integrate. It is fixed on the luggage rack or on the seat tube. With an external battery, your folding electric bike can run without a battery. And you can easily replace it in case of failure. The internal battery is both discreet and aesthetic. Indeed, it is hard to believe that the frame of an electric folding bike can accommodate a battery. The risks of battery theft are almost nil. The battery remains removable in most cases, but the bike can only run thanks to your pedaling.

#3 - Electric assistance

Thanks to the electric assistance, the motor accompanies the pedaling, which reduces the effort. To engage this electric assistance, a turn of the pedal is therefore necessary. As a general rule, you need at least 3 levels of assistance for a quality folding VAE. According to the models, you will have a fixed assistance or a progressive assistance. For the fixed electric assistance, the motor activates and propels you to 25 km as of the first strokes of pedal. No matter how fast you pedal, the speed remains the same. Of course, the Eco, Max or Boost modes vary the available power. The speed will not vary once the folding bike is started. Progressive or progressive assistance uses pedaling sensors. These devices calculate the pressure on the pedals and the speed of the bike. They instantly adjust the power for a more natural pedaling experience. Progressive assist can be found on high-end folding EABs or with a motor in the crankset.

Folding electric bike or electric scooter?

Both share many common points: quality of manufacture, small size and efficient electric assistance. But the similarities end there. The scooter allows you to alternate short trips with public transport or car. Requiring less effort, the folding electric bike can travel longer distances or ride outside the city while offering intermodality.

#4 - The quality of manufacture


mostly about the little features that make using the folding electric bike enjoyable. As mentioned above, the battery can be in the frame or attached to the outside. Most folding electric bikes have an aluminum frame. Few have a carbon frame or a seamless frame. The size of the wheels and the padding of the seat have a direct impact on the comfort of the ride. Also, the handlebars should not only be easy to handle. It must also fold

to reduce the size of the electric folding bike. The same goes for the pedals. The transmission must offer at least 7 speeds to allow you to ride well in the city and climb hills. As for braking, V-Brakes are more affordable while disc brakes offer more reliability and power. It's up to you to decide what's best for your riding style and budget.

#5 - The weight

Like folding bikes, their electric counterparts offer a small footprint compared to "normal" rigid bikes. On the other hand, the weight is around 20 kg because of the battery and the motor. You can carry it, but certainly not for long. You should also consider the maximum load the folding EAB can carry.

Which wheel size for which use?

This parameter has a direct impact on the road behavior of the electric folding bike and its ride comfort. Each wheel size has its advantages and disadvantages that you should know before making a decision.

12 inches

The best folding electric bikes 9

This wheel size allows the electric folding bike to go anywhere. On the other hand, smaller wheels are a handicap on long trips. In addition to having to make exceptional efforts to pedal, you will feel every bump in the road. If you regularly ride less than 5 km, 12 inch wheels are an option.

16 inch

The best folding electric bikes 10

16-inch wheels are suitable for urban travel. In addition to a compact folding, this wheel size gives the bike a certain lightness and a quite correct development with each pedaling. However, the development remains modest for an entry-level bike.

20 inches

The best folding electric bikes 11

This is the most common size on the market. The 20" wheels offer an excellent compromise between compactness and ride comfort. They can be used in the city, but also on rocky trails and dirt roads. At a not necessarily indecent price, you could have a light folding bike with a good development.

24 or 26 inches

The best folding electric bikes 12

Considered small on a rigid bike, this wheel size is exceptional on a folding bike. Logically, compactness is not the strong point of a folding bike with 24 or 26 inch wheels. Their interest lies mainly in their stability and performance. This is the case for folding electric mountain bikes.

Maintenance of a folding electric bike

The best folding electric bikes 13

The battery

Recharge the battery every 6 to 8 weeks according to the manufacturer's recommended charging time. Even if you rarely use your folding electric bike, never skip charging the battery and use the charger provided.

Note that a battery that is not charged for a long time may go into hibernation. This is why the battery must be recharged even in winter. Finally, remove the battery from your electric folding bike if you leave it outside. This will protect it from the elements.


No matter what surface your bike rides on, dust, stains and dirt of all kinds will accumulate on the transmission, wheels and brakes. In urban environments, grease deposits on V-Brakes or disc brakes cause premature wear. The easiest way to prevent damage is to clean them.

Unless otherwise stated, manufacturers recommend cleaning with soapy water. High pressure cleaners should be avoided. Indeed, the power of the jets may damage the paint but also the mechanics of the folding electric bike, not to mention the increased risk of water infiltration.

Safety tightening

Once the electric folding bike has been cleaned of dirt, check the various tightenings. This includes the pedals, seat, seat post, brake cables, derailleur cables, battery clamps for external batteries, wheels, wheel play, rims, steering and crankset.

Periodic maintenance

In addition to cleaning and checking before and after each ride, you must perform periodic maintenance and service. This maintenance should take place about every 3 months, or a little less if you use your electric folding bike intensively.

The tires

Check the condition of the tires before each ride. Visually inspect the wheels for punctures, slickness, tears, and dryness. Also check the rims for cracks and deformations: your safety is at stake. And to deal with small punctures, equip yourself with a repair kit with patches.


Whether rim or disc brakes, they wear out over time depending on how often they are used. On most brake pads, there is a small wear indicator, usually represented by an arrow. When the brakes lack responsiveness or the pads become too smooth, it is time to replace them.

The transmission

On a folding bike, the chain is made up of several small moving parts. It should be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Indeed, the chain will eventually stretch over time. Remember to use the right amount of lubrication. Too much lubrication can accelerate the wear of the chain, especially if it is dirty.

Instead, apply a small amount of chain lubricant and wipe off the excess. Never use grease. As the chain wears, so does the sprocket and chainring. Don't hesitate to call a professional to determine the degree of wear on your transmission.


When you are not using your folding electric bicycle, store it away from bad weather (sun, rain, wind, frost...) to avoid premature wear of the parts and electrical components. And if you absolutely must leave the bike outside, remove the battery and store it inside the house.

Did you know?

There are folding electric bikes without chains. The transmission is done by belt, which requires less maintenance and almost no lubrication. However, this type of bike is not very suitable for uphill riding and runs almost exclusively on flat ground.

Folding or non-folding electric bike?

The choice of an electric bike is often based on whether or not it folds. Here are a few important points to consider when deciding.

Folding electric bike

This type of bike is currently very popular among cyclists according to 5 essential points: storage, transport, safety, size and for leisure. Indeed, it is quite compact and can be easily folded in two, thus taking up less space. Moreover, it can be contained in the trunk of a small car for its transport. In addition, it is more than safe thanks to the various accessories that make it up. Its size is largely reduced contrary to the traditional bikes. Finally, it is ideal to go on holiday with family or friends.

Non-folding electric bicycle

This type of bike is not outdone by the more recent models on the market. They are most often adapted to different accessories such as specific panniers, a large enough luggage rack or a removable child seat. As for their autonomy, their battery is all that there is of more powerful to cover long ways without having to recharge frequently. Finally, the non-folding electric bike can be suitable even for very tall people.


Folding or not, the electric bike has conquered the world market with great ease. However, the folding model is more popular with cyclists who want to ride in the city with peace of mind. Indeed, it is more ergonomic and can be easily stored. This is a real boon for workers who want to avoid traffic jams. Moreover, it does not clutter up parking spaces and can be stored under a desk.

Why buy a folding electric bike?

One bike is sold every 15 seconds in the UK. And the confinement linked to the covid-19 has not dampened the craze for the little queen. This includes folding electric bikes. Several reasons explain this craze.

Ease of travel and folding

Of course, a folding electric bike weighs around 20 kg. But its ease of folding and its compactness once folded allow it to be carried without too much difficulty. The intermodality remains inferior to that of a classic folding bike, but is largely superior to that of a classic electric bike.

An environmentally friendly way to travel

In a context of climate change and air pollution, the folding electric bicycle provides a very satisfactory ecological response. For urban travel, the mechanical bicycle has an estimated carbon footprint of 21 g/km. The electric bike has a carbon footprint of 22 g/km, which is almost the same! This compares with a car, which has a carbon footprint of 271 g/km/passenger.

Efficient for getting to work

Travelling in urban areas often means having to deal with traffic jams. With its compact size, the folding electric bike makes it possible to sneak in or ride on cycle paths. Not only do you arrive on time, but you also save yourself the stress of waiting in traffic.

Accessible means of transport

Once very expensive, the folding bike has seen a drop in price in recent years. Add to that the democratization of high-capacity batteries and the fierce competition between manufacturers, and you get more affordable models. Moreover, many experts believe that the future of the bicycle lies in electrification.

Where to ride?

All major French cities have cycle paths. For towns that don't have them, there are still roads. Important: don't ride on the pavements. Put your foot down and put your bike down. You should also be aware that some cities allow cyclists to ride up a one-way street. But make sure the no-way sign allows it. And give priority to cars and pedestrians.

The best brands of folding electric bikes

In our opinion, the best brands of folding electric bikes in 2022 are :


This brand belongs to the Weebot Company, based in Paris. It was founded to allow its parent company to market complete ranges of electric bikes and dedicated accessories. Its folding electric bikes are among the best in the business.

This brand comes from Spain where it was founded by 2 brothers. Undisputed specialist in electric bikes, especially electrically assisted mountain bikes, it decided to launch itself in folding EABs. And given the success of the Easygo Volt, this foray into the folding bike segment is a clear success.

A fairly recent brand, since it was founded about 15 years ago, Moma Bikes has quickly managed to make a place for itself on the hotly contested market of the little queen. Its folding bikes, especially electric ones, stand out for their quality/price ratio. A very good brand to start.

Launched in 2019, this very young brand has an offer essentially based on electric scooters. But Yeep.mee also offers a folding electric bike with a suspension frame, named 1600 The City Man. Owned by Cibox, this French manufacturer should be making news in the future.

This American brand holds two thirds of the global folding bike market, with a very strong presence in Asia. Of course, its offer concerning the electric version remains very limited. But a model designed by Dahon is often a guarantee of quality, hence its presence in this list.


Do not leave the battery discharged for too long.

This can damage the cells. If you are storing the bike for a long time or preparing it for hibernation, it is best to remove the battery. If this is not possible, charge it to about 60% of its capacity before storing it. This way, it will keep better.

Wear protective equipment.


electric assistance, a folding bike reaches 20-25 km/h depending on your pedal stroke. At this speed, wearing appropriate protection will prevent you from ending up in the emergency room, even if it remains optional. Only wearing a helmet is mandatory.

Use the supplied charger to recharge the battery.


manufacturer delivers its folding electric bike with a charger. If for some reason you need to change the battery, make sure the replacement battery has the same power and voltage. The plug should also be identical in size and polarity. Failure to do so can damage the battery.

Practice folding the bike.


cyclist used to exercise will only need a few seconds to fold or unfold his bike. As you can see, folding is something you can perfect with practice. And to help you practice, the brands all offer video tutorials, not to mention instructions on how to do it. Foldable bikes fold and unfold with just your arms. If you need a tool, we'll call it a decomposable bike instead.

Choose a bike with a wheel size adapted to your use.


we've discussed before, 12-inch wheels are made for trips under 3 miles. The 16-inch wheels absorb the roughness of the road a little better. The 20-inch wheels offer the best power/performance ratio. Finally, 24 and 26 inch wheels are suitable for sporty use. But folding bikes with these tires are no longer really compact.


What is a "folding electric bicycle"?

As the name suggests, this type of bike has an electric motor, a battery to power it and pedals. However, it allows the cyclist not to spend too much energy thanks to the electric assistance provided by the motor.

Is it really useful to have a folding electric bike?

Yes, it takes up much less space than a conventional bicycle. It can be contained in the smallest of storage spaces.

Is it necessary to take out insurance to ride a folding electric bicycle?

In most cases, it is mandatory to be insured. Indeed, it allows to be covered in case of accident.

Can we go anywhere we want with this kind of bike?

It is clear that bicycle paths are intended for this purpose. The safety of the user is at stake.

Are folding electric bikes safer than previous models?

Yes, they have been designed with different state-of-the-art accessories. Some of them are equipped with GPS, and the materials used are stronger and lighter.


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Folding electric bike MOMA BIKES 15
Folding electric bike MOMA BIKES
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Folding electric bike 20PM4 Blancmarine
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