The best women's sneakers in the UK 2023

Many say that there are two types of women: those who constantly wear pumps, and those who swear by their sneakers. Either way, do you love wearing sneakers? And you are looking for the pair that will meet your needs? This guide will help you choose the best sneakers for women.

Skechers Summits Women's Sneakers 1

Editor's Choice

Skechers Summits Women's Sneakers

The best women's sneakers in 2021

The Skechers Summits women's sneakers are the perfect choice for a modern look. Both soft and comfortable, you'll be the queen of sport in these running sneakers.

67,99 £ on Amazon

If you're looking for the perfect pair of sneakers for working out, choose these sneakers from Skechers. The design of these sneakers offers you the best condition during your jogging sessions or walks. A lace-up closure offers you a better fit for your sneakers. The upper of this one is made of canvas with a textile lining.

The synthetic insole gives your feet more stability. Thanks to their flat heel, these sneakers also save you from the recurring worries caused by heeled shoes. Available in different sizes and colors, you will only have to choose according to your wardrobe and your style.

Women's Sneakers Puma Smash 2

The best cheapest

Women's Sneakers Puma Smash

The best entry-level women's sneakers

Very trendy, the Puma Smash WNS V2 sneakers will offer you a more casual look. These sneakers designed in leather and with a rubber sole promise style and durability.

19,59 £ on Amazon

Puma sneakers are very popular with young people. These women's sneakers from the brand are among the most popular and trendy. This is because the leather upper of these sneakers and their rounded toe give them a more classy design.

The platform heel ensures maximum stability and comfort. The lace-up closure accentuates the design of these sneakers. They also have a rubber sole that is as flexible as it is resistant. Available in several colors, these women's sneakers allow you a wide choice of style according to your needs and your wardrobe.

Giesswein merino wool sneakers 3

The best high-end

Giesswein merino wool sneakers

The best high-end women's sneakers

The materials used to make these sneakers make them incredibly light. It is the perfect pair of shoes to do sports, but also to feel comfortable everywhere you go.

104 £ on Amazon

Who says it's not possible to play sports and still be stylish? With these sneakers, comfort and style will be your allies. The upper is entirely made of merino wool. Also, these sneakers will allow you tobe comfortable all day long. The wool lining of these also allows your feet to breathe better. Inside, your feet will enjoy a soft warmth, but also be well ventilated.

The Vibram sole of the shoe, meanwhile, will make you feel a great softness. The flat heel avoids any risk of joint and muscle injury. Therefore, while running or taking a short walk, these sneakers remain the ideal pair.

Mixed sneakers Puma Rebound 4

The best alternative

Mixed sneakers Puma Rebound

A great alternative

These sneakers signed Puma ensure a successful streetwear style. Moreover, they are the best to protect your ankles. Made of leather with a rubber sole, these sneakers ensure comfort.

55,96 £ on Amazon

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose the shoes that will be able to highlight your entire outfit, but, with this model of sneakers, you will not have any difficulty. What makes these sneakers special is their standard style. Worn with a skirt, jeans or other clothing, these sneakers will bring out your look while remaining sober.

With the leather upper, these are really classy sneakers. With a textile lining and rubber sole, you'll be more comfortable than ever wearing these sneakers. They are available in black, white, or both, depending on your preference.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best women's sneakers

Any specific needs?

The best women's sneakers in 2021

The best entry-level women's sneakers

The best high-end women's sneakers

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best women's sneakers

Skechers Summits Women's Sneakers 5
Women's Sneakers Puma Smash 6
Giesswein merino wool sneakers 7
Mixed sneakers Puma Rebound 8
Skechers Summits Women's Sneakers
Women's Sneakers Puma Smash
Giesswein merino wool sneakers
Mixed sneakers Puma Rebound
The Skechers Summits women's sneakers are the perfect choice for a modern look. Both soft and comfortable, you'll be the queen of sport in these running sneakers.
Very trendy, the Puma Smash WNS V2 sneakers will offer you a more casual look. These sneakers designed in leather and with a rubber sole promise style and durability.
The materials used to make these sneakers make them incredibly light. It is the perfect pair of shoes to do sports, but also to feel comfortable everywhere you go.
These sneakers signed Puma ensure a successful streetwear style. Moreover, they are the best to protect your ankles. Made of leather with a rubber sole, these sneakers ensure comfort.
Upper material
Sole material
Heel type
Available sizes
35 to 42
35 to 42.5
36 to 42
35.5 to 48.5
Blue, White / White / Silver, Black / Black, Grey / Blue, Black / White, Black / Blue, Black / Fuchsia, Grey / Grey / Pink, Arya / Black / White, Black / White, Grey / Turquoise
White / Pink, Black / White, White / Black, White / Blue, White, White / Green, White / Apricot, Light Pink / White
Anthracite, dark blue, white, gray, light gray, raspberry, honey, khaki, black, red, turquoise, denim blue, lavender, lilac, sand, black, midnight gray, dark gray, blue, light gray , ocean blue, orchid
Black, White, Black & White, Black, White & Grey

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Buying guide - women's sneakers

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How to choose your women's sneakers

Several parameters must be taken into account to better choose your sneakers so that they can enhance your style. Thus, the main criteria not to neglect to optimize the choice of your sneakers are :

#1 - The material

The more your shoes are designed with a quality material, the longer they will last. Among the quality materials, we have textile, for light and comfortable sneakers or leather, for stylish, modern and classy sneakers. Some pairs are also made of synthetic leather, more fragile than real leather, but just as stylish. You also have sneakers that combine different materials to give originality to the final look. Some brands even go so far as to add glitter, very feminine and festive!

#2 - The length of the stem

The upper encompasses the outer part that covers your feet. Depending on its length, your sneakers will have a different and original design. Indeed, some pairs have an upper covering the ankles, others go up to mid-calf, making the sneakers look like casual ankle boots. It's best to choose the ones that will make you feel most comfortable. Otherwise, opt for high-top sneakers to keep your feet from getting cold during cold seasons.

#3 - The sole

The insole is the element that is in constant contact with the bottom of the foot. It cushions and makes sure the foot is stable inside the shoe. Opt for a soft sole for your sneakers to avoid possible fatigue. For this, a polymer sole is recommended. As for the outsole, it should be more resistant to wear and tear, but also very flexible, especially if you plan to play sports with your sneakers.

#4 - The morphology

The shape of the sneaker should match that of your foot. If you have thin feet, choose high-top sneakers. In the case of wide feet, a pair of soft sneakers with a round toe is recommended. Finally, if you have large feet, compound sneakers and other similar kinds of shoes will be able to make your feet look less large.

#5 - The design

The design of your sneakers is also an essential element to enhance your look. For a sporty, modern look, choose lace-up shoes. For a more classic look, zip-up shoes give your outfit some originality. The color and every detail of the shoe should match your clothes and other accessories. Always opt for less flashy and all-purpose shoes.

How do you wear sneakers in style?


Sneakers go with just about everything, even dressy dresses if you want! But for a flawless look, here are some outfit ideas with sneakers:

Staying feminine in your sneakers:

For a feminine style leaning into a pop genre, light, thin and flashy sneakers are advised. Also, if your look for today is more with a black colored jean slim, a navy blue top accompanied by a black handbag, slip on a pair of light colored sneakers to have a little more contrast. Ideally, choose flat sneakers.

So, if you want to wear high top sneakers, a small light colored skirt with a slightly large sweater would be ideal. However, high top sneakers are not to be worn with a bag. A plain clutch will do or, at the very least, a mini shoulder bag.

Compound sneakers: what style goes with it?

Combining style and height, wedge sneakers remain a popular style with girls. To wear these better, don't hesitate to put on a pair of high socks. You can also put on a high-waisted skirt and a large coat that goes down to the knee and a clear bag as an accessory. This is the perfect style to face the cold winter. To complete the look, make sure the color of your bag matches the wedges.

What about shiny sneakers?

For a futuristic and shiny style, silver, gold or glitter sneakers are also in the line of fire. Worn with a patterned pencil skirt, a tee for the top and a shiny clutch, your couture sneakers will be on point.

The different types of women's sneakers

For every activity or look you want to adopt, there is a different type of women's sneakers. In fact, the top brands have managed to impose different styles of sneakers that we can classify into four main categories.

Running sneakers

What could be better than running while looking stylish? If you are a jogging enthusiast, running shoes will be your ally for a little fitness without having to worry about the comfort of your feet. Indeed, this type of sneakers has been specially designed to allow you to practice different sports easily. Very light, they have a very flexible sole, an upper covering the foot well to avoid sprains and other incidents during your training. Very pretty, running sneakers are also worn well for a successful sportswear look in everyday life.

High top sneakers

In this era of great evolution, the trend never stops designing beautiful pairs of sneakers for women. As a result, high top sneakers are becoming more and more appreciated by female consumers to display a younger look. Indeed, they have the particularity of having a higher upper making them look like ankle boots, but in a more casual style. Wrapping and warm in winter, you can protect yourself from the cold while staying stylish with high top sneakers.


You are a lover of skateboarding, BMX or other extreme sports? Sneakers are the shoes that will be able to accompany you during your quests of strong sensation while giving to your feet a feeling of outstanding comfort. But not only! Today, you have a wide choice of styles and colors of sneakers on the market. Besides, sneakers are cooler versions of running shoes, models that you can wear everywhere, even at work. This type of sneaker accepts all possible fantasies: mix of materials, sequins, rhinestones, heels, etc.

Mountain sneakers

Who says you can't be stylish during your escapes in the nature? Today, there are several types of modern mountain shoes that are tailored to your needs. Among them are mountain sneakers. Sturdy and comfortable, they will allow you to hike safely. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature while remaining beautiful and sexy.

Flat sneakers or heels?

You may be wondering what kind of sneakers to wear: flat or heeled? Don't worry, here's a little comparison that might help you.

Flat sneakers

Flat sneakers are usually designed for tall girls to balance your figure. But that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to that fact! No matter what your style is, flat sneakers will easily fit your expectations. Known for being comfortable, these sneakers will keep you comfortable wherever you are. They are easier to wear than wedges and you can even run in them!

Heeled sneakers

These are rather recommended for girls of small size. Heeled sneakers can actually save you a few inches. In terms of style, wearing heeled sneakers will make you look more stylish. Indeed, they offer a more elegant look and are easier to wear than pumps. So if you want to look taller and still be stylish, heels are for you.


It doesn't matter if you are tall or short. The best thing is to choose a pair of shoes that you like. If you are not sure about the style, choose the most classic model, that is, flat sneakers. They will go well with jeans, dresses, shorts and other clothes in your wardrobe.

Why buy women's sneakers?

There are many reasons to buy sneakers. They can be summed up in two words: comfort and style. But to put your mind at ease, here are five benefits of having at least one pair of sneakers in your shoe closet.

  • Practical for daily wear

Since shoes are going to be with you all day, it's to your advantage to wear a practical, lightweight and comfortable pair. That's why sneakers are the best for this situation. In addition, they will save you from the fatigue and back pain that makes most people suffer at the end of each day.

  • Very discreet

The design of the sneakers allows them to be soundproof. This is essential in certain places, such as offices, schools, or hospitals.

  • Available in several models

Sure, sometimes it's hard to find the right shoe, but by opting for sneakers, you'll be spoiled for choice. Indeed, this kind of shoes offers you a wide choice of models and styles.

  • Adapted to all situations

Its adaptability also makes sneakers the perfect shoes. No matter what the event, location, age, style or look, sneakers will make you blend in. But also, whether it's winter, summer or other seasons, the versatility of sneakers will keep you in the right temperature and comfortable.

  • Offered by several brands

For the branded shoe lovers, women's sneakers are also available in different brands. So, if you are the kind of person who likes to have several models of shoes from one brand, you will be spoiled.

So what are you waiting for to get a pair of sneakers or even more? By buying the best women's sneakers, you won't have to worry about style and comfort.

The best brands of women's sneakers

In our opinion, the best brands of women's sneakers in 2022 are :


If you want to change your style, don't hesitate to choose the shoes of the brand Vans. In general, the sneakers of this brand lean a tiny bit in a rider look. However, that doesn't mean that Vans doesn't offer other styles of shoes.

If you are a lover of break dancing or a bit of an urban look, go for the sneakers of the Puma brand. Having thousands of models with a wide range of colors, you'll be spoiled for choice with respect to your needs.

You feel like letting off a little steam while playing sports? Choose Skechers brand shoes. Nevertheless, Skechers shoes are not limited to sports. By their style and original design, you can walk around with them and put them on for any occasion.

Adidas brand sneakers are the ones you can wear at any time. If you are one of the followers of the brand, what are you waiting for to get their best pair? Besides, the wide ranges of Adidas sneakers offer you the possibility to stand out through an original style.

Timeless, the iconic sneakers of Converse can delight all generations. Moreover, its design is going to allow you to put it on, no matter what clothing choice you are going to choose.

What is the price women's sneakers

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 90 £
more than 90 £
Price range diagram


Focus on your comfort

Whenever you are going to choose a pair of shoes, it is imperative to opt for sneakers that participate in the comfort of your feet and the ease of movement. If you don't feel comfortable in heeled sneakers, forget about them!

Try on your sneakers before you buy them

Don't make the mistake of blindly buying your shoes by skipping the fitting stage. You risk losing money if you get the wrong size or if they don't fit properly. Plus, it will give you a taste of the comfort and style they will offer.

Think about what you can wear with them first

Although sneakers can easily fit any style, always try to visualize the different clothes in your wardrobe that could be worn with your future shoes. Sometimes you may like a pair of sneakers, but in the end, they may sit in the back of your closet if you can't figure out which basics to wear them with!

Get used to wearing your new sneakers at home

If this is your first purchase, it's not weird at all to get familiar with the shoe in the house. As you walk around in them, your feet will gradually adapt to the shape of your sneakers. And as for the latter, they will soften much faster!

Care for your sneakers

In all, do not neglect the maintenance of your little treasures. Leather shoes should be treated with the right products. Never use harsh tools, such as a steel wool, while cleaning, even if there is a stubborn stain. Use mild detergents for your fabric sneakers. And finally, store your shoes in a dry, clean place, without piling them on top of each other.


How to wear silver sneakers?

The silver color is in vogue right now. To wear silver sneakers, you have to make sure that your whole outfit is in harmony and pleasant to look at. For example, you can wear a simple T-shirt and a pencil skirt with your silver sneakers. They will also go well with a pair of carrot pants and a light top topped with a blazer for a chic look.

Can you wear a dress or skirt with sneakers?

Of course they do! In fact, pairing a skirt or dress with sneakers will give you a look that is both light and chic. However, even though sneakers can go with a wide variety of looks, it's always beneficial to choose the right shoes to wear for every occasion.

What socks to wear with white sneakers?

What people are used to is putting on socks of the same color as your sneakers. So, white socks for white shoes! However, it is quite possible to play with colors to give a contrast to your look. For white sneakers, you can put black, gray or blue socks, in short, anything darker.

How to combine jeans and sneakers?

A jean and sneakers? It's the perfect combination! For a more youthful, stylish and modern look, you can fold the end of the jeans to show off your cute sneakers. It is also possible to opt for a slim jean that goes very well with any pair of sneakers. For the choice of colors, there is not so much restriction. You just have to harmonize the whole by putting for example on a top (or a jacket) and sneakers of the same color.


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Skechers Summits Women's Sneakers 9
Skechers Summits Women's Sneakers
Women's Sneakers Puma Smash 10
Women's Sneakers Puma Smash
Giesswein merino wool sneakers 11
Giesswein merino wool sneakers
Mixed sneakers Puma Rebound 12
Mixed sneakers Puma Rebound


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