69 wallets for men to offer at Christmas

The wallet is a classic and practical accessory to store your coins and bills, your various cards and small objects that you want to keep within reach. Gentlemen like them made of high quality leather, sportsmen prefer models signed by their favorite teams.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the wallet for men also has a certain utilitarian aspect. It must fit easily in the pockets while accommodating the minimum required of objects that we use daily. Finding the model that meets all the criteria in terms of design, quality and convenience is therefore not always easy.

That's why this ranking was developed. You will find the best wallets for men to offer on the occasion of the Christmas party. You have less than 15 €, 25 € or an unlimited budget? Find the right wallet for men more easily in this ranking.

Synthetic leather wallet for men 1

Synthetic leather wallet for men

6,79 £ on Amazon

This small 10 x 14 cm wallet can hold many more items than you might expect. It has room for bills, change, seven bank cards, an ID, a photo or a car registration card. It has a very classic look with its synthetic leather covering.

Fa.Volmer WSH91 2

Fa.Volmer WSH91

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With its European size, the Fa.Volmer WSH91 is specifically designed to hold a wide range of items while fitting easily into our pockets. Its elegant look will enhance your style. It is made of high quality genuine leather.

Amazon Essentials - Minimalist Wallet 3

Amazon Essentials - Minimalist Wallet

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Amazon Essentials brings you this wallet that focuses on simplicity. Everything superfluous is stripped away to make room for convenience with diverse and practical compartments and simple materials like leather, polyester, cotton and polyurethane.

Flintronic # 4 Brown 4

Flintronic # 4 Brown

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If you prefer single-pane wallets, this model is for you. It's slimmer, yet offers plenty of room for your small essentials. The Flintronic # 4 Brown also features RFID protection to keep your credit cards safe.

Teehon ZY-EJ-0826-92 5

Teehon ZY-EJ-0826-92

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Featuring classic compartments for storing bills, bank cards and IDs, the Teehon ZY-EJ-0826-92 stands out for its materials. It's made with genuine leather, carbon fiber and microfiber fabric that make it especially sturdy and durable.

Eono by Amazon - Vintage brown leather wallet 6

Eono by Amazon - Vintage brown leather wallet

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Made of genuine leather, this Amazon wallet offers excellent value for money. The two flaps offer ample space for your bank cards, bills and small documents. Of course, the RFID protection against reading your cards is present on this wallet.

Travando Amsterdam 7

Travando Amsterdam

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For about twenty euros, treat yourself to this high quality wallet made of premium leatherette. Small and thin, this wallet has optimized storage spaces. Your bank cards are protected by the RFID system and the metal clip prevents the loss of precious objects that you store in the wallet.

Teehon 2021-01FU-4-6768_SML 8

Teehon 2021-01FU-4-6768_SML

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Despite its classic dimensions, the Teehon 2021-01FU-4-6768_SML is spacious thanks to a specific layout of its compartments. It embeds RFID technology to ensure optimal protection of your credit cards through the outer layer of genuine leather.

Travando Chicago 9

Travando Chicago

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Designed in Germany, the Travando Chicago is a high quality wallet offered at a very affordable price. With its three flaps, it offers more storage space without cluttering your pants and bag pockets.

Black Teehon 10

Black Teehon

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13 compartments for your bank cards, 2 for your bills and others for your driver's license, coins... This is what this cowhide wallet offers, measuring only 12.5 x 10 x 1.5 cm. It accommodates your small precious objects while protecting them with the RFID blocking.

Travando Dublin 11

Travando Dublin

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Let yourself be seduced by the classic look of the Travando Dublin wallet for men. In addition to being a beautiful accessory, it is also very practical with its small size and its many compartments in which you could store your small bank cards and your identity papers.

Travando Oslo 12

Travando Oslo

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The Travando Oslo is the perfect place for all your credit cards and other small items that you want to keep close at hand. This elegant wallet for men will be your ally and will protect your cards thanks to the RFID blocking.

Wilbest TB-UK-06 13

Wilbest TB-UK-06

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With its three flaps, the Willbest TB-UK-06 men's wallet offers multiple compartments for all your cards, bills and even your keys. Featuring RFID blocking, it protects your valuables while enhancing your wardrobe.

Travando Berlin 14

Travando Berlin

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Comes with a box, the Travando Berlin is the perfect gift. The wallet for men is a real piece of convenience, elegance and design. It contains three flaps, the small one of which opposes the first two, making it more practical and original in terms of aesthetics.

Senbos Men's Wallet 15

Senbos Men's Wallet

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If you like a solid and secure men's wallet, the Senbos Men's Wallet will please you. It contains up to 18 storage compartments and features an RFID blocking system for optimal security. Genuine leather is used to make it even stronger.

Bugatti Romano 16

Bugatti Romano

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The Bugatti Romano adopts the classic look of the two-piece men's wallet. The emphasis is on sophistication to make this accessory a luxury product that is as beautiful as it is practical. It has slots, pockets and compartments to store your small everyday items.

Tommy Hilfiger Johnson Mini CC Wallet 17

Tommy Hilfiger Johnson Mini CC Wallet

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The Tommy Hilfiger Johnson Mini CC Wallet differs from other men's wallets in its size. It is smaller, which makes it more discreet and easier to carry. But it is still spacious. It can easily accommodate your bills, bank cards and other small accessories.

Donbolso Wien for Men 18

Donbolso Wien for Men

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Fall for the vintage look of the Donbolso Wien for Men. The leather finish gives it a nice aesthetic. The practical side is not left out. Those three horizontal flaps provide enough space to make it a convenient and comfortable wallet to use.

Frederic Johns Black Smooth 19

Frederic Johns Black Smooth

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24 compartments, that's what this Frederick Johns men's wallet has to offer. You will have enough room to keep your precious items with you. The leather finish gives it a sleek look and undeniable elegance.

Fossil Quinn 20

Fossil Quinn

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This Fossil Quinn wallet for men has a classic look with a brown leather band. It is made with noble materials such as leather and cotton. Of course, it contains several compartments very practical to store small items to keep with you.

Sergio Tacchini classic blue 21

Sergio Tacchini classic blue

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The Sergio Tacchini wallet is modern with its simple and clean lines. It is slim and yet offers several compartments, slots and pockets to store your items. The clip allows you to close the wallet and avoid losing your items.

Frederic Johns Stone 22

Frederic Johns Stone

29,52 £ on Amazon

With its overtly vintage look, the Frederic Johns men's wallet is a truly original and practical fashion accessory. It is very sturdy and can store coins, IDs and licenses, but also your bank cards, protected by RFID blocking.

BelleBay Hill Burry 23

BelleBay Hill Burry

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Need more storage space to carry around? Fall for the BelleBay Hill Burry XXL wallet. It's packed with storage compartments and offers RFID protection. Its sophisticated finish refines its elegant look.

Tommy Hilfiger Johnson Trifold 24

Tommy Hilfiger Johnson Trifold

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The Tommu Hilfiger brand offers you this simple, yet effective trifold wallet. It has enough compartments to hold the small items you want to keep with you. It is made of genuine leather and has an aesthetic worthy of its manufacturer's reputation.

Tommy Hilfiger Eton CC Am0am00652 25

Tommy Hilfiger Eton CC Am0am00652

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This leather wallet from Tommy Hilfiger proudly embraces the American look. It is made of high quality genuine leather. Inside, it has pockets and compartments to hold bank cards, IDs and bills.

Lacoste NH1112 26

Lacoste NH1112

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Discover the quality and the finish of this wallet for men from the famous brand Lacoste. Its look is marked by the crocodile logo in brushed metal. This wallet has storage space for three cards and a large slot for change.

Tommy BM56923210 27

Tommy BM56923210

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Do you prefer vertical wallets? Why not opt for this model from the famous brand Tommy Hilfiger? It is made of leather with a smooth and shiny finish that gives it a great elegance. Find inside several very practical storage compartments.

Boss Men's Arezzo 28

Boss Men's Arezzo

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Boss invites you to use its Arezzo wallet for men made of high quality cowhide leather. Its elegance is undeniable. Even better, the Boss Arezzo is a very practical accessory in which you could store several items and keep them on you at all times.

Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet 29

Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet

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Keep all your small documents with you using the Bellroy Men's Leather Travel Wallet. It features several spacious compartments. This wallet will also seduce you with its sleek look and smooth, perfect finish.

Tommy Hilfiger Johnson Cc Flap 30

Tommy Hilfiger Johnson Cc Flap

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Stay stylish with the Tommy Hilfiger Johnson Cc Flap wallet for men. It's a classic, elegant wallet with a high quality finish. Genuine leather wraps around two flaps that hold multiple compartments and slots to store your papers, bank cards and bills.

Porsche Design Billfold H10 31

Porsche Design Billfold H10

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Simplicity and efficiency are the hallmarks of this Porsche men's wallet. The quality, worthy of the prestige of the brand, is not left out. As for the practical side, this model has compartments cleverly arranged to make it more spacious.

Bellroy Slim Leather Wallet 32

Bellroy Slim Leather Wallet

71,20 £ on Amazon

With its great aesthetic, this wallet is perfect for true gentlemen. Its leather design material gives the accessory an impeccable design quality. Available in different colors, this wallet guarantees the security and the memorization of bills thanks to the presence of an RFID protection.

NextGen Donbolso Portfolio 33

NextGen Donbolso Portfolio

31,99 £ on Amazon

The advantages of this leather wallet from Donbolso are mainly focused on its luxurious design and its great practicality. With its well thought-out dimensions, it can hold all kinds of objects such as unfolded bills, credit cards or even coins. This wallet is also secure, as it is equipped with NFC Guard, to protect against data theft.

Zeus Kronify wallet for men 34

Zeus Kronify wallet for men

23,99 £ on Amazon

This classic black wallet is ideal for taking care of your bills and coins in a simple yet stylish way. It offers ample storage space with 13 card slots and numerous compartments for bills and coins. Among its assets, this mini wallet is made from resistant materials and also has an RFID blocking.

Leather wallet for men VO19 Fa.Volmer 35

Leather wallet for men VO19 Fa.Volmer

19,20 £ on Amazon

FA.Volmer presents you with a durable, high-performance wallet. This accessory has 8 credit card slots, 3 large compartments for ID, vehicle registration, etc. With RFID protection, it also fights against data loss and protects your personal information.

Lacoste Men's Wallet Nh1115fg 36

Lacoste Men's Wallet Nh1115fg

47,96 £ on Amazon

This wallet from the crocodile brand displays impeccable quality. Displaying neat finishes, this product is made of real leather with a cotton lining. The wallet has a modern, minimalist design and is perfectly suited to store your bills and coins.

Levi's Vintage Two Horse Bifold Wallet 37

Levi's Vintage Two Horse Bifold Wallet

24,62 £ on Amazon

This beautiful brown wallet expresses its values by its great robustness and durability. This bi-fold card holder is made of leather. Inside, you can store unfolded bills, your ID, etc. For those who appreciate elegance, this is the perfect accessory.

Bugatti Cali leather wallet for men 38

Bugatti Cali leather wallet for men

30,36 £ on Amazon

With its minimalist dimensions, this wallet fits easily in your pocket while providing ample storage space. It features 8 card compartments, 1 mesh pocket, a coin slot, 2 bill compartments and a zippered pocket. In addition to being practical, this accessory is also aesthetically pleasing thanks to its genuine leather construction.

Wallet for men Torino Travando 39

Wallet for men Torino Travando

19,16 £ on Amazon

Practical, this wallet with a sliding compartment allows quick access to your bills and credit cards. This accessory is equipped with a money clip and is composed of 8 card holders. Besides, it has a certified RFID blocking to ensure the security of your personal data. Its elegant design and long life are ensured by carefully selected manufacturing materials.

Hugo Boss MANPRIO Portfolio 40

Hugo Boss MANPRIO Portfolio

64,90 £ on Amazon

This high-quality wallet is a model made by Hugo Boss. Made entirely from cowhide, this accessory has an outstanding design. It contains 5 card holders and a coin pocket. Thanks to the RFID blocking, your bills and credit cards will be kept safe.

Easycomfort wallet in genuine leather Fa.Volmer 41

Easycomfort wallet in genuine leather Fa.Volmer

13,52 £ on Amazon

This wallet signed Fa.Volmer is particularly comfortable and extra resistant. Indeed, it is made of genuine nappa leather with double stitching, modern and perfect to embellish your pocket, especially with its beautiful cork color. As a bonus, the accessory has a total of 6 compartments.

I-Clip Original Compact Wallet for Men 42

I-Clip Original Compact Wallet for Men

28 £ on Amazon

The I-Clip wallet stands out for its compact size. It can hold up to 12 cards in addition to your cash and ID. With its anti-RFID option, this beige leather wallet is ideal for protecting your credit cards. Plus, it has a sleek, modern look.

Dark Brown Fossil Derrick wallet for men 43

Dark Brown Fossil Derrick wallet for men

40,23 £ on Amazon

This men's wallet has an old leather look top and a cotton lining. Despite the absence of the usual closure, it is really simple to use and very practical. Made by Fossil Derrick, this dark brown wallet remains a trendy and useful accessory for everyday use.

Vintage leather wallet for men Lensun 44

Vintage leather wallet for men Lensun

15,99 £ on Amazon

Small in size, this wallet can easily be placed in the back of his jeans. Stylish and quality, this vintage model signed Lensun embodies refinement. Available in dark brown, it is made with genuine cowhide leather, offering a pleasant feel.

Men's GenTo® Oslo wallet 45

Men's GenTo® Oslo wallet

22,36 £ on Amazon

GenTo Design Germany presents its Oslo wallet made of carbon fiber material. With its modern design, you can take it everywhere with you without worrying about your look. It has 2 compartments and 18 slots to store your cards and banknotes.

Vintage biker wallet Gasoline Bandit 46

Vintage biker wallet Gasoline Bandit

23,96 £ on Amazon

This polished and waxed genuine cowhide leather biker wallet is made by Gasoline Bandit. Equipped with a 42 cm removable chain, it is specially designed to secure your ID and money during your motorcycle trips. It has many compartments to better organize your wallet.

Frentree® Men's Nappa Leather Wallet 47

Frentree® Men's Nappa Leather Wallet

19,16 £ on Amazon

This Frentree men's wallet features a thoughtful black color scheme for a unique look. Give yourself maximum security for your credit cards with the RFID blocking. Modern, this wallet with 4 compartments and 15 slots closes with a snap and a zipper.

Mammut Zip Wallet for men 48

Mammut Zip Wallet for men

24,06 £ on Amazon

The Mammut brand brings a subtle touch of charm to this black wallet made of synthetic fabric. With a zipper, it keeps your coins and credit cards safely inside the slots. It is ultra-light while offering an efficient storage thanks to its 7 slots.

Grand classic black leather wallet Elephant 49

Grand classic black leather wallet Elephant

18 £ on Amazon

Make this beautiful black wallet your everyday companion. Featuring a 4 panel opening, it is a large wallet with slots for cards, bills, various papers. Made by Elephant, it is a stylish and aesthetic wallet, which can be offered on various special occasions like Christmas.

Men's wallet ZNAP by Slimpuro 50

Men's wallet ZNAP by Slimpuro

31,99 £ on Amazon

It has a light and strong aluminum case ensuring its quality and durability. Moreover, its metal structure ensures optimal anti-RFID protection. It is a small wallet that can hold up to 8 cards, but without having to fold the banknotes.

Men's wallet XB-63 Black Vermingo 51

Men's wallet XB-63 Black Vermingo

15,99 £ on Amazon

This genuine leather wallet is a luxurious and stylish accessory. It features compartments for credit cards, bills and a spacious coin pocket with push button closure. With its minimalist dimensions and light weight, this wallet from Vemingo won't clutter your pocket.

Men's wallet World Brown Frederic Johns 52

Men's wallet World Brown Frederic Johns

29,52 £ on Amazon

The Frederic Johns wallet for men is very elegant since it is made of cowhide leather. It slips easily into the pocket without being bulky and does not interfere when you walk. This French wallet has 21 compartments in which you can place your credit cards as well as your identity documents.

Blue Hibate Wallet 53

Blue Hibate Wallet

15,99 £ on Amazon

A mixed and standard wallet, this model signed Hibate has a feature that allows it to block the closure with the RFID function. It has a snap card slot located on the back cover. The Hibate wallet is made of genuine leather with 6 slots for ID and cards.

Moonster anti-RFID leather wallet 54

Moonster anti-RFID leather wallet

15,16 £ on Amazon

Equipped with an anti-RFID function, the Moonster wallet offers optimal protection for your personal information within its capacity. Handcrafted, this leather model is both sturdy and delicate with a high quality finish. Being a slim wallet, the bulging effect is reduced, while it can still hold credit cards as well as your cash.

Charmoni Wallet Large Classic Black 5612 Smooth 55

Charmoni Wallet Large Classic Black 5612 Smooth

23,19 £ on Amazon

This men's wallet is made with a combination of a synthetic lining and a smooth cowhide exterior. This Charmoni model has a total of 18 slots that can hold bills, bank cards and various papers and ID cards. In addition, it has a feature that can block unwanted scans that can hack your credit cards.

Wallet Samsonite NYX-Style 200.243 56

Wallet Samsonite NYX-Style 200.243

27,96 £ on Amazon

This wallet from Samsonite is made of soft genuine leather and has several large slots. Having a more vintage style, it has no closure and is easy to slip into a pocket thanks to its lightness and small size. The Samsonite wallet is also available in several colors according to your taste.

Koruma SM-904HBR wallet 57

Koruma SM-904HBR wallet

20,80 £ on Amazon

Being made from Picasso cowhide and featuring security with a tab closure, the Koruma wallet is of high quality with an attractive design. It is equipped with TUV certified RFID blocking to counter identity theft or other digital hacks. It has 10 slots to hold your personal information.

Vaultskin Chelsea Wallet 58

Vaultskin Chelsea Wallet

19,99 £ on Amazon

The Vaultskin wallet is a small size Italian wallet. It is equipped with RFID technology that offers maximum security for your credit cards. With optimal ergonomics, it is made of quality Italian leather giving it a perfect aesthetic. Moreover, thanks to its Smart Strap design, the access to its capacity is optimized.

Leather wallet BTNEEU 59

Leather wallet BTNEEU

14,39 £ on Amazon

The BTNEEU wallet has a large compartment, allowing it to store all your cards and bills. The stitching is reinforced to increase the longevity of the wallet. In addition, it is made from high quality blue leather.

Katana bold cowhide wallet 60

Katana bold cowhide wallet

20 £ on La Redoute

This wallet is designed with the combination of nylon and high quality fat cowhide leather. It stands out thanks to its Italian-style 2-flap opening. It has several compartments and storage for bills and cards. The Katana wallet is also equipped with a zipped purse.

DOMUS RFID wallet cognac brown Bugatti 61

DOMUS RFID wallet cognac brown Bugatti

47,96 £ on La Redoute

With its vintage design, this leather wallet boasts an attractive style and high-quality finish. As an added bonus, the wallet's leather is carefully hand-stamped. As it comes with Cryptalloy® data protection film, your privacy will be well protected from digital theft.

Brown wallet Bruno Banani 62

Brown wallet Bruno Banani

39,96 £ on La Redoute

This brown leather wallet not only stands out for its nice decorative look, but also for its great functionality. It has 2 pockets for bills, a coin compartment, 5 pockets, 2 transparent pockets and 8 card slots. With its small size, it fits very well in pockets of jackets and pants.

DC Shoes Ripstop tri-fold wallet 63

DC Shoes Ripstop tri-fold wallet

12,79 £ on La Redoute

To simplify the storage and accessibility of your bills and cards, this wallet includes 3 flaps, a zippered pocket for coins and many slots. Light and resistant, it is made of 100% polyester. It also stands out as an easy-to-handle accessory.

Aluminum wallet QUILTED PASSPORT Ogon Designs 64

Aluminum wallet QUILTED PASSPORT Ogon Designs

63,92 £ on La Redoute

The great feature of this model is its very resistant and high quality shell, made of aluminum. This wallet is spacious, as it can hold up to 15 cards, ID card, passport, car registration, etc. It also fights against theft and hacking of your data thanks to its RFID protection.

Iconic RFID 2 in 1 wallet RipCurl 65

Iconic RFID 2 in 1 wallet RipCurl

39,99 £ on La Redoute

This wallet is ideal for keeping all your savings safe. Its modern design and its 100% leather material make this card holder a real fashion accessory. Thus, it is effective to decorate your pocket while taking care of your bills and cards.

Black leather wallet Pebble Detail Wallet Shein 66

Black leather wallet Pebble Detail Wallet Shein

2,79 £ on Shein

Store your cards and bills conveniently with this black wallet. Despite its smaller size, the accessory offers a large storage capacity. Made of leather with a neat finish, this card holder has an original and elegant design.

Shein crocodile leather wallet for men 67

Shein crocodile leather wallet for men

5,59 £ on Shein

This wallet is distinguished by its unique and elegant style. It is a black leather fashion accessory with a brown crocodile touch on the side. Closing with a snap, the Shein wallet is a tri-fold model as aesthetic as practical.

Black PU leather wallet for men Shein 68

Black PU leather wallet for men Shein

5,59 £ on Shein

If you're looking for a vintage wallet, this one can't disappoint you with its aged leather look. Black in color, it has beautiful finishes, especially with the letter B neatly engraved on its outer surface. On the practical side, this bi-fold wallet has enough storage for your cash, cards and ID.

Shein leather printed wallet 69

Shein leather printed wallet

4,89 £ on Shein

This tri-fold wallet from Shein stands out with its unique style and quality finishes. Printed with a $100 bill on its exterior, this leather model is uniquely elegant. Its various pockets and numerous well thought out compartments also allow for the organization of all its contents.

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