The best flowing trousers in the UK 2023

Finding the right pants for every season and every body type can be difficult. Opting for flowing pants can help you avoid fashion faux-pas. These stylish, loose-fitting pants are back on trend and filling the stores. To find the right flowing pants for you, read our guide.

Baishenggt Floral Print Pants 1

Best value for money

Baishenggt Floral Print Pants

Best flowing pants

Sober, but elegant, these pants will add a chic note to your silhouette. The material that makes it up is light yet resistant.

24,56 £ on Amazon

With these flowing floral print pants, spring will be felt through you. The feminine floral pattern is perfect for lounging and going out if you wear it with a tank top or crop top. Plus, its high waist and wide legs will show off your figure. While the belt hides the small imperfections at the level of the belly if you are a round woman. Perfectly adapted to all body types, it offers elegance and incredible comfort thanks to its light and resistant material.

Fluid pants Boho style Lofbaz 2

Best value for money

Fluid pants Boho style Lofbaz

Best entry-level flowing pants

Comfortable and soft, these flowing pants are the perfect companion to bring out a zen and casual look. Its wide legs and high waist will refine your shape.

15,16 £ on Amazon

With its color and beautiful patterns, these flowing pants are a pleasant reminder of the freshness and freedom of beautiful days. Ideal to welcome spring and summer, these flowing pants have a tight hip as well as a high waist and you will be comfortable inside. The fabric is soft to the touch while still being comfortable for your legs to be happy. In addition, the color and patterns give a bohemian look perfect for a night out with friends. With a bodysuit and a little jacket, you'll have the perfect combination for more formal occasions. It is simple, but elegant.

Gina Bacconi fluid pants 3

Best value for money

Gina Bacconi fluid pants

Best high-end flowing pants

Comfortable and stylish, in two words, that's what this flowing pant is all about. Its straight style is best suited to women with curves, but its simple look is appropriate for all shapes.

72,61 £ on Amazon

These flowing pants are surprisingly comfortable because of their soft and breathable fabric. Thanks to its straight cut, you'll be comfortable even if you're a little lush. The fit is just right for a simple, yet elegant look that you can wear almost anywhere. With a small jacket and a square heel, it's a good fit for work, or even for a ceremony. As a top, you can put a basic white shirt under the jacket, it's the perfect combo for a discreet and refined style at the same time.

Roman Originals Flowing Palazzo Pants 4

A great choice

Roman Originals Flowing Palazzo Pants

Excellent selection

You wish to have a large and light garment? Elastic, elegant and soft, this palazzo will meet your expectations.

25,60 £ on Amazon

These flowing palazzo pants by Roman Originals are ideal for women who want to slim down their figure, given its high waist and straight cut. Designed with a particular fabric, the jersey, this palazzo is extremely comfortable. With this characteristic, this model is very breathable and elastic. You can wear it to work, weddings, and other events of your choice. It is ideal to wear with pumps or heeled sandals to emphasize the elegant side. For the rest, keep it simple, a monochrome blouse, a jacket and discreet jewelry will do the trick.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best flowing pants

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Best flowing pants

Best entry-level flowing pants

Best high-end flowing pants

Excellent selection

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Comparison table of the best flowing trousers

Baishenggt Floral Print Pants 5
Fluid pants Boho style Lofbaz 6
Gina Bacconi fluid pants 7
Roman Originals Flowing Palazzo Pants 8
Baishenggt Floral Print Pants
Fluid pants Boho style Lofbaz
Gina Bacconi fluid pants
Roman Originals Flowing Palazzo Pants
Sober, but elegant, these pants will add a chic note to your silhouette. The material that makes it up is light yet resistant.
Comfortable and soft, these flowing pants are the perfect companion to bring out a zen and casual look. Its wide legs and high waist will refine your shape.
Comfortable and stylish, in two words, that's what this flowing pant is all about. Its straight style is best suited to women with curves, but its simple look is appropriate for all shapes.
You wish to have a large and light garment? Elastic, elegant and soft, this palazzo will meet your expectations.
Feminine floral print
Stylish pattern for a bohemian look
Very classy
Extremely comfortable
Very comfortable and lightweight
Soft touch fabric
Soft, breathable fabric
Elastic fabric
Casual look
Simple, yet elegant
Perfect for all body types and occasions
Chic and stylish

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Buying guide - flowing pants

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How to choose your flowing pants

You certainly want to look irresistible with your flowing pants. Find the best model easily by taking into account these few criteria.

#1 - The morphology

Despite the fact that flowing pants are quite wide, body shape is still an important criterion in the choice. You should adapt your clothes according to what will enhance your shape. This will allow you to be photogenic and presentable on a daily basis and especially to feel good about yourself.

#2 - The fabric


is essential to be comfortable in your pants. There are those made of thick materials including wool, felt or tweed. They will add more volume and weight when worn. If you opt for the flowing pants with thin fabric, they will be lighter and more comfortable.

#3 - Color and patterns

The colors, the patterns, the cut make the difference compared to other flowy pants. Hence, it is imperative to choose what suits you best. For spring, bright colors matched with flashy and showy patterns are in. Even if you're putting on the flowy pants at the office, just pair them with a white or beige shirt and heeled sandals or a pair of pumps, and you're done.

#4 - The opportunity

Flowy pants show class, no matter when you put them on. Opt for a demure palazzo paired with a close-fitting top and a small jacket for business meetings. High-waisted flowing pants with patterns, a crop top and wedges will be ideal for walks with friends. For night outings, choose a polka dot or striped model, wear a tight top with a little cleavage, a pair of heels and you will be irresistible.

What top to wear with the flowing pants?

To have a breathtaking look, the flowing pants should be compatible with your personal style as well as the current trends. Nevertheless, you should know how to wear them properly.

A flowing top

To give off a classy look, you could choose this model to go to the office, to an event with friends, or even to a party. You will look gorgeous and serious inside. It will highlight your physical attractiveness. Go for a flowing top with a V-neck or a plunging neckline to bring out all your assets. Assemble the whole with a belt to tighten your pelvis. Preferably, vary the style: wear a colored top if your pants are plain, and one that is sober if your pants are patterned.

A camisole or bodysuit

If you want to look classy, but sexy, go for this look. This way, the allure of your walk will be enhanced. If you have a small chest, a V-neck camisole would be ideal. If nature has provided you well, highlight your breasts with a neckline, but not too daring either to remain chic. You will feel the freedom and comfort in your beautiful outfit, as well as all the eyes will be on you. So you will not only be comfortable, but also very elegant. With the matching shoes, stiletto style, it's going to be one hell of a look.

Tee-shirt and stilettos

Know that it is possible to wear a t-shirt with a palazzo. It's just a matter of choice, style and elegance. A brightly colored and patterned pants would be ideal in this situation. In any case, if you put it with a pair of stilettos, the eyes will quickly be pointed at you. Try to accompany all this with a small jacket and glasses and you can be sure that you will be able to pose for a fashion magazine, so stylish you will be. However, be careful, because the palazzo is not properly matched with tennis shoes or sneakers.

Did you know that :

It is perfectly possible to iron flowing pants. However, in order to keep their shape, choose models that do not wrinkle after consecutive washings.

The different types of flowing trousers

To have a chic and stylish look with flowing pants, you need to choose the right model. This way, you will be able to adapt your originality to the current trends.

The flowing palazzo pant

If the inevitable jeans show the shape, the palazzo proves its elegance thanks to its loose fit. By putting it on, you will have a simple or sophisticated look according to your taste. Often sewn with a high waist, it is a timeless pant since the 70s. It has even regained the heart of young women for some time. Designed with a rather fine and silky fabric followed by a meticulously crafted cut, its style will bring increased luxury in all simplicity.

The flowing pants style skirt-culotte

The flowing pants style culottes is one of the trends of the moment. Comfortable, sober, but stylish, many women love them and do not hide from them. It must be said that this model is very popular in the professional world to show a chic and sober air. Often straight, it suits all body types, but especially women with generous curves.

The flowing trousers in a sarouel style

Few pants are more comfortable than a sarouel. Both light, loose yet elegant, they help you feel good about yourself and beautiful to the world. Whether it's high-waisted or not, one thing is for sure, accompanied by a little top like a bodysuit, and with the right patterns, you will have a breathtaking style.

High-waisted or low-waisted fluid pants?

The high-waisted fluid pants

If you are tall and luscious, the high waist is highly recommended. Similarly, if you are petite, it will emphasize your waist to highlight your hips. Tops with patterns and colors will be welcome. Thus, a colored bodysuit and sandals will be perfect for an everyday look with this type of fluid pants.

The low-waisted fluid pants

If you are tall with a model waist or with a long morphology, opt for the low waist. This will enhance your figure. You will be able to show the curves of your buttocks. And take full advantage of the beauty of your look. Preferably wear short tops and you will not have to slide the sides of your top inside to clear the shape.


In terms of style, customization is ideal to make you look your best. Whether it's high waisted or low waisted flowing pants, you will always look stylish. However, when it comes to comfort and class, we suggest the high-waisted flowing pants.


The right accessories

As an accessory, consider a matching bag in the same color as the shoes. You can also wear glasses, a hat and a black belt. A flashy bracelet or a necklace would also be very elegant especially in the evening.

The shoes

Ankle boots are highly recommended to look unmatched. You can also wear it with sandals or heels depending on your preference.

Fluid pants in summer


flowing pants with tribal pattern or even outright bright color will make you irresistible in summer. For a casual look, pair it with a tee and sandals and a pair of sunglasses.

Fashion faux-pas


wearing printed pants with bright colors, printed mixes, and head-to-toe stripes. Be careful not to wear too many colors at once. This isn't the circus.

And for men?


are also types of flowing pants for men like: sarouels, cargos, and consorts. Just avoid putting shirts with them and especially not sport sneakers.


What season to wear flowing pants?

Flowing pants are suitable for all seasons, but they are especially part of the summer and spring trends. In these seasons, you can wear them with a light top, highlighting more its loose fit.

Plain or patterned flowing trousers?

The choice is yours. But if it's plain, and in an unusual colour, you'll have a hard time finding matching accessories. Try to choose according to the event.

Can I wear boots or booties with flowing pants?

Indeed, wearing it with boots or ankle boots will highlight your legs in a retro style. It is especially recommended for people of small size. In this way, the cut of the trousers will not compress your silhouette, because the boots with high heel make taller.

Fluid pants or tight pants?

The ideal type of trousers depends above all on your morphology. On the one hand, flowing trousers will guarantee you freshness and elegance, but on the other hand, tight trousers will emphasize your figure. We advise you to wear flowing trousers when it is hot and tight trousers when it is cold.


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Baishenggt Floral Print Pants
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Fluid pants Boho style Lofbaz
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Gina Bacconi fluid pants
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Roman Originals Flowing Palazzo Pants


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