The best rubber boots in the UK 2023

Rubber boots are practical and waterproof. They are among the favorite footwear of gardeners and parents for their children in rainy season. Sometimes the choice is not always obvious when it comes to buying this type of boot. In this guide, you will find many tips to find the best rubber boots.

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots for Men 1

Editor's Choice

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots for Men

The best rubber boots in 2021

Looking for great men's rain boots? Put on the Hunter Original Tall men's rubber rain boots.

99,19 £ on Amazon

Hunter Original Tall rain boots are made of high quality rubber. The heel height is 2 cm allowing a better stability during your movements. The type of heels is western. These rain boots have been made with natural products and validated by experts in the field. In addition, the insole is in textile maximizing comfort.

In addition to being waterproof thanks to a remarkable waterproofness, these rubber boots are very light. The height of the upper is 37 cm offering optimal protection from the toes to the knee. As for the choice of colors, you have a whole palette.

Dunlop Unisex Rubber Boots 2

The best cheapest

Dunlop Unisex Rubber Boots

The best entry-level rubber boots

Need fully waterproof rubber boots? Let yourself be seduced by the design and practicality of Dunlop long boots.

18,58 £ on Amazon

These beautiful unisex rubber boots from Dunlop have flat heels that are suitable for all types of terrain. Made of durable rubber, they are softer, stronger and fully waterproof. This means that mud, snow and rain will not be able to seep inside the boots.

The heel height is 1 cm, while the sole is flexible and non-slip. This guarantees great comfort and safety, even on muddy and slippery ground. They are available in two colors, namely, green and black.

Sorel Caribou WL men's snow boots 3

The best high-end

Sorel Caribou WL men's snow boots

The best high-end rubber boots

These winter boots from Sorel are a must-have for the coldest of cold. With the rubber sole and part of the upper, you can be sure to stay dry, even when walking for long periods in the snow.

114 £ on Amazon

The Sorel Caribou WL snow boots are made of waterproof vulcanized rubber. Therefore, they are ideal for skiing in the mountains and hiking in the snow. The sole is made entirely of rubber. The heel height is 3 cm and the boot weighs just 1.3 kg, which makes it easier to move around in the snow.

Of course, they have a polar lining. Thus, these lace-up Sorel snow boots will instantly protect you from the cold. In addition, the removable insole is made of wool, you will feel the softness to the toes. As for the upper, it is made of high quality leather, ensuring style and thermal insulation.

Bottines en caoutchouc pour femme Wellington Neoker 4

The best alternative

Bottines en caoutchouc pour femme Wellington Neoker

A great alternative

If you prefer booties to boots, these rubber Wellington boots will satisfy you. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, they won't ruin your look, even during the rainy season.

25,59 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best rubber boots

Any specific needs?

The best rubber boots in 2021

The best entry-level rubber boots

The best high-end rubber boots

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best rubber boots

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots for Men 5
Dunlop Unisex Rubber Boots 6
Sorel Caribou WL men's snow boots 7
Bottines en caoutchouc pour femme Wellington Neoker 8
Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots for Men
Dunlop Unisex Rubber Boots
Sorel Caribou WL men's snow boots
Bottines en caoutchouc pour femme Wellington Neoker
Looking for great men's rain boots? Put on the Hunter Original Tall men's rubber rain boots.
Need fully waterproof rubber boots? Let yourself be seduced by the design and practicality of Dunlop long boots.
These winter boots from Sorel are a must-have for the coldest of cold. With the rubber sole and part of the upper, you can be sure to stay dry, even when walking for long periods in the snow.
If you prefer booties to boots, these rubber Wellington boots will satisfy you. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, they won't ruin your look, even during the rainy season.
Shank height
37 cm, knees
Heel height
2 cm
1 cm
3 cm
3 cm
Colors available
Bright black, navy blue, green, military red, red, bright blue, dark olive green, matte black
Black, green
Tobacco Brown 256, Quarry Black 053
Black, blue, khaki

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Buying guide - rubber boots

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How to choose your rubber boots

To find the perfect pair of rubber boots, you'll need to consider many criteria. Here are five you should never overlook.

#1 - Size

Buying rubber boots that are too tight is not recommended. Leave a little space between your boot and your toe. You will be more comfortable when using them. Your gait may change for a few days, don't worry, this is due to the slight lift of your heel.

#2 - Calf size

Make sure you have boots that fit your calf size. This way, you'll fit them more comfortably. To get an approximate measurement, just sit in a chair, put your foot flat on the floor, and use a tape to take the widest measurement of your calf circumference.

#3 - Shaft height

The height of the shaft is a matter of aesthetics and safety. It is measured at the back of the boot. The height of the boot does vary by model. So, when ordering your pair of boots, you can choose the height you are interested in according to your activities or personal taste.

#4 - Flexibility

The flexibility of rubber allows you to feel comfortable during a long walk. If the rubber is very thick, the boots may become stiffer, even if they are more durable. This, on the other hand, can create a feeling of discomfort for you, especially if you have to wear the boots on muddy ground.

#5 - Weight

We tend to think of rubber boots as heavy. On the contrary, they are light and the feeling is different and pleasant for your feet and toes. In fact, weight is an important criterion before choosing your pair of rubber boots, as some models have a thick and rather heavy sole. Again, you need to find the right balance between comfort and sturdiness of your boots.

How do you maintain your rubber boots?


Sometimes we forget our rubber boots exist in the closet, since we often only use them during the rainy season. Yet, you can wear them for various other occasions such as gardening or hunting. That's why they need to be maintained in order to keep their aesthetics and full potential. Regular maintenance will moreover make them more resistant.


Prefer natural products

To clean your rubber boots, you'll need a sponge soaked in soapy water. Scrub them thoroughly to remove any mud stains. Avoid using solvents that can damage the rubber. White vinegar or a little elbow grease is enough to remove the most stubborn stains.
Then, you should rinse them with fresh water. And finally, let them dry completely in a place out of the sun before wearing them. It should be noted that the use of these products does not change the initial condition of your pair of boots. They will remain waterproof and comfortable as they were before.

Protect your rubber boots

In order for the rubber to retain its quality, avoid putting it near a heat source like a fireplace. Long-term exposure can alter its color and flexibility. If by chance your boots have been left near the fire and have a burn mark, you can repair this by sanding them with 600 grit sandpaper. After the burn mark is gone, rinse your boots and let them air dry.


The different types of rubber boots

Rubber boots are suitable for all ages. Whether you are a child or an adult, there are different types depending on your needs.

High boots

High boots are the most classic models on the market. Their shaft goes up to mid-calf or even beyond. Rubber is a waterproof material, so these boots are perfect for protection from mud and puddles. These boots are best worn during the rainy season. But you can also wear them for gardening, walking around a farm, or anywhere you need protection from moisture. Long rubber boots are also great for going hunting.

Ankle boots or booties

Actually, the popularity of this type of boot has skyrocketed. Booties are short and lightweight. They provide comfort for the feet of people who have to walk to and from work. In addition, they are easy to put on and take off due to their lower shaft. Thanks to the production of new glamorous and glittery styles, these rubber boots have become a fashion accessory for girls and women. However, booties do not protect as well as long boots from rain, puddles and mud.

Filled boots

In general, furry boots are worn in winter. Also called snow boots, they have furs inside the boots. This will therefore effectively protect you from the cold, especially since the rubber is waterproof and therefore prevents moisture from the snow from penetrating your boots. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that in summer or autumn, furred boots are not very practical because most of the furs do not come off.

Rubber or PVC boots?

Each person has a preference between rubber and PVC boots. These boots have specific characters and your purchase depends on your requirements.

Rubber boots

These boots are made of rubber, a natural material that is both flexible and waterproof. They allow you to stay active even in the rain. You'll also appreciate their lightness, especially since they currently come in a variety of trendy styles to suit everyone's preferences.

PVC boots

PVC boots offer maximum safety for your feet. They are useful for people working on a construction site or for logistics jobs. In addition, with the plastic material, PVC boots are easy to clean and maintain. However, they tend to be much stiffer and therefore less comfortable.


When it comes to boots, you have a wide range of choices. Whatever the use, professional or private, rubber or PVC boots will find their place in your shoe closet. It is up to you to choose the right type of boots for your activity.

Why buy rubber boots?

Having rubber boots has several advantages.

To protect yourself during the rainy season

Rubber boots are essential during the rainy season. These boots are robust and waterproof. Besides, you can probably use them for the next year.

Essential footwear for gardening

Rubber boots are also considered a gardening tool. Mud is always present when it comes to taking care of your garden. So you could fully dedicate yourself to your passion without the fear of getting your feet dirty or accidentally stepping on thorns.

For walking outdoors

When you're on vacation in the country or on a hike, boots will accompany you on your various walks. Not only are they waterproof and sturdy, but they will also protect you from the cold.

Boots for hunting

Rubber boots are very practical for people who like to hunt. Indeed, hunting boots have specific footwear and soles. Solid and light, they will facilitate your hunting and allow you to fully enjoy your activity. There are models specially designed for all types of hunting. Whether it is hunting waterfowl or hounds, rubber boots are resistant and guarantee this pleasure shared by many people.

To keep your feet warm

Buying a pair of rubber boots also helps keep your feet warm when the temperature drops. Thanks to its sturdy and waterproof material, you can walk in the snow without worrying about the cold. You can buy lined boots or opt for classic boots but pair them with a pair of warm socks.

The best brands of rubber boots

In our opinion, the best brands of rubber boots in 2022 are :


The famous Hunter brand manufactures hunting and rain boots for women, men and children. The Hunter Original boots is certainly the model that revolutionized the brand. These sturdy boots are suitable for very cold conditions. Moreover, Hunter's rubber boots have a neat and fashionable look.

Aigle has been handcrafting its boots for over a century. They offer protection and comfort to its customers. Besides, the brand has rubber boots made of natural materials. Apart from boots, Aigle also offers shoes and clothing for all ages.

The Dunlop brand produces PVC and rubber boots. The soles of these boots are flexible and give a pleasant feeling for the feet. Dunlop rubber boots are among the best on the market. Dunlop also offers irresistible stylish boots.

Sorel is a brand known for its perfection. Its winter boots have already made the rounds for their quality. In addition, it produces stylish and flattering rubber boots. Sorel women's boots are one of the brand's flagship products.

Thanks to the quality of its rubber boots, men and women alike flock every year to buy the new models available. Neoker has different types of boots. Experienced in this field, boots, lace-up boots are thus manufactured by Neoker. It is a brand known worldwide for the chic look and casual style of its shoes.

What is the price rubber boots

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 125 £
more than 125 £
Price range diagram


Wear floral styles with solid-colored clothing

If you choose patterned boots, it's best to wear more sober colored clothing to match your look. Ideally, choose solid colored clothing that matches the dominant color of your floral boots.

Choose booties for their all-around appeal

Whether for business needs or hiking in the countryside, ankle boots remain an obvious choice for their beauty and practicality. They are indeed lighter, more aesthetic, but just as waterproof as long boots.

Try shiny rubber boots

If you like to be noticed, shiny rubber boots are very trendy. They will know how to put forward your personality, while giving you a very original look. However, always go for sobriety with your clothes: a nice dress and a matching leather jacket and you're done!"

Nourish your rubber boots

Feeding your rubber boots well will make them shinier and more flexible. To give them a shine, apply egg white beaten into snow on the entire surface of your boots and polish carefully. To soften your rubber boots, rub them with a cloth soaked in warm milk. Applying a few drops of glycerin with a cloth is just as effective.

Dust talcum powder inside your boots

Talc is an effective natural product for absorbing moisture and even bad odors. Also, pour talcum powder generously into your rubber boots to prevent them from cracking and to extend their life. Remember to apply this tip regularly, especially before storing them.


Do rubber boots make you sweat?

Generally, it is possible that you will sweat in your rubber boots because they are completely waterproof. It also depends on how long you wear them and the weather conditions. If the weather is warmer, you may sweat. But to avoid this inconvenience, wear thick socks that absorb sweat well.

Are rubber boots made for winter?

Yes, rubber boots can be worn in winter. The thicker the rubber of the boots, the warmer they will keep you. Your toes won't feel the cold in furry boots or boots with a neoprene or fleece lining. Otherwise, rain boots worn with fleece socks are ideal for winter activities.

How to remove your rubber boots easily?

To remove your rubber boots, you have three options. First, you can remove it with your hand while sitting down for comfort. Second, you can use a boot puller. Alternatively, as a third option, apply pressure to the right heel with the left heel if you don't want to bend over to remove your boots.

How to remove a scratch on rubber boots?

There are special products that remove scratches on rubber boots. For example, you can use a metal polish. To do this, wipe the scratched areas of your rubber boot with a cloth soaked in the product, drawing circles. Wipe well for a few minutes or until the scratches disappear.


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Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots for Men 9
Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots for Men
Dunlop Unisex Rubber Boots 10
Dunlop Unisex Rubber Boots
Sorel Caribou WL men's snow boots 11
Sorel Caribou WL men's snow boots
Bottines en caoutchouc pour femme Wellington Neoker 12
Bottines en caoutchouc pour femme Wellington Neoker


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