The best effective total weed killers in the UK 2023

Are weeds invading your garden, your pathways or your vegetable garden? Get rid of them with an effective total weed killer. Ready to use, it eliminates weeds (creeping plants, nettles, brambles, etc.) right down to the roots, for visible results in just a few hours. Concentrated, organic, powder, etc. Which weed killer to choose? We tell you everything in this guide.

Starnet Weedkiller 1

Best value for money

Starnet Weedkiller

The best total weed killer effective in 2021

Thanks to this highly effective selective weed killer, getting rid of weeds (brambles, nettles, creeping plants, etc.) from your beautiful walkways, yards and terraces has never been easier, faster or more effective.

34,53 £ on Amazon

This very powerful weed killer is an ultra-concentrated product that will allow you to treat a maximum surface of 440 m². Its self-measuring canister format makes it a very economical product that will prevent you from losing even the smallest drop when using it. One glass of this product must be diluted in 5 liters of water before it can be sprayed on the unwanted weeds. Its molecules will penetrate deep into the leaves and cause the foliage to dry out and be completely exterminated.

After 3 hours of use, you will already be able to see the effects of this weed killer based on natural active ingredients. Finally, it is important to emphasize that this product must be used only in warm and dry weather to achieve the expected results. Moreover, this weed killer is not harmful to animals, you just have to wait until the treated area is dry before letting your animals move around.

Décamp' Radical - Destructeur de souche 2

Best value for money

Décamp' Radical - Destructeur de souche

The best entry-level total weed killer effective

Marketed in powder form, this product will rid your garden of dead tree stumps that you no longer know what to do with. No wood can resist it!

5,68 £ on Manomano

In powder form, this stump remover cleans your garden by reducing to ashes all tree stumps likely to hinder the growth of your plants. Décamp' Radical is an effective and powerful total weed killer, contained in a 375 g bottle. It acts quickly by burning the stumps for several days to finally burn them completely.

To use it, simply drill small holes in the stump and pour the powder inside. Then pour disaromatized petroleum into each of the holes already filled with stump destroyer. All you have to do is light the mixture and it will take effect. Please note that this product is extremely flammable: do not leave within the reach of children and wear gloves when handling it.

Radikal Green 3

Best value for money

Radikal Green

The best high-end total weed killer effective

This concentrated weed killer is the ideal product to control fine and broadleaf weeds. One application is all it takes to get a good result.

38,36 £ on Manomano

Radikal Green offers to amateur and professional gardeners this powerful herbicide. Easy to use, it owes its remarkable effectiveness to the presence of glyphosate in its composition. To put it simply: no weed is resistant to its active ingredient. However, remember to respect the dose of 24 mL of product per 1 L of water.

There is no need to return to the ground that has been sprayed, because one spray is enough to kill all the unwanted plants. The advantage is that you can replant after 7 days, while the product works well and then disappears. The effect of this total weed killer lasts between 4 days and 4 weeks. Finally, the canister contains 5 L of Radikal Green.

Concentrated nettle manure - FERTI NATUREN 4

A great choice

Concentrated nettle manure - FERTI NATUREN

The best natural weed killer

Nettle manure is a natural, ecological and organic weed killer. It is an effective and versatile solution to weed, but also to revitalize and improve the condition of your plants.

11,06 £ on Cdiscount

This product is the result of the fermentation of nettle leaves in water. This solution is ideal to be used in vegetable garden or also for ornamental plants and garden. It still needs to be diluted before use.

It can be used by sprinkling it on the feet of plants or as a foliar weed killer. For the latter, after contact with the leaves of the weeds, the product is carried by the sap and reaches the roots. Thus, the weeds are destroyed in depth. Depending on the amount of liquid manure used, this solution can be a weed killer or a fertilizer. Therefore, it is essential to read the instructions carefully before use.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best effective total weed killer

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The best total weed killer effective in 2021

The best entry-level total weed killer effective

The best high-end total weed killer effective

The best natural weed killer

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Comparison table of the best effective total weed killers

Starnet Weedkiller 5
Décamp' Radical - Destructeur de souche 6
Radikal Green 7
Concentrated nettle manure - FERTI NATUREN 8
Starnet Weedkiller
Décamp' Radical - Destructeur de souche
Radikal Green
Concentrated nettle manure - FERTI NATUREN
Thanks to this highly effective selective weed killer, getting rid of weeds (brambles, nettles, creeping plants, etc.) from your beautiful walkways, yards and terraces has never been easier, faster or more effective.
Marketed in powder form, this product will rid your garden of dead tree stumps that you no longer know what to do with. No wood can resist it!
This concentrated weed killer is the ideal product to control fine and broadleaf weeds. One application is all it takes to get a good result.
Nettle manure is a natural, ecological and organic weed killer. It is an effective and versatile solution to weed, but also to revitalize and improve the condition of your plants.
Volume / Weight
800 mL
375 g
5 L
1 L
Ready-to-use powder
Visible effects
3 hrs
Multiple day stump destroyer
A few days to 4 weeks
2-3 days
Biocontrol weed killer
Reduces stumps to ash
Non-selective herbicide with Glyphosate
Fertilizer or weed killer depending on dilution
Pelargonic acid is a naturally derived weed killer
24 mL in 1 L of water to cover 40m². Product designed for professionals. Controls weeds in one application. Can be re-cultivated 7 days after spraying
Burns weeds down to the roots

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Buying guide - effective total weed killer

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How to choose your effective total weed killer

Effective means that the total weed killer gives tangible results, not just the nice promises made by the manufacturer. But this effectiveness often comes with a heavy price, both for the soil and for the plants, animals and humans living nearby. Here are the criteria to be taken into account to find a good compromise between effectiveness and health.

#1 - The surface to be treated

An effective total weed killer is first and foremost a product that must cover the area to be sanitized. This means using a tool to measure and calculate the amount of product you will need for the treatment. For the large area, the best choice would be a concentrated weed killer that you can dilute and use with a spray device. Ready-to-use products, on the other hand, are intended for small and medium-sized areas.

#2 - The area to be weeded

This second criterion is very important, because on it depends the type of product you will use. If you plan to cultivate the plot, it would be best to use a natural, non-aggressive weed killer. On the other hand, if the area is not intended for cultivation, the use of an anti-germ weed killer is recommended. Chemical weed killers are reserved for large-scale weed control.

#3 - The equipment you have

The spray attachment you use to weed should match the type of weed killer and the surface. If you have a small garden or want to clean a patio, don't bother buying a sprayer because it's both a waste of time and money. The best thing to do would be to buy a weed killer in granular form.

#4 - Persistence

This is

not to be taken lightly since it allows you to see how the weed killer acts on the weeds. The residual weed killer, which has a long-lasting effect, destroys plants deep down when it is sprayed. The only catch is that you can't replant for a while. Non-slash weed killers, on the other hand, work almost instantly without affecting soil quality. This allows you to re-cultivate the land after application.

#5 - Residual effects

Many totally effective weed killers contain products that can harm the environment and can especially kill the nutrients that feed the soil. Using a natural product, if you can find one, is advisable since they are designed with harmless products. Therefore, they are less dangerous when applied.

What is an effective total weed killer and why choose it?

As the name implies, an effective total weed killer is a herbicide that eliminates weeds and prevents young plants from growing back. Known by other names as a non-selective herbicide, it cleans uncultivated areas.

The active ingredients, such as glyphosate, are capable of eliminating all green plants down to the roots as soon as they come into contact with the product. The effective total weed killer is used to clean unused land, railroads and warehouses.

There are many weed killers of this type capable of killing many stubborn grasses or weeds. The advantage of this type of product lies in its effectiveness and speed of action. You can use it in any season.

In addition, it often takes only a few hours to see a satisfactory result, which avoids systematic weeding. Thus, an effective total weed killer saves time. They are also available in a variety of sizes so you can choose the quantity according to the area to be treated.

Guide to storing and disposing of a total weed killer

This simple and easy mini-guide provides you with practical advice if you are planning to do some weed control.

Storing a total weed killer

  • For safety reasons, always keep the product in its original packaging
  • After weeding, close the package properly to prevent spillage.
  • Store your weed killer in a safe place: away from food and beverages, including pet food, out of reach of children and pets.

What should I do with the leftover total weed killer in my sprayer?

  • Prepare the right amount for the area being treated. Diluted weed killer stored in a sprayer is less effective the next time you weed.
  • If there is no product left after application, rinse your sprayer 3 times and reapply to the area already treated or to another permeable area.

Disposal of the product and its packaging

  • Never dump sprayer bottoms, canister bottoms, or even rinse water into a toilet or near water.
  • Dispose of unused products and empty packaging directly at a waste disposal site.

Precautions to take when weeding

Like any use of phytopharmaceutical products, weeding should not be taken lightly. Indeed, weeding must be done with care, especially if it is a spray. Use a weed control sprayer, but not just any sprayer. To carry out weeding, you should also have protective equipment to avoid any contact with the product (gloves, glasses...). Finally, to avoid any risk, read the labels carefully and respect the indicated doses.

The different types of effective total weed killers

Getting rid of weeds is a must if you want a beautiful garden. To date, only an effective total weed killer can stop the regrowth of these undesirables. But you must know all types of weed killers before using them. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Concentrated effective total weed killer

This type of weed killer is the most recommended for covering large areas. As the product is almost pure, it is necessary to dilute it with water and then pour the mixture into a sprayer.

The advantage is that you can buy as many concentrated weed killers as you want, at a reasonable price.

The only catch is that you will need time to prepare so that the product is properly diluted, as well as a large enough container that can hold the spray mixture.

Effective total weed killer in granular form

Granular weed killer is often used for tree and shrub beds. It is suitable for all situations and spaces such as nurseries, green spaces or even gardens.

With a wide spectrum, its effectiveness can last several months and you can replant immediately after treatment. This product can also be used all year round. Moreover, it allows you to save money, since you only need to follow the dosage and know the surface to be treated. The only drawback is that this product is not sold per piece or in small containers.

Ready-to-use effective total weed killer

This is the easiest type of weed killer to use. You have both the product and the sprayer that goes with it. This product is highly effective with fast action (usually after a few hours after spraying).

No preparation is needed for this variant and it is also a product that is sold at a fair price. This product is not recommended if you want to weed a field or a large area because of its small quantity.

Adopt the right gestures

A few precautions should be taken before spraying the product on the surface to be treated: wear a mask, goggles and a protective glove; choose the right sprayer to use, especially for powder products that need to be diluted; respect the dose prescribed on the product packaging.

Effective total weed killer or selective weed killer?

Effective total weed killer

As the name implies, this type of herbicide is used to work deep down to the root zone to prevent weed regrowth. It works quickly over the entire surface by foliar action. It is a very effective product for treating uncultivated areas.

However, effective total weed killer is not designed to be used on specific plants. That is, this product is capable of killing all plants in the vicinity of the weeds.

Selective weed killer

Selective weed killer is a product that will only kill weeds and pests, without killing other plants. It is the ideal product for treating gardens and vegetable patches as you can spray only those plants that you consider unnecessary and invasive. It is a very versatile product.

Like any chemical, it has a considerable impact on the environment. Therefore, it should not be used if you live near a pond or river. Also, selective weed killer should never be used in the rain.


If you have an uncultivated area or want to weed your patio, the use of an effective total weed killer is highly recommended. Not only is this product economical, but it also allows you to get rid of all harmful plants permanently. On the other hand, selective weedkiller is recommended for cultivated areas to spare other useful plants.

Why buy an effective total weed killer?

Quick result

Unlike other types of weed killers, total weed killer is the best weed killer available. It works quickly and effectively. Some products even give a visible result after a few hours. The main advantage is that you don't have to weed all the time, because it has a long-lasting effect.

Extensive coverage

Depending on the amount of product, total weed killer can cover a large area. This is a big advantage because it saves you from having to travel several miles to spray the product and especially from having to return to a previously treated area. In fact, only one application is needed for the weed killer to take effect.

Cost reduction

By opting for an effective total weed killer, you can make considerable savings. These products are generally affordable, even in large quantities. Above all, they can be used all year round and do not require any specific treatment before spraying.

Destruction of stubborn weeds

If you use a weeder or other methods that are considered natural, the area will not be completely free of weeds. Indeed, there will always be some stubborn growth. But with an effective total weed killer, you won't have to worry about those pesky plants and you'll have a clear space.

Respect for the environment

Total weed killer breaks down quickly after spraying. It is not harmful to animals and other plants and the containers are often recyclable. Usually, this product comes with a dosing device to avoid waste. This way, you will have total control over the weed killer you use and will contribute to the protection of the environment.

The best brands of effective total weed killers

In our opinion, the best brands of effective total weed killers in 2022 are :

Star Jardin
Protect expert

Solabiol is committed to offering products that respect the environment and stay in tune with nature. The brand is owned by Maxicrop and since October 1, 2017, SBM Life Science has become responsible for the distribution and sale of the product lines developed by Maxicrop in the garden market.

Star Jardin is a brand that has been manufacturing and distributing plant protection products, including weed killers, for 29 years. Star Jardin is a brand with an excellent reputation: its products are reliable and highly effective. The big winner of the top 4 in this guide is a product from this brand (starnet weed killer).

Decamp " is a brand that offers natural solutions to protect your garden. It offers products against insects and pests, as well as weed killers. All perfectly natural and safe.

This brand has been around for 30 years, it belongs to the company La Pause Jardin (Liebe deinen Garten). Fertiligene offers products that are 100% natural and therefore perfectly compatible with the environment without sacrificing effectiveness.

Protect expert is a European brand that specializes in the fight against pests and weeds. It is a new brand dedicated to home protection. The solutions offered by this brand are simple, effective and perfectly accessible.

Roundup is a brand of herbicide that has been on the market since 1975. It offers highly effective broad-spectrum systemic herbicides. This brand is often criticized for being too aggressive in agriculture, however, for domestic use it does not present a risk.

Substral is a German brand of garden and plant care products since the 1950s, it is now part of the brands of the American company "The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company". This brand is constantly developing innovative products characterized by high standards.

What is the price for an effective total weed killer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

0 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Work the soil before weeding

You can work the area to be treated a little to save on the product and to make the soil respond well to the weed killer. This will leave only the roots of the weeds to be removed since you have eliminated the leaves on the surface.

Avoid spraying on dry land

Preferably, water the soil before applying the product. This helps the weed killer penetrate deeper and saves you a second spray.

Wait until late spring to weed

Spring is the season when all plants develop properly. It's also the time when weeds grow in abundance. All you have to do is pull out your secret weapon that is the effective total weed killer to get rid of all those undesirables invading your garden.

Use your effective total weed killer correctly


best to follow the directions on the manufacturer's packaging. Failing that, if you have chosen a ready-to-use weed killer, all you have to do is spray the weeds and you're done. For concentrated or powdered products, you would need to dilute in water and wait a few minutes before applying it to the surface.

Effective alternative to total weed killer

Natural or organic weed killers have been on the rise since glyphosate-based products were banned from use. The use of these health friendly products can be a good alternative to chemical weed killers.


What is the best total weed killer?

The best effective total weed killer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Why does my weed killer only remove some of the weeds?

Be sure to check the label on the container and make sure that it is an effective total weed killer, i.e., one that can kill all weeds down to the roots.

Is a weed killer harmful to pets?

The simple fact that your pet comes into contact with this product can lead to acute poisoning. Without prompt attention, the pet may die. The best thing to do is to keep them away from the weed killer or lock them in a room when spraying.

How long does it take for a weed killer to work on weeds?

This depends on the type of product and the components used in the design. Some weed killers are very effective and work within a few hours of spraying, while others take effect a day after application. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Is it necessary to weed during the rainy season?

It is not advisable to spray during the wet season, although some products can withstand moisture for a few minutes afterwards. Late spring or early summer is a good time to do weed control.


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Starnet Weedkiller 9
Starnet Weedkiller
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Décamp' Radical - Destructeur de souche
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Concentrated nettle manure - FERTI NATUREN 12
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