The best thermal weeders in the UK 2023

If weeding used to be an exhausting task, it has now become a pleasant activity with a thermal weeder. At any time of the year, you can eradicate weeds in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. There are many models on the market that could certainly suit you to perform this task. But you'll have to choose the one that will best suit your weeding needs. This buying guide will help you do that.

Perel PER-VL104 1

Best value for money

Perel PER-VL104

The best thermal weeder in 2021

With the Perel PER-VL104 thermal weeder, easily rid your driveway and garden of weeds. It combines robustness and efficiency to ensure the cleanliness of your garden.

38,94 £ on Manomano
Rothenberger 30966 2

Best value for money

Rothenberger 30966

The best entry-level thermal weeder

The Rothenberger 30966 is the best solution if you want to eradicate weeds from your green space in the long term. This model is very efficient and is offered at a very low price.

12,38 £ on Amazon

The Rothenberger 30966 is specifically designed for use in small areas due to its nozzle diameter. It works with a mixture of butane and propane gas in a 600 mL aerosol can. Light and easy to use, this model can be carried everywhere. You will not be hindered in your movements. Its comfortable handle ensures easy handling. The long hose offers the possibility to send the heat without any hitch. The materials used for its manufacture give it a great solidity and an unequalled robustness.

Kemper PK5432 3

Best value for money

Kemper PK5432

The best high-end thermal weeder

Want to weed your garden without polluting? The Kemper PK5432 kills weeds with a temperature of 1,600°C and takes the weight of the gas cylinder off your hands with the included cart.

103 £ on Amazon

With the Kemper PK5432, you'll enjoy a thermal weed whacker worthy of a true professional. Its piezo ignition makes it easy to start. In addition to the burner with a diameter of 6 cm, the weeding tool also comes with a 5 m hose, an adjustable 0-3 bar pressure regulator and a cart with a handle and 2 large wheels for easy movement of the gas cylinder. It is to be specified that this cart is perfectly suitable for a propane gas bottle of 13 kg. Moreover, it is the most practical way to treat a large surface efficiently and without polluting.

Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo 4

Two heads

Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo

A thermal weeder with 2 heads

Particularly efficient, the Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo has, as its name indicates, 2 burner heads. An ideal solution for a quick weeding of a garden.

97,90 £ on Cdiscount

Like most thermal weeders, the Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo has a 5 m gas hose. It is perfectly suited for large areas due to its 2 burner heads and its long 93 cm handle. The appliance also provides better safety thanks to its curved tip. The gas supply can be adjusted according to your needs. The weight of 1 kg and the length of the handle are the biggest advantages of this model. You won't have to make much effort to use it. For maximum safety, the piezo ignition is located over the handle.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best thermal weeder

Any specific needs?

The best thermal weeder in 2021

The best entry-level thermal weeder

The best high-end thermal weeder

A thermal weeder with 2 heads

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Comparison table of the best thermal weeders

Perel PER-VL104 5
Rothenberger 30966 6
Kemper PK5432 7
Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo 8
Perel PER-VL104
Rothenberger 30966
Kemper PK5432
Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo
With the Perel PER-VL104 thermal weeder, easily rid your driveway and garden of weeds. It combines robustness and efficiency to ensure the cleanliness of your garden.
The Rothenberger 30966 is the best solution if you want to eradicate weeds from your green space in the long term. This model is very efficient and is offered at a very low price.
Want to weed your garden without polluting? The Kemper PK5432 kills weeds with a temperature of 1,600°C and takes the weight of the gas cylinder off your hands with the included cart.
Particularly efficient, the Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo has, as its name indicates, 2 burner heads. An ideal solution for a quick weeding of a garden.
Length of hose/power cord
5 m
5 m
5 m
Type of gas
Butane, propane
Butane and propane gas mixture
Butane or propane
Maximum temperature
1,300 °C
940 °C
1,600 °C
600 °C
2.5 bar
2.5 bars
3 bars
2.5 bars
87 cm
87 cm
96 cm
106 cm

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Buying guide - thermal weeder

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How to choose your thermal weeder

Choosing a thermal weeder depends on many things. You may be confused when you see many products and different features. Here are some things to consider to help you find your way around.

#1 - Flame output

The first thing to consider when choosing a thermal weed whacker is the ability to create a high output and a flame in the desired size. There should be a valve that can easily control the size of the flames and the extinguishing once you are done.

#2 - Area to be weeded

You may have different areas where you need to use the thermal weeder to eliminate weeds. Not all thermal weed eaters are suitable for cleaning large areas. Be sure to check this detail if you have a large garden, for example.

#3 - Starting up

One of the great features of a good weed whacker is that it should have a built-in trigger and start mechanism. This will allow it to quickly produce a flame. The idea is to remove the weeds, but also to do it quickly. Such a mechanism can save you a lot of time.

Beware of vibration

When purchasing the tool, don't hesitate to try it out to check the degree of vibration. Too much vibration can cause numbness in the fingers, hands and wrists. This can make the weed whacker less convenient.

#4 - Handling


comfortable handle allows you to work longer without getting tired. A good quality weed whacker should have a cushioned handle

that reduces the pressure on your palm. The ergonomic handle improves the stability of the tool, making it easier to manage and will spare your back and wrist.

#5 - Weight

Ideally, you should use a lightweight, portable weed whacker. This reduces the effort required to carry it and will make it easier to handle. The weight depends on the material it was made of and the size of the tool.

#6 - Use

Finally, try to determine how often you will use your thermal weeder. Also try to see what other uses you might have for it. For example, whether you can use it for (light) welding or other DIY work or even just to start a fire (fireplace, campfire, etc.).

How does thermal weeding work?

Thermal weeding is done with a flame-producing device such as aportable flashlight. Or a device that gives off a strong heat even without a flame. As soon as the plant is exposed to the heat, its cells burst and it dies quickly. The most effective method is not to burn the plant, but simply to heat it. If you are using a high flame weed whacker, don't overdo the flame: the higher the flame, the less effective the method.

If the plant is burned, the remaining parts will tend to heal and start to grow back, but even more vigorously. If you simply give the plant a blast of heat, it will damage the tissue and weaken it. If it is a small plant, it will not have enough strength to continue growing.

An eco-friendly device

With thermal weed control, you no longer need to use chemicals. These products often have negative consequences on the environment.

The thermal weed killer is fast: just point the burner at the weeds for a few seconds. Effective: it leaves no trace of weeds behind. And all this without exposing you to the health risks posed by a chemical spray.

The different types of thermal weeders

There are two types of thermal weed eaters: one that runs on gas, and one that runs on electricity. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both offer the ability to get the job done, but only work best for some people.

Thermal gas weeder

Thermal gas or flame weeders briefly expose weeds to apropane or butane flame at 800-1000°C

. This will disrupt the weed's membranes and cause the weed to die. This will disrupt the cell membranes and lead to rapid dehydration. With such a tool, it is possible to ignite a large area to kill weeds before planting or crop emergence, or to defoliate plants before harvesting or simply to take care of one's garden. This type of model is equally practical since it is light, efficient and less tiring. It burns the weeds and removes all traces of them. And that in only one or two passes. You don't need to prune beforehand: the nozzle allows you to aim precisely at the target. Then you just turn on the light and the job is done.

However, note that roots still exist underground and weeds can come back and grow. If the flames are not effectively controlled, it can lead to a fire. Be careful not to use this type of thermal weeder if you have wooden structures around. If you have a large enough garden and tough weeds, this type of thermal weed killer is for you. They are more powerful, produce larger flames (if needed) and can cover more area since there is not the constraint of the power cord.

Electric thermal weeder

Electric thermal weed whackers work by giving anelectrical dischargeof about2 000 w

to the plant. The discharge boils the water inside the plant cells and bursts the cell walls. This will kill the target immediately. Lightweight, they weigh almost nothing (about 1 kg), they are not bulky either. Also, they do not produce flames, so they carry less risk. They are even more convenient than their gas counterparts, as they do not depend on a gas cartridge or bottle for their use.

On the other hand, the electricity consumption of a 2,000 watt appliance can quickly weigh on the budget. They are only suitable for small spaces. The power consumption, plus the fact that they have to be plugged into the mains for them to work, make them unsuitable for cleaning large areas. If you have a small garden or patio, this type of thermal weeder can perfectly suit your needs. They may also be suitable for people who don't want a flame (because of the risk of accidents), or who want more control over the operation (so as not to burn the plants around the weeds).

The nozzle, the lance, the gas hose and the tank

The efficiency depends on these accessories. The nozzle regulates the flame, a chrome model is more resistant. Regarding the lance and the hose, it is better to choose a good length to facilitate the work. Indeed, an adapted lance makes it possible to reach certain places without bending over. The length of the hose, on the other hand, determines your mobility. Finally, a large tank (and the cart that goes with it) is necessary for important work.

Thermal weeder or electric weeder?

Thermal weeder

The thermal weeder is a gardening tool which, as its name suggests, allows the elimination of weeds by a thermal shock. This guarantees a bursting of the plant cells leading to the death of the unwanted plants after a few days. Easy to use, you only need to place the nozzle over the weeds and activate the burner.

You can choose between an electric or gas weed killer. The latter has the particularity of being very effective on weeds. In terms of stubborn plants, several passes will be necessary at an interval of 10 to 15 days. The main advantage of this thermal model is its great mobility. You will be able to treat a large surface area with complete peace of mind. Note that this type of weeder can withstand rainy weather.

Electric weeder

Unlike the thermal weeder, the electric weeder produces no flame. However, it does use its connection to a power outlet to operate and generate a high heat source of up to 600°C. The device consists essentially of a nozzle, a powerful resistor, a handle and a power cord.

It is distinguished by its unlimited autonomy. However, this model of weed whacker consumes a lot of energy and is equipped with an electric wire that could hinder your gardening work. Also, you will not be able to use it in rainy weather, exposing yourself to the risk of electrocution.


The thermal weeder is highly recommended for those who have to work in a large garden. It ensures optimal mobility and use in rainy weather since it is free of electrical wires. On the other hand, if you are afraid of a possible gas leak or fire, an electric weed whacker would be better suited to your needs. To use it, you must be near a power outlet or use an extension cord.

Why buy a thermal weeder?

A completely ecological device

Although gas-powered, the thermal weeder is very environmentally friendly. It does not pollute the air. Its use remains safe. Very popular with organic growers, this type of model avoids the use of chemicals during weeding.

Use throughout the garden

Whether the weeds are young or tough, the thermal weeder will prove to be very effective. Moreover, you can use it everywhere: paths, floors, terraces...

No weather constraints

The thermal weeder will help you get rid of weeds in all seasons. Unlike an electric weeder, you can take advantage of this gardening tool even in rainy weather. However, it is often advisable to use it only the next day to avoid killing insects that are essential to the proper growth of plants.

To avoid back pain

With a thermal weeder, you only have to stand up to weed your garden. No need to kneel or bend down at the risk of back pain.

Diverse uses

Besides its primary function, the thermal weeder can be used as a flashlight. So, light your barbecues, burn dead leaves... without any difficulty while saving money.

The best brands of thermal weeders

In our opinion, the best brands of thermal weeders in 2022 are :


This brand is specialized in gardening tools, its slogan is "created by gardeners for gardeners". The brand's mission is to research and satisfy the needs of gardeners. It has been on the market for 60 years and offers the best tools to take care of gardens.

This French brand was created in 1971 and began to open up to the global market with the launch of two other brands: Ribiland and Ribitech. It is known for its complete, versatile and studied range of products to make the world of DIY accessible to all.

This German brand has been present on the market for 70 years. It was first known for its high quality and technically sophisticated sprayers. It now produces other innovative gardening tools, including thermal weeders.

Batavia is a brand created in 2009 in the Netherlands. It is present on the European market, but also American and Australian. Its reputation is built around the quality of its products, which are as robust as they are innovative.

WerkaPro is a French brand launched by the company Provence Outillage which was created in 1955. The brand is known for its products that are the result of excellent expertise and equipped with the best concepts.

What is the price for a thermal weeder

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 60 £
60 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Protect plants with a garden shovel.

When you have weeds you want to burn but they are near plants you want to protect, a garden shovel is a useful shield.

Do not use matches to light your flashlight.


are too small and expose your fingers too much to the flames.

Keep a fire extinguisher or water handy.


flashlight flame can be almost invisible, especially in direct sunlight. For safety, keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water handy in case you accidentally set a deck or fence on fire. Never use a flashlight near a dried-out plant, hay pile or straw bale.

Store the flashlight in a safe place.


handle stays cool, so there is no need to wear gloves. However, the hot tip does get very hot, so be careful where you put your tool down after the job is done.

Never use a weed flashlight on poisonous plants.


doing so, you risk releasing the toxins into the air and getting them into your skin or breathing them in



What is the best thermal weeder?

The best thermal weeder depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available today.

What is a thermal weeder?


s a weed whacker that uses heat to eliminate unwanted vegetation. Seedlings can be easily killed right away, while perennial weeds can be killed with repeated and timely treatments. Environmentally friendly, non-chemical and effective, it is a cost-effective alternative to herbicide use.

What are the potential uses of a thermal weeder?


weeder can be used in a variety of situations and manage different types of landscapes, including: home, school and/or community gardens; gravel sites (e.g., driveways, storage areas, parking lots, paths); interlocking pavers (e.g., patios, plazas, walkways, parking areas); along fence lines, around objects in the lawn (e.g., posts, trees), etc

. For

some weeds, a single pass may be sufficient. However, perennials, with long roots, require several treatments spaced about 2 weeks apart to be effective.

How many times do you have to use the thermal weeder to completely control weeds?

Rendering weeds

to ash will not help. A few seconds' exposure to the flame will kill the plant cells. After the first pass, try squeezing a leaf with your fingers. If you see an imprint, the plant has been exposed enough.

Do you have to burn the weeds completely?


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Perel PER-VL104 9
Perel PER-VL104
Rothenberger 30966 10
Rothenberger 30966
Kemper PK5432 11
Kemper PK5432
Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo 12
Hozelock Thermal Weeder Duo


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