The best spiral mowers in the UK 2023

Purely ecological and not very noisy, the helical mowers have the advantage of embellishing the lawn of your garden. Opting for such equipment will offer an ideal partner to mow your lawn with a uniform and clean cut. But with the wide variety of models on the market, it's not a choice that can be made quickly. That's why we've put together this buying guide to help you find the best spiral mower.

Gardena Helical Lawnmower 400 Classic 1

Best value for money

Gardena Helical Lawnmower 400 Classic

The best spiral mower in 2021

If you are looking for a precision cut for your lawn, the Gardena 400 Classic spiral mower is the perfect solution for you. It offers a cutting width of 40 cm with adjustable cutting height from 12 to 42 mm for an area of up to 200 m².

106 £ on Amazon

The Gardena 400 Classic spiral mower is a solution for precision cutting of your lawn. Equipped with a cutting cylinder and a quality hardened steel counter blade, it can cut the grass in your garden like a pair of scissors. This provides a clean, even cut across the surface of your lawn. Featuring frictionless cutting technology, it offers a quiet and pleasant mowing experience.

With a total weight of 8.9 kg, the mower offers a cutting width of 40 cm and a 4-step adjustable cutting height from 12 to 42 mm for a mowing area of up to 200 m². For a good grip, the mower has large wheels as well as an ergonomic and foldable handlebar that allows it to be pushed. The spiral mower is also easy to maintain with its non-stick coated cutting cylinder that prevents wet grass from drying out and being difficult to remove.

Murray HM400 Manual Mower 2

Best value for money

Murray HM400 Manual Mower

The best entry-level spiral mower

For a very affordable price, enjoy a low-maintenance, eco-friendly spiral lawnmower with almost no noise. It comes with a 20-liter grass catcher. It offers a cutting width of 40 cm on 4 levels of height up to 38 mm.

59,92 £ on Amazon

Murray HM 400 is a quiet, environmentally friendly spiral mower for small lawns. It has sharper blades for a cleaner cut. This lawnmower offers a 40 cm cutting width with a cutting height adjustable to the lawn on 4 positions ranging from 13 to 38 mm.

To ensure comfort in use, the manual mower is equipped with ergonomic foam padded handles and a 20 liter soft mesh grass catcher to ensure a clean finish. The mower has wheels with a size of 12 cm to ensure easy guidance and a good grip on the lawn. For a 2-year warranty, the equipment adopts an aluminum cutting deck with 5 cylindrical steel blades.

StaySharp Max - 1000591 3

Best value for money

StaySharp Max - 1000591

The best high-end spiral mower

Expensive, but worth it, the Fiskars Manual Lawn Mower offers a clean and precise cut. For an optimal mowing, it adopts a cutting width of 45 cm and an adjustable cutting height up to 10 cm which are supported by 4 wheels, 2 in the front and 2 in the back.

210 £ on Amazon

The StaySharp Max - 1,000 591 is ideal for clean, crisp mowing of your lawn in the garden and along the edges. This model is best known for its unique features that reduce the pushing force required by 60%. It is equipped with patented InertiaDrive chain drive technology. This system combines optimized speed with thick, non-contacting blades, while reducing blade friction and improving mower mobility.

Featuring a VersaCut design, the spiral mower offers a working width of 45 cm with 7 cutting height settings ranging from 2.5 to 10 cm on a 1.25 cm interval. The handle is also adjustable and covered with a non-slip rubber coating for comfort and safety during use. And for guidance during mowing, the StaySharp has 4 wheels, 2 at the back and 2 at the front for excellent stability. In fact, this manual lawnmower stands out for its superior ergonomic features along with the front grass ejection system.

Gardena 400 C Classic Spiral Mower 4


Gardena 400 C Classic Spiral Mower

The best alternative for a spiral mower

The spiral mower 400 C. Classic is an alternative to the 400 Classic model. This model offers a mowing area of up to 250 m². It is also characterized by a particularly quiet and easy to push frictionless cutting technique.

120 £ on Amazon

Like its little sister 400 Classic, the 400 C. Classic offers a working width of 40 cm with a cutting height adjustable on 4 levels from 12 to 42 mm. But the difference is that this model is ideal for a larger mowing area of up to 250 m² with better ergonomics than the first. It has an additional deflector to control the ejection of the cut grass.

The 400 C is equipped with a cutting technology where the cutting cylinder and the hardened steel counter blade allow a maximum precision for a result very similar to that of a scissor. Weighing 9.4 kg, the mower is 128 cm high with the handlebar, 57 cm long and 22 cm wide. The handlebars can be removed or folded for easy storage. And finally, like the 400 Classic, the 400 C. Classic is equipped with large wheels with a special profile to facilitate guidance and ensure a good grip on the lawn.

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Best spiral mower

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The best spiral mower in 2021

The best entry-level spiral mower

The best high-end spiral mower

The best alternative for a spiral mower

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Comparison table of the best spiral mowers

Gardena Helical Lawnmower 400 Classic 5
Murray HM400 Manual Mower 6
StaySharp Max - 1000591 7
Gardena 400 C Classic Spiral Mower 8
Gardena Helical Lawnmower 400 Classic
Murray HM400 Manual Mower
StaySharp Max - 1000591
Gardena 400 C Classic Spiral Mower
If you are looking for a precision cut for your lawn, the Gardena 400 Classic spiral mower is the perfect solution for you. It offers a cutting width of 40 cm with adjustable cutting height from 12 to 42 mm for an area of up to 200 m².
For a very affordable price, enjoy a low-maintenance, eco-friendly spiral lawnmower with almost no noise. It comes with a 20-liter grass catcher. It offers a cutting width of 40 cm on 4 levels of height up to 38 mm.
Expensive, but worth it, the Fiskars Manual Lawn Mower offers a clean and precise cut. For an optimal mowing, it adopts a cutting width of 45 cm and an adjustable cutting height up to 10 cm which are supported by 4 wheels, 2 in the front and 2 in the back.
The spiral mower 400 C. Classic is an alternative to the 400 Classic model. This model offers a mowing area of up to 250 m². It is also characterized by a particularly quiet and easy to push frictionless cutting technique.
Cutting width
40 cm
40 cm
45 cm
40 cm
Cutting height
4 levels : 12 mm - 42 mm
4 levels : 13 mm - 38 mm
7 levels : 25 mm - 100 mm
4 levels : 12 mm - 42 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
55,8 x 35,5 x 30 cm - 8,9 kg
53 x 43 x 26 cm - 9.5 kg
61 x 37 x 60 cm - 23,5 kg
57 x 39 x 31 cm - 9,4 kg
2 years
2 years
2 years
2 years

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How to choose your spiral mower

With the advent of towed and riding lawn mowers, it was thought that the spiral lawn mowers would end up in the trash. But they have held on. And in recent years, they've even made a comeback because of their quietness, non-pollution and quality of cut. Here are the criteria to consider when buying a manual mower.

#1 - The size and condition of your garden

First of all, determine if thesize and layout of your garden allows the use of a cylinder lawnmower. This gardening tool is suitable for small and medium-sized areas, generally less than 300 m². Beyond that, it will be a real pain to use, especially if the mower is low-end. Also take into account the relief of your garden. Is it flat or sloped? Note that a push mower works best on smooth, flat ground. If the ground is rocky, bumpy or full of weeds, you'll end up with an uneven lawn. That's because cylinder mowers don't have the cutting power of pull, push and riding mowers.

#2 - The number of blades

The cutting cylinder on a push mower has4 blades, 5 in most cases, or even 7. The number of blades you choose will have to take into account the type of grass you plan to cut. For fine or very fine grass, a cylinder with 4 or 5 blades should be sufficient. You will probably need 7 blades to cut quack grass and other coarse or thick grasses. The same is true for gardens with a lot of weeds, as they are more difficult to cut. Finally, note that the blades should be sharpened periodically. However, some mowers have self-sharpening blades.

#3 - The cutting width

The wider the spiral mower, the less time you'll spend mowing the lawn. The width of cut varies from 25 to 60 cm. The more you mow, the less time you'll spend mowing the lawn. Choose a wide cutting width if your yard is larger than 150 m². On the other hand, a narrower mower will suffice if your yard is small and doesn't have many obstacles.

#4 - The cutting height

Most manual mowers offer 4 positions to adjust the height of the blades. Most walk-behind mowers have 4 blade height settings, so you can choose the height you want for your lawn after you've cut the grass. The operation is done by using a lever on the base of the machine to raise or lower. In general, the cutting height varies from14 to 100 mm.

#5 - The grass catcher

Some people hate to see grass clippings on their lawn or prefer to reuse them as fertilizer. If this is your situation, consider a grass catcher. This removable bag attaches to the mower and collects the grass clippings as you go. Sometimes it's free, sometimes it's optional.

How does a spiral mower work?

The best spiral mowers 9A little history

The English invented the spiral mower. That's why it's also called theEnglish mower. The first model was designed and tested in the 1830s. To this day, our friends across the Channel jealously preserve the tradition of hand mowing. There are even companies that specialize in cutting VIP lawns with hand mowers!

A very simple system

The hand mower is not usually motorized;it must be pushed to drive the wheels and turn the blades. This is the only way the grass underneath will be cut. The blades may or may not make contact with the mower blade.

Contact blades

The contact blades on a push mower need to be sharpened at regular intervals. To do this, backlap the blades at least 4 times a year. This technique involves sharpening the blades by sprinkling an abrasive solution on them and rotating them backwards.

Non-contact or silent blades

Blades of this type do not require backlapping. There is no need to sharpen them frequently either. They do not dull as quickly as contact blades. In addition, this system significantly reduces the friction loss between the blades. It softens the pushing force and makes the mower almost silent.

Maintenance of the blades

Before mowing the lawn,check the cutting blades for cleanliness and adjustment in relation to the counter blade. Pay particular attention to the height and alignment of the blades. After mowing, clean the blades with a brush or water jet to remove grass residue.

Note thatnon-stick blades are easier to clean. And at least once a year, adjust the gap between the blades and the assembly flanges. This will ensure that the machine works properly. Finally, put a little oil on the drive chain from time to time.

Handlebar with locking system

This part is used to push and steer the push mower. The best riding lawn mowers have a handlebar with a wheel locking system at the handlebar. If you have children, it's best to go with this type of equipment, although mowers with non-locking handlebars cost less.


We often hear mower manufacturers and salespeople tout a feature called mulching. But what exactly is it? How does it work? How is it useful?

The best spiral mowers 10

Principle of mulching

Mulching consists in reducing the grass into fine particles which will then be spread on the lawn. There is no need to collect the grass cuttings anymore. It will be transformed into a natural fertilizer.Mulching is similar to composting. You can also obtain this mulching by frequently mowing the lawn without the bin.

However, it isnot recommended to mulch tall grass. The clumping will choke the lawn. The mulching function can be integrated into the mower or sold as a kit. The latter includes a deflector and possibly a cutting cylinder with 4 blades.

Benefits of mulching

With mulching, you can cut your grass cleanly while providing aprotective mulch and natural fertilizer. All this is done in one pass! This way, your lawn will be more resistant to drought while keeping its greenness.

Another advantage of mulching is that itsaves youthe chore of collecting the grass. You won't have to empty the collection bin, go to the waste treatment plant and all that entails. Finally, mulching fertilizes the soil and breaks down quickly.

Disadvantages of mulching

Mulching will require you to mow more frequently. When you know that the spiral mower moves with the force of the arms, it could discourage some! Even worse if the grass is tall. Also, avoid leaving grass on the lawn if you don't mulch. It will ferment and eventually destroy the grass.

Successful mulching

Here are some tips on how to mulch properly with a push mower. First, cut the grass to one third of its height. Remember tomow every 4 to 6 days to keep the grass relatively short.

Also, continue mowing when the grass is dry. Adjust the height of the cut to the grass and use a collection box. Don't hesitate to reuse the mulch to fertilize your vegetable garden or your flowers.

Mulching or collecting?

If you don't mulch, you'll have to collect the grass clippings with a rake. Otherwise, you'll have a thatch mat that may prevent water and nutrients from penetrating the lawn. Not picking up grass clippings also encourages the development of fungi or diseases that can destroy the lawn.

The different types of spiral mowers

The helical lawnmower is so called because it has a characteristic cutting system based on the presence of cylinder composed of several blades. In this term, we can distinguish 3 main types of lawnmowers, whose use differs from one model to another.

Mechanical spiral mower

This type of mower is powered by your arms,without a motor

. You can use it for small and medium areas, less than 250 m². The most efficient models like the Fiskars StaySharp Max can mow an area of up to 400 m². The mechanical mower can cut very short and reach the inaccessible corners of the lawn. It's perfect for small to medium-sized lawns and is very easy to maintain. On the other hand, it is not suitable for sloping and rocky grounds. This type of mower offers the best quality of cut. Even the towed and ride-on models can't compete! So, if you have a garden of less than 200 square meters and relatively flat, go for it.

Electric spiral mower


reduce the drudgery of manual mowing, some manufacturers have developed the electric spiral mower. The motor ispowered by batteries

. Of course, the mower still needs you to push it. However, the effort required will be less than with a manual mower. Be careful, because the machine is more fragile. Capable of mowing sloping ground, its weight and dimensions are quite reasonable.

However, the price of the electric spiral mower is a bit high. It is rather fragile and its autonomy is not perfect. This type of cylinder mower is perfect for gardens of 400 to 500 m² and sloping grounds. Avoid pushing it too hard and plan for several batteries.

Thermal or professional spiral mower

As the

name implies, this type of mowerhas a combustion engine

. Intended for professional use, the thermal cylinder mower can be pushed or self-propelled. This powerful gardening tool can mow thousands of square meters of lawn. Even tall, wet grass can be mowed! Its phenomenal power, its impeccable cutting quality, even for high and wet grass, its ability to mow acres of lawn and its cutting speed make it a model apart.

On the other hand, and it must be said, this type of gardening tool is expensive. Its heavy weight, not to mention its size and the noise of the combustion engine are only suitable for professional use. This type of lawnmower can be found in stadiums, on golf courses... in short, where the surface and the level of requirement are very high. If you are interested, the British brandAllett Mowers designs models for the general public.

Spiral or rotary blade mower?

With a spiral mower, the cut is surgically precise. This is not the case with towed and ride-on mowers with a rotating blade. The latter rarely shine with their cutting quality.

Mechanical spiral mower or automatic mower?

Mechanical spiral mower

The mechanical spiral mower can take care of a small garden with a reasonable surface of up to 400 m². Thus, you will be able to maintain your lawn in the best conditions. However, its use requires a little elbow grease since you have to push the device during mowing.

Designed in a simple way, the mechanical spiral mower usually consists of 2 wheels, a mechanism with sharpened spiral blades and a handlebar. It is as quiet as it is environmentally friendly and robust. Its cutting height varies from 13 to 42 mm while the cutting width varies between 30 and 40 cm. Some models come with a collection box for maximum comfort during use.

Automatic mower

The automatic lawnmower adopts the same operating mode as the automatic vacuum cleaner. In fact, you won't need to guide it during its use. Powered by an electrical source and completely autonomous, you can go away and be sure that your lawn is well mowed when you arrive.

Thanks to its sensors, the gardening device will have an accurate idea of the area of land to be mowed. Once its work is done, the automatic mower returns to its charging base, without any intervention from you. Moreover, you can still control it remotely via a dedicated application. Rather slow, it only works on flat terrain. Moreover, its price seems high since you have to spend around 500 to 1700 € to get it.


If your budget doesn't allow for an automatic mower, the mechanical spiral mower will do the job just fine. Requiring a little effort on your part, the machine must be pushed during the entire mowing session. Moreover, it is perfectly adapted to the most ecological. On the other hand, for those with a high budget, the automatic mower would be an interesting option. Even in your absence, it will be able to mow your lawn, preferably on flat ground, as you wish.

Why buy a spiral mower?

Quality of cut

The spiral mower stands out first and foremost for its unmatched cutting quality. Simply put,no other type of mower cuts as short or as clean. In addition, the blade cylinder flattens the blades of grass and condenses the regrowth. The result is a more compact lawn with fewer weeds.

Perfect for small lawns

If you have a lawn of 50 to 250 square meters, it's best to use a walk-behind mower. There's no need to buy a rotary mower costing hundreds or thousands of dollars for such areas. The cut will also be better for your lawn, as the blades cut carefully without tearing or bruising it.

They are pollution free

Manual mowers operate without a motor. Unlike their motorized counterparts, they don't pollute. Even the battery-powered versions are low-polluting compared to electric mowers, which will help keep you and your lawn healthy.

They are safe and quiet

Easy to use, manual mowers are mostly equipped with ablade locking system. Once activated, this device attached to the handlebars locks the wheels and, by recurrence, the cutting blades. In addition to safety and simplicity, manual mowers offer the advantage ofsaving your ears. No need for a helmet!

They are cheap, including maintenance

The price of a manual lawnmowerrarely rises above 200 euros. Moreover, models at this price work faster than entry-level and mid-range towed mowers. As for accessories, all you need is a grass catcher.

As mentioned above,the maintenance is mainly for the blades. All you need to do is clean them before and after each mowing, sharpen them and tighten the mechanisms if necessary. Note that some blades sharpen themselves when they come into contact with grass!


Like most lawn mowers, the helical mower will have trouble with tall grass. In some cases, the cut will be uneven because of the terrain to be mowed. In addition, the spiral mower cannot mulch twigs and leaves.

The best brands of spiral mowers

In our opinion, the best brands of spiral mowers in 2022 are :


Originating from Germany, Gardena is a world-renowned specialist in lawn care and landscaping tools. Its products include lawn shears, sprinklers, lawn mowers and many others. The brand was founded in 1961 and was acquired by Husqvarna in 2008. The Swedish brand is no more and no less than the world's number 1 selling lawnmower!

This brand is known worldwide in the automotive fields. Indeed, AL-Ko manufactures chassis and running gear components for trailers, recreational vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Recently, AL-Ko has also started to produce gardening tools and heating appliances. AL-Ko Soft Touch manual mowers are among the most robust on the market.

Created in 1886 by Robert Bosch, the German multinational is known in many fields of activity. One of the best known remains the manufacture of gardening tools, including lawn mowers. Manual or motorized, Bosch knows how to do everything and does it very well. The brand's spiral mowers are notably known for their reliability and quality of cut.

Originating in Germany, the Einhell brand was born in 1964. From its inception, it was dedicated to offering quality tools and appliances at an affordable price. Today, Einhell manufactures compressors, mulchers, brush cutters, spiral mowers and more. In fact, the best-selling spiral mower bears its signature.

Founded in 1649 in Finland, Fiskars is a brand that specializes in making metal objects such as knives, axes and gardening tools. It has been offering handheld lawn mowers for a century. You won't find a better spiral mower that can mow more than 200 square meters without getting too tired.

What is the price for a spiral mower

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 125 £
125 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Periodically wipe down your mower blades.

This helps keep them clean and will allow your cylinder mower to perform at its best.

Mow weeds as soon as they start to grow.


't wait until the weeds have grown tall to cut them. Get rid of them as soon as they start to grow to prevent them from choking the lawn.

Install a routine.


cylinder mower will be more efficient if you mow about once a week instead of waiting until the grass is very tall. You'll also waste far less time.

Remove all sticks and stones from the area before mowing.


spiral mower can be damaged if it runs over rocks or other obstacles


Adapt your cutting technique to the seasons.


the summer months, the grass has less moisture and tends to sag. It may be necessary to mow at a lower height to achieve the desired appearance. In the spring, when the grass has a lot of water and is growing quickly, set the cutting height of your cylinder mower higher and mow more often.


What is the best cylinder mower?

The best spiral mower depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Why is it mandatory to mow the lawn frequently with a cylinder mower?


spiral mower only deals with the grass blades. So frequent mowing is essential as the roots remain in the soil and can easily grow.

How often do you replace the oil in a thermal cylinder mower?

As a

general rule, it should be replaced every 25 hours. However, refer to the instructions for use to make sure you don't make a mistake.

When is the best time to mow the lawn?


recommend that you mow your lawn/grass early in the morning since the grass is still wet at that time.

Why do you need the 2 extra wheels at the back?


the 2 extra wheels, you'll use little effort when pushing. In addition, the unit will be more stable especially on uneven ground.


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