The best lawn tractors in the UK 2023

To keep your lawn looking its best, it is essential to mow it regularly. A lawn mower could be enough, but if your lawn is larger than 1500 m², you should invest in a quality tractor mower. Discover in this top 4 list the most popular models of the moment as well as the criteria to consider in order to choose your future lawn mower.

Alpina ST 450 - AT4 98 A 1

Best value for money

Alpina ST 450 - AT4 98 A

Best value for money

The AT4 98 A tractor mower, a sturdy and comfortable model, offers a more affordable way to effectively treat your lawn.

1 200 £ on CDiscount

The Alpina ST450 - AT4 98 A model develops a cutting and towing power of 7200 watts. Its 432cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine is truly fuel efficient and has a low noise level. Starting is easy, as is driving, and an electromagnetic PTO clutch lets you effortlessly turn the blades on and off.

The Alpina ST450 - AT4 98 A tractor mower combines technology and ergonomics to optimize the quality/time ratio. It can cut a lawn of 3500 m² thanks to its power and its 98 cm cutting deck. You can also choose between 7 height levels up to 88 mm, to be adapted according to your tastes and the seasons. Among its features, we can mention the 200-liter collection box, also compatible with mulching.

This machine is a victim of its success on Amazon, but you can find it on CDiscount where only a few models are still available.


Best low cost


Best entry-level mower tractor

Small but sturdy, the Alpina AT3 98 A tractor can mow a 2800 square meter lawn at a decent speed. It offers a 98cm cutting deck as well as ergonomic features.

See the price

The ALPINA AT3 98 A tractor mower can be described as a simple riding mower because of its limited power of 11.5 HP. For non-professional use, it is indeed designed for lawns of less than 3000 m2 and accomplishes its mission wonderfully. Its two blades cut the grass over a width of 98 cm at a speed of 2800 revolutions per minute, hence its high efficiency.

Thanks to its smaller size, this tractor can fit into tight spaces. Its large tires ensure a good steering, while promising the stability of the machine and the comfort of the driver. The Alpina AT3 98 A tractor is not afraid of frequent use and its one-piece frame also makes it more resistant to shocks. Manufacturer warranty: 2 years.

Oleo Mac OM 106 KH High Dump 3

Best high end

Oleo Mac OM 106 KH High Dump

Best premium mower tractor

The OM 106 KH High Dump tractor mower is characterized by its robustness and numerous ergonomic features. It also ensures maximum productivity and can last for more than 15 years.

7 265 £ on Manomano

The Oleo Mac OM 106 KH High Dump tractor is equipped with a 708 cc twin-cylinder engine developing 24 hp. It is suitable for large lawns of up to 7500 m2 and cuts the grass 102 cm wide. The grass clippings are then ejected from the rear into a large 400-liter grassbox, but if you prefer the mulching system, you can activate it by pulling the "change-over" lever at your fingertips. Once the bin is full, the dashboard emits an audible signal. You can then lift it up and empty it effortlessly by pressing a button near the steering wheel. We also like the differential lock that prevents the wheels from spinning on slippery ground.

In addition to its wide range of ergonomics, the OM 106 KH High Dump tractor is extremely robust. It benefits from a 3-year manufacturer's warranty and the manufacturer ensures the availability of spare parts for 12 years.


Free choice


Editor's choice

The Al-Ko T20-102 HDP tractor mower can be used in large areas and ensures the comfort of its operator. Its speed and mulching function also save time.

4 782 £ on Amazon

The AL KO Powerline T 20-102 HDE tractor mower is a professional machine with a twin-cylinder 7200 V engine. It promises a maximum output with its 2900 cuts per minute on a surface of 6000 m². Its two blades cut grass 102 cm wide while the mowing height is adjustable in 6 positions, from 30 to 90 mm. To manage the grass clippings, you can choose between the mulching function or the collection in a large 300-liter container. Emptying the hopper is effortless, as you simply control it from the dashboard from your seat.

The robust AL KO Powerline T 20-102 HDE tractor mower will last for many years despite frequent use.

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Comparison table of the best lawn tractors

Alpina ST 450 - AT4 98 A 5
Oleo Mac OM 106 KH High Dump 7
Alpina ST 450 - AT4 98 A
Oleo Mac OM 106 KH High Dump
The AT4 98 A tractor mower, a sturdy and comfortable model, offers a more affordable way to effectively treat your lawn.
Small but sturdy, the Alpina AT3 98 A tractor can mow a 2800 square meter lawn at a decent speed. It offers a 98cm cutting deck as well as ergonomic features.
The OM 106 KH High Dump tractor mower is characterized by its robustness and numerous ergonomic features. It also ensures maximum productivity and can last for more than 15 years.
The Al-Ko T20-102 HDP tractor mower can be used in large areas and ensures the comfort of its operator. Its speed and mulching function also save time.



708/ 17.89/ over 3000 rpm (not specified)


Mowing area

,500 m²


,800 m²

7,500 m²

,000 m²

Cutting width




102 cm


Cutting height

to 80 mm


to 80 mm

Up to 120 mm

to 90 mm

Sump capacity




Side discharge

400 liters


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How to choose your mower tractor

To properly evaluate the performance and sturdiness of a lawn tractor, a few basic criteria make a significant difference from one model to another.

#1 - Engine power

The engine and the crankcase are the first criteria to check. The engine generally runs on gasoline or diesel, and develops a power between 10 and 20 hp depending on the model. It is up to you to adapt the engine's power to the size of the lawn:

  • 10 to 12 hp for a lawn of 1500 to 3000 m2
  • 13 to 15 HP for a surface of 3000 to 5000 m2
  • 20 HP for more than 5000 m².

#2 - The housing


possible, opt for a pressed steel housing. It is more resistant to mechanical shocks and cleaning is limited to a jet of water after mowing.

#3 - Width and height of cut


right cutting width is 60 to 75 cm for an area up to 1500 m², between 75 and 100 cm for 1500 to 3000 m², and more than 100 cm beyond 3000 m²


As for the cutting height, it depends on your personal taste. Check if the height levels proposed by your future tractor are in accordance with your needs: 8 to 30 mm, 30 to 90 mm, etc.

#4 - Type of wheels


type of wheels on a tractor mower affects your comfort but also the turf. Basically, larger wheels reduce vibration and also leave less of a mark on the turf. Prefer tires mounted on ball bearings because they last longer.

#5 - Side discharge or grass catcher?

Depending on

the model, mowing clippings can be ejected from the side of the tractor or from the rear. Ejecting without a collection box (or bag) saves time because you don't have to empty the box every time it fills up. However, the lawn will look uglier with the waste left on top. We recommend the ejector without a collection system only for tall grass that fills the bin in record time.

Tractors that can be fitted with a collection box, unless they already have one, eject the waste from the rear. The grass clippings are collected in the bin and discharged either manually or with the help of an emptying option. The latter is more convenient because you only need to push a button instead of carrying and then tipping a heavy bin.

#6 - Mulching option

Mulching is highly recommended because it allows the tractor mower to mulch the clippings before ejecting them from the side or rear. The grass catcher is no longer needed, as the fine green clippings scattered on the lawn will serve as a protective mulch and then as fertilizer. Mulching also protects the discharge hose from clogging with coarse grass clippings.

It should be noted, however, that it is not advisable to run a tractor mower equipped with Mulching on tall grass. To avoid this, you should mow your lawn once or twice a week. Also, be sure to check the condition of your deck after each mowing and do not operate your tractor mower on wet grass.

#7 - The transmission


tractor mower can have two types of transmission: manual and hydrostatic (or automatic


The manual transmission is inconvenient, requiring you to stop the tractor and then disengage the clutch if you want to change gears. The hydrostatic transmission, on the other hand, is done instantly by pressing a foot pedal or a button on the steering wheel. This makes shifting gears and reversing a smooth process. The automatic system gives you more comfort, and is even more beneficial on a lawn with rocks or other obstacles.

#8 - Ergonomics


lightweight, compact, easy-to-handle tractor will be more comfortable to operate. To be comfortable while driving, look for models with height-adjustable seats and handlebars. Also, check to see if the instrument panel is easily accessible from your seat.

Finally, tractors with a grass guide or edger function look better because they can mow close to walls or curbs. You won't have to use an electric scarifier because the plants are pulled back towards the blade.

The different types of lawn tractors

Not to be confused with the ride-on mower, the lawn tractor is a real micro-tractor designed to mow the lawn or even cut the brush. There are several variants, differentiated by engine power and other operating modes.

The tractor mower with an internal combustion engine

The combustion engine runs on gasoline or diesel. It does not require electric wires or batteries, allowing greater freedom of movement and autonomy. However, it is noisier and more polluting than other models, hence the fierce competition of the electric motor on the market.

The electric lawn tractor


model, the most common on the market, operates on electric power. It can be corded or cordless, but the corded tractor is becoming less and less popular in favor of the cordless. The latter allows unlimited movement because the power cable is replaced by a lithium battery.

The hybrid mower tractor

Hybrid tractor mowers work with two power modes. The combustion engine can be combined with an electric generator, or the engine is electric but combined with a photovoltaic power supply. This type of model is not yet launched on the market and only prototypes exist.

The automatic lawnmower tractor


automatic lawnmower, the high-tech of gardening, doesn't even require your presence behind the wheel. The computerized controls allow you to program the area to be mowed, the height of the mowing as well as all the necessary configurations.

An automatic lawn tractor is quieter than other models and has a long battery life. However, it takes longer to complete the work. It is also recommended to have a perfectly flat ground to obtain better results.

Lawnmower or garden tractor?

Lawnmower tractor

A tractor mower is a "tractor" version of a ride-on mower. Its powerful engine allows it to mow a lawn of more than 5000 m2 and to transport heavy gardening tools. It weighs less than a garden tractor and costs less, in principle.

Garden tractor

The garden tractor is very similar to a lawn tractor, but it weighs more and has a more powerful engine. It is a large multi-purpose lawn tractor because it can mow a large lawn of over 5000 m2, plough the garden, level the ground, clear snow from driveways, tow a collection bag of over 500 litres, etc. The garden tractor also costs more and is generally less agile than the lawn tractor.


The choice between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor depends on the size of your garden and the work to be done. If you simply want a machine to mow a large lawn of over 3500 m2, invest in a lawn tractor.

A garden tractor, on the other hand, is more suitable if you need a lawn tractor that can also be used for other jobs such as pulling heavy equipment, snow removal, grading driveways, etc.


Adapt mowing to the weather

Although tractor mowers are not affected by wet grass, avoid mowing during rainy seasons. It is also not advisable to mow in the early morning hours because the leaves still contain dew. This is because the moisture prevents uniformity of cut and your lawn will look ugly.

Aerate your lawn with a tractor mower


aerate a large lawn if you don't have an aerator roller, attach a fork to the back of your tractor. This will make even, vertical lines in your lawn to allow it to breathe.

Check the condition of your tractor's blades regularly

Inspect the

condition of the blades before mowing and make sure they are sharp. Otherwise, they will tear up clumps of grass instead of mowing them. The damaged areas will then yellow and leave gaps.

Winterizing your lawn tractor


winterizing your tractor, disconnect its battery. This will preserve the battery and the machine at the same time for 3 to 5 months of non-use. To compensate for battery self-discharge during this time, you can also use battery chargers.

A tractor mower is a lot like a car. It is important to maintain it regularly to keep it in good condition and improve its life.


What is the best lawn tractor?

The best tractor mower depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What are the leading brands of lawn tractors?

There are many brands that specialize in motorized vehicles for green spaces, but a few are at the top of the list. These include Kubota, Husqvana, Etesia, Mtd (owned by the same manufacturer as Massey Fergusson, Yardman, Jardipro, etc.), McCulloch, Grill, Cramer, Texas, Snapper, Honda, Al-Ko, Hustler, Orec, John Deere, Stiga, Alpina, Feider and Yamaha.

What is the difference between a tractor mower and a ride-on mower?

The mower tractor, generally used by professionals, is more powerful than the ride-on mower. It is a true small tractor that can pull plough blades, a large grassbox, a large snow shovel or other accessories. Suitable for lawns of more than 3000 m², the lawn mower tractor is more powerful and has a minimum displacement of 500 cm3 and a power of 16 hp.

How to remove the spark plug from a lawn tractor?

Wait until the engine has cooled down. Then choose a spark plug wrench suitable for the diameter of the spark plug (16 / 19 / 21) to unscrew it. Make sure you keep it in line so as not to damage the thread, then pull it out to remove the spark plug. Use the appropriate spark plug wrench to unscrew the spark plug.

How do I screw in the new spark plug?

Choose a spark plug that is compatible with the model of your lawn tractor and pour a drop of oil on the thread of the plug. Then position the spark plug in the axle and tighten it to the torque recommended by the manufacturer. Now all you have to do is gently push the spark plug onto the new spark plug to reposition it.


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Alpina ST 450 - AT4 98 A
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