The best rider riding mowers in the UK 2023

Having trouble finding the right tool to trim your lawn? Rider riding mowers are ideal for complex mowing. These mowers are versatile and efficient. Manual or automatic transmission, side discharge or mulching, they have been designed to make your life easier. In this guide, we'll show you the best rider mowers available today.

Stiga Combi 2072H 1

Best value for money

Stiga Combi 2072H

The best rider riding mower in 2021

The Stiga Combi 2072H has all the features to meet the needs of professional gardeners. It is handy, powerful and very practical to use.

1 882 £ on Manomano

The Stiga Combi 2072H is perfect for mowing a large lawn. It is equipped with a 413 cc single-cylinder engine; powerful enough to do the job properly. There is no need to shift gears, as it has a hydrostatic transmission that makes it easy to use. In addition, this machine will save you time thanks to its cutting width of 72 cm.

This rider mower has various functions such as collection and mulching. It also has a practical 170L grassbox capacity. The Stiga Combi 2072H is fuel efficient. With a weight of 162 kg, it is compact and this makes it easy to store.

MTD 76 RDE 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level rider riding mower

The MTD 76 RDE minirider is more suitable for homeowners than for professionals who maintain large areas of land. It is effective on small areas and is comfortable to use.

1 527 £ on Manomano

Light and fast, the MTD 76 RDE minirider is the ideal work companion for mowing yards up to 1500m2. To get the job done right, it has a 382 cc single-cylinder engine. While mowing, the operator does not have to worry about changing gears, allowing him to fully concentrate on the job at hand.

This machine allows for a precise result, as the user can adjust the cutting height in 5 different positions. In addition, you won't spend too much time mowing thanks to the 76 cm cutting width. Nevertheless, to provide you with maximum comfort, the manufacturer has equipped this machine with an adjustable seat and a clear platform for easy access.

Husqvarna RC318T 3

Best value for money

Husqvarna RC318T

The best high-end rider riding mower

The easy-to-handle Husqvarna RC318 riding mower features an innovative design. Its advantage? An incredible collection capacity that makes the job much easier.

5 999 £ on Amazon

The Husqvarna RC318T riding mower is ideal for maintaining large gardens. It delivers 17.1 horsepower from its 656cc twin-cylinder engine. It also has a large cutting width of up to 112 cm. This saves a lot of time during mowing.

Practical, this machine integrates an innovative collection system. An automatic compacting system considerably reduces the frequency of stops caused by emptying the bin. In terms of ergonomics, the driver's comfort is ensured by a high-back seat. Finally, thanks to the 90° tilting position, cleaning the cutting deck is easy and does not require any special tools.

Wolf A80H 4


Wolf A80H

A powerful, rugged alternative

The Wolf A80H ride-on mower is the ideal combination of efficiency, power and robustness. This makes it a safe bet for both private and professional users.

3 999 £ on Manomano

There is nothing better than the Wolf A80H riding mower for mowing large lawns that can exceed 1500m2. For this purpose, this machine includes a 389 cc Honda engine delivering 13 HP. It suggests a cutting width of 80 cm, which is more than enough to allow the user to spend as little time as possible on the ground.

This mower is not complicated to use as all the controls are easily accessible. It has a 12 L tank and offers 5 hours of autonomy. As for collection, it has a 240 L capacity canvas bin. This means you won't have to make many stops to empty the bin.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best rider riding mower

Any specific needs?

The best rider riding mower in 2021

The best entry-level rider riding mower

The best high-end rider riding mower

A powerful, rugged alternative

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Comparison table of the best rider riding mowers

Top Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Stiga Combi 2072H 5
MTD 76 RDE 6
Husqvarna RC318T 7
Wolf A80H 8
Stiga Combi 2072H
Husqvarna RC318T
Wolf A80H
The Stiga Combi 2072H has all the features to meet the needs of professional gardeners. It is handy, powerful and very practical to use.
The MTD 76 RDE minirider is more suitable for homeowners than for professionals who maintain large areas of land. It is effective on small areas and is comfortable to use.
The easy-to-handle Husqvarna RC318 riding mower features an innovative design. Its advantage? An incredible collection capacity that makes the job much easier.
The Wolf A80H ride-on mower is the ideal combination of efficiency, power and robustness. This makes it a safe bet for both private and professional users.
7.1 kW @ 2800 rpm
7.8 kW at 2,800 min-1
12.6 Kw - 17.1 Hp
13 HP
Cutting width
72 cm
76 cm
103 cm or 112 cm
80 cm
Cutting system
Removal, mulching
Side discharge, Mulshing (optional)
Mulshing, rear discharge
Cutting height adjustment
7 positions - from 30 to 780 mm
5 positions - from 38 to 95 mm
7 positions - from 25 to 75 mm
5 positions - from 40 to 102 mm

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Buying guide - rider riding mower

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How to choose your rider riding mower

A rider mower is both a powerful and versatile machine, provided you have carefully analyzed the various criteria for choosing one. Indeed, many elements must be taken into account in order to find the right mower for your area and type of lawn.

#1 - Type of terrain

If your garden is strewn with obstacles, it's a good idea to choose a machine that offers excellent maneuverability. A model with a pivoting front axle will allow the user to easily avoid obstacles. If the terrain has a slope of more than 30%, the mower should not be used. On the other hand, for slopes of less than 30%, a rider as a riding mower is ideal.

#2 - Engine size

In general, this type of machine is equipped with a gasoline-powered engine. An electric starter ensures the launch when starting. The choice of engine power depends on several parameters, including the area to be mowed and the cutting width. For example, if the surface area is 1500 m2 and the cutting width is 60 to 90 cm, a power of 6 to 10 HP is required.

#3 - Width of cut

This is an important criterion insofar as it has an impact on the duration of the mowing, but also on the consumption of gas. For areas less than 1500m2, the machine must have a cutting width of 60 to 76 cm. For areas under 3000m2, the cutting width will be 76 to 92 cm. And for surfaces less than 5000m2, the cutting width should be 92 to 112 cm.

#4 - Collection system

For a good distribution of waste, the ejection system is recommended if the surface to be mowed is important. This saves you time, as no interruption is necessary in order to empty the bin. If the area is smaller, a collection box can be practical. There is also the mulching technique, which consists of finely shredding the grass and depositing it back on the ground to feed the lawn.

#5 - Ergonomics

Since mowing a lawn can take time depending on the area to be treated, it is best to pay attention to the ergonomics of the machine. Your seat should be adjustable to give you the most comfort possible. Don't forget to choose an ergonomic steering wheel to control the machine easily! Also, take a look at the access step for getting on and off.

What is a rider mower?

If we were to define in a simple way what a rider mower is, we can say that it is a small machine resembling a tractor that can mow large lawns without too much difficulty.

This machine consists of a frame placed on the wheels, a seat for the user and a steering wheel to steer the machine in the desired direction. It has a gasoline-powered engine with an air-cooling system. The user can choose from a variety of speeds and the transmission can be either mechanical or hydrostatic.

The latter is currently the most popular, as it makes the driving experience much easier. The mechanical transmission forces the driver to stop when changing gears. In order to cut the grass properly, this type of machine can have 2 or 3 disengageable blades.

How does a rider mower work?

A rider mower can be equipped with a variety of grass cutting systems, including side discharge, rear discharge and mulching systems. Many of these machines have a grassbox, the capacity of which can vary from one model to another. In addition, they can be equipped with multiple accessories such as snow blades, lawn sweepers or a trailer. You may wonder how a rider mower works.

To start the engine, an electric starter is used. As soon as the engine is started, the sharpened blade rotates very quickly to cut the grass perfectly.

The vast majority of riding mowers are based on the use of a belly blade. These machines are capable of making clean cuts. Depending on the model, they can have an autonomy of nearly 5 hours or more. Fuel consumption varies depending on the engine power.

The different types of rider riding mowers

Ride-on mowers come in 2 types, riders and miniriders. Each of these machines has its strong and weak points.

The riders

One of the main advantages of riders is that they are more suitable for mowing large areas. In fact, compared to miniriders, these machines have a larger cutting width. Thus, the user will not have to spend too much time to mow. In general, the riders also have a powerful engine.

Despite their many strengths, riders do have some drawbacks. In terms of maneuverability, they don't offer the same efficiency as miniriders when it comes to mowing precisely in the smallest corners of the garden. Finally, because of their larger size than miniriders, they need more space for storage.

The miniriders

Compact, miniriders are the right machines for efficiently mowing small yards. These models have the advantage of being easy to maneuver because they are lighter. They can easily reach every corner of the garden. In addition, because of their small size they can be stored more easily than riders. In general, they do not consume much fuel since they are small.

The big disadvantage of miniriders is that they have a limited cutting width. This means that the user will have to spend more time mowing if the area to be treated is larger. Compared to riders, miniriders have less powerful engines. Lastly, this type of ride-on mower does not offer the same versatility as riders, especially in terms of use.

Ride-on mower or tractor mower?

Riding mower rider

The rider mower offers more maneuverability. It also takes up less space because of its smaller size. It's easier to store because it doesn't take up much space. Its fuel consumption is also limited due to a lower engine. Finally, it makes less noise when it's running.

Despite its many advantages, the rider mower does have a few minor drawbacks. Starting with the fact that its range is rather limited. It is not really suitable for lawns that are established over very large areas. There is also the question of autonomy, which is logically inferior to what a tractor mower can offer.

Lawnmower tractor

Tractor-mowers are more powerful machines and have a power of at least 16 hp. This means that they can tackle areas of between 3000 and 6000m2 without any problems. They are capable of cutting up to 140 cm in diameter. In addition, they can be equipped with various heavy accessories such as plough blades without any problems.

Because of their resemblance to tractors, tractor mowers are much larger than riding mowers. As a result, they take up more space than rider mowers. And the more powerful a machine is, the more fuel it consumes. The noise caused by its operation is also higher, so beware of noise pollution!


Whether it's the rider mower or the tractor mower, both machines can mow your lawn efficiently and accurately. However, if you want to maintain a lawn of about 1500m2, the rider mower will give you full satisfaction, as it is more maneuverable and lighter. With it, you will easily avoid obstacles and you can easily slip between 2 shrubs for example.

The tractor mower is more suitable for professional use and especially for mowing larger areas.

Why buy a rider mower?

Mowing without any special effort

With a rider mower, there's no need to push. You just sit on the seat and drive. The machine does most of the work! There's no better way to maintain large areas of land. This type of machine allows you to work faster and saves you a lot of time. All this without the user expending too much energy.

For its maneuverability

A rider mower stands out for its extreme maneuverability. There are models with a turning radius of almost zero. In other words, this motorized machine is capable of turning on the spot. Therefore, it offers the possibility of a very precise mowing. Front-mounted riding mowers are ideal for rough gardens, as they offer more precision.

For ease of use

Most riding mower models are equipped with a hydrostatic pedal transmission. To put it simply, the user doesn't have to shift gears at all, as it's done automatically. The "driver" only has to operate the steering wheel and focus all his attention on mowing. As you can see, there's nothing complicated about it!

For its versatility

One of the reasons why a homeowner would purchase a riding lawnmower is the versatility it provides. Indeed, many of these devices are compatible with several accessories. In this way, they can be used for other gardening tasks. In addition to mowing, the user can also use the roller or spread fertilizer. And when winter comes, the user has the possibility to equip the machine with snow blades.

For the safety it offers

The rider mower offers the highest level of safety in operation. As soon as the user leaves the seat, the machine shuts down immediately. Both the engine and the blade are switched off, thus avoiding any risk of an accident that could cause serious damage. However, you should always make sure to keep your children away from the mowing area.

The best brands of rider riding mowers

In our opinion, the best brands of rider riding mowers in 2022 are :

Wolf Garten

This Swedish brand was founded in 1689. It is known worldwide for the manufacture of motorized equipment for outdoor use, such as garden tractors and lawn mowers. Husqvarna is undoubtedly one of the world's leading manufacturers of cutting equipment. Many users from all over the world praise the quality and reliability of its products.

The Wolf Garten brand is no longer to be presented in the old continent. It designs various tools intended for gardening work. This German brand is renowned for manufacturing products of exceptional quality. For everything that concerns assembly, it works with another giant of the sector, MTD. This partly explains the growing success of the brand.

The Modern Tool & Die Company or MTD is based in Cleveland and is one of the references in the riding lawn mower sector. It stands out for its willingness to always offer quality machines to its customers. It is therefore normal that its machines are at the cutting edge of technology.

Created in Sweden, the Stiga brand was born in 1934. Its main objective is to provide users with the best equipment available to allow them to fully enjoy their garden. With 80 years of experience, the brand has become a true reference in garden tools, but also in lawn mowers.

Based in Wisconsin and Milwaukee, the McCulloch brand was founded in 1943 by Robert Paxton McCulloch. In its early days, it initially focused on power equipment, but it didn't take long for it to build its reputation in the design of appliances dedicated to gardening and especially mowers. Over time, the brand has evolved its models to become known for their reliability, power and accessibility.

What is the price for a rider riding mower

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

1000 £ to 2000 £
2000 £ to 5000 £
more than 5000 £
Price range diagram



It is very important to choose a mower that can offer maximum comfort to the operator. To do this, you need to clean and maintain your machine regularly. In addition, you will extend the life of the machine. One of the important things to check is the condition of the blades.

Continuously check the oil

If you are using a rider mower, it is essential to always check the oil level as the oil pan capacity is limited. Don't make the mistake of adding too much oil, as this will cause air bubbles to form and the lubrication will no longer be effective. Also, there is a risk that the excess oil will burn causing smoke.

Survey the mower when it's not in use

When your mower is at rest, it is recommended to raise it for two reasons. The first reason is that it will make its maintenance much easier and secondly you will relieve the wheels that have to support the weight of the machine. This is the best way to ensure that your machine has a long life.

Be sure to consider the options available to you

A riding mower can be a very versatile machine. Apart from mowing the lawn, it can help you perform other gardening-related activities because of its compatibility with many other accessories. So, it is wise to carefully analyze the options that are offered by the manufacturer. This will make your task much easier!

Never leave the mower within the reach of a minor

A lawn mower is a machine to be handled with great care, as its use is not without risk due to the presence of blades. To this end, you should never leave the mower within the reach of children or teenagers, since they may be intrigued not only by its noise, but also by its operation.


How do I choose a rider riding mower?

In order to choose a riding lawnmower, you need to take into account several criteria, such as the engine, the cutting width, the comfort and the characteristics of the land to be mowed. It is also important to choose the best brands, since the purchase of this type of machine represents a considerable investment. The reliability and sturdiness of the mower will guarantee it a long life.

How do I maintain a rider riding mower?

The maintenance of a ride-on mower involves cleaning the deck as well as the cutting tools. For the former, it is essential to lift the machine using a mower lift. Using a garden hose, remove grass clippings with a jet of water. After some time of use, also remember to maintain the blades by sharpening them properly. All that's left to do is clean the grass catcher!"

What type of transmission should I use for my rider riding mower?

For a riding mower rider, we can talk about 2 types of transmission namely mechanical transmission and hydrostatic transmission. Most of the machines available on the market prefer the hydrostatic transmission. Why? Simply because it provides a smoother and easier ride. If you think you won't need your mower for a while, it's a good idea to take a few precautions. The first is tostore the machine in a suitable place, such as a garage. The second thing to do is to completely remove the fuel to avoid any risk of accident. And finally, don't forget to remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the battery!

What precautions should I take when the mower is not being used?


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Stiga Combi 2072H
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