The best robotic mowers in the UK 2023

If you find lawn care with traditional mowers tedious, when you have to provide gas and collect the grass, make your life easier by purchasing a robotic mower. As its name suggests, this autonomous device will take care of the mowing chore for you, leaving you time to do other things. Design, power, autonomy, quality of cut are some of the criteria to consider when choosing. To avoid regretting your purchase, read this guide.

Worx Landroid WR141E 1

Best value for money

Worx Landroid WR141E

The best robot lawnmower in 2021

Autonomous, intuitive and programmable according to your needs and expected results, the Worx Landroid WR141E connected robotic mower ensures a quick, intelligent and neat mowing of your land.

519 £ on Amazon
Yard Force SA650ECO 2

Best value for money

Yard Force SA650ECO

The best entry-level robot lawnmower

Ideal for gardens up to 650 square meters, the Yard Force SA650ECO robotic lawnmower ensures a healthy lawn all year round. A bargain at this price.

359 £ on Amazon
Bosch Indego S+ 350 connected robot mower 3

Best value for money

Bosch Indego S+ 350 connected robot mower

The best high-end robot lawnmower

Both autonomous and intelligent, the Bosch Indego S+ 350 will help you have a beautiful lawn trimmed to the millimeter. As long as your garden does not exceed 350 m², this robot mower will work wonders.

671 £ on Amazon

With its Indego S+ 350 robotic mower, Bosch once again proves that it is a cador in the highly competitive sector of connected equipment for garden maintenance. Once its lithium-ion battery is recharged, the Indego S+ 350 is ready to mow and nothing can get in its way. Its sensor allows it to avoid obstacles.

The Bosch Indego S+ 350 has one of the most intelligent navigation features ever designed. Called LogiCut, this ingenious system calculates the perfect mowing route before telling the robot exactly where to mow. Because the mowing paths are different every time it goes out, this connected mower leaves no trace except for a beautiful, vibrant lawn.

This robot mower cannot be called smart if it cannot be managed remotely via an app. There's no need to collect the grass, as the 3-blade mulching system spreads the freshly cut greenery over the ground to fertilize it.

Landxcape LX790i 4

A great choice

Landxcape LX790i

A great alternative

The Landxcape LX79oi is wrongly classified as a mid-range robotic mower because of its price. If you're looking for a powerful and intuitive machine that can mow a 600 square meter lawn, buy it without hesitation.

527 £ on Amazon

Smart is the word that best describes this Landxcape LX79oi robotic mower. Indeed, this mowing machine can do almost everything, starting with perfecting the cut of your lawn. For this, you can count on its 18 cm wide cutting deck and its 3-blade mulching system.

This robot mower is equipped with AIA or Artificial Intelligence Algorithm mowing technology. It allows it to pass through the tightest spots in the garden, but also to climb slopes of up to 35%. With the W-LAN, the user will have total control over this robot mower.

When its battery runs out, the robot will automatically return to its charging station. As soon as it has regained its strength, it will continue its work exactly where it left off. It will do the same when it starts to rain. Once the lawn is dry, it immediately starts mowing again!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best mowing robot

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The best robot lawnmower in 2021

The best entry-level robot lawnmower

The best high-end robot lawnmower

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best robotic mowers

Worx Landroid WR141E 5
Yard Force SA650ECO 6
Bosch Indego S+ 350 connected robot mower 7
Landxcape LX790i 8
Worx Landroid WR141E
Yard Force SA650ECO
Bosch Indego S+ 350 connected robot mower
Landxcape LX790i
Autonomous, intuitive and programmable according to your needs and expected results, the Worx Landroid WR141E connected robotic mower ensures a quick, intelligent and neat mowing of your land.
Ideal for gardens up to 650 square meters, the Yard Force SA650ECO robotic lawnmower ensures a healthy lawn all year round. A bargain at this price.
Both autonomous and intelligent, the Bosch Indego S+ 350 will help you have a beautiful lawn trimmed to the millimeter. As long as your garden does not exceed 350 m², this robot mower will work wonders.
The Landxcape LX79oi is wrongly classified as a mid-range robotic mower because of its price. If you're looking for a powerful and intuitive machine that can mow a 600 square meter lawn, buy it without hesitation.
60 min
60 min
45 min
80 min
Mowing area
500 m²
650 m²
350 m²
600 m²
55.8 x 40.4 x 20.5 cm
57 x 39 x 26 cm
44 x 36 x 22.2 cm
54 x 40.5 x 23.5 cm
8.5 kg
8.5 kg
7,6 kg
16 kg
Charging time
80 min
60 min
45 min
70 min

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Buying guide - mowing robot

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How to choose your mowing robot

Here are the basic criteria to take into account when choosing a robotic lawnmower.

#1 - Terrain characteristics

Each robotic mower has a maximum mowing capacity, which should not be exceeded. It is important that the robot mower is able to cover more than the area of your garden. The robot should cover at least 20% more area for effective use. It should also be able to handle slopes.

#2 - Number of sensors

The number of sensors is one of the key elements for a good use of your robot mower. Indeed, the more sensors you have, the more your machine will have the ability to handle a multitude of situations (rollover, obstacle avoidance, slope, rain, etc.). Also check the available functions such as spot cutting, mulching...

#3 - Task scheduling

The programming option of your robotic mower is one of the essential features if you want the device to operate automatically at a specific time or date. If you opt for a connected mower, consider the settings that meet your needs, such as remote access from a smartphone. It can also show you its location in real time on your phone depending on the features of the dedicated app.

#4 - Cutting



for the model that will be able to perform mowing with several different cuts. This programming option is useful for perfectionists. The cut depends on the blades that the device has and their rotation speed. The higher the speed of rotation, the finer and more efficient the mowing.

#5 - Multi-zone capability

If you are using your robotic mower in a multi-zone environment, the multi-zone capability is certainly a benchmark. Most multi-zone lawn mowers can operate up to four different zones without going wrong. Prefer a model that works well on hard-to-reach areas, such as under the garden room.

How do I maintain a robotic lawnmower?

Robotic mowers don't require much maintenance, as they don't need to be emptied and gardens don't need to be cleaned up after them. They usually have a mulching function that turns the mowed lawn into a natural fertilizer for the soil. However, most manufacturers tend to recommend replacing the blades once a year, so you can get the most out of your robotic mower.

Robotic mowers are electric, which means that no oil, gasoline or spark plugs need to be replaced. In the end, this type of device only requires 30 minutes of maintenance per month, unlike traditional mowers that require more frequent maintenance.

A word of advice

While maintenance is fairly easy, repair is another story: since the robotic mower works with recent technology, you will have some difficulty finding a technician who can help you out. Not all technicians are familiar with the advanced technology used in the design of these devices, which makes them more difficult to repair. If you do find someone who can repair your robotic mower, be prepared to pay a lot more than you would for a regular lawn mower to service this sophisticated device.

The different types of robotic mowers

Robotic mowers mainly come in two types: unwired and wired. There is also the connected type of robotic mower.

The cordless robot mower

This is the most basic model of robotic mower. Just turn it on and it's done. No assembly, no additional installation, the robot mower will do the job by itself. You won't need to install a perimeter wire to delineate the mowing areas.

This type of robot mower is suitable for people who have a fairly small budget and a fairly small area to treat. Since the area is quite small, the mowing time will be shorter and it will be very easy to monitor the work.

The corded robot mower

Wired robotic mowers require the installation of a system consisting of perimeter cables to tell them what area to mow. This cable usually needs to be installed flush with the lawn or buried.

This type of robotic mower is suitable for people with large areas to work on. Programmable, it can be slow, but it is capable of working much longer and without the need for supervision.

The connected robot mower


robotic lawnmowers are "connected", meaning that they can be controlled remotely, either over a short distance via Bluetooth, or over a medium distance via Wi-Fi, and finally over a long distance via the Internet. In the last case, the mobile connection or a gateway on an existing router is used.

This type of device is useful for people who have to carry out a particular activity every day: work, cooking, etc., and for those who have to go away. They will be able to concentrate on their tasks while the robot is running and cutting the grass on their lawn.

Robot mower or Electric mower

Lawnmower robot

The robotic mower works great on sloping ground. Its connected function really makes your job easier! This type of device is suitable for large gardens. Unfortunately, it may have difficulty operating against an obstacle. Therefore, it is important to remove your child's toys from the lawn in advance and remove any obstructions to the free movement of the machine.

Electric mower

To save time, the electric mower is a better ally. It doesn't require an air filter or oil change, let alone fuel additives. However, it is less powerful than a robotic mower, which makes it ideal for small to medium-sized spaces.


A robotic lawnmower is only necessary if you have a very large garden, i.e. if you need to mow more than 500m2 of lawn. If your wallet allows it, don't hesitate to get one. On the other hand, if you have a small or medium-sized garden, an electric mower is recommended.

Why buy a robotic lawnmower?

For its autonomy

A robotic lawnmower doesn't need you to stay behind all the time. Equipped with a powerful electric motor, you can program it in advance to maintain your lawn. Since it's self-contained, you can do other tasks by letting it work. It makes your daily life easier and helps you optimize your time.

For its efficiency

Unlike a traditional lawnmower, the robot mower allows you to get a perfect cut. Moreover, it can be equipped with the mulching system which consists in using the cut grass to feed the lawn. As a result, your lawn is more beautiful than ever! Very ecological, this little robot is a good example of the zero waste concept. You won't have to empty baskets after mowing.

For its sound comfort

A robotic lawnmower does not emit deafening noises when it is in full operation. In fact, it produces a sound that is rated at around 65 dB. So you can use it without worrying about disturbing the neighborhood during its usual nap. You can even use it at night.

For its technologies

At any time, you have the ability to remotely control your robot mower. You just need to take out your smartphone and make your various settings. With the help of the GPS system, you can mark out a precise area to mow. And if it ever gets stuck in a hole or between two branches, it will not fail to signal you via a sound signal that you will hear on your smartphone. If you're not at ease, you can always use the remote control that comes with your device.

For its ease of maintenance

A robotic lawnmower does not require any particular maintenance. All you have to do is check the condition of the blades and replace them if they wear out. This way, you don't have to waste time tinkering with it like you would with a traditional lawnmower.

The best brands of robotic mowers

In our opinion, the best brands of robotic mowers in 2022 are :

Yard Force

This German brand, founded in 1961, is respected worldwide for its products and intelligent systems for garden maintenance. It is now part of the Husqvarna group. Their products cost between 800 and 2000 euros.

It is a French brand specialized in garden tools. Quality, reliability, longevity and safety are the values that guide the production of each of their products.

This Swedish brand is known for the quality of its products, although they are not the cheapest. The brand has seven robot mowers to its credit that are particularly excellent for sloping grounds. Their prices vary from 1000 euros (for the 105X robot mower) to almost 4000 euros (for the 450X which can mow a lawn up to 5000 m²).

The best manufacturer of gas-powered gardening tools is certainly Yard Force. The latter is recognized internationally. It offers solutions that fully meet your needs. It designs very innovative electric, thermal and cordless gardening equipment.

One of the important brands of gardening tools and household appliances, Bosch is known worldwide as a manufacturer of very good quality products, robust and practical devices. You can fully trust this German multinational.

What is the price for a mowing robot

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

400 £ to 800 £
800 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Take a few safety precautions

Before you take out your robotic mower, make sure your children are not playing in the yard and that your pets are securely locked up. Also, remember to clear your garden of any objects (hose, toys, rocks) that could be damaged or that could damage the machine.

Avoid mowing your lawn too short

It is strongly recommended not to mow your lawn too short to avoid yellowing of the grass, the appearance of weeds, but also the development of diseases. Also, note that it is better to mow regularly than to mow too much at once.

Never mow a wet lawn

If your lawn has just been watered or wet by rain, wait until it is quite dry before starting your robot mower. If your lawn has just been watered or wet by rain, wait until it is completely dry before turning on your robot mower. Wet grass is more difficult to cut and may damage your machine and its blades.

Let your robotic mower recharge

A robot mower is designed to automatically go to its charging station when it is unloaded. So if this happens, let it charge peacefully and don't try to remove it from its charger under the guise of finishing mowing. Otherwise, you'll shorten its battery life.

Store the unit properly

When you're not using your robotic mower, you should store it in a place that's protected from light and moisture. Ideally, this would be in a garage or garden shed. To keep it dust-free, you can cover it with a cover or hang it on a wall-mounted robot holder.


Can I still create stripes in the lawn with a robotic mower?

Not for most robotic lawn mowers. The stripes are created by the rollers on the back of the mowers. Robotic mowers do not have rollers and do not cut in parallel lines. Most robotic mowersmow in a random fashion, meaning they start in a straight line and when they turn (due to the edge of the lawn or an obstacle), they start again in a random direction.

How often does a robotic mower mow?

Thetrick to a great lawn is to mow "little and often." The recommendation is to never cut more than a third of the grass blade at one time. A robotic mower will normally be programmedto cut every day to ensure that the grass stays at a consistent height even when it is growing rapidly (it can grow up to 3-5 cm per week).

What does a robotic mower do with the grass clippings?

As robotic mowerscut little and often, you don't need to collect the clippings (mulch), in fact mulching is a great way to return nutrients to the soil. You will need about 25% less fertilizer by mulching with grass clippings.

How can I make sure a robotic mower doesn't mow flowers?

Most robotic mowers require a perimeter wire that is laid around the edge of the lawn. An electrical pulse (very low voltage) is sent along the wire and when the robotic mower reaches the wire, it turns away (as if it had encountered an obstacle). In case of a power failure, the mower stops so that there is no danger to your flowers.


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Worx Landroid WR141E 9
Worx Landroid WR141E
Yard Force SA650ECO 10
Yard Force SA650ECO
Bosch Indego S+ 350 connected robot mower 11
Bosch Indego S+ 350 connected robot mower
Landxcape LX790i 12
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