The best pole pruners in the UK 2023

The pole pruner is a very practical tool for cutting branches that could break a window or interfere with a vehicle or electrical wire. It is also used to give a better appearance to trees in the driveway and garden. Find your pole pruner among the models offered in our comparison.

Ryobi RPP755E 1

Best value for money

Ryobi RPP755E

The best pruning pole in 2021

Handy and efficient, the Ryobi RPP755E is the best pruner on the market today. Its sharp chains do not require sharpening.

83,20 £ on Amazon

The Ryobi RPP755E pole pruner tops our list for this year. The Japanese brand's manufacturing quality and know-how greatly influenced our choice. With a decent weight, the machine remains very maneuverable regardless of the height of the pole. As for all the devices of the same kind, plan to use it for a short time.

For a long term use, plan at least 2 chains. And there's no need to buy Ryobi oil, which by the way is expensive. Regular chainsaw chain oil is more than sufficient. This pruner is used for trimming laurel trees and other rose bushes, but also for cutting dead branches from fruit trees.

Einhell GC-EC 750 T 2

Best value for money

Einhell GC-EC 750 T

The best entry-level pruning pole

If you don't prune your branches frequently, the Einhell GC-EC 750 T should suffice. Light and handy, it is one of the cheapest on the market.

64,80 £ on Amazon

The chain and bar are Oregon quality. The oil automatically lubricates the chain, making it last longer. A handle allows for easy handling of the pole. The cable has an anti-snagging system. For occasional use on small branches, the Einhell GC-EC 750 T will do the trick.

The chain and guide bar are Oregon quality. The oil ensures that the chain is automatically lubricated, making it last longer. A grip handle makes it easy to handle the pole. The cable has an anti-snagging system. For occasional use on small branches, the Einhell GC-EC 750 T will do the trick.

Bosch Universal ChainPole 18 3

A great choice

Bosch Universal ChainPole 18

A great value for the money

For small pruning jobs, the Bosch Universal ChainPole 18 should be sufficient. However, this cordless pruner is sold without a battery or charger.

77,60 £ on Amazon

From the Universal series, this Bosch pruner is cordless. Please note, however, that neither the battery nor the charger are included with the unit. You will need an 18 V-2.5 Ah model from the Bosch Universal series. This pole pruner is best used in an upright position and has a cutting length of 15 cm.

Handling is quite simple. The weight is mainly concentrated on the pruner. Battery life varies depending on the battery used and what you are cutting. But the Bosch Universal ChainPole 18 can work for a good half hour. And if there is any play on the pole, don't hesitate to correct with sealing tape.

Black + Decker GPC1820LB 4

Very good choice

Black + Decker GPC1820LB

The most practical

A must-have brand in the world of gardening, Black + Decker delivers a very well-made pruning pole. Attention, the battery is sold separately.

84 £ on Amazon

Its aluminum pole extends to 2.92 m. This makes it possible to reach branches up to 4.5 m from the ground. The cutting surface reaches 17 cm. With its 18 V battery, it cuts more than 80 branches of 5 cm, but the speed decreases as the charge weakens. However, the battery is interchangeable with any 18 V model from the same manufacturer.

Weighing 3.5 kg with a handle equipped with a non-slip coating, this pruner is very easy to handle. The snap-on switch on the handle ensures safety during operation. In addition, the length of the telescopic handle can be adjusted as desired. In short, this is a quality tool, perfect for occasional use.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best pole pruner

Any specific needs?

The best pruning pole in 2021

The best entry-level pruning pole

A great value for the money

The most practical

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Comparison table of the best pole pruners

Ryobi RPP755E 5
Einhell GC-EC 750 T 6
Bosch Universal ChainPole 18 7
Black + Decker GPC1820LB 8
Ryobi RPP755E
Einhell GC-EC 750 T
Bosch Universal ChainPole 18
Black + Decker GPC1820LB
Handy and efficient, the Ryobi RPP755E is the best pruner on the market today. Its sharp chains do not require sharpening.
If you don't prune your branches frequently, the Einhell GC-EC 750 T should suffice. Light and handy, it is one of the cheapest on the market.
For small pruning jobs, the Bosch Universal ChainPole 18 should be sufficient. However, this cordless pruner is sold without a battery or charger.
A must-have brand in the world of gardening, Black + Decker delivers a very well-made pruning pole. Attention, the battery is sold separately.
Very maneuverable
Suitable for occasional use
Very good for small pruning
Great range
Do not use for long periods of time, as you may get tired
The system at the end of the guide prevents cutting large pieces. But it sometimes blocks the pole
Power drops off a little quickly

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Buying guide - pole pruner

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How to choose your pole pruner

When you want to prune or cut branches at height without taking risks, you turn to a pole pruner. Discover all the criteria for choosing this practical and ingenious tool, which means you won't have to climb a ladder or a tree!

#1 - The type of engines

The type of motor that powers a pole pruner determines its conditions of use.

  • On the one hand, we have the thermal pole pruners that run on gasoline. Its autonomy depends on the capacity of its tank and at the end of the equipment, there is only an angle gear with the blade.
  • On the other hand, there are the electric pole pruners that need to be placed in a sub-sector. They are not subject to the constraints of an autonomy, but the wires can become cumbersome.

#2 - Type of poles

After the motor, you will also have to choose the nature of the pole according to the height of the branches you need to reach.

  • A rigid pole is recommended for trees and branches whose height is below 3.20 m.
  • If the tree to be cut or pruned is higher than 3.20 m, it is preferable to invest in a telescopic pole pruner.

#3 - How it works

You don't have to bother with wires or a motorized system. If you are looking for a light and handy equipment, you can choose a manual pole pruner, recommended for regular garden maintenance. In the same vein, you can opt for cordless pruners, whether electric or thermal.

#4 - The blade

Even if you have the most powerful motor, the performance of your pole pruner depends mainly on the quality of the blade. As much as possible, you'll want to look to materials that are well-sharpened and don't rust easily. It is in this sense that we recommend hardened steel which is both robust, durable and efficient on wood.

#5 - Ergonomics

Finally, to make the use as ergonomic as possible, you should pay particular attention to the weight and the grip of the pole pruner. Under 4 kg, we can say that the device is quite light, but be aware that you will find models that will weigh much less for more comfort of use.

For the grip, look for the existence of an ergonomic handle where your fingers will have good support, because not only does it make you more comfortable, but it also helps you to be more precise when cutting.

How to use a pole pruner?

An indispensable device for the maintenance of trees and shrubs, the pole pruner allows you to cut branches from the ground. But for an optimal and safe use, you must follow some important rules. First, you must protect yourself by wearing protective clothing.

Once on the site, you must stand at least 40 cm away from the machine. When cutting the tree, it is strongly recommended that you use sharp blades to cut the branches cleanly. Before starting your work, you must make sure that there is enough gasoline.

For an electrical connection, the use of an extension cord may be necessary in order to be more comfortable with a longer cord. When using a pole pruner, there are a few things to do to be successful. First, put your right arm at your side and your left arm slightly bent. Keep a distance of 40 to 50 cm between your hands on the pole. Also, make sure that the pole is at a 45° to 60° angle to the ground.

It should be noted that if the tree has many branches, and the light is not getting through, this will not help the tree grow at all. So, in this case, you must make sure that the crown of the tree is well ventilated. Indeed, this will also reduce the wind load. You must cut off dead, misaligned or even dangerous branches. On that note, also remove the suckers as close as possible.

Once this is done, you only have to cover the cut parts with a healing product to protect the health of your tree.

Pole pruner or chainsaw?

Pole pruner

The pole pruner allows you to prune branches from the ground without using a ladder. Equipped with a "Smart Start" function, it is available in 3 models: the electric motor pruner, the battery pruner and the thermal pruner. The electric motor model is both simple and quiet. However, it requires an outlet nearby, as it must be plugged in at all times. The battery model is more powerful than the corded model and is suitable for amateur gardeners.

As for the thermal pole pruner, it is more powerful than the other two. It is suitable for pruning larger tree branches. However, a pole pruner is a sharp and very risky tool. It can present a real danger to its user as well as to all other people around. It should only be handled by someone with experience.


More powerful than the pole pruner, the chainsaw is suitable for felling trees and branches of all kinds. Generally reserved for foresters or lumberjacks, it is equipped with a guide bar that can vary from 35 to 70 cm. The thermal chainsaw remains the best tool of its kind for felling large trees or removing dead branches.

However, the chainsaw has its drawbacks: battery-powered, corded or thermal, it is not very handy. In addition, the gases emitted by thermal models are harmful to people and the environment. It is of course possible to remedy this by using an electric or battery-powered chainsaw, but they are less efficient.


Both the pole pruner and the chainsaw are effective in cutting tree branches. However, the chainsaw is more practical for pruning quickly without much effort. The pole pruner is more suitable for pruning medium-sized and hard-to-reach branches.

Why buy a pole pruner ?

To limit the risk of injury

Climbing a tree to cut some branches is a risky operation. With a pruning pole you don't need to climb to reach the branches. The risk of falling is almost zero, because you can easily work from the ground.

For its ease of use

The pruning pole is very practical to remove unnecessary branches. All you have to do is stretch it out at the branch to be cut, press a button, and that's it. You won't have to make any major effort, because the sharp blades of the device will do the rest.

For its ergonomics

A pruning pole has the advantage of being both light and handy. It allows you to work for a long time without feeling tired. Thus, you gain in precision. Moreover, the pruning pole is an environmentally friendly equipment. Since it is powered by electric current, there is no risk of CO2 emission, nor polluting gas. The air that you breathe around you will be healthier.

For its durability

The pruning pole can be used for many years. If you equip it with a hardened steel blade, its efficiency is guaranteed on the long term. Thanks to the robustness of this blade, you can continue to cut branches as long as you want. At the same time, you can save money.

For its sound comfort

If you use an electric model, you can work even late at night without worrying about disturbing your neighbors. Indeed, the pruning pole does not cause any noise pollution contrary to other tools like chainsaws or saws. Its level is around 100 dB! Thus, you will not disturb the neighborhood if you work at night.


Wear the appropriate equipment.

From top to bottom, you should wear: a helmet, safety glasses, work gloves, steel boots with a good grip, thick long pants, and maybe even leggings.

Identify the right time of year to prune your trees.


right time to prune varies from one type of tree to another. Trees that bloom in the spring should be pruned soon after blooming. Trees that do not flower should be pruned in winter when they are dormant.

Target dead, damaged and diseased branches first.


diseased branches to protect the rest of the tree. But the pruning shear blade should be disinfected before pruning healthy branches.

Know where to cut the branches.


branches at an angle of about 30°, either just above the collar, close to the tree trunk, or within an inch of a bud. This way, the tree can heal safely and continue to grow as it wishes.

Security zone.


a safety exclusion zone with a 50-foot perimeter in all directions. Do not use the pole pruner when there are bystanders, children and pets nearby. If possible, have another person monitor this area to prevent other people and animals from entering.


Under what conditions should a pole pruner be used?

A pole pruner is mainly used for small-scale work such as regular maintenance of your trees. It is used to prune small branches that are located high up, mainly those that are 2 or 3 meters away. This saves you a lot of effort and unnecessary backache. Be sure to determine your real needs before choosing your pruner.

What safety precautions should I take before using a pole pruner?

Some precautions are necessary before starting to use your pruning machine. Thus, wearing a helmet, a pair of gloves and specific glasses is mandatory to protect yourself from debris. You must also wear appropriate clothing and a harness if you have to climb the tree in question. You should also adopt the posture that seems most appropriate to you and hold your pole well.

What power for a pole pruner?

As a rule, the power of a pruning machine is below 2000 W. You can therefore choose a device with a power of 800 W for your small jobs. These tools are easier to handle and allow you to make a quick and precise cut. Choose a more powerful pruner if you plan to cut more solid branches. In any case, refer to the selection criteria to find the best model.

Is the chain of a pruner important?

Even if you have a powerful tool, it is worthless without the chain. In fact, a device that is not adapted to your pole pruner could seriously damage it. As a result, it will not be able to function normally and you will not get the quality of cut you expect. Generally, there are four types of chains: the chisel, the low, the semi-chisel and finally the kickback. It is up to you to choose the chain according to your expectations and the size of the work you want to accomplish.


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Ryobi RPP755E 9
Ryobi RPP755E
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Einhell GC-EC 750 T
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Bosch Universal ChainPole 18
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Black + Decker GPC1820LB


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