The best chainsaws in the UK 2023

Wood is the cheapest fuel for heating. Each year, 1.85 million tonnes of wood is burnt in the UK. And what could be better than a chainsaw to cut logs while maintaining the garden? Thermal or electric, each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Not to mention the parameters (power, cutting length, type of chain...) to take into account. So, which chainsaw should you choose?

Stihl MS 170D 1

Editor's Choice

Stihl MS 170D

Best chainsaw

Offering excellent value for money, the Stihl MS170 D thermal chainsaw is perfect for cutting and felling trees up to 30 cm in diameter. Equipped with a 2-stroke engine of 30 cc, it develops a power of 1 200 W.

196 £ on Amazon

The Stihl MS170 D allows you to perform moderate pruning and felling. This thermal chainsaw is powered by a 2-stroke engine of 30 cm³ which develops a power of 1200 W. Versatile and easy to handle, the tool weighs 4.1 kg when empty and has a 30 cm chain guide that can be increased to 35 cm depending on the user's needs. This makes it practical for cutting and felling a tree or branch up to 30 cm in diameter. It is also ideal for cutting wood and small cutting jobs.

Good to know, the Stihl MS170 D thermal chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration system for more precise cutting and easier handling. Moreover, it benefits from excellent ergonomics combined with intuitive use thanks to its one-handed control lever. To ensure top performance, the tool benefits from an Ematic lubrication system for the entire guide bar. Finally, this machine has a 250 mL fuel tank and a 140 mL oil tank.

Makita UC3541A 2

Best value

Makita UC3541A

Best entry-level chainsaw

The Makita UC3541A is one of the most reliable entry-level chainsaws on the market. It's the perfect option if you want a high-performance home sawing companion at a lower price.

77,44 £ on Amazon

The Makita UC3541A is an excellent tool with top-notch construction, ergonomic design and consistent power delivery. Weighing in at about 4.8 kg, this model is still in the middle of the pack for entry-level electric chainsaws. Despite its low weight, this chainsaw will do an impressive job and remains heavy enough to ensure good maneuverability. This is a model equipped with a 1,800 W electric motor that will provide enough power to slice through both soft and hard wood.

The chain guide of the Makita UC3541A has a 35 cm chain guide. This is long enough for you to handle massive trunks and branches. Generally, most electric chainsaws come ready to use, and this one is no exception. Also, it's not fully assembled, but most of the parts are. This means that you will have an easier time assembling it. Finally, it should be noted that this model has a self-lubricating system that will save you time on maintenance.

Makita DUC353Z 3

Best premium

Makita DUC353Z

Best high-end chainsaw

Looking for the ultimate cordless chainsaw? Treat yourself to the Makita DUC353Z. Its power, its autonomy and its cutting length will satisfy the most demanding.

326 £ on Amazon

Makita offers us the cordless chainsaw DUC353Z. Equipped with 2 Li-ion batteries, it has a total power of 36 V, which ensures an average autonomy of 1 hour. With an impressive speed of 20 m/s, this model can easily compete with thermal chainsaws. In addition, the 35 cm guide bar ensures a variety of uses (pruning, cutting, felling).

Despite the presence of 2 batteries, Makita manages to limit the weight of its chainsaw to 4.7 kg. For a better grip, the Japanese firm has installed soft grip handles. You can also vary the speed of the chain via the trigger.

Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120II 4

Highly manageable

Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120II

Excellent thermal chainsaw

The Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120II is a lightweight, maneuverable thermal chainsaw with good cutting performance. It has a power output of 1,500 W and a 35 cm guide bar and a chain speed of 16.8 m/s.

159 £ on Amazon

The Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120II is a high-performance thermal chainsaw with a 38.2 cc X-TORX engine. With a power of 1,500 W, it was designed for private users and for occasional use. The chainsaw has a 35 cm long guide bar. At full power, the machine can reach a chain speed of up to 9,000 rpm or 16.8 m/s. This allows it to perform various cutting jobs (branches, logs, tree trunks, firewood).

Weighing 4.7 kg, this thermal chainsaw has a fuel tank of 300 ml and an oil tank of 200 ml. Mechanically, it has a metal gear and a stop with metal teeth to ensure its robustness. On this model, there is an air purge system designed for cold starting as well as a start-up control to avoid flooding the engine.

Einhell GE-EC 2240 5


Einhell GE-EC 2240

Very good corded electric chainsaw

The Einhell GE-EC 2240 is a practical and efficient chainsaw for sawing firewood, thinning brush, felling small trees and many other domestic sawing jobs.

69,88 £ on Amazon

This chainsaw has an electric motor with a power of 2,200 watts, a blade length of 40.6 cm and a cutting length of 37.5 cm. Thanks to the soft start, the saw starts working safely as soon as you switch it on. This model also has other safety features such as kickback protection with chain stop and chain catcher. In addition, the claw stop prevents the machine from getting too close to other objects.

In addition to safe sawing, you can also work comfortably with the GE-EC 2240 thanks to the ergonomic handle. For optimal power transmission and long life, the Einhell GE-EC 2240 is equipped with a robust, high-quality metal gear. Finally, it should be noted that this chainsaw comes with an automatic lubrication system.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best chainsaw

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Best chainsaw

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Excellent thermal chainsaw

Very good corded electric chainsaw

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Comparison table of the best chainsaws

Stihl MS 170D 6
Makita UC3541A 7
Makita DUC353Z 8
Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120II 9
Einhell GE-EC 2240 10
Stihl MS 170D
Makita UC3541A
Makita DUC353Z
Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120II
Einhell GE-EC 2240
Offering excellent value for money, the Stihl MS170 D thermal chainsaw is perfect for cutting and felling trees up to 30 cm in diameter. Equipped with a 2-stroke engine of 30 cc, it develops a power of 1 200 W.
The Makita UC3541A is one of the most reliable entry-level chainsaws on the market. It's the perfect option if you want a high-performance home sawing companion at a lower price.
Looking for the ultimate cordless chainsaw? Treat yourself to the Makita DUC353Z. Its power, its autonomy and its cutting length will satisfy the most demanding.
The Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120II is a lightweight, maneuverable thermal chainsaw with good cutting performance. It has a power output of 1,500 W and a 35 cm guide bar and a chain speed of 16.8 m/s.
The Einhell GE-EC 2240 is a practical and efficient chainsaw for sawing firewood, thinning brush, felling small trees and many other domestic sawing jobs.
Wired electric
Cordless electric
Wired electric
Chain guide
30 cm
35 cm
35 cm
35 cm
37,5 cm
1,200 W
1,800 W
1 100 W
1,500 W
2 200 W
21 m/s
14.5 m/s
20 m/s
16.8 m/s
15 m/s
4.1 kg
4.8 kg
5.2 kg (with battery)
4.7 kg
5,6 kg

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How to choose your chainsaw

A good chainsaw replaces 2 tools: the axe and the pruner. It can be used to cut firewood, fell trees, trim branches or prune trees. It is therefore essential to choose the right chainsaw to work efficiently with less effort. What is a good chainsaw?

To make it easier for you, here are the 5 criteria to take into account:

#1 - Choose according to the work to be done

We recommend thermal chainsaws for their versatility. Felling, cutting, lopping, pruning,

they can do it all. Corded electric chainsaws are good for cutting or tinkering. But their range of action remains minimal. Finally, cordless electric chainsaws should be avoided (except for cutting firewood).

#2 - Choose a chainsaw that you can carry

Whatever the

type of work and the type of wood, you will need to lift the chainsaw and consider the vibrations. The weight will be felt as the minutes tick by. Most of the major brands offer chainsaws in the 4.5-5 kg range, with the lighter ones weighing slightly less. Competition chainsaws easily exceed 25 kg.

#3 - Choosing the right cutting length


measurement should be greater than or equal to the diameter of the trunk

. Cordless electric chainsaws cut between 10 and 25 cm. Corded and thermal electric chainsaws have a cutting length between 33 and 45 cm, and even 50 cm for some models. If the trunk exceeds 50 cm in diameter, call in a professional.

#4 - Determine the nature of the wood to be worked


preserve your chainsaw and your physical integrity, you must consider the nature of the wood. It is easy to cut low or medium density wood such as birch, poplar, cherry, chestnut, fruit trees... On the other hand, hardwood or resinous hardwoods

(beech, oak) slow down or stop the chain of low power chainsaws.

#5 - Choosing a top brand chainsaw

Don't buy a chainsaw from an unfamiliar brand. Sooner or later, their reliability will become an issue. Ditto for the supply of spare parts, which are often impossible to find. The best brands have decades of experience and official websites.

The chainsaw permit

For beginners, there are training courses to acquire the right gestures. They can lead to the issuance of an ECC1 permit for individuals and 3 other permits for professionals. But to date, the chainsaw permit remains optional for individuals.

Maintenance and adjustment of a chainsaw

To facilitate maintenance and reduce oil consumption, many chainsaws are equipped with achain lubrication system. This system injects a reasonable amount of oil into the bar before each use. This is the type of saw you should use. Otherwise, you will have to lubricate the chain manually.

A properly tensioned chain is essential. Too little tension can cause the chain to slip off the bar. On the other hand, a chain that is too tight will wear out quickly. It's best to adjust the chain while it's still warm, just after use. This will allow the chain to slacken more easily.

Always clean the air filter with gasoline after use. And take care of the guide bar. If possible, turn it over after each use to ensure even wear. Clean the grooves with a pick and unclog the lubrication holes. Finally, file off any burrs on the chain and grease the sprocket.

Many people get trapped by 2-stroke oils. There are 3 types: mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic base, and 100% synthetic. Semi-synthetic oils cost 2 or 4 times less than 100% synthetic oils. For example, the Stihl Ultra 100% synthetic is sold for about thirty euros against 10 to 15 euros for a semi-synthetic oil. The latter is also less beneficial for the engine.

For the mixture, preferably use 100% synthetic 2-stroke oil and SP95 gasoline. On average, the quantity of oil corresponds to 2 to 4% of the quantity of fuel. Depending on the storage conditions, the maximum shelf life of a mixture does not exceed 3 months.

If you need toreplace parts, we strongly recommend that you buy themfrom the brand that manufactured your chainsaw. For batteries, many cordless electric chainsaws accept batteries from other tools of the same brand.

In winter, it is best to put your chainsaw into hibernation. The hardness of the wood and the extreme temperatures justify this. To do this, you need to drain the fuel tank or fill it up. Then, disassemble and protect the bar in a sleeve, clean the air filter. Keep everything dry in a clean place.

Chisel, semi-chisel and low kickback chains

Chisel chains have long been the most common type of chain used on chainsaws. They are very sharp and offer incomparable efficiency. But beware of kickback! This means that the blade suddenly goes towards the face, often because the user has attacked the trunk by the rounded end of the bar and not by the cutting edge.

In an attempt to solve this problem, designers have developed low kickback chains. While they are much safer, they do not provide the same performance as chisel chains.

Semi-chisel chains offer a good compromise between chisel and low kickback. Nowadays, they are found on all consumer thermal chainsaws. The same is true for corded electric chainsaws of major brands.

Where to buy your chainsaw

As for many products, it is particularly interesting to buy online because you will get the same products for less, and sometimes with better guarantees (starting with the legal 14-day withdrawal period).

Some brands sell directly from their website. Others work with industry professionals such as Manomano, Castorama or Leroy Merlin.Among the e-commerce sites specialized in DIY, our preference is for Manomano which offers a large choice, competitive prices and especially a good customer support.

If you are looking for a brand that is difficult to find online (like Stihl, for example), you can buy a chainsaw in a DIY store. However, avoid the big box and discount stores.

The different types of chainsaws

There are 3 types of chainsaws: thermal, corded electric and cordless or battery electric. The pruning saws or pole pruners are barely able to cut branches of 3 cm in diameter. They are used more for gardening than for cutting wood.

Thermal chainsaws

They are suitable for heavy felling or cutting work. Their power and cutting length offer high yields. On the other hand, their maintenance and the dosage of the oil-fuel mixture used are not easy. Not to mention the ten or so hours of break-in time required and the noise pollution!


  • Long cutting length

  • Robustness and power

  • Versatility

Disadvantages :

  • Break-in time of 10 hours on average

  • Complex maintenance

Who is it for?

Both private individuals and professionals can use the thermal chainsaw. It is capable of performing the tasks assigned to an axe, a pruner or a log saw.

There is

nothing like it for cutting wood quickly and


Corded electric chainsaws

Electric chainsaws come in 2 variants: corded and cordless. Corded electric chainsaws are used near an electrical outlet, usually to cut firewood. They are easier to maintain than thermal chainsaws. But their corded connection limits their range, even if you use an extension cord.


  • Easy to maintain

  • Very good performance for cutting firewood

  • Robustness


  • Small range of action due to the wire connection

  • Less versatility compared to thermal chainsaws

Who is it for?

Most homeowners use corded electric saws for cutting. Having an extension cord is a must.

Cordless electric chainsaws

Cordless electric chainsaws make less noise and have very good maneuverability. They do a better job than pole pruners for cutting small branches in the garden. Despite technological advances, they don't last long. In addition, their cutting length is limited to 25 cm.


  • Excellent for pruning and cutting small wood

  • Easy to maintain

  • Less noisy than corded thermal and electric chainsaws

Disadvantages :

  • Battery life

  • Unsuitable for intensive cutting and felling

Who is it for?

If you occasionally cut small wood, the cordless electric chainsaw is a good choice. Buy an extra battery to gain more autonomy.

What about left-handed users?

There is no chainsaw for left-handers. The people concerned will have to adopt the posture and hand position of right-handed people. Otherwise, the safety systems will be useless.

Electric chainsaw or thermal chainsaw?

Electric chain saw

For small cutting and pruning jobs, an electric chainsaw is more suitable. This is a corded or battery-powered chainsaw that uses little energy. Lighter than a petrol saw, it is also easy to maintain. In addition, an electric chainsaw is easier to handle, i.e. it is easy to use and starts up literally in the blink of an eye.

But the problem with an electric chainsaw is its limited power and short cutting length. What you can do with this equipment is limited to cutting small logs or pruning shrubs. And you can't use an electric chainsaw for long periods of time, otherwise there is a risk of overheating.

Thermal cutting machine

For big cutting jobs such as tree felling, woodworking and DIY work, a petrol chainsaw can get the job done easily and quickly. Its main advantage comes from its power, which varies between 1,200 and 6,500 W. Running on petrol, a petrol-driven chainsaw is completely autonomous. In addition, it is durable and offers an exceptional cutting length, which is of interest to lumberjacks.

The disadvantage of a petrol chainsaw is that it is quite heavy because of its oil and fuel tanks. This weight can affect its manoeuvrability and makes it more difficult to use. In addition, its 2-stroke engine requires regular maintenance and can stall when starting.


The choice between these two types of chainsaws will depend on your felling needs and the size of your property. However, it is better to choose a thermal chainsaw, which is more versatile and with which you are sure to be able to cut down all types of trees, regardless of their thickness.

Why buy a good chainsaw

7 million households use wood for heating

in the UK, 7 million households prefer inserts, stoves and other wood burning fireplaces. And by 2020, there will be 2 million more, or 9 million households! Why such a plebiscite? Because wood is the least polluting and least expensive energy on the market.

To reduce the drudgery of the task

The log is the most used wood fuel by the French. Its annual consumption is estimated at 51 million steres. Note that a stere of wood corresponds to a stack of logs of 1 m long, 1 m wide and 1 m high.

Some people buy their firewood, others cut it themselves. For the second option, the chainsaw is the perfect complement to the axe and the log saw. Some electric and thermal chainsaws do even better than these two manual tools.

To take care of your garden

Maintaining a small park, garden or orchard requires many tools, including the chainsaw. For pruning and small precision cuts, a cordless electric chainsaw can do the trick. Beware, branches that accidentally fall onto the ladder and are potentially dangerous are legion.

If possible, treat yourself to both a thermal and a corded electric chainsaw. Use one or the other depending on how far away you are from the cutting area and the size of the job. Felling is not a job to be improvised at the foot of the tree. You need the right chainsaw and a minimum of knowledge.

For tinkering and making boards

Experienced users can make boards with a chainsaw. To do this, use a grinder. This is a kind of miniature sawmill to fit on the chainsaw, a guide to make parallel cuts on the wood. For the first cut, use a ladder screwed to the log. Then, it remains only to pass the chainsaw with the gruminette on the wood.

Brand awareness

Beware of chainsaws whose manufacturers do not have an official website. Generally of Chinese origin, these brands rarely supply spare parts. And they disappear once their manufacturing defects are known.

The best brands of chainsaws

In our opinion, the best brands of chainsaws in 2022 are :


For this year, Husqvarna deserves the title of best chainsaw brand. The Swedish giant has been innovating ever since it was founded in 1689. Thanks to this world-renowned know-how, the brand's chainsaws are suitable for individuals and professionals for various felling, lopping and pruning jobs.

It's hard to talk about chainsaws and tools without mentioning the American brand. It has never stopped innovating since its creation in 1910. Recently invested in a sustainable approach, it now aims to improve its value chain. BLACK+DECKER is notably known for its corded or cordless electric chainsaws.

Who doesn't know the German multinational? At the origin of countless innovations, Bosch produces mostly corded or rechargeable electric chainsaws. If the manufacturing quality is undeniable, the power and the cutting length leave us hungry. Especially for uses other than pruning and lopping.

Bought in 1991 by the Japanese Makita, Dolmar has always been a pioneer. It invented the first gasoline-powered mower in 1927, the first rotary engine chainsaw in 1975, and the first chainsaw with a fuel-injected carburetor in 1987. It has managed to keep its production in Germany. This makes it an often smarter choice than its parent company!

It is the best-known brand of the Japanese Yamabiko Group in chainsaws. It invests a lot of time and money in the development of its tools, with very strict controls. Whether at home or at work, Echo is bound to have a chainsaw to suit your needs.

What is the price for a chainsaw

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 350 £
350 £ to -1700 £
more than -1700 £
Price range diagram


Wear the appropriate safety equipment.

Don't skimp on your safety: buy CE-certified chainsaw protective clothing and never forget to wear it. A helmet with a face shield and hearing protection to keep your head, eyes and ears safe from possible attacks. Wear steel-toed boots, they are more resistant to cuts and a long-sleeved shirt to protect against scratches.

Prevent injuries.



the thumb of your left hand around the front handle when cutting. That way you'll have your tool firmly in your hand and it will be easier to control it if it bounces.

Make chain saw sharpening easier.


sharpening your chainsaw, it's easy to confuse the teeth you've sharpened with the teeth you haven't sharpened when you pull the chain around the bar. To avoid confusion, simply mark each tooth with a permanent marker after sharpening.

Wear bicycle gloves in addition to your safety gloves.

Gel-filled gloves that cyclists use are great for absorbing chainsaw vibration


Treat the gasoline when you buy it.

Modern gasoline formulations just don't last as long as previous ones. And when you start to run out of gas, not only does the engine have trouble starting, but it fouls the whole system with gum and varnish. So treat the gasoline with a stabilizer right after you buy it. It will save you a lot of money on repair bills later.


Which chainsaw to choose?

In our opinion, the best chainsaw for most people is the Husqvarna 440 X-Torq.

Are cordless electric chainsaws effective?

It depends on what you plan to use it for. If it's for pruning or chopping small wood, fine. But for felling or cutting firewood, buy a thermal or corded chainsaw.

What type of chainsaw would you recommend?

Ideally, you should have a thermal chainsaw for heavy duty work and a corded electric chainsaw for cutting. Make sure the chain is Oregon quality semi-chisel.

What is the best known brand?

Stihl tops the sales charts almost every year. But they are used to selling their chainsaws in physical stores, rarely online. That's why it's not in our Top 4.

When should the chain be lubricated?

Before, during and after use. Most of today's chainsaws are equipped with a lubrication system. Remember to turn the bar over after each use to ensure even wear.


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Stihl MS 170D 11
Stihl MS 170D
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Makita UC3541A
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Makita DUC353Z
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Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120II
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