The best video intercoms in the UK 2023

The video intercom is one of the most widely used devices in everyday life. Most buildings and homes have them, especially to secure and control access to the building. If you too would like to install a video intercom, read this guide and find the model that best suits your needs. You can also read our tips and tricks about video intercoms.

Philips 531019 1

Editor's Choice

Philips 531019

The best video intercom in 2021

Practical and particularly functional, this video intercom from the Dutch company Philips has everything you need to guarantee the security of your office and home.

152 £ on Amazon

The Philips 531019 is of the highest quality. This video intercom features a 7-inch screen, offering an optimal view of visitors who ring your doorbell. In addition, its door station has a night vision function to monitor your building even in the dark. In addition, this video intercom has 6 different ring tones to signal the arrival of a visitor. Among its advantages, we also mention the ease of installation and the resistance to bad weather thanks to the aluminum coating.

Ring Doorview Cam 2

The best cheapest

Ring Doorview Cam

The best entry-level video intercom

If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing, stand-alone doorbell and surveillance device, this video intercom is a great choice. And it's cheap too!

104 £ on Boulanger

This wireless video intercom is easily installed on the front door. It detects the presence of visitors thanks to its impact sensors, then displays the image on a large full HD screen of the internal module. Thanks to its Wifi connectivity and the Ring mobile application, you can monitor your home wherever you are from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Moreover, it is a connected intercom compatible with Alexa for a much easier voice control. In addition to its practicality, this video intercom is decorative with its gray color.

Somfy V500 2401446 3

The best high-end

Somfy V500 2401446

The best high-end video intercom

Optimize the security of your building and welcome your visitors in a more elaborate way with the Somfy V500 2401446. You'll get your money's worth!

279 £ on Amazon

The Somfy V500 2401446 is the perfect video intercom for home or office surveillance. This model is characterized by elaborate accessories, offering great comfort to the user. Among other things, it has a 7-inch touch screen that allows you to see in high definition who is knocking at the door. In addition, with a micro SD card, you can automatically record conversations and images captured by the camera. Apart from that, it is suitable for night use thanks to its HD camera with LED light and infrared.

Extel Connect 4

The best alternative

Extel Connect

A great alternative

What could be better than a quality video intercom to monitor comings and goings? This wired video intercom is suitable for home or business use.

211 £ on Amazon

The Extel Connect videophone has many variations. The one presented here is advantageous for its practicality and design. By connecting it to your smartphone, you can control the opening of the gate and identify your visitors from anywhere. In addition, this device has a 24-hour monitoring function with night vision. Thanks to its various settings, you can define the brightness, contrast, color and volume of the ringtone according to your needs. With this wired video intercom, you can also record photos of your visitors thanks to its large internal memory.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best video intercom

Any specific needs?

The best video intercom in 2021

The best entry-level video intercom

The best high-end video intercom

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best video intercoms

Philips 531019 5
Ring Doorview Cam 6
Somfy V500 2401446 7
Extel Connect 8
Philips 531019
Ring Doorview Cam
Somfy V500 2401446
Extel Connect
Practical and particularly functional, this video intercom from the Dutch company Philips has everything you need to guarantee the security of your office and home.
If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing, stand-alone doorbell and surveillance device, this video intercom is a great choice. And it's cheap too!
Optimize the security of your building and welcome your visitors in a more elaborate way with the Somfy V500 2401446. You'll get your money's worth!
What could be better than a quality video intercom to monitor comings and goings? This wired video intercom is suitable for home or business use.
Screen size
7 inch
7 inches
Camera resolution
Full HD
Field of view
Linkage with door station
Wired, up to 120 m
Wireless, WiFi
Wired, up to 150 m
Wired, up to 100 m
Interesting additional options
Monitoring function and intercommunication function with other monitors
Motion detector, Alexa compatible
8 Gb micro SD card integrated in the monitor, RTS radio transmitter
Connected, Extel Connect application, intercom function with other monitors

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How to choose your video intercom

Choosing a video intercom is not easy. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account 5 essential points to guarantee the safety and the comfort of use. Here are the criteria for choosing a quality video intercom:

#1 - Screen quality

It is through the screen of the video intercom that you will be able to view the images that the device captures. Therefore, the screen of the video intercom must have a good display quality. To do this, it must have a size and a high resolution, if possible HD, in color, ensuring the identification of people ringing the door. The ideal would be a 7-inch screen with night vision mode.

#2 - Ease of use

Your video intercom must also be simple, especially in terms of settings and use itself. For example, a touch screen makes it easier to manipulate the monitor to perform simple commands like on a tablet or smartphone. The hands-free function allows you to talk to the visitor while performing other important tasks. The same applies to the installation of your video intercom. Normally, there should be no complications, especially if it is a wired model.

#3 - Transmission type

You can choose between the wired and wireless video intercom, depending on the type of installation you prefer. The wired model requires a cable connection, so some DIY skills if you plan to install it yourself. However, this type of installation is more reliable and minimizes the risk of interference. The wireless video intercom is easier to install. It works with a battery or a few batteries. However, the distance between the receiver and the transmitter must be well calculated in order to optimize the performance of the video intercom.

#4 - Additional options

Buy a video intercom with interesting options such as opening and closing the gate, the choice between several melodies of the ringing or even the conversation recording. The latter can be used as a memory aid, but also, for your security. Some models can memorize the images they capture so that you can control the comings and goings in your home even when you are not there. Another interesting option is connectivity. In this case, you can connect the video intercom with your smartphone via an app so that you always have an eye on any visits.

#5 - Security

The best video intercoms incorporate a good security system or protection against vandalism. In fact, the door station should be weather resistant and remain functional even in a downpour of water, hot weather or cold winter weather. Best of all, the ideal model should be able to be integrated into the overall home security system and help protect you in case of an intruder, for example.

Video intercom: how does it work?


The video intercom, commonly known as a video intercom, is a more advanced version of the traditional doorbell. Designed for monitoring access to a property, this communication device integrates both an audio intercom and a camera. Indeed, a video intercom not only allows you to speak with the visitor who knocks at the door, but also to see and identify him immediately. Starting from this fact, we understand how practical it is.

Features of video phones

The video intercom allows the visitor to announce their presence and the resident to see their face, communicate with them and open the door remotely. To operate, a video intercom consists of several functional accessories, including an outdoor station called a door station and an indoor station with an electronic display.

  • The door station

As the name implies, the street plate is mounted on the outside of the building. It is fixed in projection or embedded in the wall of the facade. It is this accessory that will be responsible for welcoming visitors. The door station is characterized by a label holder to capture the identity of the visitor, a doorbell button, a camera as well as a speaker that will allow you to talk with the visitor.

  • The screen

Depending on the model, the video intercom handset or interior monitor can be fixed or mobile. This monitor is placed insider the house and its main function is to bring the outside images to identify the person who rings the doorbell. It also consists of a microphone and speaker to ensure conversation between the resident of the property and the visitor. The handset can also be characterized with a photo/video recording function.

  • An automatic door opening system

Some video intercom models have an automated system that is used to open the home's door remotely with an electric motor or strike.

The different types of video intercoms

Depending on the type of transmission and the installation method, there are two main categories of video intercoms: wired video intercoms and wireless video intercoms.

The wired video intercom system

With the wired video intercom, the door station and the monitor are connected by cables. Therefore, when installing a wired video intercom, you will need to do some electrical work to ensure that each connection follows the standards. The most important one is to take care of the trenching for the cable pulling.

All in all, at the installation level, it is a bit complicated, but it is the most reliable among video intercoms. The frequency interference is totally minimized since the signals are transmitted by cable. Normally, this model can be used by everyone. You just have to respect its installation in order to avoid the risks of accident.

The wireless video intercom system

Compared to the wired video intercom, the installation of the wireless video intercom is easier. Thanks to the technology it integrates, the wireless video intercom does not require any connection or electrical installation. It is precisely this advantage that appeals to almost all users. In addition, to power the device, you only need to insert batteries inside.

To transmit the necessary information, the wireless video intercom uses radio frequency transmission, GSM waves or Wi-Fi in the case of connected intercoms. Therefore, it is important to choose the right location for the transmission to take place easily. For example, avoid thick walls and long distances. Normally, without the presence of an obstacle, the range of a wireless video intercom can go up to 200 m.

Video or audio intercom?

The intercom system has become a must-have device in most residential buildings. On the market, you can choose between video and audio intercom systems. Which one is the most reliable?

The audio intercom

The audio intercom consists of a door station with microphone connected to a monitor with speaker in your home. Simple to use, it allows you to communicate with a visitor as if by telephone. The concern is that your visitor can declare his identity, but you will only be able to hear his voice. If you are looking for a fairly basic device, this is the type of intercom you need.

The video intercom

The video intercom works in much the same way as an audio intercom. However, it incorporates a camera at its door station and a screen on the monitor. In other words, you can not only hear, but also see the person who rings your doorbell. Even if they don't speak or lie about who they are, you can easily ascertain who they really are without having to go anywhere.


When it comes to convenience, the video intercom far surpasses the audio intercom. It offers more comfort of use, because you will know who is coming to your door thanks to the camera on the door station. Moreover, thanks to current technology, the video intercom can also include other interesting options such as smartphone connectivity, door control from the interior monitor... The camera can even complement your video surveillance system to ensure your safety!

Why buy a video intercom?

The installation of a video intercom offers many advantages that should convince you to get one too.

1- To identify your visitors

Thanks to the camera integrated in a video intercom, you will be able to know who is ringing your doorbell even if the person in question does not declare his identity. This will prevent you from opening the door to criminals or to someone with whom you are in conflict.

2- To communicate with visitors

Not only can you see who is knocking on the door, but you can also talk to the visitor. You will be able to ask their intentions or, in particular, avoid unnecessary trips to the door if it is a person who has the wrong address.

3- To monitor the outside of the house

Thanks to the camera on the door station of your video intercom, you can also monitor what is happening outside your home, especially around the front door. With today's technology, you can also monitor the comings and goings in your house, even when you are not there.

4- To control the entrances from a distance

Today's video intercoms also allow you to open or close your home's entrance doors and gates remotely. After recognizing your guest, you can open the door with a simple button without having to get up from your chair.

5- To reinforce your surveillance system

With the spy mode of some video intercoms, you have at hand an additional surveillance camera. It will help you to better see what is happening around the house, but also to record certain images necessary for your security, or for investigations for example.

The best brands of video intercoms

In our opinion, the best brands of video intercoms in 2022 are :


Founded in 1891, this Dutch firm is among the leaders in home appliances, lighting and medical equipment. When it comes to intercoms, Philips focuses on high-end products for the most demanding customers.

The subsidiary of the French group Technicolor was founded in 1893. It is known for its electronic and home appliance products, including video phones with quality to match the prices. One of its strong points, moreover, remains innovation, which today has become accessible to all.

Created in 1969, the French brand is a pioneer in the connected home. Today, Somfy works in the motorization and automation of home openings and alarm systems. Its video intercoms are among the most advanced in terms of high-end technology.

The American company was born in 2012, then acquired by Amazon in 2018. It is a young brand, but full of innovative ideas, especially with its connected doorbells, ensuring security and comfort in homes in a reliable way. As for its video intercoms, they are among the best.

A subsidiary of the Avidsen Group, Extel has specialized in home automation since its creation in 1968. It has been producing video intercoms since 1982, then motorized gates since 1992. Today, the French brand offers a little bit of everything to equip and secure the home according to needs and budget.

What is the price for a video intercom

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Choose the right location for your video intercom system

The choice of the location of your video intercom must be done with care in order to optimize its use. For the wireless video intercom, limit the obstacles between the two elements so that the transmission is free. For the wired model, choose a safe place for the cables.

Adjust the camera orientation properly

Since the purpose of using a wired or wireless video intercom is to avoid you coming and going at every visit, the best thing is to adjust the camera well to minimize blind spots. So, orient the camera well towards the optimal direction when installing it and place it at the right height to see the visitors' faces well.

Clean your video intercom system regularly

For this kind of device, regular cleaning is necessary. Why? Each person who will visit you will be obliged to press the call button to signal their presence. And at this time when the health situation is still unstable, it is best to take precautions. The same goes for the camera lens; a lack of cleanliness could make the images less sharp!

Protect your connected video intercom system from viruses and hackers

Despite the technological evolution, it is highly likely that your video intercom will be the target of a hack, especially if it is a connected video intercom. So, take all the necessary measures by installing protection applications to alert you in case of infringement.

Protect the door station of your video intercom system

By being exposed to various weather conditions all the time, the life span of your device will not be optimal. Therefore, protect your intercom from rain, sunlight, and even dust as best you can.


How to install a wired video intercom ?

To begin with, it is best to install thevideo intercom at a height of 1.6 m from the ground. Place the plate on the wall and wire the device. It is necessary to dig the wall if the installation is flush-mounted. The cable you must use for outdoor connection must be ICTA or TPC.

What's the difference between a 2-wire and a 4-wire video intercom ?

A 2-wire or 4-wire wired video intercom differs in the technology they carry. The 2-wire video intercom is composed of a power cable and a transmission cable, while the 4-wire one has 2 power cables and 2 others for the transmission of specific commands.

How to install a wireless video intercom ?

The installation of a wireless video intercom is quite easy compared to the wired version. You just need to put batteries inside the external board, then, fix the device by making holes to insert dowels with a screwdriver. Be careful, make sure that the location of the device can favor the transmission.

Can we replace a doorbell with a video intercom?

Of course it can! The technology used in a video intercom incorporates an option that can alert you during a visit. Once the person presses the call button, the video intercom system will emit a beep, to let you know that someone is at your door or gate. Therefore, it can very well replace a doorbell.


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Philips 531019
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Ring Doorview Cam
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Somfy V500 2401446
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Extel Connect


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