The best ice cream makers in the UK 2023

If like 84% of English people you are an ice cream lover, invest in an ice cream maker, it will be money well spent. An ice cream maker is the perfect machine to make your own sorbets, to make recipes with flavors that you won't find in supermarkets or that would cost you a lot of money in specialized stores. There are many options available to you, from manual to electric ice cream makers and the famous ice cream turbines.

Springlane Kitchen Emma

Best value for your money

Springlane Kitchen Emma

The best ice cream maker in 2021

Both qualitative and quantitative, the Springlane Kitchen Emma ice cream maker will satisfy your summer ice cream and sorbet cravings. It is also very quiet and easy to clean.

183 £ on Amazon

This ice cream maker, as its name indicates, is equipped with an efficient self-cooling system that gives you the opportunity to make up to 1.5 L of ice cream, Italian ice, frozen yogurt or sorbets. Unlike a traditional ice cream maker, there is no need to freeze the cold storage tank beforehand. Everything happens at the moment you want a good ice cream. The device works with a power of 150 W to provide you a temperature reaching -35 °C.

There is an opening on the lid that makes it easy to add more ingredients to the mix. The lightweight ice tray is made of anodized aluminum, which makes cleaning easier. In addition to the blender, you will also receive a 1.5 L tub, a mixing arm, a lid, a measuring cup, a spatula and of course a recipe book.

Cuisinart ICE40BCE Duo

Best value for your money

Cuisinart ICE40BCE Duo

The best entry-level ice cream maker

With this ice cream maker, you will have a large quantity of ice cream with 2 different flavors in one preparation. Even though it comes with 2 bowls, this ice cream maker remains compact on a work surface.

92,63 £ on Darty

The Cuisinart ICE40BCE Duo does its job with a powerful 50W motor. This motor ensures fast operation. That's right! The appliance produces smooth and tasty ice cream in 25-35 minutes. Its 2 cold storage tanks, each with a capacity of 1 L, must be pre-frozen overnight before use. The advantage is that you can make ice cream with 2 different flavors simultaneously or make a good quantity (one flavor) for all members of your family.

This ice cream maker allows you to make rounds without waiting long. With individual openings, mixing arms and lids, it's a shame that the 2 containers don't work completely independently. It is not very practical if you only need to make a small amount of ice cream.

Magimix 11680 Gelato Expert

Best value for your money

Magimix 11680 Gelato Expert

The best high-end ice cream maker

This ice cream maker excels in everything. Elegant design, powerful motor, fast operation, easy cleaning, easy setting, capacity... In short, you'll make ice cream like a chef.

423 £ on Boulanger

The Magimix 11680 Gelato Expert is equipped with a 180 W cooling unit. It is therefore not necessary to freeze the container as is the case with a classic ice cream maker. It comes with 2 tanks (one is fixed and the other removable) with a capacity of 2 L each, which allows you to make one preparation after another without any waiting time.

Even without a control screen, the Magimix 11680 Gelato Expert ice cream maker is very easy to use. With the help of simple buttons, select the type of ice cream you want to make: Italian ice, artisanal ice and granita. The preparation takes only 30 minutes while the cold is maintained for up to 2 hours. When you buy it, you get 2 blades (one for each tub), a spatula, a measuring glass, 2 tubs and of course, a book with 85 recipes.

Springlane Kitchen Elli

Excellent selection

Springlane Kitchen Elli

The most compact

Armed with the Springlane Kitchen Elli, you can get 1.2 L of ice cream in a single preparation. Its cold storage system avoids long waits and allows you to make your recipes as you wish.

171 £ on Amazon

With a capacity of 1.2 L, the Springlane Kitchen Elli is perfect for a small family. You can serve up to 6 people, considering that each person consumes about 200 mL of ice cream. The appliance has a power rating of 135 W. Its "keep cold" function activates instantly after blending and lasts for almost 10 minutes before switching to standby mode.

This ice cream maker has a high quality mixing blade. It limits the formation of lumps and ice crystals. Via the LCD screen and the rotary knob, you can set the preparation time and the program adapted to your recipe. In addition, it comes with an extra ice tray for continuous preparation.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best ice cream maker

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The best ice cream maker in 2021

The best entry-level ice cream maker

The best high-end ice cream maker

The most compact

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Comparison table of the best ice cream makers

Springlane Kitchen Emma
Cuisinart ICE40BCE Duo
Magimix 11680 Gelato Expert
Springlane Kitchen Elli
Springlane Kitchen Emma
Cuisinart ICE40BCE Duo
Magimix 11680 Gelato Expert
Springlane Kitchen Elli
Both qualitative and quantitative, the Springlane Kitchen Emma ice cream maker will satisfy your summer ice cream and sorbet cravings. It is also very quiet and easy to clean.
With this ice cream maker, you will have a large quantity of ice cream with 2 different flavors in one preparation. Even though it comes with 2 bowls, this ice cream maker remains compact on a work surface.
This ice cream maker excels in everything. Elegant design, powerful motor, fast operation, easy cleaning, easy setting, capacity... In short, you'll make ice cream like a chef.
Armed with the Springlane Kitchen Elli, you can get 1.2 L of ice cream in a single preparation. Its cold storage system avoids long waits and allows you to make your recipes as you wish.
1.5 L
2 x 1 L
30 min
1.2 L
Preparation time
45 min
25 to 35 min
180 W
45 min
150 W
50 W
Ice tumbler
135 W
Ice blender
Electric Ice Maker
Dispenser, spatula, removable lid
Ice tumbler
Mixing arm, lid with fill opening, measuring cup, spatula and recipe book
Ice spoon, recipe book, measuring cup, ice spatula

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Buying guide - ice cream maker

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How to choose your ice cream maker

#1 - Freezing method

Heat control is very important in sorbet making. To maintain low temperatures, manufacturers may equip their ice cream maker with a bowl or insert that must be frozen for a period of time before making the ice cream. If you lack freezer space, this may not be practical. Also, if you want to make a second batch, you will have to wait for the bowl to freeze again. Take this into account before you buy your ice cream maker.

#2 - Capacity

Choose the size and capacity of your ice cream maker based on your needs. It would even be better to choose an ice cream maker that has a larger capacity than you think you'll need to make sure you always have enough ice cream for everyone.

#3 - Price

Determine what your budget is before you start looking for an ice cream maker. Prices for an ice cream maker can range from about $20 to $200. The price varies depending on the capacity and features of the ice cream maker. Having a starting budget will allow you to quickly narrow down the search.

#4 - Time and efficiency

When selecting an ice cream maker, it's important to consider how long it will take to get your ice cream. Does the machine require pre-freezing? How long will it take you to prepare a batch? Can the machine make multiple batches in a row? While some ice cream makers make ice cream on the fly, others will need more than 24 hours to make a single batch. Analyze your needs and choose the one that won't disappoint.

#5 - Ease of use

Ease of use depends heavily on technology. This does not mean that highly sophisticated machines are the easiest to use. For a layman, a hand-cranked ice cream maker would be easier to use than one with a digital display. Get a machine you are comfortable with.

What can you do with an ice cream maker?

Making your own ice cream is a great way to satisfy your cravings at an affordable price. With an ice cream maker, you can create more unique flavors that may be hard to find in stores. You can also make healthier, low-sugar versions of your favorite ice creams. It's an especially useful tool for those with special dietary needs and preferences, such as those who are lactose intolerant and for those on a vegan diet.

With your ice cream maker you will be able to make ice cream, sorbets, frozen yogurt and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to recipes. You will be able to transform your ice cream into ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, ice cream blocks, etc. without forgetting that you will be able to add all the ingredients you want to decorate your ice cream: from chocolate chips to pieces of fresh fruit, gummy bears, etc.

Be sure to clean your machine thoroughly between preparations to prevent bacteria from taking up residence.

The colder the base of the mixture, the better

Before you even think about churning your ice cream, make sure the base is completely chilled before you pour it into the machine. The colder it is, the better!

Take care of your machine

To get the most out of your investment as long as possible, don't neglect the maintenance of your ice cream maker. Especially if you don't want it to become a nest of germs. Here are the key steps to ensure your ice cream maker is clean after each use:

  • Empty the machine well after use, taking care to remove any remaining ice.
  • Then clean with water, it must be able to pass through the machine without obstruction. If there is an obstruction, the machine is not completely empty, go back to the first step.
  • Next, detach all moving parts that have come into contact with the ice and clean them thoroughly. Follow the user's manual carefully to avoid damaging your machine.
  • Soak the non-moving parts and other intricate parts in hot soapy water to loosen the residue.
  • Carefully reassemble your machine after cleaning, taking care to follow the instructions in the manual.

Don't neglect this step even though it can be tedious.

The different types of ice cream makers

There are three main types of ice cream makers, and the one you choose will depend on several factors: how much ice cream you need to make, how often you'll use it, your ability to plan ahead, and how much space you have (in your kitchen and freezer).

Manual ice cream makers

They are also called traditional ice cream makers. They usually have an external tank filled with rock salt and ice that will freeze the ice cream during churning. Note however that some recent models no longer use rock salt or ice. The mixing will take place in the inner tub or container. Once the mixture is poured into the machine, you must manually crank it until the ice cream sets. This will take about 30 minutes of work.


  • They can usually produce more ice: about 4 liters per batch. But this depends on the model.
  • It will take you less time: you won't need to pre-freeze the tub or the insert before starting the preparation for example. Unless you use a recent model that does not use rock salt or ice. For this type of manual ice cream maker, you will still need to pre-freeze your bowl.
  • This type of ice cream maker is the most affordable on the market. You can usually find them for less than 50 euros.


  • They can be quite messy. Except for the newer models.
  • You will need to have plenty of ice and rock salt on hand. Except for the newer models.
  • Manual machines require a lot of physical work.

Who is it for?

The use of this type of ice cream maker can become quite complicated because of the salt, ice and manual work, so it is best suited to people with an outdoor space. Some models, however, do not require the use of salt and ice, they are equipped with a bowl that must be cooled in the freezer before preparation. These models are suitable for people who have a small space in their kitchen and have a freezer large enough to accommodate the bowl.

Electric ice cream makers

This type of ice cream maker is the most common on the market today. They have a double-walled bowl. Between these walls is a liquid that will freeze once placed in the freezer. All you have to do is pour the mixture into the bowl and press a button to turn the machine.


  • No need to have rock salt and ice on hand
  • Using this ice cream maker is less messy.
  • Minimal physical labor required: you only need to prepare the mixture, you don't have to turn a crank to make the ice cream set.


  • Advance preparation required: you'll need to freeze the bowl for 12 to 24 hours to get the ice cream to set properly.
  • They can produce less ice and you will have to freeze the bowl between each preparation. Generally you will only be able to get one or two quarts of ice at each session.

Who is it for?

This option will suit people who have a large enough space to accommodate the bowl in their freezer, otherwise it will be unusable.

Let the bowl cool long enough

If the freezer bowl that comes with your ice cream maker is not cold, your ice cream will never freeze. The bowl must be completely frozen, so place it in your freezer at least 1 day before you plan to make it.

Ice cream makers

These are

the high-end models that can help you with every step (except mixing, of course) to make the best ice cream ever. No need to freeze the bowl in advance. No need for ice or rock salt. This machine lets you make ice cream anytime. Just pour in the ingredients and turn on the machine.


  • No planning required.
  • Minimal physical work required.
  • Produces better ice cream.
  • Can produce more varieties of ice cream, ice cream and even frozen yogurt.


  • Bulky: Refrigerated ice cream makers are almost twice the size of an electric ice cream maker and can take up a lot of space.
  • They can only produce a small amount of ice cream: only about 1 or 2 liters of ice cream per preparation.
  • They are not affordable: they are the most expensive machines on the market.

Who is it for?

This type of ice cream maker will suit you if you have a large budget, plenty of room in your kitchen to accommodate this rather large appliance and if you want almost professional quality ice cream.

Ice cream maker or ice turbine?

Ice cream maker

Equipped with a removable tank, the ice cream maker is an appliance used to make ice cream. It is available in 2 versions, manual and accumulation, and generally has a body and a stainless steel or aluminum tank. Easy to use, you just have to put it in a freezer for more than 10 hours before starting to prepare the ice cream.

Note that the stand-alone storage ice cream maker does not require these steps, as it has a powerful compressor. The advantage with an ice cream maker is that you can make your own sorbet, yogurt or ice cream at any time. In addition, you can create the flavor or scent of your ice cream yourself. On the other hand, the removable bowl that makes it up is quite bulky. This can be a problem if you have a small freezer.

Ice turbine

The ice cream maker is equipped with a refrigeration system that allows to make Italian ice cream. This type of device can produce ice creams of different flavors. It is composed of a refrigerating motor which can ensure the function of a freezer. As for its use, it is enough to start it during 5 to 10 min before its use, to pour your preparation very cold and to close its lid.

The ice cream maker shows all its usefulness to make a sequence of food ice cream production. To make an ice cream with a turbine, you only need 30 min of manufacturing time. However, the potential disadvantage of an ice cream maker is its weight, it weighs at least 10 kg. This makes the device difficult to move and store.


Opt for an ice cream maker if you want to make several ice cream recipes intensively. However, choose an ice cream maker for its ease of use and efficiency, especially if you plan to use it occasionally.

Why buy an ice cream maker?

For its practicality

Unlike freezing in a refrigerator, an ice cream maker offers tremendous ease of use. Simply chill the bowl in advance. Then add the ingredients of your choice, turn on the ice cream maker. All you have to do is wait about ten minutes for your mixture to set. In addition, some models are multi-functional, which gives you the possibility to make yogurt and try other similar recipes.

For health reasons

Sorbets and ice creams on the market are becoming increasingly gourmet, but it is often difficult to know the real ingredients used. With an ice cream maker, you can make your frozen desserts at home and choose natural ingredients that you like. You will be sure that all the elements you use for the preparation are 100% natural and that you work in much better conditions as you are in your kitchen.

To have a preparation without crystals

Allowing to lower the temperature of a preparation while turbinating it during its cooling, the ice cream maker is perfectly smooth, light and soft. It is free of small crystals.

For sharing

The moments to spend with family and friends are precious. This sometimes leads to going to a restaurant or planning everything in advance. An ice cream maker makes it possible to prepare good ice cream for everyone and to get together in joy and greed. It is possible to make recipes for all tastes and preferences, no matter how complex.

To avoid travelling

There's nothing like homemade ice cream, especially on a hot summer day, but the best ice cream shop in the neighborhood isn't just around the corner, so that can be an obstacle. The ice cream maker makes it possible to always have good ice cream on hand, at any time of the day.

The best brands of ice cream makers

In our opinion, the best brands of ice cream makers in 2022 are :


Lagrange is a French brand that has been around for 60 years now, it started with the production of electric waffle iron with interchangeable plates before extending its expertise to other household appliances. This brand is particularly appreciated by the performance, simplicity and user-friendliness of its products.

This French brand created in 1963 became known thanks to its Robot-coupe. Since then, they have continued to increase their fame with products that work well. We like this brand for its philosophy: build better to last longer.

This German brand was created in 1960, the brand is now an international reference in kitchen appliances and small household appliances. We particularly like this brand for the quality and reliability of its small appliance product line.

This German brand specializes in manufacturing kitchen appliances and small appliances. This brand enjoys an excellent reputation. We particularly appreciate it for the innovative and futuristic design of its products.

This American brand was created in 1970, it has made it its mission to make cooking an art accessible to everyone. We particularly appreciate the technology of their appliances that find their place as much in professionals as in all French kitchens.

What is the price for an ice cream maker

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


Use more cream and less milk.

You can even use only cream if you want.

Put the bowl in the freezer at least 24 hours before use.

It takes at least 24 hours for the bowl of most ice cream makers to freeze. Get into the habit of storing the bowl of your ice cream maker in the freezer, wrapped tightly in a freezer bag. That way, you'll avoid the wait time before you can make your ice cream.

Don't overfill your ice cream maker.


best results, fill the bowl two-thirds to three-quarters of its total volume. If you fill the bowl to the brim, the ice cream will not aerate properly.

Use alcohol sparingly.

Moderation is essential when using alcohol as an ice cream ingredient. Too much alcohol will prevent your sorbet from freezing, plus it may also melt faster when eaten.

Add toppings last.

Add toppings, such as chocolate chips, nuts and candy pieces, 5 min before the ice cream is finished cooling. The ice cream should already be ready when you add these ingredients, so you'll have a more appetizing presentation.


How do I get an ice cream maker to work?

Operation is generally simple. Simply plug the ice cream maker into an electrical outlet. While the machine is running, add crushed ice to the bottom of the container. Then, add your preparation with the flavor of your choice. All that's left is to close its lid and press a button to turn it on.

What is usually the power of an ice cream maker?

For an ice cream maker that has a cold accumulator, its motor usually ranges from 6 to 180 watts. The more powerful the motor, the faster the paddles for mixing the cream turn and the more ice cream they are able to make. So it's best to go with a more powerful ice cream maker.

Why doesn't my ice cream maker work normally?

Your ice cream maker may stop working normally because its blade isn't firmly attached to its slot. It may also be that the remaining water after its washing that turns into ice prevents normal operation. To solve this problem, you need to dry your utensil thoroughly before putting it back in the freezer.

Besides an ice cream maker, what food processor can make sorbet?

The only food processor capable of making sorbets is the Thermomix. It is a food processor that is very efficient. It can also be used to steam, make several types of sauces, velvets or ice cream.


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