The best pizza ovens in the UK 2023

There's nothing like a good homemade pizza to please yourself and impress your guests! A pizza oven is the perfect way to make it: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and with toppings that don't burn or dry out. Wood-fired, gas-fired or electric, read our guide to the best pizza ovens to find yours.

G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia 1

Best value for money

G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia

The best pizza oven in 2021

The G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia is a high speed electric pizza oven with a refractory baking surface that bakes frozen, fresh or other pizzas in less than 5 minutes.

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Weighing 4.5 kg, the G3 Ferrari Express Delizia heats up quickly and has a 31.6 cm diameter refractory cooking surface. This material offers all the advantages of authentic traditional cooking. The timer alerts you with a beep when the cooking is finished. It also has a defrost function to reheat and cook frozen pizzas in less than 5 minutes.

This energy-saving 1200 W oven has an adjustable thermostat that allows a maximum temperature of 450°C. It can also be used to prepare other dishes such as pies and comes with an interesting recipe book. However, the G3 only bakes one pizza at a time. And the size of the stone limits the size of the dough.

Domo DO9177PZ 2

Best value for money

Domo DO9177PZ

The best entry-level pizza oven

For those on a budget, the Domo brand offers this high-performance oven, capable of properly cooking frozen and fresh pizzas as well as a variety of other dishes in under 15 minutes.

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The Domo DO9177PZ will work wonders in your kitchen. It cooks for as little as 15 minutes. Whether you're in the mood for pancakes, tortillas, quiches, cookies, pizza or pancakes, this 1,450W appliance will satisfy. With a cast iron surface and a large 30 cm diameter cooking plate, it is lightweight (3.1 kg), easy to use and can accommodate a large amount of food.

Cleaning the appliance is ultra simple, especially because of the non-stick coated plate. All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. The unit comes with a recipe book to make great meals when you're short on inspiration. All in all, this is a pizza oven that has made a lot of people happy and that we highly recommend!

Royal Catering RCPO-3000 3

Best premium value for money

Royal Catering RCPO-3000

The best high-end pizza oven

This 2-deck oven can prepare 10 pizzas of 40 cm diameter each in 10 minutes! A godsend for pizza lovers and pizzaiolos in search of good equipment.

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This professional pizza oven from Royal Catering will please both gourmets and catering professionals. It cooks 10 pizzas of 40 cm in 10 minutes. To do this, the appliance has 2 cooking chambers, with independent temperature control for each of them.

The timer allows you to cook your preparations for up to 2 hours. The oven's chamotte bases and stone bottom ensure even cooking for fresh and frozen pizzas with authentic flavor. The appliance is also easy to maintain thanks to its stainless steel lining, which is highly resistant to rust.

Ooni Koda 4

Best performance

Ooni Koda

A little appliance with a lot going for it!

Intended for outdoor use, this gas pizza oven by Ooni is a fine example of design and performance. The appliance cooks a pizza in less than 90 seconds, enough to compete with wood-fired ovens.

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Weighing in at 9 kg, this compact mini oven can be taken anywhere: in the garden, on camping trips, on vacation, etc. It heats to 500°C in 15 minutes and can cook a pizza in less than 90 seconds. Its gas-fired mode makes it a low-maintenance and easy-to-use appliance. Easy to install, it is equipped with non-slip folding feet to ensure stability and safety.

Much more than a pizza oven, the Ooni Koda can grill, cook fish and serve as a bread oven or bake flambé pies. Very economical, it consumes 600 g/h of propane. A 6 kg tank lasts a full 10 hours. However, avoid placing the Koda with its back to the wind so as not to extinguish it. If this happens, a safety system will automatically cut off the gas supply. Finally, once the pizza is in the oven, remember to turn it frequently so as not to burn it and to ensure even cooking.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best pizza oven

Any specific needs?

The best pizza oven in 2021

The best entry-level pizza oven

The best high-end pizza oven

A little appliance with a lot going for it!

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Comparison table of the best pizza ovens

G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia 5
Domo DO9177PZ 6
Royal Catering RCPO-3000 7
Ooni Koda 8
G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia
Domo DO9177PZ
Royal Catering RCPO-3000
Ooni Koda
The G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia is a high speed electric pizza oven with a refractory baking surface that bakes frozen, fresh or other pizzas in less than 5 minutes.
For those on a budget, the Domo brand offers this high-performance oven, capable of properly cooking frozen and fresh pizzas as well as a variety of other dishes in under 15 minutes.
This 2-deck oven can prepare 10 pizzas of 40 cm diameter each in 10 minutes! A godsend for pizza lovers and pizzaiolos in search of good equipment.
Intended for outdoor use, this gas pizza oven by Ooni is a fine example of design and performance. The appliance cooks a pizza in less than 90 seconds, enough to compete with wood-fired ovens.
The cleaning of the refractory stone is quite complicated, so be guided by the instructions.
The Domo does not have a timer, so cooking must be closely monitored to prevent dishes from burning.
At 59 x 56 x 43 cm in size (LxWxH) and weighing 27 kg, this professional pizza oven is quite large and therefore not suitable for a smaller kitchen.
The regulator for the Koda gas cylinder is only compatible with the 6 kg Propane Cube cylinder from Butagaz.
1 200 W
1,450 W
3,000 W
Ease of maintenance
End of cooking time warning
4.5 kg
3.1 kg
27 kg
9 kg

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Buying guide - pizza oven

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How to choose your pizza oven

Since the purchase of a pizza oven is a major investment, it is important to choose it carefully to avoid spending money for nothing. Here are the parameters to consider for a successful choice.

#1 - Your expertise

If you are an enlightened amateur or a professional, the wood-fired oven is the pizza oven for you. Indeed, it allows you to make pizzas with an authentic and inimitable flavor. However, it requires a perfect control of the flames for a successful cooking. For the average person, an electric or even a gas pizza oven will do. However, the electric model will not allow you to cook Neapolitan pizzas.

#2 - Practicality

If the maintenance of the fire and the constraints related to the maintenance of the wood oven put you off, bet on a gas pizza oven. This type of oven offers performance close to that of the wood-fired model combined with remarkable ease of use. There are also electric ovens that are easy to transport but require a fairly long preheating time before you can cook a pizza.

#3 - The power

Pizza should take only 2 to 5 minutes to cook in an oven heated to 350-400°C, a temperature that most conventional ovens cannot reach. To take advantage of the performance of your pizza oven indoors, make sure the room where it will be installed is well insulated. This will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed for constant cooking. But also of a lower temperature of the external walls, with a reduced heat release.

#4 - Capacity and diameter of the cooking plate


is simply about the capacity of your future pizza oven. Namely the number of pizzas that your oven will be able to accommodate and especially the size of these. The choice will be made mainly according to your preferences. Knowing that a traditional pizza is about 32 cm in diameter.

#5 - The features

To make the handling of your appliance even easier, you should know that there are models of pizza ovens equipped with an automatic shut-off system, a small window for checking the cooking, an adjustable thermostat or a timer.

What accessories for a pizza oven?

  • An oven brush

The pizza oven is equipped with a scraper that allows you to easily clean the pizza oven of its residues and thus prevent the smell of charring, while limiting the fumes.

  • A pizza peel

The pizza peel is an essential accessory for loading and removing pizza from the oven. Formerly made of wood, it is now available in steel for greater sturdiness and in aluminum for impeccable hygiene.

  • A protective cover

To offer your oven optimal protection, it is essential that you cover it with a sturdy and waterproof cover adapted for this purpose. Moreover, it will be very useful especially if you cannot winterize your outdoor oven in an appropriate place protected from frost.

The different types of pizza ovens

Pizza ovens come in 3 types: wood-fired pizza ovens, gas-fired pizza ovens and electric pizza ovens.

The wood-fired pizza oven

It is the pizza oven par excellence. Built-in, on feet or placed on the ground, it can be used indoors or outdoors. The wood-fired pizza oven reaches very high temperatures (650°C) and cooks very quickly, often in less than 2 minutes. It also preserves the authentic flavor of the famous wood-fired pizza. The maintenance of the oven is very simple: just clean it with an ash scraper and a hard brush. The small hitch with this type of oven is that it has no timer, requires careful monitoring of the cooking process at the risk of burning the pizza, and must be constantly supplied with dry wood.

The gas pizza oven


restrictive than the wood-fired pizza oven, which requires constant maintenance of the fire, the gas pizza oven is easy to turn on, easy to turn off and easy to use. It takes 10 to 20 minutes to heat up the oven. Once the oven flame is lit, the user only needs to monitor the cooking process to prevent the pizza from burning. The gas pizza oven can run on butane/propane or LPG and offers a very good compromise. As far as maintenance is concerned, a simple brush to remove the flour is enough.

The electric pizza oven

Easy to

transport, the electric pizza oven is used indoors. Quick to start up, it nevertheless requires a preheating time to ensure the pizza is properly cooked: between 40 min and 1 h to reach the required 400 °C. The electric pizza oven is especially appreciated for its compactness and is suitable for cooking/reheating fresh pre-cooked or frozen pizza. However, despite its high power and its ability to reach the right temperature, this type of oven does not necessarily make the pizzas drier.

Gas or electric pizza oven?

Gas pizza oven

As its name suggests, the pizza oven is a household appliance specially designed to cook pizza. Used by both individuals and professionals, it is a very popular piece of kitchen equipment. Very easy to turn on and off, the gas pizza oven is very practical for outdoor use.

As for price, gas is much cheaper than electricity. As for the pizzas made with this oven, they tend to be delicate, softer and more moist than with an electric oven. Basically, a good gas oven uses less energy than an electric model.

Electric pizza oven

The electric pizza oven is a hit because of its ease of control over the cooking of pizzas. Running on electricity, it is a versatile piece of equipment that is not limited to pizzas. The advantage of an electric pizza oven is that no special connections are required for installation.

It is easier to use than a gas pizza oven and allows an even distribution of heat inside the oven. This makes it easier to control the cooking process. Finally, the electric model is much more versatile than its gas counterpart since it makes other preparations. On the other hand, it does not support intensive use.


We recommend that you choose a gas model, as an electric model can be energy consuming, especially with heavy use. In conclusion, the performance of any oven will be close to that of the wood oven as long as the oven temperature can be adjusted.

The only difference is that there will be no ashes on the bottom, but with the risk of losing 20°C every time the door is opened. In the end, however, it all depends on your cooking habits, your energy preferences and your budget priorities.

Did you know?

Any wood used in your pizza oven must first be dried to maintain proper cooking temperatures and smoke. Experts suggest that split wood be dried for at least 6 months to allow the sap to dry before burning.

Why buy a pizza oven?

A pizza oven is a very useful device to have if you want to make good and delicious pizzas yourself. It must be said that it has many advantages:

Perfect baking

With a pizza oven, you have no chance of missing a pizza. This oven has been designed to provide the ideal temperature for the proper cooking of a pizza by perfectly distributing the heat generated over the entire surface of the dough.

Easy to use

Thanks to the pizza oven, you can obtain a successful pizza almost instantly. Indeed, the latest pizza ovens are equipped with a button for lighting and another for setting the temperature, making them very easy to use.

A wide range of choices

In addition to the traditional wood-fired oven, there are now new types of pizza ovens on the market, such as gas ovens, electric ovens and portable ovens. It is therefore possible to find an oven model that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Preserving an authentic taste

The pizza oven was specially designed to perfect the cooking of pizza. It preserves all the flavour of the ingredients to give the pizza a deliciously authentic taste.

An oven with multiple functions

Although its primary purpose is to bake pizza, a pizza oven can also be used to prepare a variety of other dishes, such as roasts and breads. Investing in a pizza oven is therefore like buying a multi-functional appliance.

Fast cooking

Designed to generate high cooking temperatures in record time, a pizza oven allows you to cook dough much faster. It only takes a few minutes for the dough to be ready.

Energy savings

In addition to saving time during baking, some types of pizza ovens, especially traditional wood-fired ovens, offer huge energy savings. In fact, they work only with wood logs, which are much cheaper than gas or electricity.

The best brands of pizza ovens

In our opinion, the best brands of pizza ovens in 2022 are :

Cucina di modena

With 18 years of experience, the German brand Klarstein is still quite young but still produces appliances that combine design and performance, including built-in and portable pizza ovens. Klarstein pizza ovens are highly regarded for their state-of-the-art features, their ability to reach the ideal temperature for cooking a pizza, their ease of use and their robustness.

Specialized in the marketing of large and small household appliances for some forty years, Bestron is a brand that has managed to make its way on the international market. It offers consumers pizza ovens that are modern (with interchangeable plates for use not only for preparing pizzas), powerful (between 800 W and 1000 W) and attractive.

Trebs is a brand whose products have been brilliantly designed for all user profiles, which is why it emphasizes ease of use, but also an interesting quality-price ratio on its products. As for the brand's pizza ovens, the stone plates they are equipped with ensure an even distribution of heat and these ovens are able to restore the flavour of fresh and frozen pizzas without any problem.

Since its foundation in 1960, the German brand Koenig, a specialist in the field of small household appliances, has been one of the internationally renowned manufacturers. The brand's pizza ovens meet exemplary quality standards and stand out for their multifunctionality, adjustable temperature and power.

This is an Italian brand that offers pizza ovens that are easy to use, efficient and accessible to all budgets. A godsend for pizza enthusiasts who will enjoy a 1000 W electric appliance with a design that adapts to all styles of decoration and is multi-purpose, capable of making other kinds of gourmet preparations such as quiches or tarts flambées!

What is the price for a pizza oven

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Place your pizza oven in the right place.

To avoid accidents, install your indoor pizza oven on a flat, heat-resistant surface. Also keep it away from combustible walls and partitions.

Respect the capacity of your oven.


avoid damage to your pizza oven, avoid overloading it at all costs. If your oven can only cook 4 pizzas at a time, rely on that number and leave it at that.

Do not clean your oven until it has cooled down.



matter what type of pizza oven you use, wait for it to cool down before cleaning it after each use


Remember to degrease your oven well.


add a few more years to your pizza baking appliance, be sure to degrease it properly. To do this, clean the inside and outside of the oven with a sponge soaked in a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid. This will make it easier to remove any oil that may have embedded itself on the walls.


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G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia 9
G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia
Domo DO9177PZ 10
Domo DO9177PZ
Royal Catering RCPO-3000 11
Royal Catering RCPO-3000
Ooni Koda 12
Ooni Koda


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