The best pyjamas for men in the UK 2023

After a day of stress and fatigue, you need to rest and sleep in nice pajamas. Do you want to have a nice and soft night? Do you know that nightwear plays an important role for a good sleep? That's why you should carefully choose your pajamas. To help you, here is a comparison of the best pajamas for men of the moment.

Schiesser long pyjama set 1

Best value for money

Schiesser long pyjama set

The best men's pajamas in 2021

Would you like to be warm at night when you go to bed? With these men's pajamas by Schiesser, you'll sleep like a little angel. The set is made of cotton to ensure optimal comfort.

39,96 £ on Amazon

With these pajamas, you will never be cold at night. Its material and its cut were conceived to give you an incomparable sleep. The model has hems at the wrists and ankles to ensure maximum comfort. It is made of cotton. This pajama is therefore both comfortable and cozy.

As for style, you can choose between different colors according to your preferences. This set for men also has a pocket in the front to hold your smartphone or your glasses. This is a versatile pajama set that doubles as casual and light homewear when you spend a day or a weekend at home.

Official Liverpool FC short pyjama set 2

Best value for money

Official Liverpool FC short pyjama set

The best entry-level men's pajamas

You like soccer and especially the mythical club of Liverpool? Why not adopt these pajamas? It is a cotton set with the Reds dragon. Made entirely of cotton, it will give you comfort and satisfaction while watching your favorite team play.

15,99 £ on Amazon

Who hasn't dreamed of watching their favorite team's game from the warmth of their pajamas? With this Liverpool FC short pajama set, this dream will come true. You will be able to choose between the gray color and the red, the very symbol of the Liverpool Reds. These pajamas are made of cotton. You will enjoy its comfort and lightness.

With its short sleeves, you will feel like the twelfth man of your team. The shorts that go with the shirt are elastic, which is convenient and won't get in your way. Plus, it has a drawstring so you can put it on no matter what size you are. If you don't like soccer, you can give it to someone you know who does. It will please any soccer fan.

Lilysilk silk pajama set 3

Best premium value for money

Lilysilk silk pajama set

The best high-end men's pajamas

You want to sleep with elegance and voluptuousness? Why not choose these pajamas by Lylisilk? With its silk material, you will have a unique fabric. It is breathable, thin, but resistant.

87,20 £ on Amazon

These pajamas are elegance incarnate. The silk that composes it is by far the noblest material that can exist for a pyjama. Shiny, fine and chic, you will never have imagined to have so much class in a pyjama. What's more, this material gives you a double advantage. On one hand, in winter, it will preserve your body temperature. On the other hand, in summer, it is breathable and will keep you cool in summer.

Moreover, this set has buttons on the upper part. This gives you a unique comfort and ease of use. These pajamas are so stylish that you will feel like you are putting on a nightgown. The collar is reminiscent of a classic shirt. In short, you will look like a boss every time you go to sleep.

Star Wars romper for men 4

The best alternative

Star Wars romper for men

A great alternative

If you want to sleep in comfort and originality, these pajamas are for you. This romper is especially made for fans of the Star Wars saga. Put on these pajamas and you'll sleep like a real Wookiee warrior!

27,16 £ on Amazon

Are you or your partner a true fan of the Star Wars saga? If so, this men's onesie is made for you. Indeed, its design reminds the famous Wookiee warrior affectionately called Chewbacca in the saga. It is even adorned with the shoulder bag that this time serves as a pocket on the romper.

But it's not only stylish, it's also a pajama made of a comfortable and cozy material! It will guarantee you a light and deep sleep, especially in winter. It is easy to put on thanks to a large zipper on the front. Moreover, it has a nice hood to keep your head warm all night or even during the day when you are at home.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best pyjamas for men

Any specific needs?

The best men's pajamas in 2021

The best entry-level men's pajamas

The best high-end men's pajamas

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best pyjamas for men

Schiesser long pyjama set 5
Official Liverpool FC short pyjama set 6
Lilysilk silk pajama set 7
Star Wars romper for men 8
Schiesser long pyjama set
Official Liverpool FC short pyjama set
Lilysilk silk pajama set
Star Wars romper for men
Would you like to be warm at night when you go to bed? With these men's pajamas by Schiesser, you'll sleep like a little angel. The set is made of cotton to ensure optimal comfort.
You like soccer and especially the mythical club of Liverpool? Why not adopt these pajamas? It is a cotton set with the Reds dragon. Made entirely of cotton, it will give you comfort and satisfaction while watching your favorite team play.
You want to sleep with elegance and voluptuousness? Why not choose these pajamas by Lylisilk? With its silk material, you will have a unique fabric. It is breathable, thin, but resistant.
If you want to sleep in comfort and originality, these pajamas are for you. This romper is especially made for fans of the Star Wars saga. Put on these pajamas and you'll sleep like a real Wookiee warrior!
Thermal insulation
100% cotton
100% cotton
100% polyester
Blue, gray, midnight blue
Grey, red
Navy blue, black
Wash type
Machine wash
Machine washable
Machine wash on gentle cycle
Machine or hand washable

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Buying guide - pyjamas for men

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How to choose your pyjamas for men

Pajamas are a very light and loose accessory. The choice of this homewear should not be taken lightly. So to be able to find which pajamas would be perfect for you, here are the criteria to consider before buying.

#1 - The fit

The cut of your pajamas guarantees their comfort. Do you prefer a simple cut, without too much bling, with short sleeves? Or do you prefer a neat cut like a nightgown with long sleeves? In both cases, you need to know what you want, because each cut has its advantages. For example, a short sleeve will be more breathable and lightweight, but won't keep you out of the cold too much.

#2 - The fabric

Most pajamas are made from soft fabrics like cotton, sateen, flannel and velvet. Some brands even use silk to ensure elegance and comfort. All textiles have their own specificities, but the choice is yours. The ideal pyjamas are neither too hot nor too cold. Cotton or silk are to be preferred for a better comfort.

#3 - The thickness

You will not wear the same pajamas in winter or in summer. Indeed, it is essential to choose your nightwear well according to the ambient temperature. Thus, it is better to wear short-sleeved pajamas and thin enough in summer. And of course, wear only long-sleeved sets in winter if you want to be warm at night. Opt for those with hems to maximize comfort.

#4 - The size

The ideal pajamas fit very well, although most of them are quite loose for greater freedom of movement. In fact, try to find a set that will keep you comfortable and not restrict your movement. Also pay attention to the details: you can for example put on pajamas that have an elastic band. That way, you'll be comfortable, even if the pajamas don't fit perfectly.

#5 - The style

Style is one of the most important criteria for men's pajamas. Are you more of a geek? Go for colorful pajamas. Do you like sports? Try to find a pajama with, for example, your favorite team's logo printed on it. Your taste brings out your originality at the same time and makes you authentic. Your look should be true to yourself.

How do you wash your pajamas?


Washing your pajamas is not only a matter of hygiene, but also of comfort. Here are some care tips that will help you maintain its quality.

The frequency of washing

During the night, we sweat a lot, so pajamas can quickly become a nest of germs if not cleaned frequently enough. Ideally, since perspiration is directly absorbed by the fabric, it is advisable to wash it directly after each use. But you can also run it through the machine at least once a week to keep it as cozy and comfortable as when you just bought it.

The right wash for every type of fabric

The type of washing depends primarily on the fabric your pajamas are made of. Also, a good tip is to respect the instructions mentioned on the label.
That said, for fairly common fabrics such as cotton, flannel, fleece and fleece, favor washing the machine following the program adapted the material.
For more delicate fabrics such as silk or viscose, consider washing your pajamas in warm water avoiding soaking beforehand or wringing them out afterwards. So you can opt for a delicate cycle wash for these types of fabrics.


Silk or viscose are wrinkle-free fabrics that no longer need to be ironed after washing. For other materials, favor the temperature indicated on your iron to avoid nasty surprises. Also remember to fold your clean laundry and store it in your closet until it's time to wear it. Good organization, you should know, is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

The different types of pyjamas for men

In addition to the above criteria, you can also refer to the type of pajamas to make your choice. There are three main types of pajamas depending on the cut, the style and the season.

The classic or traditional pyjamas

Traditional pajamas are a matching set consisting of a top and usually matching pants. Although it is a very common pyjama, it remains timeless. Simple, yet useful, this type of pajama is simply lightweight. This type of pajamas is always trendy, classic and never loses its essence. Note that the jacket pajamas are a variant of the traditional pajamas. This time, the top comes as a warm and comfortable jacket.

The t-shirt and pyjama shorts set

To fall asleep like a baby, the T shirt and shorts set can be a great alternative. Very light, you can put it on in the summer or when it's a bit hot. Allowing greater freedom of movement, it also gives you a more casual style. This is the type of pajamas preferred by singles living alone at home.

The combination or plain pyjamas

Uni pajamas, jumpsuit, romper are all names for this type of pajamas. You will actually have all the pieces put together in one garment. Like the romper for children, it is put on by putting on the pants first and closing it with a zip. It is a very cozy type of pajamas that promises warm nights. As a onesie, it also lends itself to all imaginable fantasy styles, such as animal pajamas, unicorn pajamas... What a way to fall back in childhood!

Pyjamas with classic top or pyjamas with jacket?

Pyjamas with classic top

A classic pajama top has the cut of a simple slip-on suit. It's lightweight, has no details to speak of, and is just as comfortable as can be. The added bonus is that you can choose a short-sleeved top when it's hot. So it's more versatile.

The jacket pyjamas

This is a pretty trendy outfit right now. These pajamas are classy because the top is in the form of a jacket. So you can still put a fairly thin suit inside. Ideal for both winter and summer, and usually made of cotton, or silk, the jacket pajamas give you a chic look in your bed.


Both the vest pajamas and the classic top pajamas will only be seen by you and your loved ones. Both have their strengths. While the classic one is comfortable and simple, the vest one is more elegant. So it's up to you to make your choice. Choose according to the weather, the cut or the fabric.

Why buy pajamas for men?

Both men and women deserve to sleep comfortably. For some, it is just a superfluous item. And yet, men's pajamas require special attention. Indeed, we sleep several hours a day. It is thus necessary to choose it in good and due form.

To sleep comfortably

A good sleep is good for everyone. And who says good sleep says necessarily to be at ease in its night clothes. With good quality pajamas, you're bound to feel the softness of the night. Forget the clichés that a man sleeps only with a boxer. Men also have the right to the happiness of a good fabric to sleep.

To avoid being cold at night

Pajamas are essential to avoid getting cold while sleeping. This will prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night because of a draft. Thanks to men's pajamas, you won't even remember that you are in the middle of winter.

For a good time with your family

Pajamas aren't just for your bed. They'll follow you around the house when you're not at work. So, it's best to choose one that is of good quality and that you like. Pajamas are actually a must-have homewear item.

To keep your modesty

If you're a father, you owe it to yourself to set an example. You shouldn't walk around your house in your underwear. Set an example for your children and wear pajamas. This will avoid embarrassing moments, especially with your children who are not used to seeing you half naked.

The best brands of pyjamas for men

In our opinion, the best brands of pyjamas for men in 2022 are :

Tommy Hilfiger
Ralph Lauren

Schiesser is a German brand specialized in the sale of underwear. It was founded in 1875. Whether it is women's lingerie or men's pajamas, the brand will give you complete satisfaction. Generally, Schiesser uses cotton to make its clothes. It prioritizes above all comfortable ready-to-wear, which is what makes its reputation.

Lilysik is a French brand that was born recently. Indeed, it is in 2010 that the brand begins its rise in the textile market. Its particularity is to offer products made entirely of silk. The idea was born after its creator made a trip to China. Since then, the French brand has specialized in all ranges of silk, from the most simple to the most refined. For an elegant outfit, it is a reference brand.

Abollria is a textile brand specialized in pajamas for both men and women. It also offers sportswear. The brand, of French origin, has as slogan: "clothes for every moment". You want to go out of the house to play sports? You prefer to sleep quietly with your pajamas? With Abollria, you will have the embarrassment of choice and quality at a price defying any competition.

Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand of high quality clothing. It offers all kinds of clothing, from polo shirts, to pajamas, whether for men or women. The brand has so much quality to spare that it offers 120 days to its customers to return products that do not meet the standards. When it comes to pajamas, Tommy Hilfiger offers breathtaking designs.

Ralph Lauren is a famous American brand that specializes in clothing. It was founded in 1967 by the man of the same name. Whether you want to make polo shirts, high-end clothing, or even pajamas, this brand is sure to satisfy you. It combines elegance and comfort. You will look chic and be in unparalleled comfort, even in bed.

What is the price pyjamas for men

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 80 £
more than 80 £
Price range diagram


Improvise your pajamas with other comfortable clothes

All you need to do is pick a t-shirt or sweatshirt that fits you. And for the bottom, choose a pair of jersey or fairly light cotton pants.

Choose between a matching look or a mismatched style

It's up to you. Remember, this is your home. You set the rules. So you can wear a matching set, or a top and bottom in very different colors.

Prioritize your comfort

Don't spend your time looking for the best-looking pajamas. The most important thing is comfort. That's why fabric, thickness and fit are criteria not to be neglected. These are the guarantees of your comfort.

Wear pajamas as homewear

Pajamas can also be worn indoors, throughout the house. For the homebody or those who want to stay at home on weekends, pajamas combine comfort and practicality.

Clean up your pajamas

Range on one side the pajamas made for summer with short sleeves, on the other those with long sleeves. And put aside the fancy pajamas. Pajamas are a garment in their own right and deserve a place in your wardrobe. If it is made of a noble fabric such as silk, it is in your interest to store it carefully to avoid damaging it.


How many pajamas should you have?

Have at least two pairs of pajamas: one with short sleeves for summer and one with long sleeves for winter. Nevertheless, the solution to avoid buying more pajamas is to clean yours often. Ideally, you should wash them every week. Indeed, for softer nights, you should change your pajamas at least once a week.

Should you wear underwear under your men's pajamas?

It is above all a question of choice. If you feel comfortable and free being naked in your pajamas, do it. If you prefer the feeling of having boxers in your pants, that's up to you. Go for what feels most comfortable to you to get a good night's sleep.

Besides pajamas, what else should you bring to get a good night's sleep?

Think about putting on a sleep mask, adjusting your pillow properly, and bundling up under a warm comforter. You should also consider cleaning your mattress often enough or at least changing your sheets to prevent the spread of bacteria. Also consider putting on socks if it's really cold. Also, try to check your heating. Even the best pajamas in the world can't do anything if you forgot to turn it on.

What pajamas should you wear in winter?

In winter, there's nothing like long-sleeved, thick pajamas. Preferably, opt for models that are close to the body. Also, you can put on a jacket pajamas. This is a piece of fabric that is both stylish and brings warmth during the winter season.


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Schiesser long pyjama set 9
Schiesser long pyjama set
Official Liverpool FC short pyjama set 10
Official Liverpool FC short pyjama set
Lilysilk silk pajama set 11
Lilysilk silk pajama set
Star Wars romper for men 12
Star Wars romper for men


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