The best caracos

Best ally of the beautiful days, the camisole is a must-have which the girls cannot do without. Wrapped in lace, it can be worn on any occasion. Made of satin, cotton, silk, etc. it offers a chic and sensual side without equal. Tight, casual, with bra, etc. the camisole bends to all styles to remain girly at all times. Zoom on the best models not to be missed.

Dokotoo lace camisole 1

Dokotoo lace camisole

19,19 £ on Amazon

Made with 95% polyester + 5% elastane, this V-neck camisole has an elegant, loose-fitting style that suits all body types and is comfortable to wear. Available in sizes S to XXL, it fits well, comes in several colors and patterns (floral and leopard) to brighten up any of your outfits.

The Drop lace camisole 2

The Drop lace camisole

11,52 £ on Amazon

This V-neck camisole is designated for the slim waistline that fits XXS, XS or S. Perfect for everyday wear, it fits normally and looks just sublime with the black lace that goes with it. Comfortable to wear and durable, it resists fading well and won't warp even after several machine washes.

Cotton camisole with bra Hanes 3

Cotton camisole with bra Hanes

19,20 £ on Amazon

This cotton camisole will offer you an exemplary support for your chest especially for your sport or yoga sessions, thanks to its integrated bra and its stretchy and ultra breathable fabric. Although this camisole fits very well, you can choose a size below yours to have a better "close to the body" result.

Amazon Essentials cotton camisole 4

Amazon Essentials cotton camisole

16,79 £ on Amazon

If you are looking for a good support while remaining stylish and feminine in all circumstances, this set of 4 camisoles available in sizes XS to XXL is made for you. The straps are adjustable, the fabric is quality, and the tops are just perfect: neither too long nor too short. But remember to take a size below yours.

Set of 2 caracos from Iris & Lilly 5

Set of 2 caracos from Iris & Lilly

10,32 £ on Amazon

To wear under a blouse or as a pajama top, this set of 2 camisoles is comfortable to wear and fits very well. No need to take a size up or down. The straps are not adjustable and everything is machine washable. The quality is there. It's a pity that the colors offered are limited.

Silk camisole LilySilk 6

Silk camisole LilySilk

63,99 £ on Amazon

Dare to opt for a glamorous look with this elegant camisole. This model is really worth its price! It's normal size and not too long. The cut is perfect, the silk is of very good quality, and above all, you have several colors to choose from for an original look every time you go out.

Basic camisole Monyray 7

Basic camisole Monyray

18,39 £ on Amazon

Versatile, this set of 3 caracos from Monyray will accompany you all year long. The fabric is made of soft cotton, comfortable, light and breathable, without restrictions for your body. In winter, the camisole is thick enough to keep you warm under your coat or sweater. Even nursing mothers will be comfortable.

Ensemble satin caraco Aiboria 8

Ensemble satin caraco Aiboria

14,39 £ on Amazon

This set is wonderfully feminine, the neckline of the top is perfect and can be worn as a pajama top or as a camisole alone. The satin fabric is very soft, breathable and skin friendly. This is a nice gift to give yourself and it will definitely hit the spot.

Lace camisole from Carcos 9

Lace camisole from Carcos

17,51 £ on Amazon

Pretty and feminine, this camisole is available in 6 sizes (S to 3XL) 9 different colors to satisfy and magnify all the silhouettes. The material is silky and very pleasant to wear and the top is suitable even for large breasts. As this camisole is large, take a size below your normal size.

Soly Hux 10

Soly Hux

13,59 £ on Amazon

This pretty, well-made and well-cut camisole will be your best ally to spend a cool and pleasant summer while remaining beautiful and stylish. The fabric is polyester and comfortable to wear. The straps are adjustable for a comfortable wear. This camisole is a little big, so take a size down.

Omzin camisole 11

Omzin camisole

12,79 £ on Amazon

This pretty leopard print camisole is really stylish. Pair it with the right accessories to bring out any look and dress code. Available in several sizes and colors, it is made of ultra comfortable silk crepe and has adjustable spaghetti straps. The cut is beautiful and the neckline just perfect.

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How to choose your camisole

For a comfortable and pleasant summer in a camisole, here are the parameters not to neglect when choosing this garment.

Criterion n°1 : The fit

Since a camisole shows a lot of your body, choose a tighter or looser fit if you want to look a little exposed. However, to balance your look, choose a loose camisole. Moreover, the loose fabric will help you to stay comfortable. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Try on the camisole to make sure it doesn't hug your skin.
  • Just make sure it's a little flowy and if you have a generous bust, look for a camisole with a higher neckline or lace lining.

Criterion n°2 : The fabric

The camisole is made from a wide variety of fabrics. There are spandex, cotton, nylon, wool, silk, satin, etc. Materials cleverly thought to meet different types of needs and to allow the camisole to suit all seasons.

Jersey is also the most obvious choice for a camisole, but you can also use interlocks, thermals, ribbed, sporty lycra and more.

Criterion n°3 : Your body type

Caracos come in all sorts of styles. There are round neck and V-neck styles. The V-neck is recommended for women who have a rather sporty figure whose upper body is more voluminous compared to the rest of the body. For the other silhouettes, they will always be sublimated whether they turn to a round neck or a V-neck.

If you have a belly or love apples, a model a little fuller will not hide neither seen nor known, your natural imperfections.

Criterion n°4 : With or without bra

According to your needs of support of the chest, there are models of caracos with bra and without. The models with bra are perfect for women who are in a hurry and allow a considerable saving of time. Just put on the camisole and you're done!

On the other hand, breastfeeding women will be more comfortable in a camisole without a bra, under which they can wear their nursing bra in comfort. No bra" fans will also feel more comfortable in a bra-less camisole. All they have to do is put on nipple covers and strut down the street freely.

Criterion n°5 : The length

The extra long camisole ensures that everything stays in place and covered. Also, go for the medium length to put your mind at ease and to be able to move around unhindered.

Sew a camisole

  • Find a camisole pattern on the internet or in cutting and sewing documents.
  • Reproduce the pattern on a paper
  • Cut out pieces of fabric following the paper pattern.
  • Also cut the bias tape. You will need 2 straps (according to the measurement on the pattern) and an extra bias tape for the front neck.
  • You also need a piece of facing for the top edge of the back. A piece of fabric strip about 4 inches wide and the same length as the top edge of the back design will do.
  • You can also do some small embroidery on the front of the bodice.
  • Finish the edges of the back facing piece.
  • Fold the back in 4s. Mark the fold from both edges as this is where the straps will be joined.
  • Insert the straps between the facing and back pieces that are held right sides together.
  • Sew the top edge (with the straps sandwiched between the facing and the back of the bodice). Make two rows of stitches to ensure that the straps are securely in place.
  • Topstitch the back top edge facing.
  • Sew the side seams.
  • Finally, sew the hem around the bottom of the camisole.

The different types of caracos

For the great happiness of the female gender, different types of caracos have been developed to meet different needs and for all tastes.

The tight camisole

This type of camisole is probably the most common model that can be found on the market. It is usually made of cotton or a stretchy material like elastane or nylon. As the name suggests, it is designed to fit perfectly.

This type of camisole goes well with a shirt over it. It is made for women who have a nice slim figure to show off.

The casual camisole

This model is a little wider than the tight camisole. It is usually made of cotton or silk and sometimes adorned with lace at the front and/or back to offer some sensual appeal. Suitable for bringing out a casual yet dressy look, it pairs well with jean slim or a pencil skirt.

As it is quite loose in the hips, it is very suitable for women who have curves in the stomach and hips. This type of camisole is perfect to hide these imperfections for a sublimated look.

The bra camisole

As the name suggests, it is a camisole with a bra to provide excellent support for the chest. This type of camisole can be worn alone or with a jacket or blazer over it. Since it comes with a bra, it is the perfect getup for sports, walking, yoga, etc. In addition, it is usually made of an ultra breathable fabric that allows it to effectively wick away sweat.

Comfortable, it is the ideal ally of dancers and sportswomen.

The underwear camisole

This type of camisole is designed to flatter your physique to minimize bulges and other imperfections. It offers a lot of support thanks to its slimming and sheathing effect. They are surprisingly comfortable and a great way to "sculpt" your body.

This camisole is actually very popular with women who want to regain their beautiful shape, such as moms who have just given birth.

Camisole or tank top?


In the past, a camisole was usually worn as underwear. Nowadays, it can be worn as a top as well. Most camisoles are often made from fabrics that have sensual appeal, such as satin, nylon or silk, which feel good on the skin and, depending on the model, often include lace trim.

Concerned about the well-being of women and aware of their different needs, the major brands of ready-to-wear have made sure to make a variety of caracos. Hence, camisoles with integrated bra to offer more support for the chest, cotton camisoles and close to the body for a better sheathing effect, models that are a little fuller to hide imperfections in the stomach, etc.

Tank top

Tank tops are worn by both men and women. They are usually tight, but can be long at the waist or rather shortened. One of the biggest differences between tank tops and camisoles is their straps. Tank tops have wider straps, while camisoles usually have thin and light straps: noodle or spaghetti straps.

Like the camisole, the tank top comes in different styles and colors. However, unlike the camisole, it is not an all-purpose piece of clothing. It goes mostly with a casual style.


Caracos and tank tops may share many similarities, but they are fundamentally different. Camisoles are meant to be worn alone or under a loose blouse, top or even a sweater in any season. If you want to juggle different looks, the camisole is the best choice you can make.

Sometimes you can sport a rock star look, sometimes you can flaunt a bohemian look. You can even wear your camisole to all sorts of occasions: work, wedding, christening, engagement, etc. This is not the case with a tank top. With a camisole, you only need to wear the right accessories to bring out a distinct style, while with a tank top, even with more accessories, you won't be as dressed up as with a camisole.

Why buy a camisole?

To have a beautiful silhouette

By wearing a camisole with integrated bra as a top or under your tops, you can easily have a more aesthetic visual rendering of your upper body. Since the camisole is a loose-fitting garment, it will help to hide your imperfections such as belly fat or love apples.

For its timeless side

As the camisole is all-purpose, it is timeless and will bring out any look. You just have to choose the right accessories to go with it. Moreover, it displays a certain majestic retro look that magnifies the female figure.

Because a camisole is chic and feminine

The camisoles adorned with a lace fabric at the neckline are simply beautiful. They bring a touch of femininity very attractive that goes very well with any other clothing. The camisole is an excellent way to highlight the cleavage of a woman.

For its sensual side

Wearing a camisole will make you more stylish and up to date on the new trends of the moment. In addition, its fluid side makes it a symbol of sensuality to appear sexy without doing too much. Indeed, the camisole allows a woman to reveal a part of her body without exposing herself openly. The thin straps of the camisole leave the shoulders well clear to give a nice look.

For his side passe-partout

The camisole is a piece of clothing very appreciated for its all-purpose side. Whether it is for a date, a wedding, an evening with friends, etc. it will be your best ally to remain chic, girly and elegant on all occasions. All that's left to do is to match your camisole with other accessories to bring out the desired style. A high-waisted skirt and stiletto pumps will go very well with it, for a dressed-up look. To be more glamorous, nothing better than shorts or a high-waisted jean miniskirt, etc. The camisole allows you to juggle between all styles.

The best brands of caracos

In our opinion, the best brands of caracos in 2022 are :

Iris & Lilly
Vero Moda

Launched in 2017, Iris & Lilly is Amazon Mode's first lingerie line. The ready-to-wear items offered by Iris & Lilly cater to all tastes, desires, silhouettes and budgets. Bras, babydolls, camisoles, etc. Every woman is sure to find what she is looking for at Iris & Lilly.

Dokotoo is a ready-to-wear brand that makes all kinds of clothes for men and women. The brand is especially appreciated for its ultra-comfortable trendy clothing pieces, made from soft and quality fabrics, formulated with total respect for the skin.

With LilySilk, nothing is left to chance. Its ready-to-wear pieces are beautifully finished, worthy of high-end designs, hence the high price of its confections. The quality is there with caracos that fit normally, made from quality fabrics and comfortable to wear. It's no wonder that many women swear by this clothing brand.

Founded in 1987 by TroelsHolch Povlse, Vero Moda is a reference brand in the fashion industry. It manufactures a whole range of trendy clothes and that, at low prices for the great happiness of fashion fans around the world.

Vislivin is a brand that makes tank tops and camisoles. Its ready-to-wear line particularly appeals to women thanks to its comfortable tops (with or without bra), made from breathable and quality materials suitable for the most athletic and available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

What is the price for a camisole

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 25 £
more than 25 £
Price range diagram


Pair your camisole with a structured skirt to look dressy

You'll look feminine, sexy and refined with a pencil skirt, trapeze skirt or long skirt paired with a camisole. Tuck your garment in for a professional or feminine look, or leave it untucked for a slightly casual touch while still looking polished. For example, you could wear a lace camisole tucked into a pencil skirt for a date night. For a weekend look, leave your silk camisole on over a long skirt, or simply slip a brightly colored camisole into a patterned trapeze skirt.

Put on a casual skirt and camisole for a bohemian look

Wear a flowing cotton or silk camisole. Then wear it untucked over a full half-length skirt or a full-length skirt for a casual bohemian look. If your skirt is a patterned or colorful design, stick to a solid color top. Conversely, if you plan to wear a patterned camisole, pair it with a solid-colored skirt.

Wear the camisole with jeans for a casual look

Caracos are often considered intimate apparel, especially when adorned with lace. Pairing your camisole with jeans creates a more down-to-earth look that works for both day and evening, depending on the style of the jeans. A casual jean will give you a casual day look. For a casual night out look, look for a skinny jean or bootcut. Also try tucking in the camisole to accentuate your waist. Pair this look with heels or flats.

Put on a sexy lace camisole with classic pants or a skirt for a club look

Camisoles can be a great club look because they are flirty and show off your body a bit without overdoing it. However, they can also look more like underwear. Therefore, it's best to pair your camisole with a solid bottom. For example, you can choose pants, linen shorts or a short pencil skirt for this. Since your camisole shows a lot of your upper body, it is recommended not to wear too short stockings with at the risk of showing a too daring look.

Notice to small breasts

If you have a small chest, wear a slightly halter camisole that will show off the lines of your back more. However, think about getting a push-up type bare back bra to perfect your look and at the same time have an excellent support for your chest.


What to wear a camisole with?

As the neckline of a camisole is not plunging, it can be worn anywhere and at any occasion. This is for a simple outing with friends, for a wedding or to go to work. To this end, the camisole goes very well with accessories such as a necklace, a choker or a large necklace. For a casual and girly dress code, wear your camisole with slim jeans and loafers. For a more elegant look, you can combine it with flowing pants or a high-waisted skirt and heeled pumps.

What bra to wear under a camisole?

In order to have a trendy look, it is essential to know how to mix your different clothes, not to overdo it. For a well-defined chest, wear a strapless bra under your camisole. Make sure you choose a bra that is well adapted to your type of breasts so that you feel comfortable in your clothes. It's also best to avoid strapless bras because they can stain your look.

How to make a camisole?

To keep it simple, grab one of your tank tops with thin straps and one of your pajama shorts with lace edges. Using a pair of scissors and a needle, peel the laces off the shorts. Make sure there is enough to cover the entire neck of your camisole. Once that's done, sew the lace to the front of the tank top. There are other ways to make a homemade camisole for yourself, but this one is the easiest for you.

How to wear a silk camisole?

Can be worn year-round, a silk camisole looks great with a fitted jacket and slim pants for a casual chic look. To look more glamorous, you can also pair your silk camisole with boyfriend jeans. In the summer, pair it with a flowing skirt or high-waisted jean shorts, while in the winter, it will look great under a warm blazer or duffle coat.


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