The best parkas for men in the UK 2023

Want to buy a man's coat? They are part of the current men's trends. But which model would suit your personal style, to go to work or to events? To better guide you, here are some criteria to consider before buying one.

Carterpillar Men's Technical Parka 1

Best value for money

Carterpillar Men's Technical Parka

Best men's parka

You want to go for a little walk in icy or very cold areas? This parka will be the ideal companion. It will protect you against the wind.

126 £ on Amazon

Want a cozy and comfortable parka coat? This parka would be a real ally for your outings, your trips or just for the cold. Its large pockets will save you from having a bag too heavy since you will have your small things within reach. Its lightness will avoid you a big fatigue. You will be able to benefit from a comfort of use while remaining warm. Coming from a highquality collection, its durability, its usefulness and its resistance are no longer a secret. This model is ideal for men with a long morphology. It is wide enough to put at ease your body in all circumstances.

Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Parka 2

Best value for money

Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Parka

Best entry-level men's parka

Love the coat style even in the warm weather? Go for the Amazon Essentials parka, with its thermal insulation. Trendy, secure and lightweight with a hood for comfort.

31,92 £ on Amazon

With this parka, you will be reassured about your safety. The fabric with which it is made reflects the light and allows you to be spotted especially at night. It is ideal for those who would like to go on a trip. This model also has a thermal insulation. This provides a pleasant feeling inside even if it is hot outside. It is a trendy khaki colored parka. It will bring you freshness and protection. It has a zipper closure, in addition to a snap system, safe and easy to tighten. With a straight cut, dark colors, it becomes sublime. Signed Amazon Essentials, it is very popular for its urban style.

FJÄLLRÄVEN Barents Winter Parka for men 3

Best premium value for money

FJÄLLRÄVEN Barents Winter Parka for men

Best high-end men's parka

Mid-length parka, it is very useful against the cold. With its removable fur hood and its thick fabric, count on it to spend a warm winter.

272 £ on Amazon

To leave on a trip with peace of mind or to protect yourself from the cold, choose this winter parka with hood. Resistant, it will protect you effectively against the cold and the gusts. Equipped with a waterproof membrane, it will bring you extra resistance to rainwater or snow. Its waterproof fabric also protects against icy winds. Thanks to its button and zipper pockets, you can take your smartphone or your keys with you. A large compartment allows you to keep your hands warm in all circumstances. Its hood gives extra protection to your head and face.

Carhartt Men's Hooded Parka Coat 4

Best alternative

Carhartt Men's Hooded Parka Coat

Best men's parka alternative

Waterproof and durable, it still has a sealed lining. Wearing it, you will stay warm in summer and winter.

See price

The winter and the cold will have no more effect on you thanks to this parka. The tight lining ensures that you will be comfortable and warm in your coat. Besides its high quality and ergonomics, this parka is also very stylish. Its hood protects you from the elements and keeps the wind out of your face. With its deferred patterns, its loose fit, its fur top, you will be sublime. In addition, its two large front pockets will keep your hands warm. You can take a tighter size if you want a model close to the body. It is rigid, but very comfortable.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best men's parka

Any specific needs?

Best men's parka

Best entry-level men's parka

Best high-end men's parka

Best men's parka alternative

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Comparison table of the best parkas for men

Carterpillar Men's Technical Parka 5
Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Parka 6
FJÄLLRÄVEN Barents Winter Parka for men 7
Carhartt Men's Hooded Parka Coat 8
Carterpillar Men's Technical Parka
Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Parka
FJÄLLRÄVEN Barents Winter Parka for men
Carhartt Men's Hooded Parka Coat
You want to go for a little walk in icy or very cold areas? This parka will be the ideal companion. It will protect you against the wind.
Love the coat style even in the warm weather? Go for the Amazon Essentials parka, with its thermal insulation. Trendy, secure and lightweight with a hood for comfort.
Mid-length parka, it is very useful against the cold. With its removable fur hood and its thick fabric, count on it to spend a warm winter.
Waterproof and durable, it still has a sealed lining. Wearing it, you will stay warm in summer and winter.
Cozy, warm and comfortable
Lightweight mid-season parka
Long and waterproof
Waterproof parka
Removable hood
Good thermal insulation
Removable hood with fur
Hood with long warm fur
Multiple large pockets
Style and stylish for an urban look
Perfect for winter
Rigid, but comfortable

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Buying guide - men's parka

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How to choose your men's parka

Choosing a men's parka can be complex. To find the best parka, think about your budget and its use.

#1 - The quality of the fabric

A good parka should save you when the temperature drops considerably. You won't have to worry about rain as it is both comfortable and breathable. So, the quality of the fabric, the way it is sewn will allow you to define its robustness. A waterproof parka will give you simultaneously a waterproofness and an efficiency out of standards against any type of liquid. Models with linings for more resistance should be preferred for increased protection. Prioritize those made with cotton and polyester to balance the temperature.

#2 - The season


summer as well as in winter, there are different kinds of parkas adapted to a man's daily life. Just remember to vary the style and choose the type of fabric to suit your needs. In warm weather, opt for light but waterproof parkas. This way, you will be protected from both rain and heat. When it's cold, opt for a long parka with a temperature-isolating function to protect your lower limbs from freezing. Still, consider how breathable the fabric is.

#3 - The opportunity


the right parka for every occasion will give you the image of a stylish and elegant man. For going to work, favor soft models without a hood or collar, jacket style. Thanks to this, you will be both chic and safe. For a walk or a trip in the wilderness, opt for warmer parkas with fur, especially if you are going to spend the night on the road or in a camp. Finally, when it comes to your night out, consider those with a light hood to protect your head from the cold while looking quite chic.

#4 - The outfit

The choice can also come down to the impression you want to make. Select a mid-length parka if you want to pair it with ankle boots and jeans. A long parka goes with tight pants and more open sandal style shoes. In case you are going for a sporty look, go for the ones that are bulging without a hood or collar to allow you to have loose movements. Finally, adapt the jacket with your originality. Nothing prevents you from choosing an earth or light green color so that it can match the colors of your shoes.

Why opt for the parka for men?

Les meilleures parkas pour homme 18

Coats and jackets are a must these days. With the refined models on the market, it becomes complex to choose the right model. On the one hand, overcoats, jackets, down jackets, on the other, parkas. The latter, however, have become timeless for years. With the diversified cuts, colors and styles, it becomes more and more popular. So, here are 4 good reasons to choose a parka.

Stylish and casual

Ally of all seasons, you have to find a model adapted to your taste. Your personality and your morphology are to be taken into account to give a casual but elegant look. Excellent and ergonomic, the soft or sophisticated parka can make your style shine through.

Perfect winter coat

Its technical and protective aspect will keep you happy in winter. Hooded models with fur and length to your liking will bring out the trendy effect of your clothes while keeping you warm. A parka will cover you from the spits or even the snow.

Current trend

The parka is very popular because of its timeless aspect. Its main advantage is to keep you warm and protected from the wind. In addition, designers have adjusted the models to be consistent with current trends.

An elegant design

Its straight cut, its drop, its length that covers the waist, its waterproofness, its design with a modern textile makes it a very sought after coat. Its large pockets also contribute to its elegant look.

Things to know

Parkas are not necessarily hooded. This is an accessory specific to certain types of parkas. Nowadays, there are also models with removable hoods.

The different types of parkas for men

To accentuate your personal style, the parka must be in harmony with your daily clothes. So, discover the current male trends to better choose your parka according to your desires.

The mid-season parka

Soft, gentle and discreet, it has a thinner lining. The absence of interior padding is there to make you feel comfortable. Its versatility makes it an accessory of choice for you to wear in any circumstance. Simple, yet extremely stylish, you'll feel the coolness in your body at night. With a light tee, your look will be breathtaking.

The aesthetic parka


an urban and casual look, this model is recommended. Generally, this parka focuses on the aesthetic effect. Still, remember to keep it open for extra coolness. It also serves to help you release the beauty of your inner garments. This type of parka is often meticulously taken care of by stylists. Thanks to this, it is both easy to wear and soft to the touch. You can even put a plain shirt inside.

The winter parka


practical in winter, it is more durable, better equipped, while having temperature insulation. The latter is thick enough to keep warm. You can go to work with peace of mind wearing it if you come home late. Plus, it's more padded, so it's cozy. The comfort you'll feel inside is just sublime while it's cold.

The technical parka

It's the perfect companion for aspiring travelers and hikers. Featuring several pockets with practicality, it will give you access to all your belongings very easily. Being lightweight, ergonomic and useful, it is more than just a coat. It remains a modern, cool and especially very elegant dress. You won't be cold with it. For a camping, vacation or hiking in the mountains, the technical parka remains the best choice.

The versatile parka

At the same time stylish, warm and ergonomic, you can benefit from the advantage of all types of parka in one garment. The model is dedicated to sublimate your look with your casual clothes while including the practical features of a technical parka. Although it is comfortable in winter, this parka is light enough to be worn even in spring. This makes it the perfect coat for your impromptu outings. Long and comfortable enough, this type of parka will suit your needs.

Waterproof parka or waterproof parka ?

Waterproof parka

Quite light, easy to wear and breathable, it can withstand small drops of rain. Because it is water-repellent, the water-repellent parka has an outer fabric that repels spittle. Water slides over it without penetrating it, which makes it partly waterproof. In addition to its ergonomics, it will keep you cool. Its generally soft appearance will make it a model to put on daily.

Waterproof parka

Considered as a quality criterion, the waterproofness of the parka will be very useful. In summer, for bad weather, in winter for more heat. The waterproof aspect of this parka is characterized by the existence of an internal lining. This is done with a technical membrane glued to the fabric. Water will therefore not penetrate the interior and you will be covered in all circumstances.


Waterproof or water-repellent, you'll be safe from raindrops. In fact, what could be better than opting for both? That is to say, a parka that is both waterproof and water-repellent so that you are not harmed?


The khaki parka, a timeless item

Whether it's spring or winter, the khaki parka remains a classic. Get one for a simple, yet chic look. Its urban side will sublimate you.

The parka for a formal look


give off a classy look, wear a parka jacket style, and pair it with tight leather pants and brown or black boots


Looking good in your parka

To look stylish in your parka, you need to opt for one that will release the beauty of your figure. For example, if you have curves, avoid bulging parkas.

Shoes to wear with a parka

The parka can go with all shoes: boots, tennis shoes, loafers... Just adjust the length of your parka with the model of shoes you wear.

The parka for a casual look

A colored hooded parka, with or without fur, will give this effect if you wear it with jeans and tennis shoes.


What is the warmest men's parka?

The warmest parka is waterproof, lined, padded, with a hood and fur.

What is the difference between a parka and a down jacket?

A down jacket is a curved jacket. It is made with waterproof or semi-waterproof fabric and insulating padding, which makes it much heavier. A parka is a sober coat style worn for a casual look.

What is the best color for a man's parka?

Basically, parkas are sober and not too flashy. To be both discreet and classy, it is advisable to wear a parka in black, beige, khaki or brown.

How to wash a parka?

Do not bathe it in water. Use a glove, a drop of ammonia and soap to polish it. Be aware that a machine or hand-washed parka may lose its waterproofing.


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Carterpillar Men's Technical Parka
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Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Parka
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FJÄLLRÄVEN Barents Winter Parka for men
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Carhartt Men's Hooded Parka Coat


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