The best tights in the UK 2023

A pair of tights is a fall and winter wardrobe essential. Not only does it keep you warm, but it's also one of those stylish and glamorous pieces that complete our looks. Depending on the thickness, color, fabric ... there are different kinds of tights on the market. In order to guide you in your purchases, we have compiled a list of the best tights of the moment.

Collants néon 40 Wolford 1

Best value for money

Collants néon 40 Wolford

The best tights in 2021

Shiny and semi-sheer, these tights are perfect for showing off your legs! They also have a comfortable elasticity.

23,64 £ on Amazon
Dancina microfiber dance tights 2

Best cheapest

Dancina microfiber dance tights

The best cheap tights in 2021

Looking for a pair of ballet tights? Made of microfiber, Dancina dance tights have the stretch and comfort you need.

11,98 £ on Amazon

Make the most of your dance and ballet classes with Dancina 120 DEN microfiber tights. Made of a special microfiber composition, they have excellent stretch for smooth and easy movement. These tights are ultra-soft to the touch and adhere perfectly to the skin. The mix of nylon, lycra and spandex ensures optimal wear over time and undeniable comfort. Also, even if the time passes, they do not soften but always keep a good hold. To have the right size before your purchase, refer to the size guide.

Falke softmerino tights 3

Best high end

Falke softmerino tights

The best high-end tights in 2021

If you need tights to keep you warm during the winter, Falke has what you need. Made from soft merino wool and cotton, these tights are high quality and offer excellent thermoregulation.

24,92 £ on Amazon

Once you try these Falke tights, you won't want to part with them. Designed with a merino wool fabric on the outside, they are luxurious, soft and offer good thermal regulation. Despite its thickness, the fabric is still very light. The inner side, made of cotton, makes them very pleasant to the touch. With a perfect fit, Falke tights are distinguished by a perfection of craftsmanship and a great attention to detail to satisfy all your needs. Moreover, to ensure absolute comfort, the most stressed areas are reinforced and the seams are particularly flat. Also, the fine mesh helps to highlight your legs.

6 pairs of elastic fishnet tights DRESHOW 4


6 pairs of elastic fishnet tights DRESHOW

The sexiest tights

With DRESHOW fishnet stockings, reveal your femininity while remaining sexy. They are suitable for many occasions and bring style to your looks.

15,99 £ on Amazon

DRESHOW offers you a set of 6 fishnet stockings, each with a different pattern. These stockings will bring an innovative style to your dressing room. Inside, your legs will look slim and perfect. In addition, they are suitable for various occasions, depending on the look you want to wear. For example, pair them with a pair of destroy jeans for a casual look. You can also play the elegance card by wearing them under an evening dress. These stockings will bring out your fashion creativity, and make you hyper trendy in any circumstance. But still, they have this sexy side that you can exploit very well to please your companion.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best tights

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The best tights in 2021

The best cheap tights in 2021

The best high-end tights in 2021

The sexiest tights

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Comparison table of the best tights

Collants néon 40 Wolford 5
Dancina microfiber dance tights 6
Falke softmerino tights 7
6 pairs of elastic fishnet tights DRESHOW 8
Collants néon 40 Wolford
Dancina microfiber dance tights
Falke softmerino tights
6 pairs of elastic fishnet tights DRESHOW
Shiny and semi-sheer, these tights are perfect for showing off your legs! They also have a comfortable elasticity.
Looking for a pair of ballet tights? Made of microfiber, Dancina dance tights have the stretch and comfort you need.
If you need tights to keep you warm during the winter, Falke has what you need. Made from soft merino wool and cotton, these tights are high quality and offer excellent thermoregulation.
With DRESHOW fishnet stockings, reveal your femininity while remaining sexy. They are suitable for many occasions and bring style to your looks.
89% nylon, 10% elastane, 1% cotton
85% polyamide, 15% elastane
57% virgin wool, 23% cotton, 18% polyamides, 2% elastane
Elastic fabric
Beige (Gobi 4365), Beige (Cosmetic 4273), Beige (Fairly Light ), Beige (Gobi 4365), Blau (Admiral 5280), Braun (Coca 4023), Grau (Anthracite 7221), Schwarz (Black 7005), Schwarz (Nearly Black 7212), Cordovan
Black, white, pink, flesh
Black, charcoal, dark brown, mixed light gray, dark navy blue
40 denier
120 denier
80 denier
Machine wash
Machine wash
Machine wash
Machine wash

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How to choose your tights

Just like the other pieces in your wardrobe, you need to choose your tights carefully. To do so, here are a few criteria on which to base your choice.

#1 - The material

There are different materials for tights. Nylon or polyamide tights are known for their great elasticity and resistance to rubbing. There are also wool and cotton tights, very soft and perfect for winter. Not to mention synthetic tights, which are extremely stretchy but not very resistant to the cold. There are also tights made of voile, foam, satin...

#2 - The thickness

We can measure the thickness of a pair of tights in denier. From 10 to 15 denier, tights are extremely thin and transparent. These tights are more likely to tear while putting them on. From 20 denier, they are opaque and therefore thicker. Moreover, the thicker the tights, the warmer they are. The choice will therefore be made according to the season.

#3 - The color

Choose the color of your tights according to your outfit and your tastes. Wear colored tights for more originality, and those of flesh color to play the card of discretion. However, you should know that black remains a basic. Sober, but elegant, it has the advantage of going with all your clothes and keeps you warm in winter.

#4 - The size

It is important to choose the right size of tights to avoid tearing them just by putting them on. For this, you need to refer to the size guide on the back of the box. This is based on the size and weight. In case the tights will be too tight, you can opt for a size slightly above the one that suits you.

#5 - The style

When it comes to tights, you are bound to be confronted with a wide variety of styles: plain, feathery, fishnet, multicolored... Each model will make your look unique. But the choice should be made according to the occasion and your goals. For example, plain colored tights are perfect for an elegant look, while fancy tights bring out your feminine, glamorous, even sexy side!

How do you wear tights in style?


Buying the right tights is key, but you still need to know how to match them. Here are some tips on how to wear your tights with style.

The basics: black opaque tights

A must-have piece in your wardrobe. Black opaque tights can be worn with everything! However, you should avoid the all-black look so as not to look austere. When you wear a black dress with black opaque tights, opt for shoes of another color. For an elegant look, you can wear your black opaque tights with a short evening dress and heeled boots, or with pumps. For a casual day, go for a denim miniskirt with sneakers, boots or converse instead.

Fancy tights

When you want to bring a personally trendy touch to your look, don't hesitate to wear fancy tights. Slip the lace tights under your evening dress to add charm to your outfit, as well as a touch of seduction. To this, you can combine some gold bracelets to accentuate the effects, but nothing too heavy. Patent pumps will sublimate the whole. As for the famous fishnet tights, they will be perfect with a denim mini-shorts and studded boots for an ultra trendy look. Moreover, wearing mesh tights under a pair of destroy jeans is currently very trendy.


Colored tights

They are synonymous with originality. But still make sure they match the color of your outfit. If you can't find tights in the same shade as your clothes, at least choose colors that are close to them. And above all, don't exceed three colors in a single outfit. For example, for your shoes, you can take the color of your top. The "color block" style is also very fashionable. It's about wearing totally opposite colors together, while limiting yourself to three colors. With this style, dare the most extravagant tights colors like a black dress with fuchsia tights and black pumps for example.

The different types of tights

Tights come in many different forms, from simple to sophisticated, from classic to modern. In general, there are four types of tights.

Plain tights

These are the classic tights. They can be colored, black or flesh-colored. Depending on taste and needs, their appearance also varies from opaque to transparent, through semi-opaque. Opaque tights are thicker and are more suitable for winter. Those that are transparent are thinner and lighter, and are suitable for the mid-season.

Feathered tights

At the base, the plumetis tights are black tights in transparent veil embroidered with small opaque dots. But they have been modernized. Nowadays, black gives way to other colors like red, blue, pink... and the little dots can become little hearts, little bows or other original patterns.

Fancy tights

This type of tights greatly contributes to the enhancement of your legs. It adds a touch of creativity to your outfit. There are lace tights, chic and very feminine. There are also fishnet tights that are both elegant and sexy. Not to mention the glittery tights and gold tights for the more daring.

Contention tights

They are intended for therapeutic use. The tights are very elastic and strongly compress the lower limbs. They thus promote blood circulation in the veins. This type of tights is very indicated to treat varicose veins or heavy legs problems.

Tights or stockings?


Tights are a kind of underwear that covers the lower limbs up to the feet. They are made of a fairly thin and elastic fabric. Depending on the number of deniers, we can define the thickness of tights, but also their degree of opacity. There are many different types of tights. The color, material and patterns play a big role in this distinction.

The stockings

The stockings are similar to the tights, except that they do not have the panty part. They only go up to mid-thigh. There are the classic stockings, which must be worn with suspenders to hold them in place. Moreover, stockings associated with a garter belt are often used as an accessory of seduction. But there are also the self-fixing stockings that are held in place with a silicone band.


Tights and stockings are meant to keep you warm, but more importantly to draw attention to your legs. Tights look classier and more elegant, while stockings add a sexy touch to your outfit. It all depends on your preferences.


Test the size of your tights

To make sure your tights fit properly, check that the gusset at the crotch fits properly and that no creases are visible once your leg is stretched.

Use varnish to prevent stringing

If you notice the beginning of threading on your tights, put some varnish on them to stop it cleanly.

Put your new tights in the fridge

If you want your tights to last a long time, just put them in the refrigerator before you wear them for the first time. That way, they won't tear easily.

Remove your jewelry before putting them on

Tights are fragile, especially if they are very thin. So, to avoid snags, don't wear any jewelry while putting them on.

Wash your tights by hand

Although this is a possible option, the washing machine would risk damaging the elasticity of your tights, or tearing them. That's why it's best to wash your tights by hand.


How to recognize a bad quality pantyhose?

Poor quality tights will wrinkle and streak your legs. In addition, they are less stretchy, spin easily and tend to be too shiny.

How to wear boots without damaging your pantyhose?

When wearing boots, slip mini-socks over your tights so they don't get damaged.

What are the best alternatives to black pantyhose?

Dark colored opaque tights

like navy blue or brown are a great alternative to black tights, as long as they match your outfit well.

Can you wash your pantyhose in the washing machine?

Machine washingyour tights is possible, but there are some points to keep in mind. First of all, you have to put your tights in nets. Then, the washing must be done on the cold delicate program. And above all, you must not send them to the dryer!

How to sew up a torn pantyhose?

You can apply transparent nail polish or dry soap on the ends of the tear, so that it does not widen. Generously spraying hairspray on the tights is also an alternative. Or, you can put strong glue on the torn area.


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Collants néon 40 Wolford 9
Collants néon 40 Wolford
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Dancina microfiber dance tights
Falke softmerino tights 11
Falke softmerino tights
6 pairs of elastic fishnet tights DRESHOW 12
6 pairs of elastic fishnet tights DRESHOW


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