The best smoothing brushes in the UK 2023

Today we're going to talk about an accessory that modern women cherish: the straightening brush. This device allows you to brush and straighten your hair in just a few minutes. We often struggle to find the right straightening brush for us. To find the best straightening brush for your needs, check out our comparison and buying guide.

Saint Algue Demeliss Pro 1

Best value for money

Saint Algue Demeliss Pro

Best smoothing brush in 2021

If you're looking for a brush that both smoothes your hair and keeps your natural look, the Saint Algue is for you. It combines both criteria perfectly: very efficient and much more practical. This straightening brush will fit your needs, even if you are a beginner in blow-drying.

33,59 £ on Amazon

The Saint Algue Demeliss Pro is equipped with an LCD screen. Its adjustable temperature from 160 to 210 degrees Celsius offers a quick heat up of the device. With its ionic function against static electricity, there is no risk of your hair going all over the place or blowing up. The Saint Algue Demeliss Pro features a stylish and original champagne color. The included premium velvet storage pouch allows you to keep it safe without the risk of damage. As for the rotating cord, it allows the machine to be easily transportable, which is also a very practical aspect when using it.

Moreover, 40 detangling pins and 66 ceramic heating pins are offered with this product. This is in order to get your hair looking its best quickly. As for its notoriety, rest assured. The Saint Algue Demeliss Pro straightening brush is perfectly recognized by the professionals and benefits from many confirmed praises.

Philips StyleCare 2


Philips StyleCare

Best entry-level smoothing brush

This is the Philips straightening brush. This is a popular model because it offers a multitude of benefits. With its tourmaline ceramic coating, ThermoProtect technology and ultra-wide brushing zone, it's breathtaking.

26,71 £ on Amazon

The Philips StyleCare straightening brush is all about speed and efficiency. It will allow you to straighten your hair in just 5 minutes. This is because it has a very large brushing area. So you can brush a large portion of your hair in one pass. It also has two temperature settings. These allow the StyleCare to be available for a variety of hair types.

Safety is not an issue when it comes to the StyleCare, it has ThermoProtect technology. This is a technology that protects the user from being burned or injured by carelessness or accident. Also, the tourmaline ceramic coating, a very fashionable material and a very resistant coating, ensures the durability of the brush. Finally, the 1.8 m rotating cord offers great maneuverability, which will allow you to have great freedom of movement.

GHD Glide 3

Best top of the line

GHD Glide

Best high-end smoothing brush

The Glide brush is the first professional brush from GHD. With an optimal temperature, two sizes of pimples, ceramic and ionic technology and a long lasting result, the GHD Glide is unique.

118 £ on Amazon
Brosse lissante Tymo Ring 4

Very good smoothing brush

Brosse lissante Tymo Ring

Very good

Save more than half your time by straightening your hair with the Tymo Ring Straightening Brush instead of damaging it further with a straightening iron.

58,40 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best smoothing brush

Any specific needs?

Best smoothing brush in 2021

Best entry-level smoothing brush

Best high-end smoothing brush

Very good

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Comparison table of the best smoothing brushes

The best Inexpensive Top of the line
Saint Algue Demeliss Pro 5
Philips StyleCare 6
GHD Glide 7
Brosse lissante Tymo Ring 8
Saint Algue Demeliss Pro
Philips StyleCare
GHD Glide
Brosse lissante Tymo Ring
If you're looking for a brush that both smoothes your hair and keeps your natural look, the Saint Algue is for you. It combines both criteria perfectly: very efficient and much more practical. This straightening brush will fit your needs, even if you are a beginner in blow-drying.
This is the Philips straightening brush. This is a popular model because it offers a multitude of benefits. With its tourmaline ceramic coating, ThermoProtect technology and ultra-wide brushing zone, it's breathtaking.
The Glide brush is the first professional brush from GHD. With an optimal temperature, two sizes of pimples, ceramic and ionic technology and a long lasting result, the GHD Glide is unique.
Save more than half your time by straightening your hair with the Tymo Ring Straightening Brush instead of damaging it further with a straightening iron.
Tourmaline ceramic
Cord length
2.7 m
Hair types
soft, fine, bleached, curly, thick or wavy hair
Product dimensions
29 x 11 x 5 cm
7.5 x 4.8 x 35 cm
32.89 x 10.21 x 10.31 cm
32.2 x 8.2 x 7 cm

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Buying guide - smoothing brush

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How to choose your smoothing brush

To make sure you choose the right straightening brush for you, here are some criteria to consider.

#1 - Temperature

Since the straightening brush is used to heat the hair to make it easier to discipline and more shiny, it is imperative to take into account the minimum and maximum temperature of the device. This indication allows you to know which brush is best suited to your hair needs.
Indeed, there is an optimal temperature for each type of hair. If the minimum temperature is too high for your hair, its condition may deteriorate over time. Likewise, if the maximum temperature is too cold for your hair, you'll waste too much time reclaiming each handful of hair.

#2 - Materials of construction

Already, let's talk about the coating. Did you know that some materials can, in the long run, significantly damage your hair? It is more than necessary to know your hair type and the materials to which they are allergic. This is absolutely necessary to prevent potential deterioration of your hair. You will find that there are 3 types of coating: ceramic, nano ceramic and tourmaline.
If you are looking for comfort with an assurance of 0 thermal shock, the ceramic coating is perfect for you. In addition, it allows the hair to react better and is easy to work with. The ceramic brush tightens cuticles and makes hair shinier. The nano ceramic brush, on the other hand, makes your hair smooth and silky looking. And finally, the tourmaline coating which is quite similar to ceramic but slightly more enriched. Indeed, it also avoids overheating which promotes soft and shiny hair renderings.

#3 - Technology

When we talk about technology, we are mostly talking about the heating system that the brush is equipped with. So, beware of systems that straighten hair but burn it at the same time, it does not help anyone, we agree!
Ionic technology is the most common because it protects the hair from heat. Thus, you do not take the risk of damaging the condition of your hair. But there are other systems and technologies, such as MCH heating, it allows you to heat your brush faster while maintaining the consistency of heat throughout the straightening.

#4 - Safety

And yes, the straightening brush is a device that uses electricity, which heats to a very high temperature. Thus, it remains as effective as it is dangerous. Therefore, the safety criterion must be taken seriously.
Indeed, some brushes offer more safety by avoiding short circuits or a possible burn due to lack of attention or accident. There are, for example, products that have an anti-scald system that prevents the end of the mesh from heating up at high temperatures. Hence, it is impossible for you to have an unpleasant surprise.

#5 - Ergonomics

When we talk about ergonomics, we are talking about the comfort side of the product, the handling of it and the ease of use. The appearance counts a lot, because it plays on the quality of the result. Indeed, the easier the brush is to handle, the less time you will waste and the better the result.
It is always best to choose the smoothing brush that is the easiest to use, i.e. the one that is the most manageable. For example, consider the length of the lead wire, because the longer the wire, the more you can move without blocking. There are details that seem small but play a big role in the quality, like the rotating cables for example.

When to use a straightening brush?

Wet hair

Sometimes we don't have time to let our hair dry completely before using a styling device like a straightening brush or a hair straightener. But is it okay to use an electric appliance with wet hair? Of course not! Brushes, well most of them, are electrically conductive. Normally, the discharge is not perceptible by the skin, but it can be amplified by water. Nevertheless, technological innovations mean that manufacturers are now producing safe brushes with which wet hair is safe.

Dry hair

It is always advisable to use a straightening brush only with dry hair. The reason for this is the electricity conducted through the mesh. Even if the charge is very small, there is still a risk. So, it is better to use the straightening brush only when you are sure that you have dried your hair well to be sure that you are not at risk. Or, if you never have time to dry your hair or just prefer to straighten your hair when it's wet, go straight for the brush that offers this option.

The different types of smoothing brushes

There are two types of straightening brushes. The difference is essentially in the function and the mode of use.

Heated straightening brush

This type of brush is, let's say, the classic type of smoothing brush. The one that most women use on a daily basis. It is especially appreciated by those whose hair is easy to discipline, that is to say hair more or less fine that is easily straightened.
If we talk about functionality, the only job of the heated straightening brush is to detangle, align, brush and of course straighten the hair. In doing so, it is the simplest of the straightening brush categories, which makes it the most manageable and easy to use.

Blow-out straightening brush

This type of brush is the extension of the simple straightening brush. The manufacturers have added functionality to the brush and a good number of people relish this innovation. It is especially loved by those who are always in a hurry when they do their morning beauty routine before going out.
In fact, in addition to brushing, detangling, straightening, styling and tidying hair, it also dries it. It can be used on wet or damp hair. It's both a straightening brush and a hair dryer. Practical, isn't it?

Smoothing brush or iron

Smoothing brush

It is a device that appeared on the market a few years ago. It is gradually making its mark and is increasingly found in the daily lives of modern women. It combines efficiency and manageability. It has meshes that pass between the hair and detangle it while heating it.
This little device is so easy to use that it doesn't take more than a few minutes to get a perfect result. Just use it as you would a comb: you brush your hair with it and it detangles, smoothes and shines your hair. It is therefore advisable to use it especially when you don't have time to linger on the beauty.

Straightening iron

The straightening iron has been around longer than most people think and has been used by individuals and professionals alike for the quality of the results. It offers the luxury of being able to straighten your hair anywhere and anytime without needing assistance. It is nicknamed the "silent brushing".
For the visual, it looks like a large clip that has two plates that can open and close at will. These two plates are heating plates, so the use is quite simple: just take a handful of hair, pass it between the plates, then pinch it from the root and then slide to the end of the hair.


The detangling and smoothing device highlights manageability and effectiveness in a short time. Indeed, the smoothing brush takes no more than 20 minutes on average to give a breathtaking result. It is used especially when you can't afford to stay in front of the mirror for too long to look good.

The straightening iron, on the other hand, highlights the professionalism and the provision of a smooth result such as after a blow-dry without the need for another person. All you have to do is plug in the power cord, set the temperature and proceed by handful of hair. It is mostly used for big occasions or events because the procedure is quite long.

Why buy a smoothing brush?


This device is an innovation in the world of technology and fashion. It fulfills the function of hair brush and straightener at the same time. You can detangle and discipline your hair at the same time.


Indeed, the straightening brush offers a flawless result in a very short time. You can make yourself beautiful in just a few minutes. Usually, if you have the right brush for your hair type, you only need 20 minutes.


This is the best way to get a blowout without blowing your hair out. You get a silky, shiny result (like after blow-drying) in just a few minutes (less time than blow-drying).


This device is very thin, very light and, therefore, easy to hold in the hand. It also has a long cord that makes it easy to use and offers freedom of movement. Basically, it is used like a classic brush so the movement is already instinctive.


When we talk about savings, we are talking about saving time and money. You don't have to go to a hair salon to waste two hours and money if you can spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror after your shower.

The best brands of smoothing brushes

In our opinion, the best brands of smoothing brushes in 2022 are :


Young and ambitious, the brand was founded only recently but has already become a reference in the field of hairdressing. It gives the general public the opportunity to acquire high-end products.

Ithas been accompanying millions of people on a daily basis for 50 years. Unavoidable as soon as we talk about beauty solutions and professional quality.

Abrand specialized in electrical appliances associated with beauty and their products are accessible to all. Indeed, it is a consumer brand.

Professional styling has no secrets for this brand. It has been operating in this field since 2006, based in the UK. It is renowned for its high-end equipment.

Mondiallyknown by household appliances, the brand is gradually entering the world of hairdressing. It uses its many years of experience to produce very high quality items.

What is the price for a smoothing brush

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 80 £
80 £ to 130 £
more than 130 £
Price range diagram


Well-prepared hair

Always make sure your hair is dry and clean before using the straightening brush. This is to ensure that you get the expected result and to avoid hair damage.

Ready hair

Ifyou have it and you are not sure if the brush you are using is safe, apply a heat protection spray and you will be serene.

Temperature appropriate

Toavoid wasting time and to straighten each handful of hair, it's always best to go in sections. Thus, separate them with clips before straightening.

No unnecessary risk

It'sobvious that there's a temperature suitable for every hair type, know yours! Among other things, you will avoid completely destroying the structure of your hair.

Attention! Do not increase the temperature of the straightening brush thinking that it will make it more effective or thinking that you will not waste time. This will only damage your hair.


How to clean a straightening brush? How to use a straightening brush? How often should I use a straightening brush? What temperature should I use for my hair?

First, make sure the brushis unplugged properly and is completely cool before cleaning. To do this, take a slightly damp towel and run it between the pins while removing the hair with your hand.

Before using the straightening brush for a smoothing, apply a protective conditioner or oil to your hair. The goal is to ensure that the high heat imposed by the straightening brush does not lead to the degradation of your hair. Then, simply plug in the machine, set the temperature that suits your hair and finally brush it with the brush.

Itis true that using the straightening brushtoo many times can, in the long run, have an impact on the hair structure, depending on the quality of the product. It is advised not to exceed three times a week.

It isbest, when using the straightening brush, to always stay below 200°. But there are types of hair, especially thicker, for which it is necessary to increase the temperature: from 190° to 210°, or for very thick hair: from 210° to 230°.


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