The best white shirts for women in the UK 2023

To stay chic and stylish, the white shirt is a great classic to have in your wardrobe. It is both timeless, practical and light. Yet various choices confuse you so much that it is difficult to choose the best one. To help you decide, discover the best white shirts for women in terms of quality and style.

White shirt with long sleeves Wudodo 1

Editor's Choice

White shirt with long sleeves Wudodo

The best white shirt for women in 2021

No matter what color your skin is, the Wudodo brand white shirt can enhance your look. The long sleeves, classic collar and decorative black buttons give a chic and modern look.

22,39 £ on Amazon

If you feel like showing off your beautiful figure, wear this beautiful white shirt fitted via darts on both sides. This is a white shirt with a classic collar and black buttons very aesthetic. The long sleeves, meanwhile, are set with decorative buttons for a unique style.

With its simple yet chic design, this white shirt is easy to match with other clothes. Whether it's with a skirt or pants, this style of shirt is your ally for a stylish look. It can be worn on any occasion, no matter what event you are going to attend. Its design allows you to be serious, classy and elegant at the same time.

Amoretu long sleeve V-neck casual shirt 2

The best cheapest

Amoretu long sleeve V-neck casual shirt

The best entry-level white shirt for women

Do you want a great look at a great price? The Amoretu white shirt is for you. It will make you look charming with its unique casual style.

20,25 £ on Amazon

The buttoned V-neck of the shirt will highlight your chest in all discretion. The long sleeves of the shirt, on their side, will protect you from the sun's rays while remaining stylish. The fluid cut of the shirt will hide your small imperfections without impacting your look. It looks like a tunic, which is perfect for all body types.

To perfect your style, just wear it with jeans or a total white look. This outfit will be ideal for a date or other occasions. Made of a soft and comfortable fabric, the shirt can be worn all year round regardless of the weather. Despite this, for a rhythmic day, do not hesitate to adopt this style to avoid any discomfort since it is pleasant to wear.

Tommy Hilfiger Jenna Shirt 3

The best high-end

Tommy Hilfiger Jenna Shirt

The best high-end white shirt for women

Made with soft fabrics, this white shirt for women offers you an outstanding comfort. Its standard cut is suitable for all occasions and sublimates all morphologies. It is perfect to stay very classy.

41,56 £ on Amazon

If you're the kind of woman who leans a little bit into a masculine style without overdoing it, this white shirt is for you. The long sleeves of this one are a real asset for you to adopt this kind of look. It can be worn for more formal occasions, with tuxedo pants and heels or derbies.

However, do not forget to add a touch of femininity like makeup, jewelry or wear it very low cut with a bit of lace underneath ... This outfit illustrates a woman of character, of high standing and enjoying great self-confidence. This shirt is simply a basic of all women's wardrobes.

Blooming Jelly chiffon blouse 4

The best alternative

Blooming Jelly chiffon blouse

A great alternative

If you are looking for comfort and style, this beautiful chiffon shirt is recommended. The breathable property of its fabric will make you feel light while wearing it.

20,79 £ on Amazon

This white shirt by Blooming Jelly offers women a more casual and versatile style. Its round collar, very classic, adapts well to all looks. The short sleeves promise you a great freedom of movement, it is ideal to spend the day in all lightness.

It looks like a t-shirt except that it is designed in chiffon with knitted accent tassels to give it a semi-classy feel. With its flowing cut, the shirt will be very comfortable to wear. However, to prevent the shirt from being too transparent, a lining has been sewn underneath. It can be worn with almost anything as a slim jeans destroy, a pencil skirt or a mini skirt.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best white shirt for women

Any specific needs?

The best white shirt for women in 2021

The best entry-level white shirt for women

The best high-end white shirt for women

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best white shirts for women

White shirt with long sleeves Wudodo 5
Amoretu long sleeve V-neck casual shirt 6
Tommy Hilfiger Jenna Shirt 7
Blooming Jelly chiffon blouse 8
White shirt with long sleeves Wudodo
Amoretu long sleeve V-neck casual shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Jenna Shirt
Blooming Jelly chiffon blouse
No matter what color your skin is, the Wudodo brand white shirt can enhance your look. The long sleeves, classic collar and decorative black buttons give a chic and modern look.
Do you want a great look at a great price? The Amoretu white shirt is for you. It will make you look charming with its unique casual style.
Made with soft fabrics, this white shirt for women offers you an outstanding comfort. Its standard cut is suitable for all occasions and sublimates all morphologies. It is perfect to stay very classy.
If you are looking for comfort and style, this beautiful chiffon shirt is recommended. The breathable property of its fabric will make you feel light while wearing it.
Synthetic fabric
95% rayon, 5% elastane
70% cotton, 30% polyamides
Silk chiffon
Sleeve length
Long sleeves
Long sleeves
Long sleeves
Short sleeves
Collar type
Classic neckline
Classic neckline
Round neck

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Buying guide - white shirt for women

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How to choose your white shirt for women

Having trouble choosing the perfect white shirt for women? Here are some criteria to help you decide.

#1 - The cup

In order to get the perfect white shirt, it is always best to choose the top size if you are hesitating between two sizes. This will make you comfortable in your every move, especially when you lift your arms. The length is also important to avoid excess fabric in your pants or skirts.

#2 - The material

It is necessary to check the material of the shirt on the label to avoid any risk of discomfort or even allergy. A 100% cotton shirt is the most recommended because of its softness. Avoid choosing a shirt designed with a rigid material, as this may cause discomfort. But also, the way of washing the fabric largely depends on its design material.

#3 - The length of the sleeves

Generally, the basic white shirt has long sleeves. It is essential to check them during the fitting, as they should slightly cover the arms. However, you can choose according to the season. For example, in summer, you can wear a short-sleeved shirt or a sleeveless one. There are also white shirts for women with 3/4 sleeves.

#4 - The type of collar

The collar style plays a big role in choosing a shirt. For a classic look, the French or Parisian collar is the ideal choice. The collar size is also an element not to be neglected. If it is too tight, you may feel uncomfortable. If you feel like showing off your chest for a sexier look, opt for a V-neck shirt.

#5 - The buttons

It's better tohave mother-of-pearl buttons than plastic ones. However, the latter are very thin and they could break easily. To recognize a mother-of-pearl button, you just have to feel its temperature, because it is cooler than the plastic one. Style-wise, you have a choice between clearly visible or hidden buttons.

#6 - Finishing touches

Always check the quality of the finishing, especially the seams. English seams hide the threads of the side seam, but present a small strip of fabric that is all clean and more crisp and solid than overlock stitching. And for shirts with a rounded front, it's best to check for swallows at the side slits.

How to wear the white shirt with style?

You are attracted to a white shirt, but you don't know how and with what to wear it? You just need to customize it according to the context. Here are some ideas to help you easily adopt an extraordinary look.


1- In black and white

Timeless, the black and white combo brings more femininity. They are all-purpose colors. Among others, white shirt with black skirt or pants will be perfect for a date where you need to look classy, serious and confident.

2- Skirt or pants?

Various cuts of pants go perfectly with a white shirt for a masculine-feminine result. With this style, heels will do very well for a working girl look. A small skirt, as for her, enhances your feminine side. The sexy side will be softened by the white shirt. Decide between a casual or distinguished style to choose a long or short/plain or printed skirt.

3- Total white look

The color white reveals a personality that is as clean on the inside as it is on the outside of you. Enhancing this look, we invite you to combine it with colorful or printed accessories. But be careful! Avoid going overboard with jewelry. It must all relate to the clothing style you want to adopt.

4- Tie the shirt

To show off your hip, tie your white shirt at its hem. But also, tying the shirt allows you to expose the beauty of your flat stomach. For this kind of style, it is best to choose an oversized shirt and wear it with a skirt or skinny pants.

5- Imitate the style of female bloggers

Bloggers have a very unique way of wearing their white shirts while showing off their overall attire. If you like to have this edgy look, tuck in one side of the shirt and keep the other out. This is a popular style for women to stand out from the crowd.

6- Try retro style

With mom style jeans, a white shirt of the oversized kind will make you look unique. To totally mimic the retro style, you can tuck the shirt into the jeans and put a belt.

The different types of white shirts for women

Depending on the cut of the shirt, there are three different styles of white shirts: the slim fit, the flowing white shirt and the oversized cut.

The slim-fitting white shirt

The slim-fitting white shirt is characterized by a cut that tightens the waist. It is the tightest of the white shirts. Whether you are a woman with a slim or round waist, the fitted white shirt is made to highlight your body type. In addition to that, the white shirt is designed for women of character.

From its working girl style, the slim-fitted shirt is worn at work to show the ability, seriousness and class of the wearer. For formal occasions, it is kept simple and elegant with small but remarkable accessories such as pumps and tailored pants. This mode of dressing restores self-confidence, and what leads women to be decisive.

The flowing white shirt

The flowing white shirt has a less tight fit, without being very loose. No matter what event you're attending, the shirt is still a standard outfit. Looking for an outfit for the city or to go on vacation by the sea? Nothing looks better than a flowing white shirt.

With its light material fabric and slightly loose fit, it gives you a feeling of total freedom and cheerfulness. An ideal outfit to spend the vacations, just add a little flowery skirt of all colors, sandals and a matching hat. We stay sexy and protected from the sun with its long sleeves. What better than a versatile shirt to amaze your day?

Oversized white shirt

The oversized white shirt is, as its name suggests, very wide with a length up to mid-thigh or even more. Considered the most fashionable shirt at the moment, the XXL shirt can be worn over pants as well as a shirt dress over his swimsuit. For a more classy and casual look, opt for an oversized white shirt with a colorful belt.

It can also be worn with an open button to reveal the sexy side of the woman with just a tank top inside and tight pants. This shirt avoids any discomfort that may be caused by its cut that is rather wide. Therefore, you just have to put it on and go have fun in all freedom and lightness.

White shirt or white t-shirt?

White shirt or white t-shirt? It's not always easy to choose between these two basics. To help you, here are the advantages of each of these clothes.

The white shirt

The great thing about a white shirt is that it goes with any type of style and clothing. Just pair it with jeans and pumps or flats for an everyday look. If you want to go for a cooler look, wear the shirt with sneakers. Wearing a white shirt allows you to be both elegant and stylish.

The white t-shirt

A white t-shirt leans a little bit towards a rather standard style. In other words, a white t-shirt can be worn every day for a casual look. However, paired with jeans, a jacket and pumps, you can embody a more chic style. So, to go to work or out with friends, the white t-shirt will be perfect to give you an original look.


White shirt or white t-shirt? The best is to choose the white shirt. Why? One, a white shirt is easy to wear and will always accentuate your beauty. Two, it doesn't require too much style to wear. Whether it's for a meeting or a fancy event, a white shirt can help you blend in without any false notes.

Five good reasons to wear a white shirt

By having a white shirt in her wardrobe, any woman will never run out of ideas about her look. If you're not convinced yet, these five reasons will change your mind.

1- A basic of the female wardrobe

The white shirt remains a wardrobe essential. Starting with a white shirt, it's easy to find the perfect look for the day. It can be paired with any color of your choice and depending on the event. The color camel, for example, allows you to stay chic and elegant. A little touch of well-balanced accessories will be a plus.

2- For all body types

If you're a little curvy, opt for a more fitted style with a straight or flared cut. On the other hand, if you have a slim waist, you need a little volume to accentuate your silhouette. In this case, a loose-fitting style will be perfect. Small women should avoid shirts that are too long. A little bit of cleavage will be at the top for fuller women.

3- For all occasions

The white shirt can be both dressy and casual. We put on a more elegant outfit at the office or at special moments while putting a white shirt with a pencil skirt or straight pants that gives a look of working girl. Alternatively, a loose white shirt paired with printed shorts and lighter sandals will give you a more casual look.

4- Various possible looks

It is safe to say that the white shirt is a standard that meets all your demands. The trend of the year is to wear it with one side in and one side out. For a mix of retro and modernity, we associate an oversized white shirt with skinny jeans. A shirt with a Claudine collar, jeans and a black leather perfecto offers a romantic look. To look chic, the shirt should be worn under a suit or a tailor.

5- A timeless shirt

Since it is a basic part of a woman's wardrobe, it is suitable for all body types and all occasions, not to mention the various possible looks it offers, the white shirt is and will always be at the top of the clothing trends. For years and until today, women have taken advantage of its existence.

The best brands of white shirts for women

In our opinion, the best brands of white shirts for women in 2022 are :

Tommy Hilfiger
Blooming Jelly
Miss Moly

The Wudodo brand is known for its quality fashion items. The brand's clothes are not only trendy, but also very comfortable to wear. If you are in the mood for a stylish and comfortable shirt, don't hesitate to check out the models that the brand offers.

Tommy Hilfiger's particularity lies in the style of its clothes. The brand leans a little bit towards a casual chic style. Apart from their originality, the clothes they offer are of a quality that you can't find anywhere else.

If you want to get a short sleeve garment, this brand will spoil you with the different ranges it offers. The material of the garments' design offers them a long life and optimal comfort.

The watchword of this brand is simplicity and freedom. It has known how to combine simplicity with quality, style and elegance to delight female customers. In addition to that, the style of its clothes, including white shirts for women, is unique.

If you want to enhance your figure, this brand is recommended. Miss Moly, as the name suggests, helps you feel like a Miss with its quality shirts. This is your chance to show the world your beautiful body without overdoing it.

What is the price for a white shirt for women

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Wash your white shirt properly

To avoid stains, white clothes should be cleaned separately from the rest of the laundry. To keep your white shirts bright, use a bleach-based detergent. Always wash by hand to keep the fabric white longer. If you need to machine wash, choose a gentle program. A trick to remove yellow marks is to pour lemon juice in the laundry tub. To dry, leave your white shirt on a hanger or lay it out in the sun.

Iron your white shirt

Start by choosing the right temperature for the type of fabric. Unbutton your shirt. Ironing should be done in stages. Start with the collar of the shirt. Iron each piece carefully using the tip of the iron. Most importantly, iron from the center of the shirt outward until the shirt is completely ironed. If you don't want to waste time or if you don't plan to put it on right away, you can fold your shirt at the same time and at each step of the ironing process.

Fold and store your shirts carefully

To fold your shirt, start by buttoning it well. Lay it out inside out on a flat surface. Bring both sides toward the middle of the back in neat parallel lines. Fold the sleeves over the previous folds. Bring the bottom of the shirt up once for about 20 centimeters, then a second time to the bottom of the collar. Turn the shirt inside out and that's it! If you don't want to fold it, just use a hanger so it doesn't wrinkle.

Choose your fashion accessories carefully

To "break up" the whiteness of the shirt, don't hesitate to wear colorful accessories. A red belt or a small leopard print scarf tied like a tie will make your look great. Don't forget the jewelry that you can choose very flashy: an ethnic bracelet or a sautoir will do very well.

Try the masculine feminine look

Match your white shirt with a tuxedo jacket over it for a slightly masculine look. We add a little feminine touch by pairing it with skinny pants or a pencil skirt. Don't forget the heels and the pretty clutch for the glamour side. Otherwise, you can bet on other accessories like a scarf tied like a man's tie or flat derbies.


What shoes to wear with a white shirt?

On the one hand, pumps and derbies will make a white shirt and straight pants look chic, elegant and professional. And on the other hand, sandals and sneakers are ideal with a slim white shirt worn with relaxed jeans or even printed mini skirts. The latter look will make you look more radiant.

How to remove yellow sweat stains from a white shirt?

Stains are undesirable on white clothing. However, there are many tricks to remove them. First, you can tie lemon slices in a white sock and put them in the drum of your washing machine with your white clothes. To bleach a shirt of this color, you can also use white vinegar, bleach, baking powder, hydrogen peroxide or even sorrel salt. In any case, you add a little to your laundry tub to make your white shirt shine again.

How to keep your shirt white?

The secret lies in its care. When washing, sort your dirty clothes and do not mix coloured clothes with those that are entirely white. Also avoid putting them with too dirty clothes that may leave traces on your white shirt. To keep your white shirt bright, it should be dried in the sun after washing. Be sure to iron it well and put it away carefully each time.

What to wear over the white shirt?

To showcase your style or also to warm up a bit, it's best to put on a cardigan or blazer whose length is dictated by the style and accessories chosen. On the top of a sweater should come out the collar and on the bottom the flaps of the shirt for a stylish look. If you don't want a total white look, you can opt for dark clothes that contrast well with the white shirt and give you a very classy look.


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White shirt with long sleeves Wudodo 9
White shirt with long sleeves Wudodo
Amoretu long sleeve V-neck casual shirt 10
Amoretu long sleeve V-neck casual shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Jenna Shirt 11
Tommy Hilfiger Jenna Shirt
Blooming Jelly chiffon blouse 12
Blooming Jelly chiffon blouse


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