The best wallets for women in the UK 2023

Most women can't live without their wallets. Some even have dozens of them. Each wallet is specific for a certain outfit. Today, several manufacturers offer different wallets according to the demands of customers. However, we present here the models which knew to be distinguished by their beauty and their price.

Genuine leather wallet for women Roulens 1

Editor's Choice

Genuine leather wallet for women Roulens

The best wallet for women in 2021

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a woman? We suggest this genuine leather wallet from Roulens. Stylish and elegant, it embodies refinement in itself.

18,39 £ on Amazon

This wallet for women signed Roulens is made of 100% leather. Among other things, it has 13 anti RIFD card slots to store your numerous bank cards, credit cards, business cards and loyalty cards. You won't have to worry about storing your coins anymore, because this wallet has 3 zipped pockets. A pocket is also dedicated to your cell phone. This leather wallet is a complete accessory as it also has a pocket for your bills, a slot for receipts and even a window for SIM/SD card.

But its main asset is certainly its elegance. It is available in 10 different beautiful colors. Lightweight and very classy, this genuine leather wallet is the perfect gift for a woman close to your heart. She will surely be lucky to receive this retro design and chic wallet.

Mini leather wallet Gusti 2

The best cheapest

Mini leather wallet Gusti

The best entry-level wallet for women

This mini leather wallet is so cute that you won't be able to resist it. It closes with a little snap to keep your coins and some bills safe.

6,36 £ on Amazon

If you're looking for something very small and discreet, this wallet by Gusti is the one for you. As cute and small as it is, it is really irresistible. The finishing touches are impeccable, and the seams are neat. A snap serves as a closure on top, where you also have the brand's logo.

Despite its small size, this leather wallet can hold a lot of coins, and maybe some money. It can also be used to store jewelry, such as your wedding ring, necklace or earrings so you don't lose them. Very practical, it fits easily in the smallest pocket of your pants or in a corner of your handbag.

Michael Kors tri-fold travel wallet 3

The best high-end

Michael Kors tri-fold travel wallet

The best high-end wallet

Need a travel wallet for women? Don't hesitate! Buy this large tri-fold wallet. It has a stylish and luxurious design.

65 £ on Amazon

Here you have a leather wallet made by Michael Kors. On the outside, we immediately notice this vintage style as you like it. This large wallet has 18 slots for credit cards. Also, it has 4 open pockets allowing you to insert some business cards and other.

The leather is of a superior quality promising sturdiness and long life. The snap closure makes it easy to open and close this beautiful wallet. This large wallet is made for travel. It really makes it easy for you to get organized so you don't waste time in your purse or suitcase pockets. Very importantly, it comes with an iconic coated canvas adding to the aesthetic.

Genuine leather tri-color wallet Pomelo Best 4

The best alternative

Genuine leather tri-color wallet Pomelo Best

A great alternative

Here is a real leather wallet for women of exception. Its design is both feminine and very classy. Very original, it displays three colors well thought for a unique look.

39,92 £ on Amazon

This beautiful wallet attracts at first glance with its feminine design and sleek colors. Made of genuine leather, it is a sturdy and attractive wallet with a style worthy of an exceptional woman. This clutch wallet is also very spacious. You have plenty of storage for your cards, cash and even your cell phone.

Very stylish, the snap closure adds an aesthetic touch to the piece. While the zip closure secures your most important documents. The lucky woman who receives this gift will simply be won over by the sight of this splendid wallet made of soft and resistant genuine leather.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best wallet for women

Any specific needs?

The best wallet for women in 2021

The best entry-level wallet for women

The best high-end wallet

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best wallets for women

Genuine leather wallet for women Roulens 5
Mini leather wallet Gusti 6
Michael Kors tri-fold travel wallet 7
Genuine leather tri-color wallet Pomelo Best 8
Genuine leather wallet for women Roulens
Mini leather wallet Gusti
Michael Kors tri-fold travel wallet
Genuine leather tri-color wallet Pomelo Best
Are you looking for the perfect gift for a woman? We suggest this genuine leather wallet from Roulens. Stylish and elegant, it embodies refinement in itself.
This mini leather wallet is so cute that you won't be able to resist it. It closes with a little snap to keep your coins and some bills safe.
Need a travel wallet for women? Don't hesitate! Buy this large tri-fold wallet. It has a stylish and luxurious design.
Here is a real leather wallet for women of exception. Its design is both feminine and very classy. Very original, it displays three colors well thought for a unique look.
7.6 x 2.5 x 17.8 cm
6 x 6 x 1.5 cm
17.8 x 10.2 x 2.5 cm
19.5 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm
Closing system
Zipper closure
Snap + zip at back
Snap + zip
Colors available
Brown, apricot, blue, coffee purple, dark gray, yellow, black, blue peacock, red, green
Blue, cherry, gray, light brown, dark brown, red
Black, brown, dark brown, purple, yellow, burgundy, pink, oxblood, navy blue, silver white, vanilla, white
Beige, dark blue, light coffee, grey/white/pink, black, pink, pink/white/grey, Burgundy red, mint green, purple/white/pink
Number of pockets/compartments

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Buying guide - wallet for women

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How to choose your wallet for women

For a long time, the wallet has been a must-have accessory for women. Before buying one, here are some criteria that should be considered.

#1 - The material

The most famous manufacturing material is leather. It is a noble, resistant and very elegant material. Then comes plastic, a very fashionable material that allows you to offer an eco-friendly wallet. There are also wallets made of fabric, light, easy to maintain, but above all very refined.

#2 - The closure system

The closure has a direct impact on the security of the contents of the wallet and your comfort of use. Indeed, pay attention to this detail to have an easy access to the content of your wallet. On this point, you can choose between different types of closing systems: the zipper, the velcro, the magnet or the kiss lock.

#3 - The number of pockets and compartments

Each model has its own number of pockets and compartments. It all depends on what you want to store in your wallet. Also, the more compartments and pockets you have, the more efficiently you can organize your wallet. Some wallets also have a removable card pack, a system that allows quick access to cards whenever you need them.

#4 - The shape and dimensions

The size of the wallet is a matter of utility and elegance. On the market, there are four different sizes, namely, the classic, the European, the Italian and the square. The size of a wallet can influence your decision. Indeed, the dimensions you choose depend on the effects you are going to store in the wallet.

#5 - The color and finishes

The finishes should be inspected with a magnifying glass. In particular, you should look at the stitching lines, the number of folds and flaps, and even the authenticity of the material for a leather wallet. Also, make sure you have the color of the wallet requested when ordering, and simply favor a color you particularly like.

Focus on the leather wallet for women


A token of quality, a women's leather wallet features a wide variety of textures, colors and shapes. It is a dual action accessory. On the one hand, it is a solution to better organize your bills, loyalty cards and bank cards. And on the other hand, it highlights the social status of its owner.

Leather: a noble material

Far from being reserved for the design of the most elegant wallets, leather is used to make many fashion accessories such as belts, clutches or even shoes. It is a timeless material and is used in many fields, namely, saddlery, shoemaking, gunsmithing, furniture making, clothing, and many others. A wallet with a leather finish is chic in all circumstances. It can be purchased at the craft market, where professionals offer refined and qualitative products. A high-end leather wallet is also sold in a store specializing in leather goods.

Know real leather from fake

Genuine leather can be recognized by its unique smell. When you touch it, you feel a pleasant sensation. Because of this, its grain and smell are key elements that do not deceive you in order to distinguish a genuine leather and a fake. Apart from that, genuine leather is much more durable, but it deserves regular maintenance to keep its beautiful appearance.

Leather Care

First of all, you should know that the product to use or the way to clean depends entirely on the type of leather. That said, water is sufficient to clean light stains for any leather. In order to revive the leather, milk cleanser is an ideal and inexpensive product. For this, you should pour a small amount on the cotton and apply circular motions on the leather to keep its shine and suppleness.

The different types of wallets for women

A real fashion accessory for women, a wallet must be perfect according to your needs and the occasion. We suggest you to discover below the different types of wallet the most common and the most appreciated by the female gender.

The folding wallet

A folding wallet is a wallet with two or three flaps. It is ideal for storing your cash and various cards useful in everyday life. However, if you add too many cards and bills, the wallet can bulge and attract unpleasant remarks or the gaze of ill-intentioned people.

The accordion wallet

An accordion wallet stands out because it has many compartments that can be accessed at once when you open it. This means it can hold more bills and cards that you can organize as you please. It is also very practical for your daily purchases. Like many wallets, it is available in leather, fabric, and many other materials.

The clutch wallet

It is similar to a mini purse or clutch. Both light and simple, it is considered the ideal wallet for women. Since it can hold all your personal belongings, you won't have to carry another purse when you leave home. Which is pretty convenient if you don't want to clutter up.

The latch wallet

This type of wallet is a classic model dedicated especially for women. It has a closing system called a "kiss" lock. It really saves space in a purse or backpack. But you can also carry it alone without your tote. Because of its elegance, it is very popular for dressy parties.

The belt wallet

The belt wallet protects you from pickpockets by the presence of a secret compartment. Indeed, the wallet is hidden in the belt itself. Because of this, it is not very big, but it allows you to store your bills and coins discreetly. This way, you can go outside without fear of being targeted by a thief.

The purse

A wallet is much smaller than conventional wallets. It may not hold all your personal belongings. But it does have a pocket, sometimes zippered, to store your coins. Plus, it fits easily into a corner of your purse.

Wallet or card holder?

A wallet and a card holder are equally important. However, each of these accessories has its advantages and disadvantages.

The portfolio

A wallet has compartments necessary for everyday life. It is very practical for both men and women. It is a nice companion that you can put in your handbag, in your schoolbag or simply in your pocket. For some models, the wallet is already included inside the wallet.

The card holder

A card holder is a slim accessory to put your business cards and credit cards. Not very bulky, it does not take up much space in the handbag. It is available in different shapes, namely, square, rectangle and almond-shaped. The price is affordable and you have a wide choice of brands and colors.


Whether it's a wallet or a card holder, these two accessories are useful for women. They are available in different shapes and can be put in a pocket. The difference is in the size. On this point, the wallet is the most practical and versatile of these two accessories.

What are the assets of a good portfolio?

A stylish wallet automatically makes you stylish. At work, without talking directly to each other, everyone looks and observes carefully at their colleagues' accessories. It's an invisible competition that matters to many people.

A versatile accessory

A wallet remains an indispensable accessory for women. Often, it is used as a fashion accessory for clothing. With this in mind, many designers accompany their models with a beautiful printed leather or fabric wallet in their hands to add value and aesthetics to their collection. Whatever the outfit, a black leather wallet will do the trick.

Easy care

A wallet is easy to maintain. For a leather model, favor natural products like white vinegar, lemon juice or olive oil. Among others, there is the leather cleaner, a product designed and adapted to all types of leather. Be careful, avoid rubbing it with an abrasive material.

An authentic gift

A wallet can be an original gift idea. We all need a wallet to store our most important belongings. With the many colors available, it has an attractive aesthetic. So you can give it for a birthday or other special occasion.

Reinforces your good image

You can put it at the bottom of your bag or slip it in the pocket of your jeans. It will make you look stylish at any time. Once you have it in your hand, your colorful and original wallet will not go unnoticed. When it comes to wallets, there's plenty to choose from, from the simple to the eccentric.

A multitude of colors

The choice of a wallet's color can influence your money flow. Colors reflect your personality. From bright to dark, you'll be amazed at the vibe you get.

The best brands of wallets for women

In our opinion, the best brands of wallets for women in 2022 are :

Michael Kors
Quenchy London
Pomelo Best

Michael kors is a designer of accessories that stands out for its luxury products. Its stores can be found in most of the world's major cities such as Chicago, New York, Paris, Munich, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul and others. Michael Kors is the reference in high-end products when it comes to leather wallets, shoes, watches and jewelry.

Gusti Leder Studio is a brand that originated in India. It is dedicated to designing unique products made only of leather. Even today, its bags and wallets are made by local artisans, using materials also sourced from suppliers in India. Products designed by family businesses are certainly made with care and love.

Lovevook has been selling women's bags since 2009. The Lovevook brand is not only known for its geometric wallets, shoulder bags and purses but also for its laptop backpacks. Lovevook products are made to make your daily routine easier. Their backpacks are young and follow the latest trends.

Quenchy London produces handbags, travel bags, or even shoulder bags. Most of its products are made from leather. For several years, the brand has had a special place in the eyes of its consumers. The travel bag is the most appreciated by its customers, because it is strong and elegant at the same time. It is an ideal friend for travel.

Lacoste is a world-renowned French brand. This prestigious brand is represented by a crocodile in green. It produces clothing, shoes, accessories and leather goods. Its specialty is leather, quilted, smooth, gradient or other. It is renowned for the quality of its elegant and sensational products.

This brand is specialized in the design and sale of women's bags. Its products stand out for their original colors highlighting femininity. It chooses quality materials for their manufacture, such as leather for a touch of elegance. To be fashionable, it is certainly a reference brand.

Stylebreaker is a German brand specializing in online sales. It sells various products such as scarves, dresses, jewelry, belts, handbags, sunglasses and many other fashion items. The brand provides a blog where you can find all the advice of a style coach on the look suitable for a season or an event.

What is the price for a wallet for women

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 75 £
more than 75 £
Price range diagram


Choose a model according to your style

Color, texture, size, format, your wallet should reflect your personality. If you like red, don't choose a black wallet because it's fashionable, go for your favorite color. Similarly, if you prefer fabric to leather, invest in a fabric wallet.

Consider RFID blocking technology

RFID-proof wallets wrap your credit cards in a material that blocks the waves and magnetic fields that can copy your bank data. An RFID-blocking wallet is always advisable, because it's best to stay safe when you're on the go.

Manipulate your wallet's locking systems with care

What would a wallet be without its closure? Despite the quality of manufacture, it is better to handle it with tact so as not to damage it too quickly. Open and close your wallet gently, there's no need to rush!

Don't overload your wallet

You should be careful not to overinflate the wallet. Overloading it not only risks damaging it, but also attracts pickpockets. If you want to carry more items around, it's better to get a larger model.

Consider your wallet as a long-term investment

Invest in quality so you don't buy a wallet every month. But quality isn't always affordable. The price of a real leather wallet is undeniably different from a faux leather or fabric wallet.


Should you match your wallet with your handbag?

A purse that matches the wallet is always nice. However, with the number of handbags you have, it will be a little difficult to have a wallet for every handbag. Therefore, either you buy a neutral wallet that will match all the colors of your handbags. Or you can buy two types of wallets, one in a solid color and one with a pattern. That way, you'll always have a choice in relation to your look.

How to properly organize your wallet?

Wallets with various compartments are ideal for keeping things organized. Put bills in one compartment, and coins in the dedicated pocket if there are any. Store your cards in the dedicated section for easy access. Also, take the time to empty your wallet from time to time to sort out.

How to wear your wallet like a handbag?

Wearing a wallet has become an art, on the same scale as a purse or clutch. It is carried in your hand or on your arm by holding it with its handle. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to carry it on your shoulder like a handbag, because, you risk losing it at some point.

How to clean a cloth wallet?

For a quick cleaning, scatter some bicarbonate on the wallet, then rub it with a soft brush. Rinse the brushed area with a damp sponge. And finally wipe it with a washcloth or a clean, dry cloth. For your information, Marseille soap is the ideal soap for cleaning a fabric wallet.


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Our selection
Genuine leather wallet for women Roulens 9
Genuine leather wallet for women Roulens
Mini leather wallet Gusti 10
Mini leather wallet Gusti
Michael Kors tri-fold travel wallet 11
Michael Kors tri-fold travel wallet
Genuine leather tri-color wallet Pomelo Best 12
Genuine leather tri-color wallet Pomelo Best


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