The best vests for men

The vest for men is an essential garment that we wear especially with a suit over the shirt. It is often worn for the office or ceremonies with its chic and elegant visual. With or without sleeves, men's vests can be worn in all circumstances: worn alone, with a shirt or tee-shirt, or with a jacket and jeans. Here is our selection of the best vests for men of the moment.

The best formal vests

Hisdern Plain cotton evening gilet 1

Hisdern Plain cotton evening gilet

26,39 £ on Amazon

Stand out from the crowd by wearing this sublime evening vest from Hisdern. You can wear it with a sober suit for a successful look. It is ideal for ceremonies such as a dedication, wedding or engagement.

Sleeveless wedding vest 2

Sleeveless wedding vest

19,19 £ on Amazon

Be chic and elegant by wearing this beautiful sleeveless vest to a wedding or business event. It is ideal with a light colored shirt for a perfect look. To give or to treat yourself.

Suit vest for men large size 3

Suit vest for men large size

55,99 £ on Amazon

Assert your personality by wearing this beautiful vest for men. Its classic cut makes it a great outfit for parties or special occasions. It is ideal with a white shirt and a solid tie.

The best all-purpose vests

Merino wool v-neck vest 4

Merino wool v-neck vest

35,12 £ on Amazon

Made of quality wool, this men's vest is perfect for any occasion. You can wear it with a simple T-shirt or a shirt. A must have for any stylish man.

Sleeveless quilted vest 5

Sleeveless quilted vest

92,80 £ on Cdiscount

Ultra light and soft to the touch, this quilted vest will be your best ally to face the cold seasons. Its quilted and padded lining will keep you warm in all circumstances. Its zipper closure makes it easy to put on.

Conqueco waterproof heating vest 6

Conqueco waterproof heating vest

83,20 £ on Amazon

Don't be afraid of the cold and icy winds with this heated vest. It will keep you warm during your outings in the mountains in winter. Being waterproof, you will also be protected from rain.

Quilted hooded vest 7

Quilted hooded vest

43,53 £ on Amazon

Ideal to protect you from the cold, this quilted vest is adapted for winter. Its hood will keep your head and ears warm at all times. Its thick padding makes it comfortable to wear.

Leif Nelson Wide collar knit cardigan 8

Leif Nelson Wide collar knit cardigan

39,99 £ on Amazon

Stay warm and stylish with this beautiful knit cardigan with a wide collar. Designed with polyacrylic fabric, it is both comfortable and soft to wear. Add it to your winter collection.

TT Global multi-pocket vest 9

TT Global multi-pocket vest

17,44 £ on Amazon

Perfect for all outdoor activities, this vest will suit adventurers. It has many pockets for you to put your belongings in. It is as comfortable as practical.

Versatile leather vest 10

Versatile leather vest

71,99 £ on Amazon

This versatile leather vest is perfect for work or for a trip to the city. It is comfortable to wear and can be easily adjusted with a strap on each side.

Buying guide - vest for men

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How to choose your vest for men

When choosing your vest, there are a few factors to consider in order to find the best model for your needs. Here are the basic criteria to consider.

Criterion n°1 : The material

This is certainly one of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a man's vest. Indeed, the material of manufacture influences directly on the quality as well as on the comfort.

It should be known that cotton and wool remain the most preferred materials. They are both soft and breathable. You can also find men's cardigans made of polyester or acrylic. Some high-end men's cardigans can be designed in cashmere.

Criterion n°2 : The style

As far as style is concerned, you are spoilt for choice. For a fancy event, for example, it seems obvious that men's evening cardigans remain the most suitable. They will allow you to have an elegant outfit. On the other hand, casual or semi-casual vests for men are suitable for work. So you can wear them to the office or to walk around town with your friends.

Next, you need to consider the style of closure: zippered or buttoned. The zipper style will be more suitable for casual outings.

Criterion n°3 : The size

For a successful clothing ensemble, you need your vest to match your body type. And this is even more true with a vest. This garment will have to fit perfectly to your body: without being too tight or too wide.

To know the size of your future vest, take a tape measure and measure the size of your bust by passing the tape under your armpits. Remember to wrap the tape around the largest part of your bust. Then take the measurements and look at the measurement chart next to the S, M or Xl. The measurements of a vest are close to those of a shirt.

Criterion n°4 : The fit

It can usually be fitted or straight. For formal vests, there are models with lapels and others without. Vests for winter are mostly cut with a fitted waist. This helps to keep warm and protected from the freezing weather.

Criterion n°5 : The color

Opt for a tone that will match your outfit. Specifically, you can choose a vest in a bright, solid color to break up the monotony of shade in your clothing ensemble. You also have the option of choosing more sober colors to remain discreet.

How to wear a vest for men?

The vest is part of these clothes to absolutely have in his wardrobe. It allows you to dress elegantly and keep warm. In addition, you can choose between different variants of vest depending on the style and the season.

With or without sleeves, choosing a vest can be quite difficult. So you should consider the style you want to put forward. For a chic look, sleeveless vests are best.

In winter, quilted vests are still the most popular. They are both comfortable and soft to wear. Especially since they give you a casual and modern look while you're out and about in the city.

How to clean a men's cardigan?

To clean your cardigan, you need to do a wool cycle at a temperature of 30°C on a machine. If possible, this operation should be done in a net and a spin below 800 rpm. Once done, do not wring it out as the fabric may wrinkle. When drying, place your cardigan flat (and also in the open air) instead of using a hanger.

If you notice that a stain remains even after washing, rub the area gently. To do this, use a small amount of water and a Marseille soap. Afterwards, blot the whole area before letting it dry flat.

For suit jackets, it is always best to wash them by hand. Use warm water with a wool detergent. The pH of the detergent should be below 7. Immerse your garment in the water and scrub gently. Then let it sit for about 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. To dry, you can simply use a hanger and air dry.

The different types of vests for men

With all the products available on the market, it can be difficult to find the right vest for you. There are models designed to counter the cold, others that are specially for ceremonies of all kinds. However, we can classify this type of clothing into three main categories: winter vest, evening vest and vest for outdoor activities.

Men's formal vest

For large events, family or office, you must be careful to choose the material. The evening vest can be made of cotton, acrylic, wool, silk ... Their cuts are curved to bring out your natural elegance. It is possible to wear it on different occasions but it is better to avoid outdoor activities. You will lose mobility and you risk staining your so beautiful vest.

Winter vest

Vests for winter are currently very popular with the coming of the cold seasons. They remain one of the most popular pieces of clothing during this time for a variety of reasons. First of all, these clothes are specially designed to counter the cold. Their material has been chosen beforehand to keep you warm. Specifically, you can find winter men's vests made of wool, acrylic or quilted fabric.

Outdoor vest

Vests for outdoor activities are both stylish and practical clothing. Therefore, they are suitable for work, outings, camping, fishing or hiking. What characterizes this type of product is the fact that there are always many pockets. They allow you to store various effects or tools practical in your activity.

For fishing, for example, these vests will allow you to carry different types of bait or other accessories. Everything you need will be at hand.

V-neck vest for men or quilted vest?

V-neck vest for men

V-neck vests for men are versatile. Indeed, this garment can be worn with a chic outfit as well as with a casual outfit. You can wear it with a shirt for work or a T-shirt for a casual look. Some people even choose denim underwear for an urban feel.

This type of item is light and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for all seasons, whether it is summer or winter. Some people may confuse the V-jacket with cardigans. While the two products may look similar at first glance, there are some differences. Cardigans often feature a round neck, which suggests that they are particularly suitable for the colder seasons.

Quilted vest

Mainly intended to keep warm when it's cold, quilted vests have become very popular lately. They offer perfect protection against the cold winter breezes thanks to their thickness. By wearing this type of clothing, you will feel comfortable and be perfectly protected from the cold.

You can find models with or without sleeves on the market. And if you want, you can choose a model with hoods to cover your ears and head. There are also other heated variants that are ideal for trips to the mountains. In these regions, the temperature can easily drop below zero.


V-neck vests have the advantage of being versatile. So if you're looking for something warm and comfortable, go for these. On the other hand, quilted vests are ideal for keeping you warm. They will suit you if you are looking to fill your wardrobe for the winter.

5 reasons to buy a quilted vest

1. Protection against the cold

It's no secret that quilted vests are perfect to protect you from icy winds. Their material has been chosen to keep a maximum of warmth in winter. So you don't have to worry about being cold even if you are hiking in the coldest areas with this type of clothing.

2. Comfortable to wear

This type of product remains lightweight, so you won't feel any discomfort while wearing it. The manufacturing material and the cut greatly influence the comfort. Especially since they prove to be breathable for optimal comfort. This allows for great mobility and it is not surprising to see several guests dropping the jacket during parties or in meetings.

3. Stylish attire

Quilted vests have a slightly ruffled look when worn. They fit your body perfectly since most models have a "slim fit". Thus, your morphology will be highlighted. You can also wear them for special occasions like parties with friends or family.

4. Suitable for different clothing ensembles

The quilted vest is perfect to wear in all circumstances. You can pair it with jeans or jogging pants, which gives you multiple possibilities. Just make sure the colors match to create a trendy street outfit. It's ideal for walking around town and standing out from the crowd. Nowadays, men's vests can even be worn with jeans and sneakers or over a t-shirt.

5. Classic and trendy look at a low price

Wearing a suit is the classic dress code for work, family events or going out. However, just add to your dress set, the vest, to have a stylish, transcended look. It's night and day. The good news is that the vest for men is trading at a price, more than, reasonable currently. Don't hesitate to have more than one piece in your wardrobe.

The best brands of vests for men

In our opinion, the best brands of vests for men in 2022 are :

JP 1880
Urban Classics

It is a clothing brand known for its quality products. Indeed, JP 1880 is positioned as a reference brand in the field of men's clothing. It offers both chic and casual vests.

In most cases, the collections are accompanied by accessories and complete linens for evening jackets. Sizes range from L to the largest possible to fit all body types.

It is among the most fashionable men's vest brands of the moment. Superdry is indeed one of the most dynamic and modern brands in the world of men's fashion accessories.

At first glance, the products from the Superdry collections merge Japanese, American and British influences. These items are characterized by their electic style and custom fit.

Conqueco is known for its quilted down jackets and vests for men. They also offer hiking vests, skiwear and winterardshelle jackets.

Recently appeared on the market, this brand has been able to distinguish itself by offering original heated vests. These are particularly suitable to counter the cold thanks to an advanced technology. In the sports and leisure sector, Conqueco is one of the world's leaders in terms of quality items.

At its origin in the years 1889, Carhartt manufactured clothing specially designed for railway workers. Today, it has diversified into a range of everyday clothing and accessories.

The collections of urban pieces signed Carhartt are mainly focused in the workwear style. The vests of this brand are appreciated for their comfort and their straight line allowing a better breathability.

Urbans Classics is a widespread streetwear brand. It offers good quality products at low prices for all urban style lovers. The quilted vests of this brand prove to be light and comfortable to wear. They also stand out for their sober and discreet touch.

In addition to the collection of down jackets for men, Urban Classics also has a wide range of warm clothing. You can combine a top and a bottom of the same brand to highlight the urban style.

What is the price for a vest for men

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 110 £
110 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


Clean a quilted vest

To keep your quilted vest looking new, follow these tips when cleaning it. First, put it in your washing machine and select a gentle program. Choose a temperature around 30°C. Finally, add detergent and run the regular wash cycle. Once done, proceed to a double rinse.

Give volume to a quilted vest after washing

After washing, it is advisable to dry your vest flat and not hang it up. Avoid exposing it too close to a heat source like the radiator. Prefer the natural heat of the sun for optimal drying. You can also use a tumble dryer and choose a synthetic or soft program.

Wear a stylish sleeveless vest

You can very well wear a bulging vest under a jacket to keep warm during cold periods. This is especially true for sleeveless models that leave your arms exposed. Thus, it can complete your winter outfit. And we'll say it again, don't forget to match the colors.

Remove stains

If by misfortune, an unpleasant stain has appeared on your quilted vest, don't panic. You can always get rid of it with the right method. For that, you just have to use an anti-stain product when washing to get rid of it. However, don't overuse the products, as they may discolor your outfit.

Give color to a quilted vest

Over time, your quilted vest will have lost its shine. Its color will gradually fade. To avoid this, always store it in a clean place when you are not wearing and don't leave it lying around. Remember that dust is the main factor in the deterioration of your clothes.

Be sure to choose your tie

The vest, alone, is not everything. To make your style stand out, you need to choose a tie with a matching color. For example, for a black colored men's vest, a black or gray tie will be perfect.


What is the difference between a cardigan and a vest?

Vests are often confused with cardigans. A cardigan is a garment with or without sleeves made from light fabric. A cardigan is made from a warmer, knitted fabric, such as wool. The cut is looser and it serves as a windbreaker or to keep warm. The cardigan can replace the jacket and be worn over the vest on the way home. For colder evenings, it is advisable to choose a quilted vest and put it over your cardigan.

What is a sleeveless vest called?

The men's sleeveless vest can also be called a "sleeveless sweater" especially by its similarity the sweater. Warmer than a cardigan, it can be worn for both chic and semi-casual outfits. The big difference is the material and the cut. The patterns on a sleeveless sweater are also more varied than on a cardigan.

It is a windbreaker that you can put over the shirt and under the jacket but as the name suggests it only has short sleeves; unlike the long sleeves of a cardigan.

How to wear a men's suit vest?

For formal vests, you can put them under a suit or a nice tuxedo to bring a more elegant touch to your outfit. A nice light colored shirt will also be perfect to match with a formal vest. You can also put on a bow tie or tie if you want.

How to know if a vest is the right size?

When shopping for men's vests, make sure the model you order is the right size. The best test is to wear the product. Then put your arms in front and if you can pinch an excess of fabric, it means that the item turns out to be too big. It needs to fit you perfectly.


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