The best umbrellas in the UK 2023

The umbrella is a faithful friend that accompanies you throughout the year and protects you from the vagaries of the weather. But it is also a very stylish fashion accessory. For kids or adults, small or large, there's an umbrella to suit every need and taste. Read our guide to find some of the best umbrella models.

Balios double fabric folding travel umbrella 1

Best value for money

Balios double fabric folding travel umbrella

The best umbrella

This Balios umbrella is without a doubt the best umbrella ever! British made, it is very resistant and easy to carry.

23,12 £ on Amazon

To handle the smallest ray of sunshine to the heaviest of storms, you need an exceptional umbrella. With its ventilated double canopy, made of high density fabric (300 threads per inch) and its unique frame made of high quality steel shaft and high quality fiberglass ribs, the Balios umbrella is definitely one of those exceptional umbrellas.

The Balios umbrella is foldable, and has an automatic opening and closing mechanism. It is a large umbrella that offers a comfortable protection of 100 cm in diameter. In addition, its real wood handle adds a luxurious touch. In addition, you have a pocket to carry it. Very robust, this umbrella combines luxury and comfort.

Umbrella Regenschirm Baustelle 3D Playshoes 2

Best value for money

Umbrella Regenschirm Baustelle 3D Playshoes

The best entry-level umbrella

To better protect your child from bad weather, the brand Playshoes remains the reference. This time, you have a 3D umbrella whose design was inspired by construction sites.

10,55 £ on Amazon

If your child prefers umbrellas to raincoats, give him this original umbrella from Playshoes. With its construction site inspired style, it will bring a smile to your little boy's face despite the rain. With its all-purpose navy blue color, it also has a 3D design that is both original and very cute.

Its dimensions are perfectly adapted to children. Moreover, the rubber cane ensures an excellent grip. This 3D umbrella is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also sturdy enough to protect your child from rain or sun. Its 100% polyester fabric is perfectly weather resistant.

Katana umbrella Kikkerland 3

Best value for money

Katana umbrella Kikkerland

The best high-end umbrella

Go for originality with this katana umbrella that will make you look like a real samurai! Designed by Kikkerland, it will effectively protect you from the rain while offering you an original look.

39,92 £ on Amazon

This umbrella is certainly made for the followers of the Japanese culture. Here is a model that looks like a real katana when folded! It is black in color to accentuate the sober and mature side of the samurai. Moreover, the umbrella has a shoulder strap to carry it on the back, which is both stylish and original.

Apart from its impressive playfulness that makes you look like a real samurai, this umbrella has a sturdy design to protect you when it rains. Its fiberglass frame is also strong, even in strong winds. And the dipped canvas is perfectly waterproof to keep you dry even in heavy rain.

iX-brella rainbow umbrella 4

A great choice

iX-brella rainbow umbrella

Excellent choice

This umbrella signed iX-brella stands out above all with its rainbow color. It protects you from the rain and chases away the bad weather with its beautiful colors.

19,19 £ on Amazon

If you're looking for a large, sturdy, colorful golf umbrella, choose this one. With its 129 cm diameter, it is big enough to protect two people at a time from bad weather. The polyester fabric is strong and won't wrinkle even after being folded in the umbrella stand for several days.

Its 16-ribbed fiberglass frame is also strong enough to withstand the wind. Plus, you get an ergonomic, non-slip, soft wristband that offers warmth in cold weather. But the main advantage is certainly the colors of this umbrella. With this rainbow model, all eyes will be on you!

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The best umbrella

The best entry-level umbrella

The best high-end umbrella

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Comparison table of the best umbrellas

Balios double fabric folding travel umbrella 5
Umbrella Regenschirm Baustelle 3D Playshoes 6
Katana umbrella Kikkerland 7
iX-brella rainbow umbrella 8
Balios double fabric folding travel umbrella
Umbrella Regenschirm Baustelle 3D Playshoes
Katana umbrella Kikkerland
iX-brella rainbow umbrella
This Balios umbrella is without a doubt the best umbrella ever! British made, it is very resistant and easy to carry.
To better protect your child from bad weather, the brand Playshoes remains the reference. This time, you have a 3D umbrella whose design was inspired by construction sites.
Go for originality with this katana umbrella that will make you look like a real samurai! Designed by Kikkerland, it will effectively protect you from the rain while offering you an original look.
This umbrella signed iX-brella stands out above all with its rainbow color. It protects you from the rain and chases away the bad weather with its beautiful colors.
100 cm
70 cm
102.5 cm
129 cm
Fabric type
High density waterproof fabric 300T
100% polyester
Depth cloth
Frame materials
Black tempered steel and fiberglass
Steel and fiberglass
Rubber band
Katana handle in ABS
Ergonomic, soft and warm

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How to choose your umbrella

Having an umbrella is something that should not be neglected to protect us from bad weather. But how to make the right choice from the various offers on the market?

#1 - The strength of the fabric

The fabric is the element that plays a very important role on the umbrella as it is the one that will keep you dry during the rain and in the shade during the sunny times. It would be best to choose an umbrella fabric made of PVC, nylon, polyester and Teflon to gain strength and drying time. An umbrella made of other fabric may not last more than a few months or even weeks.

#2 - The hardness of the stems

It is not uncommon for rainy weather to be accompanied by strong wind. So, to ensure that the umbrella doesn't give way at the first gust of wind, make sure that the stems are strong. Usually, they are made of fiberglass, steel or aluminum.

#3 - The style of the handle

This part ensures comfort and grip, but does not impact the strength of the umbrella in question. To make it comfortable to hold, opt for an ergonomic and non-slip handle. The choice of material depends on your taste. Whether it's plastic or wood, choose according to your preferences.

#4 - The reliability of the central part

The tube is the part that will allow each element to assemble in order to have an operational umbrella. Sometimes it is made of plastic for low-end umbrellas. This is not recommended, as it is a fragile material. It is better to choose a fiberglass, aluminum or steel tube.

#5 - Fixing the rods

It is also essential that the ribs are strong, because it is the part that fixes the rods so that they can allow the fabric to stretch well when opening the umbrella. The ideal is to have carbon fiber ribs, but steel and fiberglass will also do well.

#6 - The opening and closing mechanism

To avoid small incidents, such as fingers slipping or getting stuck while folding or unfolding the umbrella, push button or automatic systems are recommended, as they are more convenient. Sometimes, these accidents are due to malfunction of the opening so, adopt a more reliable opening and closing system.

How to store your umbrellas?

Porcelain storage

When the showers come and go and the umbrellas come out daily, you need to find a good place to store them conveniently without ruining the interior decor. Here are some ideas for storing your umbrellas!

Large vases and hollow porcelain statuettes can be used as storage for your umbrellas. It adds a sophisticated touch to your home!

Salvage storage

Find your old gardening pots or salvage a damaged aluminum cylinder that you can cover with wallpaper, and store your umbrellas in it! Your interior decor will gain in originality.

Homemade storage

Let your creativity flow and make an umbrella stand out of cardboard or plastic. How to decorate it? The choice is yours! Personalize the interior style of your home.

The wicker basket

You can also use wicker baskets to store your umbrellas. They give your home a charming vintage look.

Umbrella, parasol, sunshade, what is the difference?

The umbrella protects from the rain and the sun. The umbrella, larger than the umbrella, is not necessarily waterproof and generally only protects from the sun. As for the parasol, it is a miniature version of the umbrella, often reserved for ladies.

Good to know

The list of umbrella types is not exhaustive. There are still many other umbrellas. Transparent umbrellas are a big trend at the moment. Their originality allows you to take great pictures in the rain. There are also umbrellas for children: colorful, small and easy to use. Some umbrellas are even made for weddings, with their lace and frills.

The different types of umbrellas

There are thousands of umbrellas, all different in size, mechanism and material. Here are some popular types of umbrellas.

The traditional straight or long umbrella

The long umbrella is the first existing style of umbrella. It is known for its great resistance to the wind. The length of its shaft is usually 60 cm. It often has an automatic opening mechanism, although the opposite is not uncommon. Most straight umbrellas have a fairly wide canvas. The cane umbrella is its variant. This name is due to its curved handle reminiscent of a cane.

The folding umbrella or pocket umbrella

With technical advances, the folding umbrella later appeared. It is a pocket umbrella that is easy to carry, as it can be folded down to only 25 cm long. However, when unfolded, it is almost the same length as a long umbrella. Equipped with an automatic opening and sometimes closing mechanism, it is easy to handle. Therefore, it is ideal for an urban lifestyle.

The bell or bubble umbrella

This type of umbrella has a dome or bell-shaped canopy. Due to this feature, it protects more effectively against wind and rain. However, this umbrella is not foldable. Currently, transparent bell umbrellas are very fashionable.

The golf umbrella

The golf umbrella is distinguished by its open diameter, ideal for collective use. This diameter is at least 130 cm, while that of other umbrellas is usually 100 cm. Its canvas is slightly covering, a bit similar to the bell umbrella. It can have a manual or automatic opening mechanism.

The inverted umbrella

The inverted umbrella is a straight umbrella with an inverted opening frame. It is a very noticed novelty of the last few years. It doesn't take much space to open or close, which makes it more convenient for city dwellers. In addition, this type of umbrella does not store water when closed. It dries quickly and won't get the whole house wet when placed in the umbrella stand.

Straight or folding umbrella?

The right umbrella

This is a very robust umbrella model from the shaft to the canopy. Therefore, it is very wind resistant. Moreover, its size allows it to shelter more than one person. But it is just a little bulky and is easily forgotten in the office or on public transport.

The folding umbrella

Compact and with an automatic mechanism, this umbrella is practical for all trips. It fits easily into bags and briefcases, so there is no risk of forgetting it. Comfortable to use and easy to store, the folding umbrella is more popular with city dwellers. However, it is often considered more fragile than the straight umbrella.


The folding umbrella is ideal for people who are often in a hurry and have a tough daily routine. But if you want to give your look more class and originality, you can get the imposing straight umbrella. In any case, you will remain protected from the weather!


Cleaning your umbrella

After using your umbrella, simply wipe with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any stains. Then let it dry. During dry seasons, umbrellas that have not been used for a long time may be covered with black marks and mildew. In this case, clean the inside and outside of the canvas with white vinegar, then rinse with water. Then let it dry.

Drying your umbrella


dry your umbrella, leave it open, that is, with the canvas stretched. But avoid drying it too close to a heat source like a fireplace or wood stove.

Replacing a broken rivet

If the rivet on your umbrella is broken, you can replace it by buying an identical rivet. But in case you can't find an identical rivet, wire can be used. Pass it through the rivet holes of the two pieces of the broken frame and wind it up to the maximum. Then twist its ends and tuck them into the holes.

The umbrella to defend yourself

In addition to protecting you from the rain and sun, the umbrella is also a defensive weapon. In the event of an assault with bare hands or a knife, opening your umbrella and pointing it in the direction of the attacker will help maintain a distance or intimidate him. Think about it!

If the stem has become dislodged

It's easy to return a dislodged rod to its original location. Thread the rod through the sewn threads of the umbrella, open the top metal tip with a flathead screwdriver and insert the rod. Then insert the rod into the other end of the canopy. To make the repair last, use strong glue!


What color umbrella to choose?

Plain, sober umbrellas offer more style. But coloured umbrellas add a little fantasy to your look. In any case, choose according to the color of your clothes!

How to remove rust from an umbrella?

Rub the rusty area vigorously with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. Even outside of the rainy season, remember to maintain your umbrella, cleaning it from time to time and keeping it away from moisture to keep it free from this kind of problem.

How to make an umbrella a fashion accessory?

Choose the right umbrella to match your clothing style, paying attention to the colour scheme. Sober colours are all-purpose, but light colours go better with patterns.

What do you call an umbrella maker?

The carcassier is a craftsman who specializes in the manufacture and assembly of handmade umbrellas. The umbrella maker, on the other hand, is a company that manufactures and sells umbrellas. In any case, both use their know-how to offer different types of umbrellas adapted to everyone's needs.


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Balios double fabric folding travel umbrella 9
Balios double fabric folding travel umbrella
Umbrella Regenschirm Baustelle 3D Playshoes 10
Umbrella Regenschirm Baustelle 3D Playshoes
Katana umbrella Kikkerland 11
Katana umbrella Kikkerland
iX-brella rainbow umbrella 12
iX-brella rainbow umbrella


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