The best tank tops for women

Tank tops have become very fashionable, everyone has one in their wardrobe. This trendy underwear is timeless, that's why there are many models on the market right now. It is a light and comfortable garment. To help you find your tank top, we have a list of the top 10 best tank tops for women here, with a complete buying guide.

Printed tank top - Bequemer Laden 1

Printed tank top - Bequemer Laden

19,19 £ on Amazon

It is a comfortable tank top that can be used during the day or at night. It has a casual style and is very light: it is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. The Bequemer Laden tank top is very comfortable for your skin and is suitable for machine washing. This is definitely the tank top to have for being feminine.

Black tank top with patterned band 2

Black tank top with patterned band

31,99 £ on Mona

To be feminine and sexy while remaining professional to the tips of your fingers, there is no better than this little black tank top with a fancy band on the collar. In addition, this slightly slimming cut will refine your body and will sublimate you. The opaque fabric is composed of 95% viscose and 5% Elasthane.

White lace tank top - set of 3 3

White lace tank top - set of 3

19,99 £ on Mona

This very affordable tank top has a purely feminine style and is made of high quality cotton with fine ribbed stitching. It is very comfortable to wear, both in winter and summer.

Navy blue jersey tank top 4

Navy blue jersey tank top

24 £ on Mona

This is a tank top for women whose quality is not lacking. It is simply perfect, ideal to be worn with a blazer during the winter. The material is breathable and very comfortable to wear.

White/black/pink tank top - Vislivin 5

White/black/pink tank top - Vislivin

16,79 £ on Amazon

This is a small top with cotton as the main manufacturing material. It is the must-have top for a Casual Stretch theme. This pretty top is very elegant and also very comfortable to wear.

Brown tank top - STARBILD 6

Brown tank top - STARBILD

15,99 £ on Amazon

It is a tank top with a bra without underwire and adjustable straps. We benefit from a very good support of the chest. In addition, the material is very pleasant, soft, stretchy and breathable

White tank top - HERMKO 7

White tank top - HERMKO

16,18 £ on Amazon

This is a set of three tank tops made from 100% organic cotton. This material is resistant, durable and tearproof. In addition, it is a seamless tank top whose style differs by its originality.

White/black tank top - Only 8

White/black tank top - Only

10,78 £ on Amazon

Made with a quality material, this tank top is very comfortable. Whether it is hot or cold, you can wear it at any time. It is very elegant with a small blazer or jacket.

Black/white/grey tank top - Femofit 9

Black/white/grey tank top - Femofit

21,59 £ on Amazon

By opting for this product, you will have a set of three tank tops. You will then have more choices, depending on the color of the rest of your outfit. All in all, it's the perfect choice.

Tank top with sky blue/pink/white pattern 10

Tank top with sky blue/pink/white pattern

19,99 £ on Mona

This tank top has a light, soft, stretchy material made of 100% cotton. So there is no risk of allergy. In this set, you will have three sky blue/pink/white tank tops with a batiste pattern.

Buying guide - tank top for women

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How to choose your tank top for women

You can find several types of tank tops on the market. However, the models on the market are not necessarily compatible with your morphology, nor with your complexion or your style. That's why it is necessary to raise some important points before buying one.

Criterion n°1 : The size

Basically, a tank top is a close-fitting garment. Basically, it is meant to be worn underneath another garment. If you are buying a tank top to be an undergarment, it must fit your body perfectly.

In addition, there are tank tops that can be worn without any clothing over them. In this case, you can choose a tank top with a large size. Besides, the models in fashion at the moment have rather a rather large size, with patterns and flashier colors.

Criterion n°2 : The neckline

When choosing a tank top, you have to be quite demanding on the type of its neckline. The choice of the neckline depends in particular on your morphology. If you have generous breasts, you can opt for a V-neck. On the other hand, if you have thinner breasts, you can afford a round neck.

Criterion n°3 : The length

As for the length, we make the choice according to your style. The tank top that goes to the hips is the classic model. It can suit everyone. The shorter models are suitable for those with flat bellies. Moreover, they are perfect to put with high waist pants.

However, you have to be careful because if your tank top is too long, it will compress your figure. If you put a tank top underneath another garment, you also need to keep the length of the tank top to a minimum.

Criterion n°4 : The material of manufacture

The material of manufacture is also an important criterion of choice. The material in question should be comfortable. The best would be that it is cotton, it is the reference fabric. However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in it.

On the other hand, if you want a tank top for sports, the tank top should be breathable, light and stretchy. You also need to consider your health, such as allergies.

Criterion n°5 : The color

The basic color for a tank top is white, but black is also very popular as an undergarment. However, there are many colors available on the market, but most are neutral. The choice of color depends on what you want to use your tank top for, as well as your skin color. It should bring out the radiance of your skin tone.

How to properly wear a tank top for women?

There are several ways to wear a tank top for women. You can wear it with a turtleneck. Thus, we will be warm while being stylish. Today, we can put a tank top over a turtleneck. For this, it is necessary that the latter is a little shorter than the tank top and that it overflows a little. If you are cold, you can add a coat.

Another originality is to put a tank top over a shirt. For example, you can combine a plain shirt with a lace tank top. In this case, it is necessary that the shirt is well fitted. For a more chic look, combining black and white is ideal.

On the other hand, you can also put a leather jacket, a t-shirt or a cardigan with a tank top. It depends on your style, from casual to classy.

The different types of tank tops for women

There are three types of tank tops depending on the style you want to have and the use you want to make of it. These are the classic tank tops, sports tank tops and patterned tank tops.

Classic tank tops

Classic tank tops are always colored in white. Everyone always has one in their wardrobe. These models are always made of cotton to stimulate more comfort. Regarding the length, it depends on each model. There are those with straps.

In addition, the classic tank tops are mainly made to be worn as underwear. During the winter, it can be worn with jeans under a blazer. It can also be paired with skirts or straight pants. These are versatile garments that can be worn at any time.

Sports tank tops

Sports tank tops are, as their names suggest, meant to be worn when playing sports. They are specially made to facilitate movement. You can stay dry because the fabrics absorb moisture. They are also made to be comfortable during and free during activities.

Most of the time, these tank tops have full support. This is especially set to make you feel comfortable even if you run for two hours non-stop. For more style, you can pair it with jogging pants, sweatpants or even shorts.

Patterned tank tops

Nowadays, patterned tank tops are very trendy right now. You can find printed tank tops, stripes, polka dots, floral... You can have a unique and stylish look while keeping it simple. There are even graphic patterns that can be worn with a simple outfit.

Patterned tank tops can be worn with jeans or plain pants. Above all, you should avoid wearing clothes of different patterns at the same time. Most patterned tank tops can be worn without putting any clothes on top. Their style is more sophisticated than other models.

Tank top or top

Tank top

A tank top is a sleeveless top, it reveals the shoulders and the whole arm. It is a thin garment whose front or back can be low cut. The classic form of the tank top is worn under a garment.

Over time, fashion has changed to the point that there are now tank tops that can be worn alone, without putting any clothing on. However, the armhole remains exchanged, it still shows the shoulders and arms.


A camisole is a women's top that is characterized by a long sticky sleeve. During the winter, it can be worn underneath a warm garment. It goes well with all other clothes. It can be combined directly with jeans or a skirt when it is hot.

The camisole is light and you feel really comfortable in it. The camisole is also considered as a nightwear because it is considered as a real seduction piece. A camisole can be made of cotton, silk or wool, with lace decorations.


The difference between a tank top and a camisole is mainly based on the sleeves. Most of the time, we wear a tank top to avoid being too hot if we wear a top. A tank top is also very practical and suitable for any occasion. On the other hand, the camisole is suitable for everyone, regardless of body type.

Why buy a tank top for women?

To stay warm and comfortable

With a tank top, you can stay warm all day long. Indeed, this underwear is intended to accompany the sweaters during the big winters. Thus, it is effective to be warm, even during a cold of duck. In addition, the fabric is very comfortable, the majority of tank tops are made with cotton.

To follow the trend

At the moment, clothing fashion has really progressed to the point where the tank top can be worn on its own as a little top. There are many models to choose from on the market to find the one that can suit everyone, depending on their style. From small straps in solid colors to patterns and prints, designers are constantly coming up with the best styles and shapes to keep up with the trends.

All-purpose garment

The tank top is an all-purpose garment. You can wear it everywhere you go, but you just have to choose the right model. Indeed, there are simple tank tops that can be worn at night. There are also classic models to wear inside a blouse. Finally, there are stylish tank tops that can be worn to school or work. The rest of the outfit must be chosen carefully to stay in the theme of each event.

To refine the look

If you wear a tank top under a shirt, the latter will lay perfectly on the body. Indeed, there will be no creases or wrinkles because it will be well fitted. This will enhance your look.

Fashion within everyone's reach

The tank top is a trendy garment that everyone can afford. Indeed, there are several models on the market, which leaves a lot of choice regarding the price. However, they are always sold at a very reasonable price and much more affordable compared to other clothes.

The best brands of tank tops for women

In our opinion, the best brands of tank tops for women in 2022 are :

Bequemer Laden

It is a great brand of tank tops and fashionable clothing. Its products are always of very good quality.

Vislivin has been manufacturing women's tank tops for several years. It also produces products that offer more comfort.

The STARBILD brand offers many garments at the best price/quality ratio. Its tank tops always bring total satisfaction to the eyes of those who wear them.

Femofit is a brand whose reputation is no longer to be proven. For a tank top at an affordable price, you have to rely on Femofit.

An eco-responsible brand whose ethics, ecology and humanism are demonstrated by the quality of its products. Its tank tops are distinguished by their well-fitting cut.

What is the price for a tank top for women

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

08 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Caring for a tank top

To care for a tank top, you need to wash it frequently. Most of the time, you can put it in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer. However, there are times when it should be washed by hand with a mild soap and dried in the sun for a few hours. This depends on the material it is made of. As for ironing, you should refer to the indications on the label.

Loosening your tank top

To soften a tank top, you can use a solution of water and salt. In detail, you need to put 50 g of salt in 250 ml of water. You need to immerse the tank top in it for about 3 days before putting it back in the machine or washing it by hand as usual. It is a very effective natural softener.

The type of necklace to wear with a tank top

The choice of collar that should accompany a tank top depends on its neckline. For a round neckline, you should put a necklace flush with the neck, for a tank top with a square neckline, you should put a geometric pendant, for a V-neck, you should put a necklace with a triangle pendant. Finally, a glamorous neckline is suitable for a pearl necklace.

Easily removing deodorant stain from a tank top

Deodorant traces are always very annoying on a top. This happens especially when deodorant is applied after putting on the tank top. Black stains are especially very noticeable when you put on a black top. So, to remove it, you have to use a baby wipe. It is very fast and convenient. You just need to gently rub the stained parts.

Removing sweat stains that turn tank tops yellow

If you are one of those who tend to sweat a lot, the parts below the armpits tend to turn yellow. To remove it, you need to spray them with lemon juice. You leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off as usual.


What is a tank top? What bra to wear with a tank top? When to wear a tank top? How to wear a low cut tank top?

A tank top for women is a small top especially intended to provide more comfort, provided you know how to choose the model that suits you. There are several types of tank tops for women on the market to be worn in any occasion. This little top can be worn as underwear or as a light top during hot weather.

The compatible bra depends on the type of women's tank top you are wearing. For most tank tops, you should wear a strapless or bandeau bra. They provide adequate support without drawing attention. If you don't have one, you can always wear a bra with clear straps that suits your body type. For the color, favor the nude.

A tank top is an all-purpose garment that is suitable for any occasion, you just need to know how to wear them well to highlight your body type. It is also important to choose the model of tank top and its style. To be classy, you can put a pair of jeans or classic pants with a small jacket. You can put it during an outing with friends, at the office...

There are many ways to wear a tank top well, but it depends mostly on each occasion. It can be worn with a cut-off jean accompanied by a pair of sandals or a heel. In order not to tip into vulgarity, the touch should be focused only on this piece. It can be accompanied by a bra, preferably seamless.


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